ファッキン・フライデー || ****in’ Friday

fakkin furaidee
****in’ Friday

Vocals: IA
Lyrics: Nanahoshi Kangengakudan
Composed by: Nanahoshi Kangengakudan
Album: ****in’ Friday
Year: 2013

Requested by: Idan

You… can probably guess what this song’s about based on the title. Anyway, the speaker’s in a troubled relationship, and he’s trying to fix it whilst at the same time continuing to hate his partner. In a word, it’s unhealthy. The ‘unhealthiness’ spreads to the lyrics, which are disjointed and full of double entendres. Sorry about the random censoring of the title – it’s based on personal taste, so please forgive me!

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

ああ言やこう言うじゃん でも言わなきゃ不機嫌じゃん
分ッかりません 時折君が 憎らしい位で

aa iiya kou iu jan demo iwanakya fukigen jan
wakkarimasen tokiori kimi ga nikurashii kurai de

Aah, say it! Isn’t it like this? If I don’t say it, you’ll pout, won’t you?
I don’t get it! Sometimes, I can’t stand you…

健闘を祈りましょう 和平交渉しましょう
歩み寄り機雷地帯 大痴態

bad drug kimete good luck
kentou wo inorimashou wahei koushou shimashou
ayumiyori kirai chitai dai chitai

Bad drugs decide good luck.
Let’s pray for good luck! Let’s have peace talks.
The mine zone of concessions is so foolish…

手放せないワケと その正体は?

korogashita ai no ryuusenkei wo
tebanasenai wake to sono shoutai wa?

I can’t let go of the flow lines
Of our love, which I threw down. What is its true form?

ファッキン・フライデー ベイベー 獰猛なる我侭よ
じれったいやり取りにさえも 重ねた未完成を
曖昧にしたまんま 今日もお粗末な抱擁
サタデーナイトスペシャルと 冗談めいて言ってみようか
都会の隅 泣き出した やり切れぬファッキン・フライデー

fakkin furaidee beibee doumou naru wagamama yo
jirettai yaritori ni sae mo sasaneta mikansei wo
aimai ni shita manma kyou mo osomatsuna houyou
satade naito supesharu to joudan meite itte miyou ka
tokai no sumi naki dashita yari kirenu fakkin furaidee

It’s ****in’ Friday, baby! I’m gonna be violently selfish!
Whilst making even our irritating exchanges, and our layers of incompleteness vague
Today, too, I crudely hold you in my arms.
Should I try to jokingly ask for a “Saturday night special”?
I burst into tears in a corner of the city. I couldn’t do everything on this ****in’ Friday.

ああしろこうしろって 変わるつもりもない癖して
測れません 君との距離も 憂鬱なフライデー

aa shiro kou shiro tte kawaru tsumori mo nai kuse shite
hakaremasen kimi to no kyori mo yuuutsu na furaidee

“Aah, do it! Do it like this!” You say, out of a habit you don’t plan on changing.
I can’t work them out – the distance between you and I, and this depressing Friday.

大袈裟に別れましょう でもって追いかけましょう
惚れた弱みですか 惰性ですか
滲み出てのはさぁ 初陣の余裕ンなさ

bad trip kimete good bye
oogesa ni wakaremashou demo tte oikakemashou
horeta yowamidesu ka dasei desuka
kurouto ni nari kitteru tsumori darou?
shimi dete no wa saa uijin no yoyuu n’na sa

A bad trip decides our goodbye.
I’ll part from you grandly! I’ll chase after you, saying “but…”
Is this the weakness of falling in love? Is it a habit?
Do I plan on becoming a hooker?
That stuff oozing out… is what’s left from my first ‘battle.’

ファッキン・フライデー ベイベー かまって欲しいなんて理由で
最終兵器バーゲンセール 涙に価値はもうない
サタデーナイトスペシャルも あながち冗談じゃないぜ
ハロー こちら敗北者 断ち切れぬファッキン・フライデー

fakkin furaidee beibee kamatte hoshii nante riyuu de
uzattai soburi ni zenbu tsukkonde aoranaide kure
saishuu heiki baagen seeru namida ni kachi wa mou nai
satadee naito supesharu mo anagachi joudan ja nai ze
haroo kochira haibokusha tachikirenu fakkin furaidee

It’s ****in’ Friday, baby! Please, don’t retort
To all my annoying behaviours, trying to stir me up!
A bargain sale of ultimate weapons – tears aren’t worth anything anymore.
The ‘Saturday night special’ isn’t really a joke, you know!
Hello – I’m a loser, who couldn’t part with that ****in’ Friday.

どっちだ 明日の我が身 飛び込むのは 綴るのは

hut trick kimete good time
docchi da ashita no wagami tobikomu no wa tsudzuru no wa
kentaiki taikiken taikenki

A hat trick decides my good time.
Who is it who dives into tomorrow’s me? Who stitches me together?
Fatigue… the atmosphere… a diary of experiences.

かくも素晴らしき この執着心

oikake saserarezu oikaketeru
kakumo subarashiki kono shuuchakushin

I chase after you without being forced to.
My tenacity is so wonderful…

ファッキン・フライデー ベイベー 悟ったみたいな顔して
野暮ったい感傷に浸って 少年少女はぶつかって
大破して轟沈して めげない恋に恋してる
サタデーナイトスペシャルだ? 冗談 酩酊(めいてい)だ

fakkin furaidee beibee satotta mitai na kao shite
yabottai kanshou ni hitatte shounen shoujo wa butsukatte
taiha shite gouchin shite megenai koi ni koishiteru
satadee naito supesharu da? joudan meitei da

It’s ****in’ Friday, baby! Putting on a face like I want to understand
Uncool sentimentality floods into me, as I collide with boys and girls.
Serious damage! My ship sinks straight away! I love you, undyingly…
Is this the ‘Saturday night special’? I’m joking – I’m drunk.

ファッキン・フライデー 喧嘩も増えたけど なんだかんだ
ファッキン・フライデー ベイベー I got you under my skin, baby.
サタデーナイトスペシャルと 冗談めいて口説いてみようか
ハロー こちら敗北者 愛すべきファッキン・フライデー

fakkin furaidee kenka mo fueta kedo nandaka nda
kuchihabattai bubun mo zenbu tsukkonde nomi kudashitai nda
fakkin furaidee beibee I got you under my skin, baby.
satadee naito supesharu to joudan meite kudoite miyou ka
haroo kochira haibokusha aisubeki fakkin furaidee

It’s ****in’ Friday, baby! Our fights have increased in number, but whatever.
I want to retort to all your impudent bits and gulp them down.
It’s ****in’ Friday, baby! I got you under my skin, baby.
Maybe I should try and woo you, joking about the ‘Saturday night special.’
Hello – I’m a loser. Gotta love that ****in’ Friday.


fakkin furaidee…

****in’ Friday…

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