創生神護 || The Creation God Protects

sousei kango
The Creation God Protects

Vocals: Ranko
Lyrics: Jell
Arranged by: Kaztora
Album: Kaen Ranzen (花筵爛然)
Circle: Solo Buta-R (そろぶた-R)
Event: Kageki no Utage (2012)
Original Theme: Dream Land

Requested by: Roboscape

Another track from this solo album. This time, the one in charge is Kaztora, better known as the leader of Liz Triangle and Shinra-Bansho. He isn’t partnered with Azuki, his usual lyricist, but the lyrics are still beautiful, and full of rich images. This time, the lyrics have been written entirely in classical Japanese. I tried to bring that style across without resorting to using Shakespearean English…

I say this whenever I translate something with classical Japanese, but I have to stress that I’m no expert. Quite a bit of this translation is based off interpretation, and some grammar patterns and the like may have been translated incorrectly. I’m more than happy to receive corrections from people who know more about classical Japanese!

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

深く深く 苔の生すらば石の影 雲の影
息吹く緑 心問うものを過ぎゆくは

fukaku fukaku koke no nasuraba ishi no kage kumo no kage
ibuku midori uratou mono wo sugiyuku wa
toki to suzukaze ni onaji
kano chi no saki he
kano chi no saki he

Densely, densely grows the moss in the shade of the stones, in the shade of the clouds…
The greenery breathes, passing through that which knows my innermost thoughts.
Like time and the cool breeze, it heads
To the end of that place…
To the end of that place…

もしも 昏く永い闇が降りたら
凡て 静かの森に溶けゆく

moshimo kuraku nagai yami ga oritara
sono yoru ni tsuki wo sakasemashou
subete shizuka no mori ni tokeyuku
hakanaku wa yo no kotowari
yosete wa kaesu inochi no nami wa toutoshi

If a long, sorrowful darkness descends,
Let us make the moon bloom in that night.
Everything dissolves into the quiet forest…
Transience is the truth of the world.
The waves of life, which break and retreat upon this shore, are precious.

深く 深く
乞れ 集う
土に 空に 捧げますらば神代に
遍くを掴み 沈む

fukaku fukaku
kogare tsudou
tsuchi ni sora ni sasagemasuraba kamishiro ni
amaneku wo tsukami shizumu
tsuranarishi wa
tamashii no itonami he to

Densely, densely,
The desires gather.
If, in this age of gods, they are offered to the earth, to the sky…
They shall grasp this expanse, and sink.
Then, the spirits shall line up,
To perform their services…

いつか 静謐たる夜を払えば
その朝に 星を咲かせましょう
凡て 静かの森に溶けゆく
気高くもなく ただ命はそこに在り

itsuka seihitsutaru yoru wo haraeba
sono asa ni hoshi wo sakasemashou
subete shizuka no mori ni tokeyuku
utagoe wa daichi no koe
kedakaku mo naku tada inochi wa soko ni ari

Someday, if this quiet night is cleared away,
Let us make stars bloom in that morning.
Everything dissolves into the quiet forest…
The extolling voice is that of the vast land.
Without nobility, life simply exists here.

(Ain Soph Aur. Atziluth,
Sephirah. Briah, Yetzirah, Assiah)

(Light without limit. The world of emanation,
Come forth – Worlds of creation, formation, and making.) (1)

命想い求め願い望み祈りて 夢を視よう

ima saite saite saite
koko de saite saite sakihate
inochi omoi motome negai nozomi inorite yume wo miyou

Now, they bloom, they bloom, they bloom,
They bloom here, they bloom, and they stop blooming.
Life. Thoughts. Wants. Desires. Wishes. Pray, and let us dream…

僅か眠り いま夢を見よう)

(mebae ikidzuku mono tachi subete
umare idete kieru hate ni
haruka tsudou kono chi de
wazuka nemuri ima yume wo miyou)

(When they reach their end and fade, after coming to life,
All of the things that bud and breathe
Come together in this distant land.
They are merely sleeping – now, let us dream.)

やがて 数え切れぬ朝が過ぎては
凡て 静かの森に溶けゆく
太陽廻 月陰り 星瞬く度
また一ツ 花を捧げましょう
聖者が為 誰が為の 恩であれ
名も知らぬ 豊かの地よ

yagate kazoekirenu asa ga sugite wa
utsukushiku hana wo sakasemashou
subete shizuka no mori ni tokeyuku
kokoro kaerubasho yo
himawari tsuki kageri hoshi matataku tabi
mata hitotsu hana wo sasagemashou
seija ga tame dare ga tame no megumi de are
na mo shiranu yutaka no chi yo
yosete wa kaesu inochi no nami wa itooshi
tsumori kasanaru arata na hajimari no

At last, the countless mornings have passed…
Let us make the beautiful flowers bloom.
Everything disappears into this quiet forest.
It is the place my heart returns to…
Sunflowers. When the moon darkens and the stars twinkle,
Let us offer another one of these flowers –
For the saints. For someone’s blessing.
O, nameless land of plenty!
The waves of life, which break and retreat upon your shores, are beloved.
They accumulate and pile up, forming a new beginning:
A bridge to Asgard…

_ _ _ _ _

(1) The words in this passage come from Norse mythology. Even after researching them, I’m still unsure of what they actually mean… Either way, I tried to translate the ‘spirit’ of them into English, so to speak.


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