著者不明は容易く盗まれる || Unattributed Words are Easily Stolen

chosha fumei wa tayasaku nusumareru
Unattributed Words are Easily Stolen

Vocals: Ranko
Lyrics: Ranko
Arranged by: Comp
Album: The Empty Sounds of the Bell (鈴のそら音)
Circle: Butaotome (豚乙女)
Event: Reitaisai 12 (RTS12)
Original Themes: –Eternal Shrine Maiden [永遠の巫女]
Japanese Saga [ジャパニーズサーガ]
Dichromatic Lotus Butterfly ~ Red and White [二色蓮花蝶~ Red and White]

Subtitled video courtesy of Eiki Shiki: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8fY5yq2kUTs

UPDATE [1/07/2015]: I updated the title to match the translation of the chapter that is currently available (for the sake of consistency!). I also made some minor changes to the translation. As I said in my translation of the last song, this song seems to be a ‘sequel’ of sorts, told from Kosuzu’s point of view. Unlike the other tracks, though, this one doesn’t seem to match what goes on in the chapter, unless there’s something I’m missing…

_ _ _

*Insert usual Buta-Otome album hype here* But seriously, I’m loving the mashups. Especially since such random themes are mashed together – in that sense, I guess it’s a more souped-up version of Light (ひかり – ‘hikari’)? As a side note, the this track can be downloaded from Buta-Otome’s official website. Though I recommend visiting the website anyway, here is the download link from the official website.

I’m confident that the album title is based on 琴のそら音 (‘The Empty Sounds of the Koto’), but I still need to research it a bit more. Also, the song title this time is based on chapters 24 and 25 of Forbidden Scrollery, and the romaji is brought to you by Tegamin!

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

降りしきる雨 わたしを置いてって
濡れることも かなわないの
あまりにも正しすぎて 壊れても
気付かれない ひとりぼっち なら

furishikiru ame watashi wo oite tte
nureru koto mo kanawanai no
amari ni mo tadashisugite kowarete mo
kizukarenai hitoribocchi nara

“Leave me behind” I said, in the pouring rain.
I can’t bear getting wet.
I am too righteous, and even if I break,
I will not be noticed. I’m all alone. If so…

ふいに ざわつく 耳のおくに
シニカリズム しまわれてゆく
シグナルを発して 嘆いた

fui ni zawatsuku mimi no oku ni
shinikarizumu shimawarete yuku
shigunaru wo hasshite nageita

It suddenly became noisy inside my ears,
And I was shut down by cynicism. (1)
I gave forth a signal, and I sighed…

かけられた呪い 自由と孤独とが
唯一たれと 責め続ける
いついつまでも 縛り付けて ゆく

kakerareta noroi jiyuu to kodoku to ga
yuiitsu tare to seme tsuzukeru
suterarenu kono watashi no tadashisa ga
itsu itsu made mo shibaritsukete yuku

Freedom and isolation are the curses that were cast on me.
Just one is sufficient – they continue to condemn me.
The righteousness of I, who cannot be cast away,
Will always, always, continue to confine me.

悪い 言葉の はしをつかむ
とめどもなく 流れ落ちてく
鮮やかに照らして 空白

warui kotoba no hashi wo tsukamu
tomedo mo naku nagareochiteku
azayaka ni terashite kuuhaku

I seize the edge of those wicked words,
But they run off without end
Into that brilliantly shining blank space…

真実の残像 全てが崩れても
疑うのは もうやめよう
夜明け前 明星狂って つなわたり
戸惑うこと 嘘じゃないよ でも

shinjitsu no zanzou subete ga kuzurete mo
utagau no wa mou yameyou
yoake mae myoujou kurutte tsunawatari
tomadou koto uso ja nai yo demo

In the afterimage of reality, even if everything crumbles away,
Please, stop doubting me already!
Before dawn, the morning star goes mad, tightrope walking.
My bewilderment isn’t a lie! Still…

降りしきる雨 わたしを置いてって
濡れることも かなわないの
あまりにも正しすぎて 壊れても
さみしくない 未来永劫 ずっと

furishikiru ame watashi wo oite tte
nureru koto mo kanawanai no
amari ni mo tadashisugite kowarete mo
samishikunai miraieigou zutto

“Leave me behind” I said, in the pouring rain.
I can’t bear getting wet.
I am too righteous, and even if I break,
I won’t be lonely. For eternity, always…

_ _ _ _ _

(1) The original word used here is ‘cynicalism’ (シニカリズム – ‘shinikarizumu’), which isn’t a word in English.

月の箱舟 || Ark of the Moon

tsuki no hakobune
Ark of the Moon

Vocals: mineko, mirinya (みりん屋)
Lyrics: mineko
Arranged by: Siz-oka (静丘)
Album: プチカミロマンティカ ~Petit-Kami Romantica~
Circle: MN-logic24
Event: Reitaisai 9 (RTS9)
Original Theme: Youkai Space Travel [妖怪宇宙旅行]

Requested by: That DoujinGoro

To start off with, I assumed that this was yet another Renko x Merry song. But I didn’t think that Youkai Space Travel was a Renko x Merry theme… Perhaps it refers to the Watatsuki sisters instead?

By the way, I thought I’d try and be a bit more poetic this time. I probably failed miserably, though…

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

月が照らす 夜空の青溶けて地に落ち
散らばる星の粒 どこまで飛べば触れられるだろう

tsuki ga terasu yozora no ao tokete chi ni ochi
chirabaru hoshi no tsubu doko made tobeba furerareru darou

The moon shines, dissolving the blue of the night sky and falling upon the earth.
The beads of stars are scattered about. I wonder if we’ll be able to touch them if we fly far enough…

満ちる月を雲が隠し 黒く翳る
笑うあなた 楽しそうに

michiru tsuki wo kumo ga kakushi kuroku kageru
warau anata tanoshisou ni
kaze ga nagareta

The full moon is covered by the clouds, and it is darkly concealed.
You were laughing cheerfully,
And the wind flowed by.

遥か遠い星目指し 帰れるかもわからずに

yoru no yami wo oyogu you ni
negai nose fune wa yuku
haruka tooi hoshi mezashi kaereru kamo wakarazu ni
kewashiku hate nai michi ga
shinshin wo kui tsubusu
bokura wa naze tabe ni deru?
gekkou wa nani mo kataranai

As if swimming in the darkness of the night
Goes the boat carrying our wishes.
It aims for a distant star, without knowing if it will be able to return.
This rugged, endless path
Consumes its mind and body…
Why did we depart on this journey?
The moonlight speaks of nothing.

母なる海 水面揺れる月は恋い歌う
薄紅の実りよ 垂れ落ちる蜜濡らして甘く

haha naru umi minamo yureru tsuki wa koi utau
usubeni no minori yo tare ochiru mitsu nurashite amaku

The moon, reflected on the surface of Mother Ocean, sings of love.
O, light pink harvest! Your dripping, falling nectar soaks it, sweetly…

星が霞む 雨の匂い
宿る熱を 息を潜め 楽しそうに
扉 開いて

hoshi ga kasumu ame no nioi
yadoru netsu wo iki wo hisome tanoshisou ni
tobira hiraite

The stars grow hazy. It smells like rain…
That zeal resting inside me holds its breath, cheerfully.
The door opens.

月には兎がいると 幼き日の記憶が言う
ぐらり 機体が軋んで

ama no kawa wo koeru nara
hagoromo wo matoitai
tsuki ni wa usagi ga iru to osanaki hi no kioku ga iu
kamisama no ude ni idakare
hikari no fune wa susumu
gurari kitai ga kishinde
ryuusei no chiri ga ten wo mau

If we cross over the Milky Way,
I want to wear the robe of angels.
The memories of my childish days speak of rabbits living on the moon, and
I am wrapped in the arms of God…
The ship of light advances forwards.
It shakes violently, and its fuselage creaks.
The meteor’s dust dances in the heavens…

僕らの夢は生きている 投げ出された身を起こし

hoshikuzu no umi wo oyogu
inryoku ni michibikare
bokura no yume wa ikiteiru nagedasareta mi wo okoshi
ganzen ni hirogaru ao
amaku kaoru suzunari
bokura wa naze tabi ni deru?
muimi na toi to warau darou?

We swim in a sea of stardust,
Guided forward by gravity.
Our dreams are alive – we raise our outstretched bodies.
The vast blue spreads out before us.
Those bunches of fruit smell sweet…
Why did we depart on this journey?
You’ll laugh if I ask such a meaningless question, right?

遥か遠い星目指し 心に槍を掲げて

yoru no yami wo oyogu you ni
chikai nose fune wa yuku
haruka tooi hoshi mezashi kokoro ni yari wo kakagete
kewashiku hate nai michi ni
shoumei wo kizundeiku
bokura wa naze tabe ni deru?
hakobune wa nani mo kataranai

As if swimming in the darkness of the night
Goes the boat carrying our vows.
It aims for a distant star, carrying a javelin in its heart.
This rugged, endless path
Begins to carve proof into it…
Why did we depart on this journey?
The ark speaks of nothing.

蜃気楼 || Mirage


Vocals: anporin (3L)
Lyrics: anporin (3L)
Composed by: bermei.inazawa
Album: berpop melodies & Remixies vol.2
Circle: studioCampanella
Released on: 24/04/2014

Requested by: Awooji
Subtitled video courtesy of Awooji:

This was originally a transcription request, but since I liked it so much, and you can buy tracks from this album individually on studioCampanella’s website (with lyrics), I decided to just go ahead and buy it. I really like the images in this song – it gives me the sense of wandering in a desert, yet wandering around in a city at night at the same time. Almost like an ‘urban desert.’ Also, I threw in a sneaky Persona 4 reference with the whole ‘Midnight Channel’ thing – it just refers to the legend that you can hear voices when you watch TV at midnight.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

ゆれる ゆれる ゆれる ひとり まどろみ
あつく あつく あつく うつす
すなと ゆめは うそと さまよう

yureru yureru yureru hitori madoromi
atsuku atsuku atsuku utsusu
suna to yume wa uso to samayou

Swaying. Swaying. Swaying. I’m alone. I doze off…
It’s hot. It’s hot. It’s hot. I cast a shadow.
The sand, and this dream are both lies. I roam around…

眠る 真夜中の テレビに映る
ひとと 音楽は さも楽しそうね
やがて しずまって 世界のニュースは
それは 淡々と 悲劇を伝える

nemuru mayonaka no terebi ni utsuru
hito to ongaku wa samo tanoshisou ne
yagate shizumatte sekai no nyuusu wa
sore wa tantan to higeki wo tsutaeru

I close my eyes. The people and the music
Displayed on the Midnight Channel seem really fun…
Eventually, they quieten down, and the world news begins.
It indifferently conveys the tragedies of the world.

うつろい ゆらめいた
砂塵には 何があるの?

utsuroi yurameita
sajin ni wa nani ga aru no?

Changing. Swaying.
Is there something in that cloud of sand?

うつす 目を疑って
指は 触れるの蜃気楼
迷路に まよいこんだ

utsusu me wo utagatte
kasumu monokuro rizumu
yubi wa furueru no shinkirou
meiro ni mayoikonda

I doubt my eyes, and
That monochrome rhythm grows hazy.
My fingers touch a mirage.
I have gone astray in this labyrinth…

ノイズ 混じりでの 試験電波は
夢や 希望とか 話題さえもない

noizu majiri de no shiken denpa wa
yume ya kibou to ka wadai sae mo nai

The test signals, mixed in with the static,
Don’t contain dreams, hopes, or even a conversation topic.

褪せてく 現実の
その先に 何が

aseteku genjitsu no
sono saki ni nani ga

Beyond that reality,
Which grows faded, something is–

地球 裏側ひとっとび
微熱は 柔く溶けた

atsui me wo kosuttara
sekai kuru kuru mawaru
chikyuu uragawa hitottobi
binetsu wa yawaraku toketa

When I rubbed at my hot eyes,
The world began to whirl and spin around.
I flew to the reverse side of the globe,
And my faint fever softly dissolved away…

揺れる 電波に乗って
宇宙 果てまでひとっとび
ノイズに まよいこむの

yureru denpa ni notte
sono mama me wo tojite yo
uchuu hate made hitottobi
noizu ni mayoikomu no

I ride the swaying radio waves,
And as I do so, my eyes are closed.
I flew to the end of the universe,
And I have gone astray in the static.

月に叢雲花に風 || Clouds Over the Moon, and Wind Over the Flowers

tsuki ni murakumo hana ni kaze
Clouds Over the Moon, and Wind Over the Flowers

Vocals: LIQU@。
Lyrics: yuta
Arranged by: yuta
Album: A Spiriting Away in the Night’s Fairy Tales (夜伽話の神隠し)
Circle: Minstrel
Event: C80
Original Theme: Gensokyo, Past and Present ~ Flower Land [今昔幻想郷 ~ Flower Land]

Requested by: SeijaK14

This song is not related to Yuuhei Satellite’s song/album of the same name. It does share the same name, though – ‘月に叢雲花に風’ (tsuki ni murakumo hana ni kaze), which is apparently an ancient Japanese greeting. As for the album title, 夜伽話 (‘yotogibanashi’) is a corruption of the word 御伽話 (‘otogibanashi’ – fairy tale). Because of this, I translated it as ‘The Night’s Fairy Tales.’

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

欠けた 花びらの舞う夜
あなたは 今

kaketa hanabira no mau yoru
anata wa ima

In this broken night, in which the petals dance,
You are, now –

星 枯れ果てた心に
爪 突き立て鉛色
時 重なり褪せていく
空 曇った鏡みたい

hoshi karehateta kokoro ni
tsume tsukitate namari’iro
toki kasanari aseteiku
sora kumotta kagami mitai

The stars. In my heart, which has dried up completely.
Claws. The colour of lead, they pierce through.
Time. It piles up and starts to fade.
The sky. Like a cloudy mirror.

戻らない 花びらは昨日へ
黄昏に よぎる影求めて
日傘に光る朝露払い 夢は続く

modoranai hanabira wa kinou he
sabireta ichirinka
tasogare ni yogiru kage motomete
anata wa oboeteiru no
higasa ni hikaru asatsuyu harai yume wa tsudzuku

Those petals will not return to tomorrow.
A single, deserted flower.
I pursue the silhouette passing by in the twilight.
I wonder if you remember?
I sweep off the morning dew on my umbrella. My dream continues…

風 私を吹き抜けて
花 彩を湛えて
雲 絡みつく水面に
月 照らされた泡沫

kaze watashi wo fukinukete
hana irodori wo tataete
kumo karamitsuku minamo ni
tsuki terasareta utakata

The wind. It blows through me.
The flowers. Filled to the brim with colour.
Clouds. Twining themselves around the water’s surface.
The moon. A transient bubble that has been illuminated.

欠けた 花びらの舞う夜
目覚め よぎる影求めて
戻らない 花びらは昨日へ
あなたは 今どこへ向かうの

kaketa hanabira no mau yoru
anata dake mitsumeteru
mezame yogiru kage motomete
nokoriga sae mo kasumu
modoranai hanabira wa kinou he
anata wa ima doko he mukau no

In this broken night, in which the petals dance,
I stare at only you.
I wake, and pursue the silhouette passing by.
Even your lingering scent becomes hazy…
Those petals will not return to tomorrow.
I wonder where you’re heading to now?

florere || To Bloom

To Bloom

Vocals: Yuurites☆ (ゆーりてす☆), Ponnu-chan (ぽんぬちゃん), Chiro (ちろ)
Lyrics: Yuma Mizonokuchi (溝口ゆうま)
Arranged by: Yuma Mizonokuchi (溝口ゆうま)
Album: Former Frontier 4th luxuriant
Circle: Seventh Heaven MAXION
Event: C83
Original Theme: Lotus Love

Requested by: Hellscythe
Subtitled video courtesy of Undefined Fantastic Channel:

I’m sure others have mentioned this before, but Seventh Heaven MAXION is really good at making… ‘celtic’ (?) styled arrangements. Every time I listen to one of their tracks, I think of a group of witches, cackling around a cauldron… This time, the lyrics seem to be a sort of spell, scattered amongst a bit of narrative here and there. I think the general story revolves around Yuuka, who leads the flowers (representing people) to the darkness/death.

By the way, the title is a Latin word.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

写りし 水面に 生は芽吹く
愚かな 使命に 神は嘆く

utsurishi minamo ni sei wa mebuku
oroka na shimei ni kami wa nageku

Upon the reflective water’s surface, life buds.
God laughs at my foolish mission.

花は 咲き乱れ 夢に導く

hana wa sakimidare yume ni michibiku

The flowers bloom in profusion – I lead them to a dream.


kanbi naru wa seimei
hana wa kuchi tane tonari tsumugu unmei

Life grows sweet.
Fate spins a tale of the flowers, which wither and become seeds.

その眼に映る 太陽さえ 死へ急ぎ

sono me ni utsuru taiyou sae shi he isogi

Even the sun reflected in those eyes hurries towards death…

時は進みゆく 残酷に

tsuchi ni kaeri meguru
toki wa susumiyuku zankoku ni

It returns to the earth.
Time progresses forward, cruelly.


setsuri no naka ni shi ni yuku

It heads towards death, within divine providence.

写りし 水面は 黒く濁り
最後の 使命に 人を裁く

utsurishi minamo wa kuroku nigori
saigo no shimei ni hito wo sabaku

The reflective water’s surface is clouded black.
During my last mission, I judge humans.

花は 咲き乱れ 闇へ誘う

hana wa sakimidare yami he izanau

The flowers bloom in profusion – I tempt them towards the darkness.


kanbi naru wa seimei
hana wa kuchi tane to nari mirai e tsunagu

Life grows sweet.
The flowers wither and become seeds, bound to the future.

その地に芽吹く 生命さえ 消え果てて

sono chi ni mebuku inochi sae kiehatete

Even the life budding upon that land vanishes, completely…

時は進みゆく 死すべく

tsuchi ni kaeri oeru
toki wa susumiyuku shi subeku

It returns to the earth and concludes.
Time progresses forward so it can die.


nani ga ikiru imi
dare ga ikiru imi

What is my reason for living?
Who is my reason for living?

消えていく定め florere

kieteiku sadame florere

A law, that begins to vanish. To bloom…


asu wo ikiru imi
kyou de owari imi

The reason why I live tomorrow.
The reason why everything ends today.


kieteiku sadame

A law, that begins to vanish.


—saa, subete wo owarasemashou……—

—Come, let us bring about the end of all…—

その眼に映る 太陽さえ 死へ急ぎ

sono me ni utsuru taiyou sae shi he isogi

Even the sun reflected in those eyes hurries towards death…

時は進みゆく 残酷に

tsuchi ni kaeri meguru
toki wa susumiyuku zankoku ni

It returns to the earth.
Time progresses forward, cruelly.


kurai sekai no naka hitotsu no sei ga
mezameru toki ga kuru
shi subeki unmei to…
hi wa tomosareteiru

The time comes for that single life
Within the dark world to awake.
Along with that mortal fate…
The flame is lit.

青色スペースタイム || Blue Space-Time

aoiro supeesutaimu
Blue Space-Time

Vocals: Mie (みぃ)
Lyrics: Seiji (青時)
Arranged by: GCHM
Album: Affections
Event: C80
Original Themes:- Sky Ruin [スカイルーイン]
The Traditional Old Man and the Stylish Girl [時代親父とハイカラ少女]
The Interdimensional Voyage of a Ghostly Passenger Ship [幽霊客船の時空を越えた旅]
Captain Murasa [キャプテン・ムラサ]

Requested by: SeijaK14

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

散り散りのカケラたち この手に掴み取るまで
希望の光を 絶やさないで

chirijiri no kakeratachi kono te ni tsukamitoru made
kibou no hikari wo tayasanai de

Until I grasp those scattered fragments in my hands,
Don’t let that light of hope go out…

古びた地図の上 記憶を頼りに
失われた時を越え 空を射ち鳴らす
海原、陸、空の果て 未知の地平でも
瞳の奥映る人 探し出すために進む

furubita chizu no ue kioku wo tayori ni
ushinawareta toki wo koe sora wo uchinarasu
unabara, sora no hate michi no chihei demo
hitomi no oku utsuru hito sagashidasu tame ni susumu

Upon that old map, I rely on my memories,
And I cross over that lost time, ringing through the sky.
To the end of the ocean, the land, and the sky, and even across that unknown land…
I continue forward to find the person reflected inside my eyes.

手をすり抜けようとも 諦めない

te wo surinukeyou tomo akiramenai

Even if they slip through my hands, I won’t give up.

幾千の星たち 円を描いて消える
隣には貴方がいて 勇気をくれたから

ikusen no hoshitachi en wo egaite kieru
hitori ja taerarenu tabiji no naka de
tonari ni wa anata ga ite yuuki wo kureta kara

Thousands of stars draw a circle and disappear.
During this journey, which I couldn’t stand alone,
You were by my side. You gave me courage, so…

もう 迷わず扉を探す旅を続けよう

mou mayowazu tobira wo sagasu tabi wo tsuzukeyou

I won’t lose my way again; I shall continue my journey and search for that door.

千切れた雲の上 追い駆けた光
透き間風が踊らせる 髪の間に消えて
切り絵の道駆け回り 手に入れた鍵は
架け橋に生まれ変わり 色を探し求めてる

chigireta kumo no ue oikaketa hikari
sukima kaze ga odoraseru kami no ma ni kiete
kirie no michi kakemawari te ni ireta kagi wa
kakehashi ni umarekawari iro wo sagashi motometeru

I chased after that light above the torn-up clouds.
The wind dances through the cracks, and disappears into my hair.
I race about the collage path. The key I laid my hands on
Was reborn as a suspension bridge. Now, I search for colour.

天高いあの壁が 騙し絵でも

ten takai ano kabe ga damashie demo

Even if that wall stretching high into the sky is but a trompe l’oeil…

白い世界に残された いくつもの数を数えて

mayou hito mayowanu hito no chigai wa itsumo
rain wo koeru kadouka dake
shiroi sekai ni nokosareta ikutsu mono kazu wo kazoete
naraku no ori kago de tasuke wo matsu kimi wo

The only difference between those who hesitate and those who don’t
Is always whether they cross the line.
You were left in a white world. In hell’s cage,
You count numerous things, awaiting rescue.

仲間外れのifが嗤う けれど二人ならできる

nakama hazure no if ga warau keredo futari nara dekiru

The ‘if’ of parting from my friends sneers at me, but if we’re together, we can do it!


“tadaima” to “okaeri” to “arigatou” no kotoba dake de
subete no kizuna ga nukumori ni idakareta

Through just the words “I’m home,” “welcome home,” and “thank you,”
All of our bonds were embraced by warmth…

幾千の鼓動が 名を呼び合い揮える
隣には仲間がいて 強さをくれたから

ikusen no kodou ga na wo yobiai furueru
kodoku ja nai no da to kidzuita asa ni
tonari ni wa nakama ga ite tsuyosa wo kureta kara

Thousands of pulses call out their names to each other and thrive.
During that morning, when I realised I wasn’t alone,
My companions were beside me, and they gave me strength…

さあ 新たな扉を探す旅に出掛けよう

saa arata na tobira wo sagasu tabi ni dekakeyou

Now, shall I set off on a journey to find a new door?

_ _ _ _ _

(1) Trompe l’oeil refers to a type of optical illusion, in which a painting is painted in such a way that it appears to be 3D.



Vocals: lily-an
Lyrics: azuki
Arranged by: kaztora
Album: Mémoire
Circle: Liz Triangle
Event: C80
Original Theme: Eastern Judgement in the Sixtieth Year ~ Fate of Sixty Years [六十年目の東方裁判 ~ Fate of Sixty Years]

Requested by: Roboscape

[Insert usual spiel about how much I love Azuki’s lyrics here.]

This song seems to be told from the perspective of Eiki – she’s been watching over someone (Buddha?) for their whole life, but she feels lost when they cross the Sanzu River and fail to recognise her. At least, that’s the way I interpret it.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Though I do not question whether my reason for coming here is right or wrong,
Even the mirror that reflects my heart has become misty.
Though I called out “long time no see” when we met,
The words I heard coming this way were “it’s nice to meet you.”

Those sharp words, which wound earnestly,
Erase the past without projecting even sin.

At the end of the long, long route that I will take from here,
What sort of world will be left behind in my thoughts?
Please, please, forget about it.
This is a world where the beginning repeats countless times.
[The beginning of the end. Countless beginnings…]

Though I do not know why I am here,
The meaning of the scenery I can see
Is found in your somewhat nostalgic face. (1)
Who’s that sobbing in a sorrowful tone
In this seemingly precious, seemingly mad,
Irritating world?

 My heart’s kaleidoscope lies in the riverbed of my memories, and
The red spider lilies on the riverside are coloured by the daybreak.
The poem of our meeting and parting is endlessly repeated
In a world in which everything is born, raised, and then dies.
Please, please, forgive me.
I leave this behind so you will at least not forget those feelings.
[The warmth of these words] lights the [flame of life].

So I will not fade, so I will not forget,
I count life’s springs, and the flowers bloom.
For just one life, I am alone,
And I see, hear, and remember everything of You. (2)
I become strong, strong, so strong…

At the edge of that distant, distant conclusion,
The words that we exchange feel somewhat like heaven.
Please, please, do not forget me.
I will always resound through everything in
The world reflected in your eyes.
[Please, remember me]

I don’t need trite introductions like “it’s nice to meet you.”
The promise that ties us now lies in the red spider lilies that bloomed on the water’s surface.

_ _ _ _ _

(1) The last part, 顔に (‘kao ni’ – In your face) isn’t written in the lyrics booklet, but it’s sung that way.
貴女 (‘anata’ – [feminine] You) is written, but Amida (another name for Buddha) is sung. You is capitalised to represent this.


Nothing but the Touhou EDMClose

Vocals: Aikapin
Lyrics: Omi Oruha (オミ織葉)
Arranged by: uno
Album: Nothing but the TOHO EDM
Circle: IOSYS
Event: Touhou Meikasai 8
Original Theme: Septette for a Dead Princess (亡き王女の為のセプテット)

Requested by: Sleep

This song is apparently a parody of ‘Clarity,’ by Zedd feat. Foxes. It seems to be about unrequited love – the speaker tries her hardest to get the one she loves to reciprocate her feelings, but he doesn’t. Or does he? I guess that’s the question…

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

曖昧な関係に 疲れ果て
少しづつ 少しづつ 零れていく
綻んだ蜘蛛の糸 手繰り寄せ
つないでも つないでも 結べない

aimai na kankei ni tsukarehate
sukoshidzutsu sukoshidzutsu koboreteiku
hokoronda kumo no ito taguriyose
tsunaide mo tsunaide mo musubenai

I’m exhausted with this vague relationship.
Little by little, my tears spill out.
I pull in that spider’s thread, which has come apart.
Though I try, though I try, I can’t tie us together.


dou shite mo kurushii nara hakidashite shimaeba ii
eien ni yamu koto nai ame nante nai no dakara

If it’s going to hurt no matter what, I should just say everything that’s on my mind.
Because there’s no such thing as rain that lasts forever…

今は気づかない 振りをするよ
忘れさられる その時まで

ima wa kidzukanai furi wo suru yo
wasuresarareu sono toki made

For now, I shall pretend that I am unaware.
Until you forget about me…

そばにいる理由 見つけるまで
あなたのことを 追い続ける

soba ni iru riyuu mitsukeru made
anata no koto wo oitsudzukeru

Until you find a reason for being by my side,
I shall continue to chase after you.

囚われた籠の鳥 解き放ち
遠くへと 遠くへと 飛び立つの
欲望の深い闇 落ちていく
溺れても 溺れても 救われた

torowareta kago no tori tokihanachi
tooku he to tooku he to tobitatsu no
yokubou no fukai yami ochite iku
oborete mo oborete mo sukuwareta

I’m a bird locked in a cage. Release me,
And I’ll take off far away, far away…
I fall into a deep darkness of desire.
Though I drown, though I drown, I was saved.


naiteiru watashi ni tada te wo hiite kureta anata
kono sekai owaru made wa itsu made mo soba ni iru no

You still took my hand as I was crying.
I’ll stay with you always, until the world ends.

忘れてしまう その時まで
見えない絆 紡ぎながら

wasurete shimau sono toki made
mienai kizuna tsumugi nagara

Until you forget about me,
I shall weave our unseen bonds.

生きている意味 わかるまでは
あなたのことを 見守るから

ikiteiru imi wakaru made wa
anata no koto wo mimamoru kara

Until you understand why you’re alive,
I shall watch over you.

竹ノ花 || Bamboo Flowers

take no hana
Bamboo Flowers

Vocals: Meramipop (めらみぽっぷ)
Lyrics: RD-Sounds
Arranged by: RD-Sounds
Album: Susume (薦)
Circle: Diao ye zong (凋叶棕)
Event: C85
Original: Japanese Saga [ジャパニーズサーガ]

Requested by: Bagong016

This song is based on Gyokotsu Kouzou’s R-18 doujin of the same name as the title of this song. The ‘bamboo flowers’ are the three children of Mi-Are (Anana, Aya, and Akyuu) who this song revolves around. I can’t offer up a detailed plot summary since I haven’t read the original doujin, but it seems to be a tragic love story.

This time, there’s a lot of emphasis on その (‘sono’ – that) and この (‘kono’ – this). It seems to be the difference between ‘you’ and ‘me.’ That basically informed my choice of pronouns. But if I’ve made a mistake with my interpretation, please let me know! Especially if you’ve read the original doujin.

By the way, for us, there’s more than 1 ‘bamboo flower,’ so the title is ‘Bamboo Flowers.’ But to the protagonist, there’s only 1 (hence the line ‘O, Bamboo Flower’). There’s no difference in the original Japanese, but that’s my interpretation of it…

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Is it fate for that flower
To wither
When it is made to bloom?

That life scatters,
And I accept
All of the thoughts tied to it.

O, bamboo flower.

That silhouette, visible in the distance, quickly passes before me.
We exchanged a promise in those distant days…

You travel towards a place where these hands cannot reach you.
The shadows come together upon your back.

Those words, which I did not exchange enough of –
I hold them all back in my chest.

The thing I still, still wish for…
Is it the happiness of the girl I loved?

O, bamboo flower.
Though I ask
If this is only your body until you scatter, when you bloom…

As long as you have that life,
Somehow, continue to live.

If you say you wish for that happiness,
Then take this body, without revulsion.

Those small, yet deep scars
Still throb, for eternity. Aah…

My eyes blur as I gaze upon that silhouette disappearing into the distance.
My beloved is going somewhere far away.

Whilst accepting the fate that delivered you into that body,
Only these feelings are difficult to change.

It gently slips off…
In the brittleness of the happiness I grasped.

Nevertheless, the thing I wish for
Is to be with the man I loved.

O, bamboo flower.
You bloom,
And I carry your body, which is only yours until you scatter, in my arms…

Alone, I cry out my love,
“I want to live together with you…”

Though I just wished for happiness,
It only vanished away, fickly.

I am forever left behind,
Still without an end to my deep sadness. Aah…

―Please, instead of me,

Please, convey my love.

―Please, instead of me,

Please, live with that person.

That silhouette, who I searched for far away, draws near.
She draws nearer than anybody else.

Everything is imprisoned inside those eyes.
Still, the moments pass by silently.

Love and sadness…
I shall take them all upon my back.

The thing I wish for my child
Is for her to live
Burdened with nothing.

O, bamboo flower.
You have not yet bloomed.
Because you have that body, live!

Your life is limited.
So, at least, live in your own way.

In the world of humans,
If only love
Is meant to be everything, then…

I wish for you to live
In only earnest happiness.

If you wish for that happiness,
Then please, travel straight down that path.

I shall just hide my deep love inside my chest.
Aah… I will always be praying…