なんてことない日 || An Ordinary Day

nante koto nai hi
An Ordinary Day

Vocals: witch
Lyrics: Azusa Touma (冬馬 梓)
Arranged by: Shavadava (しゃばだば)
Album: TOHO BOSSA NOVA 2 【Official Site】
Circle: Shibayan Records
Event: Reitaisai 10 [RTS10]
Original Theme: Necrofantasia [ネクロファンタジア]

Requested by: ze

Shavadava, who is the arranger behind this song, is better known as the person in charge of Sound CYCLONE. His laid-back style really suits the genre of bossa-nova. I’m eagerly awaiting TOHO BOSSA NOVA 5’s release next Reitaisai…

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

ふわりと午後の日ざし さしこむ
ほっと一息ついて ひとやすみ

fuwari to gogo no hizashi sashikomu
engawa de hitori
hotto hitoiki tsuite hitoyasumi

The rays of the afternoon sun softly shine down.
I’m alone on the veranda.
I sigh with relief and relax.


kurikaesu hibi no
chotto shita henka dattari
kidzukanai uchi ni
narete iku koto mo

Without noticing it,
I grew used to the small changes
That took place
In my ordinary life.

いつもと 同じリズムで続く

itsumo to onaji rizumu de tsudzuku
yuruyaka na toki to
tsunagatte iku koto mo

Time continues loosely,
At the same rhythm as always.
I am tied to it.

こんな瞬間に なんとなく感じてたり
大事なことはそう 意外とシンプル

konna shunkan ni nanto naku kanjitetari
daiji na koto wa sou igai to shinpuru

I vaguely felt something in that moment:
Yes, that’s what’s important. It’s simpler than I expected.

世界はこんなに きらめいているんだ

shiawase no kakera wo atsumete
kokoro no sukima wo umete miyou
sekai wa konna ni kirameite iru nda

I gather up fragments of happiness.
Perhaps I should fill in the gaps in my heart…
Are you aware of it?
The world is so gleaming.

思えば 大変だったことや

omoeba taihen datta koto ya
raku ja nai koto mo
ima de wa “shouganai” tte nigawarai

When I think about challenging times
Or things that aren’t fun,
I smile bitterly, thinking “there’s nothing I can do about it.”


shitatte kureru hito ya
karakatte shimau hito ya
mou aenai hito
takusan iru kedo

Though there are many people out there
Who yearn for me,
Who I’ll end up teasing,
And who I won’t meet again…

明日がまた 今日にかわるたび
日がしずみ 月がかがやいて
朝がきて 目ざめたときには

asu ga mata kyou ni kawaru tabi
hi ga shizumi tsuki ga kagayaite
asa ga kite mezameta toki ni wa
egao ni naru you ni

As tomorrow becomes today, once more,
The sun will sink, and the moon will shine.
I hope that when morning comes, and I wake up,
I’ll be smiling.


tsunaideku yosuga ga
yagate ooki na en ni natte iku you ni
tsudzuiteku watashi no daiji na
ai suru kono sekai

So the ties I have with others
Will eventually form a big circle,
I want the world, my precious world that I love so much,
To continue on.


    1. I think Shibayan’s the only circle who regularly brings out bossa nova albums [there’s 4 in the series so far], but you might not have heard some of the bossa nova tracks he’s done for other circles (like, for example ‘Je t’aime moi champ de fleurs’ and ‘fuwafuwa*pocapoca’). If you want some easy-listening music, you could give flap+frog or Attrielectrock a go. I wouldn’t classify that as bossa nova – it’s more in the realm of ‘lounge/electronic music’ – but it has a similar atmosphere. You can check Youtube and see if they’ve covered any themes you like, unless you already know of them 🙂


  1. Thank you very much for translated it!
    It made me happy the lyrics are warmly optimistic. Starting a day while listening to this will be a nice mood booster ^^

    Liked by 1 person

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