演奏A || A-Players

Less Extra演奏A
ensou A

Vocals: Ranko (ランコ)
Lyrics: shuriken
Arranged by: NSY
Album: LessExtra 【Official Site】
Circle: Sally
Event: C89
Original Theme: Girls’ Sealing Club [少女秘封倶楽部]

Requested by: Vespere
Subtitled video courtesy of Vespere:

The hardest part of translating this song was the title. Literally. I went through a few different interpretations until, like magic, I stumbled across the ‘Type A/Type B’ personality type theory. From there, I found an employment article that described the concept of ‘A-players.’ Basically, A-players are the types of people who focus on their job above all else. It seems like this term doesn’t exist in Japanese, so shuriken literally translated it – 演奏A, after all, is made up of two components: (演奏 – ‘ensou’ = performance/play) and A.

So, what does that mean for the song? Well, it’s full of shuriken’s usual vague lyrics, but I feel like it looks at what will happen when Renko and Merry enter the workforce and no longer have time for each other. After all, society’s full of A-players, all after a gradually diminishing pool of work.  It’s quite pessimistic, looking at the pressures of conformity, among other things.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


kizutsukete shimau ensou A

I harmed you by being an A-player…

遊び場の角 いい子振りっこ

asobiba no kado ii ko furikko
kan kara to konkuriito
shiro nuri no biru wa kowasarete
sarachi ni saku hana wo sukecchi

In the corner of the playground, the kid was acting all nice.
Empty cans and concrete lay all around,
And the whitewashed buildings were in ruins.
They were sketching the flowers blooming in the vacant lot.

謎かけの鳩 運動スピード 天からの1000カラット
海の青 濁らせて どうだケダモノご満悦か

nazo kake no hato undou supiido ten kara no sen karatto
umi no ao nigorasete dou da kedamono go man’etsu ka

The enigmatic pigeon speeds by, like 1000 carats falling from the heavens.
Well, is the beast happy with letting the ocean become dirty?

当たり前と言うなら ここで改めよう 見てみて

atarimae to iu nara koko de aratameyou mite mite
watashi-tachi wa donna kao wo shiteru no

If you say it’s ordinary, then let’s change it! Look, look
What sorts of expressions are we making?

一秒後 歓喜の歌を もう二度と歌えはしない
冷えないようにって集まろう みんな紙飛行機
生霊だと 君、そうなの? もう二度と戻れやしない
迷いこめ 笑う演奏A

ichibyou ato kanki no uta wo mou nido to utae wa shinai
hienai you ni tte atsumarou minna kami hikouki
ikiryou da to kimi, sou na no? mou nido to modore ya shinai
mayoi kome warau ensou A
mitai na

Once it’s over, we won’t sing our song of joy again.
Let’s gather together so we won’t get cold! We make paper planes.
Are you… a vengeful spirit? You can never return.
A smiling A-player, gone astray –
Just like that.

黄昏な雑魚 メソメソ 暗夜稼業 ガンマダブル

tasogare na zako meso meso an’ya kagyou ganma daburu
yamena kako bakka no onpareedo
yakamashiku iradatta kaze

The elderly pauper weeps. Night trade. Double gamma.
Only their past, gone by, is on display.
The wind is noisy, irritated…

雷の後 に15叉路 版画家の残波和装
モノトーンラボ 風景はさて 霧深き紫のカーテン

ikazuchi no ato ni juugo saro hangaka no zanpa wasou
monotoon rabo fuukei wa sate kiri bukaki murasaki no kaaten

The lightning branches off into 15 forks, like the printmaker’s wave-print bindings.
The landscape outside the monotone lab is a curtain coloured purple, thick with mist.

黙っていたいと言うなら それが罪深い

damatte itai to iu nara sore ga tsumi bukai
mizu no naka ni buku buku to shizumuyou na kodoku wa

If you say you want to keep quiet, then that is a grave sin.
So, too, is isolation, the sort that feels like floundering and sinking in the water.

一秒アート 何度僕らを 殴りつけただろう
影は踏めないよ 消えそうでもこの場に残して
あと何回の人生の後 まぁ足りないのかわいそうに
きりなくて嘆く演奏A 傾く演奏A みたいだ

ichibyou aato nando bokura wo naguri tsuketa darou
kage wa fumenai yo kiesou demo kono ba ni nokoshite
ato nankai no jinsei no ato maa tarinai no kawaisou ni
kirinakute nageku ensou A katamuku ensou A mitai da

One-second art. How many times has it struck us?
I can’t step on shadows, at least. Even if I vanish, I’ll remain here.
Even after so many lifetimes, it still isn’t enough? You poor thing.
An endlessly sighing A-player. Inclined to being an A-player. Like that.

鬱陶しいわ情って本当 僕は君になりたかった
誰にも言わないで せめて死ぬまで

uttoushii wa jou tte hontou boku wa kimi ni naritakatta
dare ni mo iwanaide semete shinu made

I felt gloomy, but really, I wanted to become you.
Don’t tell anyone else, at least not until you die.

一秒後 聞いてこの名を
忘れないよ 消えそうでも言葉に残して

ichibyou ato kiite kono na wo
mou tarinai no? kawaisou
wasurenai yo kiesou demo kotoba ni nokoshite

Wait a second – listen to this name!
Still not enough? You poor thing.
I won’t forget. Even if you disappear, you will remain in words.

聞きなthe end
詰まる演奏A 未来は

chimimouryou no sou
bokura to wa hitoshizuku nomi no inochi
kikana the end
tsumaru ensou A mirai wa

We’re like evil nature spirits,
With only a single drop of life in us.
Don’t tell me how it ends!
The future is clogged with A-players.

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