アノ華咲クヤ || O, Will That Flower Bloom?

ano hana saku ya
O, Will That Flower Bloom?

Vocals: ichigo
Lyrics: Kamasetora [かませ虎]
Arranged by: Kishida [岸田]
Album: surumeika-
Circle: Kishida Kyoudan & The Akeboshi Rockets (岸田教団&The明星ロケッツ)
Event: Reitaisai 10 [RTS10]
Original Theme: Shanghai Alice of Meiji 17 [明治十七年の上海アリス]

Requested by: Mekouchii
Subtitled video courtesy of Nii Chii:

This song is actually a collaboration between Kishida and Yuuhei Satellite, and it features on the Yuuhei Satellite album of the same name. As you can probably tell, the main image this time is a woman, waiting for the one she loves. I feel like I’ve said that before. Unlike the other times, though, the アナタ ‘you’ is written in Katakana, so we don’t know what gender they are.

Anyway, about the title – it appears to be a pun on Sakuya’s name, but it isn’t explicitly referring to Sakuya. I’m getting a bit nerdy here, but it’s because the ‘Sakuya’ in the title 咲クヤ is actually made up of ‘saku’ 咲ク (to bloom) and ‘ya’ ヤ (a sentence-ending particle which I’ve interpreted as being the same as the question-asking か ‘ka’). Sakuya’s name, on the other hand, is made up of ‘咲’ (‘saku,’ but without the ク found in the verb form on the outside) and 夜 ‘ya’ (night).

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

凛として 悟られず
でもアナタ わし掴む

rin to shite satorarezu
demo anata washidzukamu

I could not be noticed in my dignity.
However, you gripped me like an eagle –
My heart.


aragau kono omoi
ishu yue saki ga yomezu
namida kakushi kitai sae

Though I fought against these feelings,
They were of a different kind, so I could not read ahead.
As long as I hid my tears and waited,
I was deceived.


kyou mo ano hana saku ya
iro wo urayamu hibi
na mo naki hana no you ni
kegataku mo narezu ni

O, will that flower bloom today as well?
The days envy her colours.
Like a nameless flower,
She does not reach nobility…


otona bita koukishin wa
chiisana mayonaka wo
awaremi de te kuriyose
shiawase wo te ni ireta

Her grown-up curiosity
Pulls in a tiny midnight
Out of compassion.
She had obtained happiness.

始まりは そんなもの
構わない 摘み取って

hajimari wa sonna mono
kamawanai tsumitotte

At the start, she did not mind those sorts of things,
Such as the weakness
Of being plucked.


ano fureta yubisaki mo
kono yowasa no nasake ka
higan no hana dake ga mata

Did those fingertips that felt me
Pity this weakness, as well?
Only the flower of my dearest wish
Still blooms off-season…


kyou mo ano hana saku ya
ano yasashii kotoba
kikkake wa nasake desho
ano namida ga ii no?

O, will that flower bloom today as well?
Those tender words –
Perhaps your motive was pity…
Are those tears okay?

難しいの ねえ分かる?

keredo sariyuku anata
are hodo nazomeita
koi ni oborenai hou ga
muzukashii no nee wakaru?

However, you, who went and left,
Were enigmatic to that extent.
Is it more difficult to not be drowned
In love? Hey, do you know?


kyou mo ano hana saku ya
iro wo urayamu hibi
na mo naki hana no you ni
kegataku mo narezu ni

O, will that flower bloom today as well?
The days envy her colours.
Like a nameless flower,
She does not reach nobility…


mirai wo chigiru hana wa
yurushita toiki dake
kanjou kasanetagaru
ichi miri mo gosa naku

That flower, who was promised the future,
Wants her emotions to pile up
With just the sighs she allowed herself.
Her calculations are not even a millimetre off.


keredo anata wa inai
isagiyoku narou ka
keredo kioku wa sugaru
anata wa yasashisugita

But you’re not there.
Shall I become pure?
But my thoughts hold on to you –
You were too kind…

3 thoughts on “アノ華咲クヤ || O, Will That Flower Bloom?

  1. mekouchii April 13, 2015 / 10:39 pm

    I smiled through the entire post! The pun on Sakuya is just too great indeed.
    I’m very surprised about your different interpretation of the title though. I don’t know if there’s any other meaning the “ya” can have at the end of the sentence, but everyone else simply went with “Sakuya” as the name and made it “That Flower Sakuya”, which doesn’t really make sense. Especially when looking at the lyrics of the song, I think it should be translated as ‘to bloom’ and not just a name, though.

    Liked by 1 person

    • releska April 14, 2015 / 8:19 am

      Yeah, I thought about using ‘That Flower Sakuya,’ but I had a few misgivings about it. It’d be different if it was an arrangement of Sakuya’s theme, but it isn’t… I wonder if the Japanese people would have the same issues with interpreting the song title >_<

      But, overall, a great song! I'm surprised I never listened to Kishida before – they're a really good circle!


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