琥珀の海に地球浮かべたら || If the World Floated in a Sea of Amber…

kohaku no umi ni chikyuu ukabetara
If the World Floated in a Sea of Amber…

Vocals: Mie
Lyrics: Azuki
Arranged by: Kaztora (カズトラ)
Album: Doppel
Circle: Shinra-Bansho (森羅万象)
Event: Hakurei Shrine Autumn Reitaisai 1
Original Theme: Because Princess Inada is Scolding Me [稲田姫様に叱られるから ]

A nice, autumn-flavoured track from Doppel. As a side note, the French terms are in the original Japanese lyrics, so I left them as they are to keep the ‘exotic’ flavour.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

It’s paradise here, where people gather around as the heat passes through a veil of shadows.
A sensual record spins ‘round and ‘round… then I drop the slightly worn-out needle.

I take a pinch of deep-red autumn,
Overflowing from my transparent glass.
Autumn’s colours – a flower pinned into my hair,
That’s the latest style: my a la mode.

Dance! Let’s display our happiness to the world.
Tonight, a dust-smeared lamp will fall in love with you as well…

When the north wind blows,
Perhaps all these people will end up leaving…
Thinking that our rendezvous may be limited to just one night,
Sent my head into a spin.
A flower on a high peak beckoning to me, wine in hand…
That’s tonight’s menu: a la carte.

When a certain someone’s tears dry up, I’ll leave this place!
Pursuing those who come by… it’s an unending song of love.

Still, I gently pick up the dead, fallen leaves.
If, say, the world could float in a sea of amber, just a little…
Would you drink with me tonight?
As the setting sun of the lamp falls on my glass…

Sing! All those who are here now! For I tell you, everything is ripening!
To give a toast to all of the people they have met,
Their glasses kissed, with a *clink*

Because everything is here, I shall leave this place!
The autumn – a single flower – I leave behind… that’s my floriography.

Green Garden


Vocals: 真野紫
Lyrics: aoma
Circle: Aftergrow
Event: C83
Original: Green Sanatorium (緑のサナトリウム)

This is still one of my favourite remixes of ‘Green Sanatorium.’ It’s just so… peppy! And then you read the lyrics, and realise that the whole song might actually be quite dark, depending on how you interpret the final stanza.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


midori no hakoniwa wa shizuka ni
watashi wo matteitekureru no

This miniature green garden is silently
Waiting there for me.


sekai no sukima kara itsu demo
temaneki shitekureru ki ga suru

I can feel it beckoning to me, always,
From the boundaries between worlds.

風は暖かく 景色は美しく

soko wa takusan no hanabana ga mizu wo ukete
kaze wa atatakaku keshiki wa utsukushiku

Countless, countless flowers grow and are watered there.
The wind is so warm, and the scenery is beautiful.


daremo ga yasashiku watashi wo kitsukezu
atatakana ai no yurikago no you na yume mitai de

Everybody is kind, and I am without injuries.
It resembles a dream that is like a cradle of warm love.

羽根を広げた蝶が 私を呼んでいるよ

itami wo norikoetara sora mo toberu to
hane wo hirogeta chou ga watashi wo yondeiru yo

If I surpass my pain, and can take to the skies,
Butterflies, flying with their wings outstretched, will call to me.

色とりどりの粒を そっと集めて
数えながら 今夜も深い眠りに落ちて微睡む

irotoridori no tsubu wo sotto atsumete
kazoenagara kon’ya mo fukai nemuri ni ochite madoromu

I gently gather together tiny, multicoloured beads.
Tonight, as well, I doze off and fall into a deep slumber whilst counting them.


hakua no kairou wa shizuka de
ashioto hitotsu sae suikomu

This white-washed corridor is so quiet, and
Every single footstep is soaked up inside.


tsukue mo kaaten mo watashi mo
subete ha junpaku ni tsutsumare

The desk, the curtains, and me as well:
Everything is covered in pure whiteness.

リノリウム 落ちる 仄かに灯る緑と
誰もいない陰 静寂のざわめき

rinoriumu ochiru honoka ni tomoru midori to
dare mo inai kage seijaku no zawameki

The faint glow of the greenery falls on the linoleum, and
The silence murmurs in the shadows absent of people.

長い階段を 裸足で昇ってゆく

nagai kaidan wo hadashi de nobotte yuku
rakuen ni tsudzuku sono michi no hate wo mezashite yuku

I walk barefoot up this long staircase.
I aim for the end of this path, which leads to paradise.

信じて飛び立ちたい 私を待っているよ

tsumetai saku wo koete sora mo toberu to
shinjite tobitachitai watashi wo matteiru yo

When I overcome the cold railing and take to the skies,
I want to take off confidently. Someone’s waiting for me out there!


kono mama doko he datte hane wo hirogete
shinjite fumi dashitara
mita koto no nai sora ga aru kara

Like this, I’ll spread my wings – they’ll carry me anywhere!
Because if I believe and set forth,
There’s a sky I’ve never seen waiting for me.

ヒトリ || Alone


Vocals: Ranko
Arranged by: Comp
Album: Pop (ポップ)
Circle: Butaotome (豚乙女)
Event: Reitaisai 11 [RTS11]

This is a really dark song. Really dark. You’d think it’s actually a sad song based on the title, but no. It’s dark. This song is basically told from the perspective of 2 people – Yamame, and a random human. The human’s the one looking for their spearhead towards the end, and Yamame seems to be narrating the rest. Or at least, that’s how I interpreted it. This translation was originally a bit vaguer – using the word ‘red’ instead of ‘blood’ to stay closer to the original Japanese, for example. But then I felt like changing it around a bit. “I’ll drink up all that red dripping from you” just doesn’t sound the same…

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

暮れ 暮れて 暮れ 暮れて
ヒトリきり ヒトリきり
見上げてる 見上げている 外
呼ぶ声と返す声 漂ったいい臭い
約束された優しさ ヒトリ

kure kurete kure kurete
hitori kiri hitori kiri
miageteru miageteiru soto
yobu koe to kaesu koe tadayotta ii nioi
yakusokusareta yasashisa hitori

Darken, darkening, darken, darkening,
All by myself, all by myself…
I raise my head, I raise my head and look outside.
Voice that call and voices that answer. A nice scent drifts in the air.
Kindness had been promised to me… I’m alone


subete wo hikisaiteageru wa
kowareta deku mitai ni
shitataru sono aka wo nomihoshi
“tadaima” wa mou konai

I’ll tear you up, and rip you to shreds.
Like a broken puppet made of wood…
I’ll drink up all that blood dripping from you,
You won’t say “I’m home” again…

渦巻いた 渦巻いた 恐怖 怒り 絶望を
見上げてる 見上げている 外
探してる 探してる 矛先を 矛先を
見つかるか 見つかるかな ヒトリ

uzumaita uzumaita kyoufu ikari zetsubou wo
miageteru miageteiru soto
sagashiteru sagashiteru
hokosaki wo hokosaki wo
mitsukaruka mitsukaruka na hitori

Whirling around, whirling around, goes fear, anger, and despair.
I raise my head, I raise my head and look outside.
Searching around, searching around, for my spearhead, for my spearhead.
Have I found it? Have I found it yet…? I’m alone…


subete wo atarimae to omoi
ikitekita hitotachi ni
ikiteru jikkan wo agemasho
kodoku to eien mo

“Everything is reasonable,” that’s what they think,
Those humans that come to life…
Let’s show you what living really feels like,
Isolated and immortal.


shitteru? kono naka wa samukute
waraigoe mo hitori

Did you know? It’s cold inside here, and
My laughing voice, too, is alone…


subete wo hikisaite ageru wa
kowareta deku mitai ni
shitataru sono aka wo nomihoshi
“tadaima” wa mou konai

I’ll tear you up, and rip you to shreds.
Like a broken puppet made of wood…
I’ll drink up all that blood dripping from you,
You won’t say “I’m home” again…


This page should show all of the translations I’ve done, with links. If anything doesn’t work, please let me know!

タイトル || Title Circle Album
Green Garden Aftergrow [C83] URBANIZEDSTEREO
ヒトリ || Alone Buta-Otome (豚乙女) [RTS11] Pop (ポップ)
夏色の結晶 || Summer-Coloured Crystals Machikado-Mapoze (街角麻婆豆) [C84] Summer-Coloured Crystals (夏色の結晶)
ゆゆこのうた || Yuyuko’s Song Machikado-Mapoze (街角麻婆豆) [C85] Ms. Keine’s Music Classroom (けーね先生の音楽教室)
カンタータ「寺子屋へ行こう!」 || Cantata: Let’s go to School! Machikado-Mapoze (街角麻婆豆) [C85] Ms. Keine’s Music Classroom (けーね先生の音楽教室)
えーりん先生の蓬莱ヨガ教室 || Ms. Eirin’s Hourai Yoga Classroom Machikado-Mapoze (街角麻婆豆) [C86] Dancing Phantasmagoria
正邪の後進 || Seija’s Reversal Machikado-Mapoze (街角麻婆豆) [C86] Dancing Phantasmagoria
ニードルワード || Needleward [Short ver.] monochrome-coat [C87] need
anjir || Fig Shinra-Bansho (森羅万象) [RTS10] Paraiso
Doppel Shinra-Bansho (森羅万象) [ARTS1] Doppel
琥珀の海に地球浮かべたら || If the World Floated in a Sea of Amber Shinra-Bansho (森羅万象) [ARTS1] Doppel

夏色の結晶 || Summer-Coloured Crystals

natsuiro no kesshou
Summer-Coloured Crystals

Vocals: Roverta
Lyrics: 神威-JT
Arranged by: Sakana Nakasako
Album: Summer-Coloured Crystals (夏色の結晶)
Circle: Machikado-Mapoze (街角麻婆豆) vs. Aleile
Event: C84

This one’s a charming, light song, like a faint summer breeze. It also stars Roverta (who also moonlights as Keine and Eirin). The ‘PV’ on Machikado-Mapoze’s official Youtube channel needs more views, so please watch it here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CvYndMppeb4
They seem like such a fun group! Anyway, I think that this translation covers all of Machikado-Mapoze’s vocal arrangements up to this point. Please let me know if I’m missing any, though!

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

ゆっくり流れる雲 歩幅合わせて
暑さに萎ぶないように アイス咥えて

yukkuri nagareru kumo hohaba awasete
gunjouiro no sora wo fuku kaze ni te wo hirogeru
atsusa ni shinabunai you ni aisu kuwaete
sosori tatsu himawari no mure wo nagameteta

The clouds slowly flow overhead, in time with my footsteps.
I stretch my feet in the wind blown by this ultramarine sky.
I hold an ice block in my mouth so I won’t wither in the sun,
I gaze at a field of sunflowers standing tall.

夏の輝きを 瞳に焼き付けて Woo…
Natsu no kagayaki wo hitomi ni yaki tsukete Woo…
The brilliance of summer is etched in my eyes. (Woo…)

出会った全てが 素敵な季節からの贈り物
大事に残そう 夏色の結晶
deatta subete ga suteki na kisetsu kara no okurimono
daiji ni nokosou natsuiro no kesshou
All the things that we’ve encountered are gifts from the four seasons.
Let’s preserve them with care – these summer-coloured crystals!

白い雲の波 心も浮き立って Woo…
shiroi kumo no nami kokoro mo ukitatte Woo…
As a wave of white clouds rushes overhead, my heart is enlivened too. (Woo…)

太陽も大地も 花も虫も命を謳ってる
一緒に感じる 夏色の歓び
taiyou mo daichi mo hana mo mushi mo inochi wo utatteru
issho ni kanjiru natsuiro no yorokobi
The sun, the vast land, the flowers, and the bugs, too, are all celebrating life.
Let’s experience it, together – this summer-coloured joy!

暮れなずむ世界に 黒い帳降りて
kurenazumu sekai ni kuroi tobari orite
kisetsu wa meguttemo kagayaki wa kienai
Though the world slowly grows dark, and a dark curtain falls…
As long as the seasons are turning, this radiance shall never fade!

暑い日差しすら 今は名残惜しく Woo…
atsui hizashi sura ima wa nagorioshiku Woo…
The here and now is reluctant to part from even the summer sun’s hot rays. (Woo…)

両手に抱えて 持ち切れなかった忘れ物を
もう一度探そう きっと次の年も
出会った全てが 素敵な季節からの贈り物
大事に残そう 夏色の結晶

ryoute ni kakaete mochikirenakatta wasuremono wo
mou ichido sagasou kitto tsugi no nen mo
deatta subete ga suteki na kisetsu kara no okurimono
daiji ni nokosou natsuiro no kesshou

Let’s carry all those things we’ve forgotten in both hands.
Let’s search for them one more time. We’ll surely find them next year!
All the things that we’ve encountered are gifts from the four seasons.
Let’s preserve them with care – these summer-coloured crystals!

ゆっくり流れる刻 ふと足を止め
金色の風に 過ぎた夏を思い出す
yukkuri nagareru toki futo ashi wo tome
kin’iro no kaze ni sugita natsu wo omoidasu
Time slowly flows by. I suddenly stop my feet.
In this golden breeze, I recall a summer gone by…

ゆゆこのうた || Yuyuko’s Song

Yuyuko no uta
Yuyuko’s Song

Vocals: Dominyan
Arranged by: Sakana Nakasako
Album: Ms. Keine’s Music Classroom (けーね先生の音楽教室)
Circle: Machikado-Mapoze (街角麻婆豆)
Event: C85

Subtitled video courtesy of Eiki Shiki: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-6mot6TCjO0

Another great vocal arrangement from Machikado-Mapoze. I’ll keep this little description short, because there isn’t really much to add. I tried to mirror the structure of the original Japanese as much as possible, which means I ended up using the colon ‘:’ more than I intended to. It also isn’t really clear who’s speaking. It could be Yuyuko herself, or it could be a narrator. I kept it in the third person because of the line “The Netherworld’s princess stands still.” Like the other vocal track from this album, the lyrics can be found at http://mapoze.com/yuyuko-no-uta-lyrics

華は遙か 遠くに揺蕩れ
黄泉の姫 ただ独り佇む
柔く霞み 霊のごとく
春の日は 色なく空もなし

hana wa haruka tooku ni yure
yomi no hime tada hitori tatazumu
yawaku kasumi tama no gotoku
haru no hi wa iro naku sora mo nashi

Far away, in the distance, cherry blossoms sway.
The Netherworld’s princess stands still: she is alone.
These spring days are void of colour, they’re void of sky.
They resemble a weak, flickering ghost.

遠き日々は 樹の根元に眠る

sumizome sakura no kaoru higan goshi no ima
tooki hibi wa ki no ne moto ni nemuru

In this place, beyond nirvana, where the ink-black cherry blossoms’ scent flows,
She spends these distant days sleeping there beneath the tree.

浅き夢に 眼を閉じれば
浮かぶ夜 若き日々の想い
扇拡げ 弾幕に遊戯び
風に散る この幸せな日々

asaki yume ni me wo tojireba
ukabu yoru wakaki hibi no omoi
ougi hiroge tama ni asobi
kaze ni chiru kono shiawase na hibi

If she closes her eyes in a shallow dream,
Night floats before her: memories of her younger days.
She spreads her fan before her and plays at danmaku.
They scatter in the breeze: these happy days gone by.

彼岸の枝垂れは未だ八分のまま いざ
全き桜 待ち望み集める

higan no shidare wa imada hachibu no mama iza
mattaki sakura machi nozomi atsumeru

The weeping tree of Nirvana is still only eight-tenths complete…
Oh, perfect cherry blossoms! She waits eagerly for their return.

遊び疲れ 神社の桜花
友と酒 酌み交わし笑えば

asobi tsukare jinja no hana
tomo to sake kumikawashi waraeba

Tired from playing, she views the shrine’s blossoms.
With friends and saké: they drink together whilst laughing.

巫女の力 畏れつつ従う

niwashi mo meido mo aruji majie nagara min’na
miko no chikara osoretsutsu shitagau

As the gardener, the maid and the head of the household come together,
They fear the shrine maiden: afraid of her power, they obey.

えーりん先生の蓬莱ヨガ教室 || Ms. Eirin’s Hourai Yoga Classroom

Dancing Phantasmagoriaえーりん先生の蓬莱ヨガ教室 ~Mambo Ver.~
eerin-sensei no hourai yoka kyoushitsu ~Mambo Ver.~
Ms. Eirin’s Hourai Yoga Classroom ~Mambo ver.~

Narration: Roverta (Eirin), Dominyan (Reisen)
Arranged by: Sakana Nakasako
Album: Dancing Phantasmagoria
Event: C86

Another Machikado-Mapoze translation. This one is the second and final ‘vocal’ track from ‘Dancing Phantasmagoria.’ It’s a fun yoga session starring Eirin and her poor sidekick Reisen. Read the dialogue in your best Wii Fit Trainer voice… The exercises seem to be theoretically possible, except for maybe the second-last one. I just… can’t visualise that one working out. Either way, try them at your own risk!

Also, general translation notes are at the bottom this time. I left out the romaji because it’s not really a song, it’s a dialogue.

Key: Eirin, Reisen, Both.

皆さんこんにちは インストラクターの八意永琳です
体の内側から美しく 健康になっていきましょう

Hello everyone. I’m your instructor for today, Eirin Yagokoro.
Today, we’re going to do some “Hourai Yoga” together.
By working out those parts of your body you don’t normally use,
let’s get you looking good and feeling great, from the inside out!

しっかり脇腹を伸ばして… 今度は反対側にも…
ウドンゲ あなたは90度までいきなさい90度

Straighten up your back and stand up straight.
Then, put your palms together and stick them out just above your head.
Slowly bend your body sideways – this is the “Crescent Moon Pose.”
Now, stretch out to the side, tightly… bend in the other direction this time…
Udonge! I want you to form a 90 degree angle! 90 degrees!

B-but master! 90 degrees is impossible… uh!?

オッホホホホホ ちょっと相手が失敗してしまいましたが

Ohohohohoho… my partner may have ended up failing,
but everybody! Please exercise without straining yourselves too much! ♪

さて次は 両足を伸ばして座り 片足を曲げて

Now, for our next exercise, please sit with both legs stretched out in front of you.
Next, bend one leg, and reach for the arch of your foot with both hands.
Whilst stretching your sides straight ahead, raise your leg and slowly stretch out your knee: this is called the “Heron Pose.”

Stay stretched out… hold this pose for a few seconds more… Udonge!
You’re not a heron, you’re a hare!
What!? W-why did you hit me!?

いや無理です それ!

The next exercise is the “Half-Moon Pose.”
Stand in a star-shaped position – like this: ’.’
Next, turn your right foot outwards.
Whilst throwing your upper body to the right, raise your left side.
Balance on the floor with your right foot.
Then… take a deep breath…
and aim for the player character! !
No, that’s impossible! Impossible!

続いて うつぶせに寝て両膝を曲げ
手で足先を掴みます 足を押さえて上体を反らす
余裕がある人は その状態から両耳を大回転!
師匠 み 耳を引っ張らないでぇ!!? ウッ!?
あらあらあら 普通の人はウサ耳は
付いていませんでしたね 失礼しました

Continuing on… whilst lying on your stomach, bend both knees.
Grab your ankles, and hold your feet down. Then, bend your upper body back.
This is called the “Frog Pose.”
For those who are… so inclined, from this position, spin those ears right around!

Spin them, spin them! Spin them more and more!!
Master, p-please don’t pull my ears!!? Uh!?
Oh my, oh my, ordinary people
weren’t supplied with rabbit ears, were they? My apologies.

最後に「賢者のポーズ」です 腕立て状せの状態から
片方の腕を上げていき 正面を向いて体を真っ直ぐに
保ちます 息を吸って 腕は天井に向かってしっかり伸ばす
視線も天井に向けて叫びましょう 「賢者!」

Our final exercise is the “Philosopher’s Pose.” First, get your body into a push-up position. From there, raise one arm and hold it straight ahead. Hold this position.
Breathe in… and stretch your arm up to the ceiling.
Raise your eyes to the ceiling as well, and shout… “Philosopher!”


ウドンゲ うるさい
ヨガは毎日続けて行うことで 体が鍛えられ

So, how was it?
Were there any areas that hurt when you moved them?
I’m full of injuries that you inflicted on me…
Udonge. Shut up.
If you perform yoga every day, you’ll discipline your body,
and you’ll be able to maintain a taut figure.

運動不足や肌満 高血圧を放っておくと

If you take no action against problems such as a lack of exercise, obesity, and high blood pressure, your important blood vessels will become blocked…


-You’re not a heron, you’re a hare! – The original plays on the similarity between the words ‘sagi’ (Heron) and ‘usagi’ (Rabbit). I changed rabbit to hare to keep the spirit of the original pun, though they don’t really sound that similar…
-Stand in a star-shaped position – like this:
. The original literally says ‘stand with your arms and legs stretched out like the character 大 (big).’ It kind of looks like a star, so that’s what I interpreted it as.

カンタータ「寺子屋へ行こう!」 || Cantata: Let’s go to School!

kantata 「terakoya he ikou!」
Cantata: Let’s go to School!

Vocals: Roverta (Keine), Dominyan (Mokou)
Libretto: 神威-JT
Arranged by: Sakana Nakasako
Album: Ms. Keine’s Music Classroom (けーね先生の音楽教室)
Circle: Machikado-Mapoze (街角麻婆豆)
Event: C85

Subtitled video courtesy of Eiki Shiki: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bSNqjn3ddPk

Another lovely arrangement from Machikado-Mapoze. As the title suggests, this arrangement is based on a cantata of the Classical period (perhaps in the style of Mozart…). Also, I found the original Japanese lyrics on Machikado-Mapoze’s official site, which really saved time: http://mapoze.com/cantata-lyrics

There are actually translation notes this time!
-寺子屋 (terakoya) literally means ‘temple school,’ a type of school that was built during the Edo period in order to teach commoners. I left it as ‘school’ because in the context of the cantata, there aren’t any other schools in Gensokyo, so there’s no need to distinguish between different types.
-In the 4th movement, Keine and Mokou use a different term for youkai – ‘Ayakashi’ (妖). I felt like they were trying to be polite, so I used the term ‘mystic beings’ instead of the regular ‘youkai.’

Key: Keine, Mokou, Both.

1. レチタティーヴォ: 元気無いね 悩みでもあるの?
rechitatiivo: genki nai ne nayami demo aru no?
Recitativo: You don’t seem well today. Is something bothering you?

元気無いね 悩みでもあるの?
水くさいね 私と慧音の仲よ

genki nai ne nayami demo aru no?
Mokou ni wa wakatteshimau no ka
mizu kusai ne watashi to Keine no naka yo
tashika ni ima komatteiru no sa
kakusanaide watashi ni oshiete
futari de nara kanarazu chie ga ukabu hazu sa

You don’t seem well today. Is something bothering you?
So even you have noticed, Mokou?
Well, lately our relationship has been quite distant, you know.
Indeed… I am troubled at present.
Well, don’t hide it – tell me what’s going on!
If we are together…
A solution will surely present itself.

2. アリア: 人間は妖怪を
aria: ningen wa youkai wo
Aria: Humans live their lives in fear of youkai…


ningen wa youkai wo osorete kurashiteiru
youkai mo ningen wo osou
otagai ni osorezu arasou koto mo nai
son’na hi wa kuru no darou ka?

Humans live their lives in fear of youkai…
And youkai attack humans, as well.
The day when our two species can live together without fear,
And without attacking each other – will it come?


ningen no yuujin to youkai no yuujin ga
te wo tori ate yuku ni wa
otagai wo motto yoku rikai dekiru tame no
basho ga attara yoi no ni na

If only there was a place where both species could
Work together to better understand each other.
A friend of both humans and youkai could help
Join their hands and move forward at such a place

そうだ 寺子屋があれば皆が学べる
私の夢が叶うならば 寺子屋を建てたい

sou da terakoya ga areba min’na ga manaberu
tadashii rekishi to chishiki wo tsutaeyou
norikoenakereba ikenai koto bakari
watashi no yume ga kanau naraba terakoya wo tatetai

Of course! If a school was built, everyone could learn together.
We would be able to convey righteous history and knowledge.
Though obstacles that must be surmounted are all around me,
If it will result in the fulfillment of my dream… I want to build a school!

3. レチタティーヴォ: 私にできることは
rechitatiivo: watashi ni dekiru koto wa
Recitativo: I can do little more than…

私にできることは歴史を教えることぐらい. 半分妖怪の教師の元に生徒が来るかな?
慧音! 大丈夫よ あなたにしかできない. 人と妖怪を同時に教えられるのは.
そんなこと考えたこともなかったよ. 確かにそれができるのは私だけ.

watashi ni dekiru koto wa rekishi wo oshieru koto gurai. hanbun youkai no kyoushi no moto ni seito ga kuru kana?
Keine! daijoubu yo anata ni shika dekinai. hito to youkai wo douji ni oshierareru no wa.
son’na koto kangaeta koto mo nakatta yo. tashika ni sore ga dekiru no wa watashi dake.
watashi mo tetsudau kara sa
sounareba mou yaru dake da!

I can do little more than teach history. Will students really come before a teacher who is half-youkai?
Keine! It’s alright – you’re the only one who can do it. You’re the only one who can teach humans and youkai at the same time.
I must say that I had never thought of that. Of course, I am the only one who can do such a thing…
And, I shall aid you!
If that is so, there is nothing left but to do it!

4. 2重唱:人と妖を繋ぐ懸け橋
nijuushou: hito to ayakashi wo tsunagu kake hashi
Duet: A bridge between humans and mystic beings

人と妖を繋ぐ懸け橋 上白沢教室であなたも妖とお友達
大事な学力 正しい知識 人も妖でも

hito to ayakashi wo tsunagu kake hashi Kamishirasawa kyoushitsu de anata mo ayakashi to otomodachi
daiji na gakyryoku tadashii chishiki hito mo ayakashi demo
manabitai mono nara iza kitare!

A bridge between humans and mystic beings: at Kamishirasawa’s classroom, the two of you can become friends!
Valuable scholarship, and righteous knowledge: regardless of your species,
If you would like to learn, please come now!

読み書きそろばん それに歴史 宿題を忘れた者はおしおき
共に笑って共に泣いて 同じ時を過ごせば もう学友(なかま)さ

yomikaki soroban sore ni rekishi shukudai wo wasureta mono wa oshioki
tomo ni waratte tomo ni naite onaji toki wo sugoseba mou nakama sa

We teach reading, writing, the abacus, and of course, history. If you forget your homework, you will be punished!
Laughing together, crying together: through spending time in the same way, you shall be friends in no time!

学費の心配は要らない 熱意があれば大丈夫
平日は弁当持参 土日はお休み 竹林の案内人の送迎付き

gakuhi no shinpai wa iranai netsui ga areba daijoubu
heijitsu wa bentoujisan donichi wa oyasumi chikurin no an’nai nin no sougei tsuki

There is no need to worry about tuition fees: passion is all that is necessary.
Please bring your own lunch on weekdays. There are no classes on weekends. We even include a guide who will take you back and forth the bamboo forest.

人と妖を繋ぐ懸け橋 上白沢教室であなたも人間とお勉強
楽しい授業で 正しく理解 人も妖でも

hito to ayakashi wo tsunagu kake hashi Kamishirasawa kyoushitsu de anata mo ningen to obenkyou
tanoshii jugyou de tadashiku rikai hito mo ayakashi demo
manabitai mono nara iza kitare!

A bridge between humans and mystic beings: at Kamishirasawa’s classroom, you can study together with humans!
Through fun lessons, you shall properly understand each other: regardless of your species,
If you would like to learn, please come now!

共に学ぼう あなたも 人も妖でも
学びたい者は さぁ来たれ!

tomo ni manabou anata mo hito mo ayakashi demo
bijin no kyoushi to
manabitai mono was aa kitare!

Let us study together, even if you’re a human or a mystic being.
With a beautiful teacher as well…
If you would like to learn, please come!

正邪の後進 || Seija’s Reversal

Artist: 小嶌一豪正邪の後進
Seija no koushin
Seija’s Reversal

Vocals: どみにゃん, Roverta, 中雑魚酒菜, and 菊一倖殷
Arranged by: Sakana Nakasako
Album: Dancing Phantasmagoria
Circle: Machikado-Mapoze (街角麻婆豆)
Event: C86

Subtitled video courtesy of Kappashiro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3C0uBo5j47o

This one is a fun track from one of my most loved Touhou circles. I know I mentioned before that I like to translate things with ‘singability’ in mind, but I ignored that rule for this translation. I went light, and (slightly?) liberal at points. This song is just so lighthearted – it’s basically Seija boasting about how evil she is. Imagine her sitting there, speaking really quickly, beaming with pride. Of course, the official image that goes with this song tells a completely different story. I wonder whose version of the narrative is correct…?

Note: There’s actually a description that goes with this in the lyrics booklet. I’ll add it here when I get around to translating it…

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

すわ事件だ 巫女出動 弾幕勝負中に
動きを逆さにして 妨害するのが快感
相手からは 感謝されて 困惑していたら
ピチュッた巫女ブチ切れ 泣いて退散

suwa jiken da miko shutsudou danmaku shoubu chuu ni
ugoki wo sakasa ni shite bougai suru no ga kaikan
aite kara wa kansha sarete kon’waku shiteitara
pichutta miko buchigire naite taisan

During the Suwa incident—when the Miko set out—whilst she was having a danmaku fight,
I reversed her movements! Disturbing others is such a pleasant feeling…
She was ‘thanked’ by her opponent, and whilst she was bewildered,
That Miko went ‘Pichun,’ flipped out, and ran away, crying…

地図片手に 山を目指す 白黒魔女の邪魔
看板入れ替えて 迷ったところに追い撃ち
箒奪い 橋落として 着いた森の奥で
レアキノコ発見 つい舌打ち

chizu katate ni yama wo mezasu shirokuro majo no jama
kan’ban ire kaete mayotta tokoro ni oi uchi
houki ubai hashi otoshite tsuita mori no oku de
rea kinoko hakken tsui shitauchi

A map in one hand, aiming for the mountain, went that black-and-white magician…
I swapped the signposts around, and I attacked her whilst she was lost!
I stole her broom, dropped her off the bridge, and when she finally got inside the forest…
She discovered a rare mushroom!—And I was smacking my lips…

お尋ね者 道具を手に 目指すは下剋上
ズル・嘘・裏切りと 何でもアリが方針
追手だらけ 襲いかかる 回避不能弾幕
逃げる背は見せない いざ後進

otazunemono dougu wo te ni mezasu wa gekokujou
zuru. uso. uragiri to nan demo ari ga houshin
otte darake osoikakaru kaihi funou danmaku
nigeru se wa misenai iza koushin

I’m a wanted girl. With my tools in my hands, I’m aiming for a complete turnabout!
Cunningness. Lies. Treachery. Anything goes—that’s my policy!
With nothing but pursuers behind me, I’m being attacked by impossible danmaku…
But I won’t show them my fleeing back! Now—reversal!

Doppel ~ ファミリア || Family

Image by しきみ (http://keeggy.com/)


Vocals: Mie (みぃ), Meramipop (めらみぽっぷ), Ameiro (雨色)
Chippo (ちっぽ), and Yumehiko (ゆめひこ)
Lyrics: Azuki + Kaztora
Musical (‘screenplay’?) author: Joyful (ジョイフル)
Arranged by: Kaztora (カズトラ)
Album: Doppel    Circle: Shinra-Bansho (森羅万象)
Event: Hakurei Shrine Autumn Reitaisai 1

Subtitled video courtesy of Kappashiro [all parts]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AszuhImjX6o

And so, having made her decision, Satori parts ways with her little sister. Thus, this tale comes to a close…

Note: The title is based on the Latin word ‘familia,’ meaning ‘family.’ In the lyrics, I translated it as ‘family,’ rather than leaving it as it is because I thought it would sound a bit weird for them to say “we’re all… familia!”

Key (colour-coded): Satori, Chorus.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

The Palace of Earth Spirits – it’s a wonderful place.
Though the sky is closed, and light cannot reach us,
We’ve got the happiness of having family.
We’re all… family! Family! Family!