黒紫のオーンブレ || A Dark Purple Gradient

kokushi no oonbure
A Dark Purple Gradient

Vocals: Mitsuki
Lyrics: RD-Sounds
Arranged by: RD-Sounds
Album: Tenjun Merukumaaru (天巡メルクマール) 【Official Site】
Circle: Girl Disease (少女病)
Release Date: July 6, 2016

Requested by: bagong016
Update [3/06/2018]:
I originally translated オーンブレ as ‘hombre’, but Kafka-Fuura’s translation makes a good case for interpreting it as the French word ‘Ombré’ [‘Gradient’], so I updated my translation of the title with that in mind. If I had to picture the gradient in my mind, I’d picture one that goes from black to purple, since the two characters that make up dark purple are black [黒] and purple [紫].

As expected of RD, these lyrics are quite complicated. They seem to tell the tale of the witch Riflydia, who is split into two existences, Lyfle and Lydia (unsure about the spellings). Lyfle dies, so Lydia forms a contract with her Persona a demon in order to seek revenge. It appears to be told from a variety of different perspectives, so feel free to interpret each section as you’d like to. There’s a little section at the beginning that isn’t part of the written lyrics, but I wasn’t able to write it down…

Some further commentary on this album can be found here, so check it out if you’re interested!

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


“…souretsu. narabu mono no inai, gekiseki no kuukan. sanretsusha wa, tatta hitori.
kodoku na shoujo wa kaisou suru. tomo ni sugoshita utsukushii omoide no, sono subete wo.
kanojo wa warai nagara norou. iwamashii sekai ni muketa, soko nashi no akui.
…shoujo no matou, kokushi no kage ga zawameki dashita…”

“…A funeral procession, in a silent room. There was but a single person in attendance.
The solitary maiden reminisces. She thinks back over her beautiful memories of times they spent together.
Smiling, she laid down a curse. Her infinite malice was aimed at that detestable world.
…The dark purple shadow she wore began to murmur…”


sore wa kikyo no koe
fuki sarasu kaze ni nose
nao mo todoki wa shinai

A voice echoes,
Choked with tears.
Though it rides upon the wind,
It will not reach its destination.


mi ni matou
musuu no “koe” ga
kokushi no shouzoku to natte
shinjiru beki mono wo tsugete iru

The countless ‘voices’
That I wear
Become the dark purple costume that I wear
And tell me what I must believe in.


nani wo aishi
nani wo norou
nani wo yurushi
nani wo nikumu

What to love,
What to detest
What to allow
And what to hate.


subete sono uchi ni

All are held within.


shizumu kage no naka ni ikue ni
uzumakaseru noroi to ai dake
keshite mitasarenu sono sugata
imada fukanzen na rifuridia

Sinking in the shadows, in many layers,
Only curses and love are stirred up.
That figure, who will never be fulfilled,
Is the witch Riflydia, but incomplete.


sono koe wa kuukyo na hodo ni
ibitsu ni shite kedakaki kakugo wo
mukao mujin “onore” wa dareka itsuka ushinau sadame demo

Her voice is hollow.
Distort that noble resolution of yours!
Faceless, endless— Even if “I” must someday part with someone…


sono musuu no inochi mote
sono mugen no inochi mote
ten no meguru made

Bearing countless lives,
Bearing infinite lives,
Until the heavens turn.

この影の中で けして解放たれること無く

yurushi wo koi tsudzukeru koe
kono kage no naka de keshite tokihanatareru koto naku

The voices continue to beg for forgiveness
Inside my shadow. They are in no way worthy of release.

この影の中で 永久にその罪 贖い続けよ

okashita tsumi wo nageku koe
kono kage no naka de towa ni sono tsumi aganai tsudzuke yo

Voices lament the sins they committed…
Continue to atone for you sins within my shadow!

この影の中で その涙を祈りとするがいい

sono sadame ni namida suru koe
kono kage no naka de sono namida wo inori to suru ga ii

Voices shed tears over their fate…
Here in my shadow, your tears should become prayers!

この影の中で 私の一部となって生きよと

owaranu inochi norou koe
kono kage no naka de watashi no ichibu to natte iki yo to

Voices beg for endless life, endless hell…
Here in my shadow, become part of me and continue to live!

共に産まれ されど倦まれ

tomo ni umare saredo umare
tawamure ni erabareta no wa
kudaranu kami no itazura de owarasenai

We were born together, though we were ignored.
I was capriciously chosen,
But I won’t let it end because of the mischief of a foolish god!


sou, chikau—.

Yes, I swear it!


sono inochi mo
sono inochi mo
sono inochi mo
sono inochi mo

Those criminals, (1)
Those offenders,
Those villains,
Those wicked ones…

そう 全て愛しき片割(リフル)の為にと 嗚呼。

sou subete itoshiki rifuru no tame ni to aa.

Yes, everything is for the sake of my dear other half, Lyfle.  Aah…


guchoku na made ni tada isshin ni
ai bukaki ga yue ni don’yoku ni
keshite mitasarenu sono keshiki
imada mikansei na yutopia

I pursue my goal fervently, to the extent of foolish honesty.
My love is deep, so I am greedy.
I will never be satisfied by that landscape—
That imperfect utopia.


nara keshite horobinu you ni to
sono inochi wo kono mi ni tabanete
mukyou mutodoke “onore” wa dareka itsuka ushinau kakugo demo

If so, join your sinful life to mine,
So you will never perish.
Dawnless, without notice— Even if “I” have the will to someday part with someone…


sono musuu no inochi mote
sono mugen no inochi mote
ten wo meguru made

Bearing countless lives,
Bearing infinite lives,
Until the heavens turn.


shikaru ni wakarareta inochi
sono omoi ni namida shite
hohoe takeru — aa!

But our lives were separated
And I shed tears when I think about it.
I howl and rage. Aah!


“shoujo wa hiza wo tsuku. keredo, sono kokoro wa keshite orenai.
sore wa, motto mo ai bukaki ga yue ni, motto mo don’yoku. ato ni sou tsutaerareru,
dai-yon no majo ‘ridia’ no sugata…”

“She fell to her knees. However, her spirit will not bend.
Because she has the deepest love, she is the most greedy. Saying this afterwards,
The fourth witch, ‘Lydia,’ stood tall…”


“itsuka, kanojo wa kaette kuru… kesshite tsuiteru koto naki sono gensou wo mune ni.
shoujo wa ikiru. ikite, iki tsudzukeru.
…itsu made mo. sekai ga shuuen suru sono toki made”

“Someday, she will return…I will hold this firm vision close to my chest.
She lives, so I, too, will continue to live
…Forever. Until the world ends.”

_ _ _ _ _

(1) The nouns in this section are all replaced by the word ‘life’ (いのち) when sung.


    1. My requests are currently open so if you have a Shoujo Byou track you’d like me to translate feel free to head over there and leave a comment…! I still look back fondly at this track, and I’d love to learn more about this circle!


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