そして私は空を見上げた || And Then, I Looked Up at the Sky

soshite watashi wa sora wo miageta
And Then, I Looked Up at the Sky

Vocals: Meramipop (めらみぽっぷ), Chippo (ちっぽ)
Lyrics: Azuki + Kaztora
Musical (‘screenplay’?) author: Joyful (ジョイフル)
Arranged by: Kaztora (カズトラ)
Album: On That Day, I Looked Up at the Sky (その日私は空を見上げた)
Circle: Shinra-Bansho (森羅万象)
Event: Reitaisai 12 (RTS12)

A little epilogue. Though the scars of the past may be slow to heal, it is possible to move forward, and build a brighter future…

And so… Shinra-Bansho’s third musical has been fully translated! All three of them are dear to me, but I must say, I think the plot in this one is a step above the others, with it emotional moments and sense of scale. (If only we had some dialogue to flesh out the more important things, like how Sanae and Nitori met up again, and stuff like that…) Either way, it makes me look forward to their 4th one even more!

By the way, I attached a low-quality version of the supplementary image, just so I could justify the sentence I chatter with the pink elephant…

Key: Nitori, Sanae

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Since then I’ve faced forward, [Since then I’ve faced forward,]
And I guess I could make it here. [And I must have come to life.]
Hey, if I don’t diligently keep my promises –
[That child… if I’m not here, she’s hopeless!]

Though I can never [Still,]
Return to that time again, [together,]
This new landscape [we search for our meaning for being alive.]
Has calmed down nowadays.
Aah, is this happiness a dream? [Ah, such happiness…]

Let’s make the flowers bloom, and garnish that grave!
I chatter with the pink elephant…
[A cracked heart of glass is easily broken.]
On the opposite shore of the horizon’s horizon,
[Until you can truly be made to laugh,]
The cosmos stretches out! [I guess I can’t get back on my feet, can I?]
Let’s take back the greenery of this great land! Let’s drive away those whispered slanders!
So we can live facing only forwards… That’s my job!

And then, I looked up at the sky. Now–

始まりを綴るサヴァン || The Savant Who Writes the Beginning

hajimari wo tsudzuru savan
The Savant Who Writes the Beginning

Vocals: Mie (みぃ), Chippo (ちっぽ)
Lyrics: Azuki + Kaztora
Musical (‘screenplay’?) author: Joyful (ジョイフル)
Arranged by: Kaztora (カズトラ)
Album: On That Day, I Looked Up at the Sky (その日私は空を見上げた)
Circle: Shinra-Bansho (森羅万象)
Event: Reitaisai 12 (RTS12)

And so, our narrator closes the book, and looks up at the sky, feeling nostalgia she had not felt in a long time. Where is Nitori now? And what is she doing?

This actually raises an important question – who is the narrator? According to a supplementary image provided with the CD, Akyuu is meant to feature somewhere, so I assumed that she was the narrator. Even though Mie voices Marisa as well, her ‘narration’ voice is different to her ‘Marisa’ voice, which lends further weight to this theory. The co-narrator is (probably) Sanae, since Chippo voices Sanae.

(Also, like the first part, this part is called ‘The One Who Writes the Beginning’ [始まりを綴る者 – ‘hajimari wo tsudzuru mono’] in the booklet.)

Key: Akyuu, Co-Narrator, Both

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

And like that, the world was covered in darkness. Whilst all were bewildered,
That girl only believed in tomorrow. She sowed the seeds of flowers.

If the Second Sun that engulfed the world
Had not been born…
Even if she had not created it, mankind would have someday
Ended up struggling towards this future.

It was not chance. It was not inevitable.
Rather, it was only that girl, who just believed in the world…

I wonder, where is she now, and what she is doing?
Still, one thing is for certain: flowers are blooming throughout the world!

The land, as it bursts into leaf, is endless, and distant…
The babbling riverside has become clear.
The world spread out before us, as it was in the days of yore,
In a form that everyone would know.
What are you looking at now? [Smiles suit her so well.]
You are tormented by your sins. [This world is a little unkind…]
“The world and this fantasy are okay.” [Is your heart already okay?]
Because I want you, too, to know this… [I want you to tell me, as well.]
Because I want only you to know this,
I will keep telling this tale, forever…

後悔よりも先に立つもの || One Who Leads, Rather Than Regrets

koukai yori mo saki ni tatsu mono
One Who Leads, Rather Than Regrets

Vocals: Meramipop (めらみぽっぷ), Mie (みぃ)
Lyrics: Azuki + Kaztora
Musical (‘screenplay’?) author: Joyful (ジョイフル)
Arranged by: Kaztora (カズトラ)
Album: On That Day, I Looked Up at the Sky (その日私は空を見上げた)
Circle: Shinra-Bansho (森羅万象)
Event: Reitaisai 12 (RTS12)

In the depths of despair, a friend appears to offer Nitori encouragement. But is this happiness short-lived…?

I must say, this is probably the most moving movement out of all 3 of Shinra-Bansho’s musicals. The bit at the end, where Nitori takes over Marisa’s theme, is so symbolic, and so unexpectedly moving as well. As a side note, the title relates to the Japanese version of the idiom ‘there’s no crying over spilt milk.’ I chose a more… literal translation simply because it felt more appropriate, given the tone of this section.

Key: Nitori, Marisa

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Hey, I wonder if I made a mistake somewhere. It wasn’t meant to be this way.
Didn’t she say that everyone would smile and be free…?

Even though you believed in me, in my foolishness…
Hey, Marisa. Can I do anything for you, my sworn friend…?

[Don’t cry! Because even though you can’t redo your mistakes…]
[There’s a way forward!]
Because I’m the way I am, I don’t want to give up,
[In place of I, who can no longer even look to the future,]
So let’s pass the time together from now on, too!
[I want you to let flowers bloom throughout the world again.]
“When that happens, we’ll laugh together, right, Marisa?”
“…I’m begging you – open your eyes!”

No matter how much, how much I regret it, I mustn’t look back.
A mushroom cloud rose over my path ahead. I looked up at the sky…
Still, now, at this place, I want you to permit me to make up for my sins!



Vocals: Stack
Lyrics: ACTRock
Arranged by: ACTRock
Album: Our Crystal -INNOCENCE- [二人の結晶 -INNOCENCE-]
Circle: Akatsuki Records (暁Records)
Event: Reitaisai 12 [RTS12]
Original Themes: – Captain Murasa [キャプテン・ムラサ]
– Interdimensional Voyage of a Ghostly Passenger Ship [幽霊客船の時空を越えた旅]

Requested by: Hellscythe
Subtitled video courtesy of Undefined Fantastic Channel:

Captain Murasa is the star of this song – it charts her journey as she pilots her ship and gathers up the necessary fragments to revive Byakuren [the RELIGHT]. Strangely enough, I also feel a bit of Nue’s backstory at parts of the song, too… I like how, though this is a Renko x Merry album, it also seems to incorporate UFO as a kind of ‘substory.’

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


kyuusai he no hi wo tomose! yomigaeru RELIGHT!

Light the flames leading towards salvation! That RELIGHT returns to life!

隙を見て抜け出した どれくらいぶりだろう空は
見上げたら一面広がる Sky Line,My territory
退屈してたんだ 未練がましいのはやめた
だけど救いたい人がいるんだ My benefactor

sukima wo mite nukedashita dore kurai buri darou sora wa
miagetara ichimen hirogaru Sky Line, My territory
taikutsu shitetan da mirengamashii no wa yameta
dakedo sukuitai hito ga irun da My benefactor

I saw a gap and slipped out through it. How long has it been?
When I gazed up at the sky, it stretched out before me – the sky line, my territory.
I was bored! I stopped being stubborn.
Still, there’s someone I want to save – my benefactor!

長い時の中をまだ魂を隠して どこかで待っている
その手を絶対握るから 復活のMy Load

nagai toki no naka wo mada tamashii wo kakushite doko ka de matteiru
sono te wo zettai nigiru kara fukkatsu no My Load

I still hide my spirit within that lengthy time. I’m waiting somewhere…
Because I’ll definitely grasp those hands. My Lord of rebirth. (1)

きっと連れ出そう 地上へと光の船を解き放つ
あの時とは違う闘志 感じてるRELIGHT
まだ間に合うよ ほら私がついているから
今も変わらない 導いてほしい 救済のRELIGHT

kitto tsuredasou chijou he to hikari no fune wo tokihanatsu
ano toki to wa chigau toushi kanjiteru RELIGHT
mada ma ni au yo hora watashi ga tsuiteiru kara
ima mo kawaranai michibiite hoshii kyuusai no RELIGHT

I’ll surely lead you out. I release the ship of light, towards the surface.
My fighting spirit is different to that time. I can feel it – that RELIGHT!
I can still make it in time! Look, it’s because I’m lucky!
It’s unchanging, even now. I want to guide you… RELIGHT of salvation!

昔のことなんてどうでもいいだろう、 Spiral

mukashi no koto nante dou demo ii darou, Spiral
shindeiru? chigau! mokuteki ga aru ikiteru Ghost

Things that happened in the past aren’t worth worrying about. It’s a spiral.
Am I dead? No! I’m a ghost, living with a purpose!

私達がいるよ 今度は絶対離さない 救済のSail

samishiku wa nai no ka? kurai yami he to shizunde
watashitachi ga iru yo kondo wa zettai hanasanai kyuusai no Sail

Aren’t you lonely? You sink towards the dark…
We’re here, you know! We definitely won’t be parted this time! Sail of salvation.

まだ何も返せてはいないだろう RELIGHT
カケラを乗せて 呼び出すよ 復活のRELIGHT

sugu ni ikou ima, nee, sugu soko ni irun desho? kotaete hoshii
mada nani mo kaesete wa inai darou RELIGHT
kanjiru darou? kono hikaru fune ga atsumeteitta
kakera wo nosete yobidasu yo fukkatsu no RELIGHT

Let’s go, right away! Hey, you’re close by, right? Answer me!
You haven’t returned anything yet, have you? RELIGHT!
Can you feel it? Upon this shining ship
Ride the fragments we went and gathered up. We’ll summon you, RELIGHT of salvation!

ああ、何年たっても忘れることなくて 記憶に残る
どうでもいいなんて嘘だ けど、次は私がやるんだ Oath

aa, nan’nen tatte mo wasureru koto nakute kioku ni nokoru
dou demo ii nante uso da kedo, tsugi wa watashi ga yarun da Oath

Aah, no matter how many years pass, I cannot forget it. It remains in my memories.
It’s a lie to say it doesn’t matter. Still, I’ll do it next – that oath.

きっと連れ出そう 地上へと光の船を解き放つ
あの時とは違う闘志 感じてるRELIGHT
まだ間に合うよ ほら私がついているから
今も変わらない 導いてほしい 救済のRELIGHT

kitto tsuredasou chijou he to hikari no fune wo tokihanatsu
ano toki to wa chigau toushi kanjiteru RELIGHT
mada ma ni au yo hora watashi ga tsuiteiru kara
ima mo kawaranai michibiite hoshii kyuusai no RELIGHT

I’ll surely lead you out. I release the ship of light, towards the surface.
My fighting spirit is different to that time. I can feel it – that RELIGHT!
I can still make it in time! Look, it’s because I’m lucky!
It’s unchanging, even now. I want to guide you… RELIGHT of salvation!

_ _ _ _ _

(1) ‘My Load’ is written in the lyrics, but given the context of the song, it is more than likely that ‘My Lord’ was intended.

打出の小槌の残滓 || The Aftermath of the Miracle Mallet

uchide no kodzuchi no zanshi
The Aftermath of the Miracle Mallet

Vocals: Ranko
Lyrics: Comp
Arranged by: Comp
Album: The Empty Sounds of the Bell (鈴のそら音)
Circle: Butaotome (豚乙女)
Event: Reitaisai 12 (RTS12)
Original Themes: –Inchlings of the Shining Needle ~ Little Princess [輝く針の小人族 ~ Little Princess]
Oriental Dark Flight [オリエンタルダークフライト]

This song is based on chapters 12 and 13 of Forbidden Scrollery, and the star is Shinmyoumaru (which is ironic, given that she doesn’t really play a major role in the original chapters…) She compares herself to the tsukumogami throughout the song, and there appears to be a subtle shift in perspective towards the end, where she appears to express sympathy for them. By the way, I’m not sure if I was correct in doing this, but I ‘translated’ all instances of ‘Tsukumo‘ and ‘Tsukumotachi‘ as ‘Tsukumogami.’ It’s a bit of a grey area since the Tsukumo sisters exist and all…

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


hokori mamire no hontachi ga
kaze mo nai no ni sawari mekurete waratta
nagai nagai toki wo kasane
marude inochi ga soko ni aru you ni ugokidasu yo

Though there was no wind,
The dust-covered books rustled about and laughed.
A long, long time passed, and
It’s as if they’ve gained life and started moving…

嗚呼 九十九達も弱き己に飽きて
魔の小槌を打ち 力求めて彷徨う

aa tsukumotachi mo yowaki onore ni akite
ma no kozuchi wo uchi chikara motomete samayou

Aah, the tsukumogami, too, have grown tired of my weak self.
I wave my magical mallet – seeking power, I wander about.

物の理 反故ならず

mono no kotowari hogo narazu
hitotsu eta nara hitotsu nakusu ga tsuzuite
nagai nagai toki no naka de
mamorarete kita wake mo shirazu ni ayatsurarete

Such is the way of things: without becoming scrap,
They continue to lose one thing if they gain another.
During that long, long time,
I am manipulated, without knowing why I came to be protected.

嗚呼 これじゃまるで

aa kore ja marude
marude yotei chouwa no
kurikaesu rekishi
yowaki tsukaware tsukumo

Aah, this is almost certainly,
Almost certainly pre-established harmony.
History repeats itself,
For the weak tsukumogami that are used.

嗚呼 九十九達が淡き夢を抱いて
その弱き心 突かれ傷つけられる
嗚呼 九十九達よ 夢は夢のままでも

aa tsukumotachi ga awaki yume wo idaite
sono yowaki kokoro tsukare kizutsukerareru
aa tsukumotachi yo yume wa yume no mama demo
sono yume no naka de sotto inochi wo matoou

Aah, the tsukumogami embrace a fleeting dream.
Their weak hearts are pricked, and injured…
Aah, o tsukumogami! Even if that dream is but a dream,
Let us softly clad ourselves in life whilst we are inside it…

ガリバー || Gulliver


Vocals: ichigo
Album: JULIETTA e.p.
Event: C81

Requested by: Zega

I don’t know when it happened, but I’ve found myself really enjoying this circle’s music. I think ichigo’s a great vocalist, the arrangement is quite nice, and the lyrics hit a comfortable sweet spot. This one, yet again, is about romance – but romance of the more possessive kind.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

僕は毎晩ユメを観る 君が僕を手にかける

boku wa maiban yume wo miru kimi ga boku wo te ni kakeru
hyakuyo hayutoori no shinikata de yogoto kimi ni houmurareru

Every night, I dream. I dream of you killing me.
Countless nights. Countless ways of dying. Every night, I am buried by you…

月は欠けまた満ちて君は 今日も僕を殺める

aitai boku wa nando mo nando mo kurikaesu
tsuki wa kake mata michite kimi wa kyou mo boku wo ayameru

I, who want to meet you, repeat this countless, countless times.
The moon wanes, then waxes again. You murder me today, as well.

斬りおとしてしまえばいい かまわない
愛かと聞かれても 僕は生き返らない

kono boku no ookina ude ga kirai nara
kiri otoshite shimaeba ii kamawanai
choudo ii ookisa ni shite daite yo
ai ka to kikaretemo boku wa ikikaeranai

If you hate those large arms of mine,
Then you can kill me and leave me behind. I don’t care.
I’ll make them just the right size, then I’ll embrace you!
“Is this love?” Even if I hear that, I won’t come back to life…

追いかけるのにユメだから 君は僕を手をかける
脈絡のない物語がめぐるよ 主人公は誰だ??

oikakeru no ni yume dakara kimi wa boku wo te ni kakeru
myakuraku no nai monogatari ga meguru yo shujinkou wa dare da??

Though I pursue you, because this is a dream, you kill me.
This incoherent tale goes around and around! Who is the protagonist?

日は昇り また堕ちて黒が 今日も僕を沈める

nakenai boku wa nando mo nando mo kurikaesu
hi wa nobori mata ochite kuro ga kyou mo boku wo shizumeru

I, who cannot cry, repeat this countless, countless times.
The sun rises, then falls again. I am submerged in darkness today, as well.

夜を切り取って君にあげよう いくつでも
正しくはないけど 答えはひとつだけ

ashita no asa ni naru no ga fuan nara
yoru wo kiritotte kimi ni ageyou ikutsu demo
hoshi no kazu dake kuchidzuke wo shite yo
tadashiku wa nai kedo kotae wa hitotsu dake

If you’re uneasy as to whether tomorrow morning will come,
Then I shall tear off the nights and present them to you. Any number of nights!
I shall kiss you only as many times as there are stars in the sky.
Though it’s wrong, there’s only one answer…

そして第二の朝日が昇る || And Now, the Second Morning Sun Ascends

soshite dai ni no asahi ga noboru
And Now, the Second Morning Sun Ascends

Vocals: Meramipop (めらみぽっぷ), Mie (みぃ), Chippo (ちっぽ)
Lyrics: Azuki + Kaztora
Musical (‘screenplay’?) author: Joyful (ジョイフル)
Arranged by: Kaztora (カズトラ)
Album: On That Day, I Looked Up at the Sky (その日私は空を見上げた)
Circle: Shinra-Bansho (森羅万象)
Event: Reitaisai 12 (RTS12)

Nitori has succeeded in completing her invention. But now…

Key: Nitori, Chorus 1, Chorus 2

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Everything around is ashen, and the sky is dull. Where did that fantasy go…?

Dark grey snow falls. Night has vanished from the world. (It’s a silent heaven…)
It wasn’t me! This wasn’t meant to happen… It wasn’t me! It’s strange…
(Who made this thing!? Will our days of peace return to us?) [Burn!]

I can’t look at this feeling of bareness favourably. (All begins to be drained away.)
The lost boundary was certainly over there… (They begin to encroach.)

Was this power… (That forbidden apple) wrong?
(We mustn’t get involved.) Was this invention… right?
Can we still (Can you all still)
Say such things? (Say such things?)
The outside and this fantasy ended up being tied together.
Screams remain in my ears. Jeers attack my heart. [Ha- ha- ha-]
I mustn’t look away. This is certainly my punishment…
(You will receive your punishment here, forever!)
I wonder if I would feel better if I could become a machine, up to my heart…
I hoped to escape from those eyes. Still, I looked up at the sky.
(Screams remain in her ears. Jeers attack her heart. It’s apocalypse day. Still, time has been broken.)
[Screams. Jeers. That day. Ha-]
Aah, my friends, my sworn friends… Please, please! Show yourselves…

ジ・アノニマス || The Anonymous

ji anonimasu
The Anonymous

Vocals: Meramipop (めらみぽっぷ)
Lyrics: RD-Sounds
Arranged by: RD-Sounds
Album: Motome [求] 【Official Site】
Circle: Diao ye zong (凋叶棕)
Event: Reitaisai 12 [RTS12]
Original Theme: A Soul as Red as a Ground Cherry [ほおずきみたいに紅い魂]

Requested by: Mekouchii
Subtitled video courtesy of Nii Chii:
(Extended) subtitled video courtesy of Runixzan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eIXWidqKF5M

I came into this expecting a Rumia song, and it’s actually about the nameless fairies your preferred shrine maiden/magician shoots down during gameplay. So I was kind of disappointed, and yet not disappointed at the same time. Of course, the arrangement’s great, as usual – that whispering part in the middle is a real highlight.

Translating this was a challenge. Some words aren’t sung the way they should be, and whole sentences are replaced with entirely different things (kind of like the ‘Die Lorelei getan’ thing that went down in ‘Die Lorelei’). I don’t know if anyone else feels the same way, but I personally find it really frustrating when it’s done too much…

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Without making a sound, they’re aiming for someone. You must never let your guard down before them.

It was just like on that night…
The moment we smiled at each other, they came and attacked!

―In the silence.

Though they gather in groups because they are powerless beings,
They certainly possess nothing that commands them.

Because they cannot be controlled, the violence
Of the anonymous’ appearance is done without reason.

Unable to become ‘someone,’ they are beings that only crowd together.
They seem weak, but the reality is… you must not make light of them.

I wonder what lurks within those innocent smiles?
It’s in no way something that’s become known. But if you strain your ears…

Under the surface…
“That’s a weak human,”
Are they aiming for me?
“That’s our prey over there.”

Can you hear them?
“Tonight, let’s kidnap that one.”
Are they whispering?
“We won’t let them see the light of day again!”

When they swarm together and come, it’s like someone
Is trying to win them over, as a ‘friend.’

They hold no names. It isn’t even known if they have them.
The anonymous mass, with stuck-on smiles, takes shape…

The incarnation of nature’s cruelty – those childish forms –
Even exactly resemble the young ones who were culled…

Beneath those anonymous smiles, they hold grotesque fangs. (1)
We’re outnumbered. If the swarm comes, I won’t try to resist.

I feel bitter. I scorn myself, and whilst crying, I hate them.
This emotion – even if it fades, I suppose I mustn’t let it disappear…

――”You’re not my friend. Let go of me!” The smile they give me as I scream… it will never be destroyed. It’s as if they look down upon me…

They gaze at me. Purely. Until I become paranoid. Still, they do so, cruelly. Aah… (2)

_ _ _ _ _

(1) The words 没個性的 (botsukoseiteki) and 凶悪 (kyouaku) are replaced with their English equivalents アノニマス (anonimasu – anonymous) and グロテクス (a mispronunciation of ‘gurotesuku’ – grotesque).
偏執的なまでに (henshuuteki na made ni) is written, but パラノイアック (paranoiakku – ‘paranoiac’) is sung.

魔法使いと発明家 || The Magician and the Inventor

mahoutsukai to hatsumeika
The Magician and the Inventor

Vocals: Meramipop (めらみぽっぷ), Mie (みぃ)
Lyrics: Azuki + Kaztora
Musical (‘screenplay’?) author: Joyful (ジョイフル)
Arranged by: Kaztora (カズトラ)
Album: On That Day, I Looked Up at the Sky (その日私は空を見上げた)
Circle: Shinra-Bansho (森羅万象)
Event: Reitaisai 12 (RTS12)

The days pass by… Nitori is hard at work on her new invention, which will benefit all of Gensokyo. As it nears completion, Nitori’s dear friend Marisa comes to visit, with a warning…

This track is another one with a different name in the lyrics booklet. The alternate title for this section is 私が信じたのは何よりも貴女 [‘I Believed in You, More than Anyone Else’]. The parts get a bit complicated towards the end, but follow the romaji and my colour key and you’ll be fine! It’s nowhere near as complicated as some of the bits in ‘Doppel’…

Anyway, some major plot happens in the next part. Please wait warmly until it’s translated.

Key: Nitori, Marisa, Both, Nameless Kappa

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

This goes to the right! This goes to the left! Whether it’s day or night, the hammers go *clang clang clang*
I can’t wait to see what it looks like when it’s finished…!
For my sake, for everyone’s sake… look! This is an invention for all of Gensokyo!

It’s the firework of dreams that will link youkai and humans.
With this, the boundary that separates us will disappear!

“Hey, Nitori! I’ve come to play.”
“How’s it going, my dear friend? This is the invention that will connect us to the outside world!”

Look, this is the flame of the Second Sun, which will tie the worlds together!

“That’s not bad, but aren’t you being a bit hasty?
Unstable curiosity only leads to burns, you know!”

I understand, but it isn’t just that, you know! [I’m just worried about you.]
This is the first step. [Step?]
It’ll start from here – [The thing that will start from here –]
The light of hope that will shine on all! [The immeasurable light that will reveal all.]

Look! I want only you to understand it –
[I won’t say those sorts of things anymore.]
The world that I dream of. [I want you to listen to just this:]
When my dream catches up to me…
[No matter what happens, I believe in you.]
Hey, let’s laugh together! [If it goes well, we’ll laugh together!]

[Though the magician] [and the inventor] advance along different paths,
I believe in a world [I’ll travel towards tomorrow.] overflowing with hope. [I believe in you!]

プリズム || Prism


Vocals: ichigo
Album: Light Blue (みずいろ)
Event: C80

Requested by: Zega

(Almost) like ‘Empty Sounds,’ this track deals with love and loss. The lyrics are quite… vague at points, but I think it actually works in the song’s favour. It’s almost like they draw you in.

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chirabari tsudzuketeiku no
kisokusei mo nani mo naku
shuusoku shiteiku omoi wo kanjinai mama ni

I continue to be scattered about.
Without regularity, without anything else,
Whilst I do not feel those emotions, which begin to reach their conclusion.


hidarime de ai wo miagete
tojita mama no kinou wo okizari ni shite

I gaze up at love with my left eye,
And leave tomorrow behind, in a closed state.

君は泣くけれど 僕は

sakana ni natte mata toozagatte
nagareteiku mama yure tsudzukete
mamorenai yakusoku nante shinai hou ga ii to itte
kimi wa naku keredo boku wa
yasashisa nante hoshigatte nakute
hatasarenakutemo koko ni aru dake
itooshii, ureshii, dakara kore de ii, te wo hanashitatte
mata sugu kimi wo mitsukeru

I become a fish, and travel even further away.
I’m washed away, and I continue to sway.
I say, “It’s better to not make promises you can’t keep.”
Though you cry, I
Don’t want anything like tenderness.
Though nothing will be accomplished, all that’s here
Is love, and happiness. So, I’m okay with this. Our hands parted.
I’ll find you again soon…


hagareteiku mama
heikou wo nakushiteku
yubi kara kobore hajimeta sekai wo kobanda
me wo sorasenakute

As I come unstuck,
I lose my equilibrium,
And I reject the world that had begun to be chipped by my fingers.
I want to stop.
I cannot look away.


tsumasaki de mizu wo kakiwake utsurikonda yoru made shizundeiku

I sink, until I reach that night when I pushed my way through the water on tiptoes.

辿り着けない場所 探しつづけて
光を集める 此処に

sakana ni natte, surechigatteitte
tadoritsukenai basho sagashi tsudzukete
tomadoi, tsumadzuki, soshite yorisoi, ashita ni mukatte
hikari wo atsumeru koko ni
kawari tsudzukeru keshiki no mukou
jibun no kimochi wo hakari tsudzukete
amefuri, kazemachi, dakedo kore de ii, furikaeranaide
massugu kimi ni mukatte

I become a fish, and pass by you.
I continue to search for that place I cannot reach.
I’m lost. I stumble. And I draw closer, facing towards tomorrow,
Towards this place, where light gathers.
Beyond that landscape, which continues to change,
I continue to measure my feelings.
It rains. I wait for a favourable wind. However, I’m okay like this – I won’t look back.
I face straight ahead, towards you.