宵闇グランギニョル || Twilight Gran Guignol

yoiyami guran ginyoru
Twilight Gran Guignol

Vocals: lily-an
Lyrics: Seiji (青時)
Arranged by: kaztora
Album: Secret Pavilion (ヒミツパビリオン) 【Official Site】
Circle: Liz Triangle
Event: C91
Original Theme: Dying in the Dendera Fields in the Night [夜のデンデラ野を逝く]


I made the conscious decision to translate this song in the present tense because I think that’s the best way to convey the claustrophobic atmosphere of the original lyrics. This is the sort of stuff that gets your heart beating, that makes you scared to sleep in the darkness…

As a side note, a Gran Guignol is “a dramatic entertainment of a sensational or horrific nature.” I think that describes this track pretty well!

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Something curious, writhing in the darkness, licks its lips.
Why is it looking this way with such repulsive hopes in mind?
I don’t want to know. I don’t want to see it. Aah!
I fear its twisted gaze. I’m gonna run away!

I feel uneasy. It’s like I’m being pierced with rusty thorns.
A refusal… Slowly… “Let’s pass away together.” I heard a voice.
There’s no going back now.

I can see a dazzling light, but it’s just the flames of life.
Twined-up strings make the marionettes dance.

Before I knew it, I headed toward a line of countless evil spirits, running rampant
Including nyuudou and a pandemonium of creatures! I can’t move.
My shivers seem to rob me of my senses. Aah…
I feel a sense of loss. I run about and scream and shout.

A coarse voice strikes against my eardrums.
A refusal… Slowly… “You look delicious…” I heard a voice.
I couldn’t break the spell.

A dazzling light blanketed my field of view.
This burning pain is the sign of Gran Guignol.

My cloudy breath is close to freezing.
Too late. “Do you want to be at peace?”
“I want to be free!”
I shall take you up on your offer…

I can see a dazzling light, but it’s just the flames of life.
I see twined-up strings and pale marionettes.
A dazzling scarlet covered up my field of view.
I feel the unbearable pain of Gran Guignol. The curtains fall.



Vocals: Ayo (あよ)
Lyrics: ticat
Arranged by: kaztora
Album: The Happy Egoist (シアワセエゴイスト) 【Official Site】
Circle: Shinra-bansho (森羅万象)
Event: C91
Original Theme: Hellfire Mantle [業火マントル]


I really love this track. Before translating the lyrics, I expected them to be nostalgic and happy. But, well… read on and discover for yourself!

I’m pretty sure it’s about Utsuho and Satori, but see if you can spot references to other members of the Subterranean Animism crew.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

I was still a childish weakling, just a hatchling.
I was pitch-black, covered in soot.
I gazed up at the sky above, and it was so ugly.
It spread out, as far as I could see.

A red-haired cat ran above a boiling pot.
I played tag with them and was scolded.
We played hide and seek, draped in curtains.
Laughter was so distant…

Your eyes were a wavering aurora in the far distance.
The world, which seemed to sparkle, was so far away. I couldn’t reach it.

This is what the Goddess said: “Do you want to see the sky?
I will make it so you can soar high…”
I could see to the very ends of the world.
It was just as the Goddess said.

With this splendid power,
I’ll make you happy next time, for sure.
So nobody will blame you or get in your way,
I’ll destroy everything.
I’ll destroy the whole world.


Suddenly, the aurora rusted away and vanished. The rain fell without end
Even though I grew so strong, even though I wanted you to smile…

I had the same third eye,
But I couldn’t see anything at all.
I’m so sorry.
My feathers are still soot-stained. I’m still weak.

I’m still a weakling, beneath the ugly sky.
I’m pitch black and covered in wounds.
What did I think about as I lived through each day?
I can’t remember anymore.
I don’t understand.

In the end, the aurora began to dissolve away. Everything vanished…
No matter how far I walk, I’ll never forget that day.

Subterranean rose.
Even the Goddess won’t reach this place.
I will become the sun
And I’ll build a rainbow, too.

The sky is right here.

シアワセエゴイスト || The Happy Egoist

shiawase egoisuto
The Happy Egoist

Vocals: Ayaponzu* (あやぽんず*)
Lyrics: kaztora
Arranged by: kaztora
Album: The Happy Egoist (シアワセエゴイスト) 【Official Site】
Circle: ShinRa-Bansho (森羅万象)
Event: C91
Original Theme: White Flag of Usa Shrine [お宇佐さまの素い幡]


[26/03/2017: Minor numerical update in final stanza]

Watch the official video on Youtube here!

Like usual, kaztora takes what sounds like a peppy pop song and gives it odd, profound lyrics that make you question the meaning of life.

Originally, I thought the title would be translated as something like ‘Good Fortune’s Egoist,’ but having had the chance to look through this song, it looks like Tewi’s happiness is the thing that’s being stressed here.

Overall, the song seems to take place at two levels – Tewi is an ordinary girl who just wants to be happier than everyone else, but she also appears to play the role of the fabled ‘rabbit of happiness.’ Like a rabbit, happiness is easy to spot but hard to catch, and it can hop away at any moment…

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

“Ready… set…!” I wish I could spend my time smiling
But today, I just fussed over nothing again.
With a leap, leap, leap, I hopped away.
I guess everyone experiences it.
I just can’t stop
At simply soothing people!

You can’t just say where happiness is
Since it doesn’t have a shape of its own.
But being told this and that
From over there, from here… How bothersome!

For whom? For what?
The rabbit leaps, but nothing special happens
Because the world was created to be
And unconditional, unequal, and unfathomable place.

Perfect apathy won’t awaken democracy.
They’re just unaware of the essentials.

“1, 2, 3!” I wish I could spend my time smiling,
But reason and intelligence get in my way.
With a leap, leap, leap, I hopped away.
I should just forget
About all the stuff around me.
I’m a happy egoist, happier than anyone else!

Floating on top of a petri dish—
That’s happiness. It’s that sort of thing
So look, you should just wish, bearing grand feelings.
But now, which one are you?

Sensitive words surge forth,
But they don’t fulfil you. Without waiting, you continue on.
You have this and that, but still…
“It’s not enough! I want more!”
I guess that’s what you’d say?

It’s simple! I’ll raise a revolution in the world
And blast common sense to the wind.
With a leap, leap, leap, I hopped away.
Isn’t just that enough?
Why not change your perception?
I’m a happy egoist, greedier than anyone else!

( This isn’t bad!
( It’s pretty normal.
( Do you get it?
( It’s not over yet!

I wanna be happier than you, than them,
Than everyone else!
Forcing myself, standing on tiptoe, stretching out my hand…
No matter what I do, I’ll never reach it!

(3, go!)
1, 2, 3! They’d like to spend their time smiling.
Even common happiness is fine.
What’s the average of millions of happinesses? Everyone wants more than that. (1)
Is it right to define the theory of happiness in that way?
After all, it’s just talking about someone else.
Occasionally, the rabbit of happiness
Says bye bye – farewell!
Though you give chase, look! She’s getting away! La la la…

_ _ _ _ _

(1) 1億万 [ichiokuman] is literally either 100 million or 100 million multiplied by 10 thousand. 100 million is a significant number, as it is roughly the size of the Japanese population. [Reference]

ラジカル少女 || Radical Girl

Radical Girl

Vocals: Ranko
Lyrics: Comp
Composed by: Comp
Album: Fullbokko (フルボッコ)
Circle: BUTAOTOME (豚乙女)
Release Date: March 15, 2017
【Visit Tiramisu Cowboy for everything BUTAOTOME!】

This is the first track from BUTAOTOME’s first major debut EP. Apparently, it originated from a KONAMI arcade game. The album is available on iTunes for those who want a digital copy – I was even able to buy it and I live in Australia (it feels like we always get the short end of the stick when it comes to these sorts of things). CDJapan is also a good place to go to if you want the physical release.

Also, a note about the romanisation – I personally don’t prefer the Kunrei style of romanisation, but this song appears as ‘Radicalsyoujo’ in my digital album, so I assume that that’s how BUTAOTOME wants it romanised. The same thing applies for the album title, which appears as ‘Fullbokko – EP’.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


sanpo sanbo de tsukarechatta rajikaru shoujo
heya de hitori de maruku natta rajikaru shoujo

The radical girl took three steps and was worn out.
The radical girl, alone in her room, curled up into a ball.

あのね でもね うんとね 今の自分は
ちがう ちがう ちがう 違うんだから

ano ne demo ne unto ne ima no jibun wa
chigau chigau chigau chigau ndakara

You know, well, umm… right now,
I’m wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, so…

これからだから 明日から

egumi deru karafuru jinsei dakara
kore kara dakara ashita kara
meguriau hontou no jibun to watashi
ima yoru dakara asatte ni shiyou

Because life is so bitter and colourful,
There’s always next time, there’s always tomorrow.
I came across my true self
But it’s night now, so let’s leave it till the day after tomorrow.


kosei toka souiu nja nai no rajikaru shoujo
umareta toki kara kou na no rajikaru shoujo

The radical girl doesn’t have a quirk or anything like that.
The radical girl was like this from birth.

あのね でもね なんで怒られてるの?
アレだ コレだ きっと親のせいだな

ano ne demo ne nande okorareteru no?
are da kore da kitto oya no sei da na

Um, but, like, why are you mad at me?
This, that… it’s all my parents’ fault!

これからだから 許してね

egumi deru karafuru jinsei dakara
kore kara dakara yurushite ne
meguriau hontou no jibun to watashi
ima wa mada mada okosama dakara

Because life is so bitter and colourful,
There’s always next time, so forgive me!
I came across my true self
But they’re still just a kid, so…


oku ni aru hontou no watashi no miryoku
wakaranai nara kimi no sei

My true charm lies inside.
If you don’t get it, it’s your own fault!

これからだから 明日から
ラジカルだから ラジカルにいこう

egumi deru karafuru jinsei dakara
kore kara dakara ashita kara
meguriau hontou no jibun to watashi
rajikaru dakara rajikaru ni ikou

Because life is so bitter and colourful,
There’s always next time, there’s always tomorrow.
I came across my true self
They’re radical, so I’ll be radical from now on!

Kyoukai Kara Mieta Keshiki 4 Roundup

We’ve already reached the 4th iteration of Kyoukai Kara Mita Gaikai [境界から視えた外界-至-, Cajiva refers to it in English as ‘Scenery Seen From the Boundary]. 至 (shi) sounds like 四 (shi – four), which explains why it’s included in the title. How clever. I’ve been a bit disappointed that more people haven’t arranged the new themes from Dr. Latency and Old Adam, but thankfully… this event exists. It’s a Hifuu-only event, which makes it the perfect time to arrange all those new themes!

Also, if any of you are following 夢想吟遊詩人 (Musou Gin’yuujin – The Dream Troubadours), they’re apparently distributing a card with the details of their next Sealing Club-inspired CD, 歪曲列島. Cirtus Resuscitation and The Victors’ Space Odyssey were amazing, so I’m awaiting their next release with bated breath…

sachlich1. BUTAOTOME’s “sachlich”

XFD || Official Site

Hot off the heels of their major debut album ‘Fullbokko’ (フルボッコ), BUTAOTOME is releasing another Touhou album…! This time, there’s a twist. There’s 8 tracks in total: 5 instrumental tracks, and 3 vocal tracks. But the vocalist…

Is Ranko’s sister. If you’ve ever watched this video, you’ll know what her voice sounds like, but it turns out she can sing, too! According to the official site, the album is based on the ‘taboos’ one embraces while they are children. It’s a dandy, old-fashioned album. It certainly sounds unique. Ranko’s sister’s voice reminds me of Yuu Kanade from TAMAONSEN, and I think we need more voices like that, so I’m hoping she makes more appearances in future albums.

I love this album because it reminds me of the I LOVE albums. You can almost think of it as I LOVE HIFUU but without rap… This is more jazz-inspired, I suppose. My favourite vocal track is track #5.

Cajiva2. Cajiva’s Gadget Shop’s “Grenze”

XFD || Official Site

Cajiva Gadget Shop is back with another tribal house album. They’re pretty much the only circle who does this, but they do it really well! It feels like there are less vocal samples that on previous albums, but there’s more vocal percussion. If that makes sense…

I think the track selection is quite solid – some rare Ghostly Field Club tracks make an appearance, and two of my favourites (The Barrier of Ame-no-Torifune Shrine and The Darkness Brought in by Swallowstone Naturalis Historia) are also represented. Overall, it sounds promising. This circle is great at dragging you to different places…

artworks-000213723548-065fdx-t500x5003. AramiTama’s [荒御霊] “Cruithne”

XFD || Official Site

“Are you approaching the other side?
…Or are you approaching from the other side?”

I always feel that AramiTama’s albums complement Cajiva’s really well (well, they’re always distributed at the same booth, after all). Cajiva’s music is always so organic and vibrant, whereas AramiTama’s music is much colder and calculated. I… I mean that as a compliment! If I had to draw a comparison to another genre, I’d go with Baroque music (think Bach). The sounds are tight and precise, and its mechanical nature has a charm of its own. This time, the tracks seem to be split into multiple parts, which I think is a nice touch. This time, there are a few rare Sealing Club tracks, too – I particularly appreciate the “Children of the Age of Science” (科学世紀の少年少女) arrangements.

Incidentally, Cruithine is colloquially known as Earth’s second moon. It shares the same orbit around the Earth as the sun.

tumblr_static_ctrrk252wls8sg4040kw0ss4g4. Echollapsar’s “Artificial Eden”

XFD || Official Site

This single marks the debut of a brand new circle! Apparently, it’s a preview track from the circle’s first album, which will be released at a later event (possibly RTS14). This single is being released alongside a cosplay photo album.

The music itself is bittersweet yet soothing. It reminds me a lot of Secret Messenger and QLOCKS, so if there are any fans of those circles out there… give Echollapsar a try! I say this every time a new circle forms, but since it’s such a rare occurrence, throw your support behind them…! The XFD links to their official Youtube channel, and their official Twitter account is here. Overall, I think it’s a very promising debut, and I’m looking forward to listening to (and hopefully translating) their first album when it comes out!

artworks-000211054740-yavomr-t500x5005. Cajiva’s Gadget Shop’s “ARCHIVE545”

XFD || Official Site

This album is a bit out of the ordinary: it’s a compilation album featuring tracks from a variety of different arrangers. The twist is that most of them feature dialogue instead of vocals! I really like that sort of stuff, so I thoroughly enjoyed the demo. The subject matter seems to range from Renko and Merry talking about dreams to… Renko talking about wanting to become a cat? There’s a wide range of subject matter, so it should satisfy anyone (like me) who likes hearing people speak over music.

Curio6. Kijou no Kuusouriron’s [机上の空想理論] “Dream Curiosity” [夢幻のキュリオシティ – ‘Mugen no Kyurioshiti’]

XFD || Official Site

This circle is pretty new as well: this is only their third release. It’s billed as a ‘multigenre arrangement album’ and it certainly delivers. There’s upbeat tracks, guitar tracks, and even a smooth track here and there to balance the mood. All the arrangements are by Chair (ちぇあ), a mysterious figure who I haven’t heard about before.

Track 4, “Jazz Bar Old Adam” is exactly what it says on the tin. It’s so smooth, and so jazzy, and I didn’t even realise I wanted the original theme arranged in that way but I’m so glad it is. Another standout track for me is the final track. It’s chill, and I love how the electric piano transitions into a fuller orchestration.

A-GEAR7. A-GEAR’s “Reminiscent Bricolage” [追憶のブリコラージュ]

XFD || Official Site

Bricolage is a word which here means “constructed from a variety of different things.” You can think of it as a patchwork of sorts.

This album is constructed around a trio featuring piano, bass, and drums. The jazz influences can be clearly heard, as well. It’s a smoother jazz than something you’d hear from Tokyo Active NEETs, which I appreciate. They do some great things with the melodies of the original themes, especially Dr. Latency’s Sleepless Eyes. They make jazz out of themes I didn’t really think of as being very jazzy…

Bassy8. Glassy:oceaN’s “Clear Expedition” [明晰エクスペディション – ‘Meiseki Ekusupedishon’]

XFD || Official Site

This… is a very curious album. It’s based in electronic music, but each track has a different genre: French House, Future Bass, etc. It reminds me a lot of Cajiva and AramiTama, but it has its own unique style. The main theme is ‘exploration’ and, let’s face it, the Sealing Club is made for this kind of stuff.

The track that impressed me the most was the third one, a Future Bass arrangement of G Free. It has a kind of chiptune style that I really enjoy. Does all Future Bass sound like that…? I feel like there’s a whole ocean of music out there waiting for me now…

artworks-000210890026-7q60v7-t500x5009. ATMOSPHERIC’s “電腦祕封EP -DEN NO HIHU EP-

XFD || Official Site

I thought this was their first album, but it looks like they released a bunch classified under the ‘Touhou Dreamscapes’ collection [東方夢景色]. It’s a collection of synth arrangements, and you know what? It reminds me a little of the Synth de Touhou series by DDBY.

The first track has that ‘opening’ feel to it, and I really enjoyed the short snippet in the demo. Overall, if you like synthesizers, this album is definitely worth a listen!

UNION10. Sound Refil’s “UNION II”

XFD || Official Site

It looks as though the first UNION album was released in 2013, so there’s been a fair gap between installments…

Like the majority of albums released at this event, it’s more electronic in style, but it sounds completely different when compared to the other electronic albums. (Let’s face it – I really don’t know much about electronic music…). Actually, scrap all that because the 3rd last track is an orchestral style arrangement, and the one after that adds in an… erhu? This is a true multigenre album.

If my ears don’t deceive me, there’s an arrangement of Adventurer’s Tavern of the Old World in there that also mixes in Oriental Dark Flight. That’s a unique combination! I really like the second last track (the one with the erhu). It soothes my soul.

Parallel11. Girl’s Logic Observatory’s [少女理論観測所] “ParallelEnd Observer”

XFD || Official Site

This is an old album, but I missed it the first time and it features Ayaponzu*.

発光ダイオード屈折都市 || The City Warped by LED Lights

hakkou daioodo kussetsu toshi
The City Warped by LED Lights

Vocals: Futoumeido (普透明度)
Lyrics: Futoumeido (普透明度)
Arranged by: pizuya
Album: Intersecting Distortion (交錯ディストーション) 【Official Site】
Circle: Pizuya’s Cell (ぴずやの独房)
Event: C91
Original Theme: Adventurer’s Taven of the Old World [旧世界の冒険酒場]

Those pesky LED lights. Always getting in everyone’s way.

Still, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Futomeido’s lyrics are in a class of their own…!

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


memai ga suru no
konna ni me ga tsukareru yoru wa
nazeka karada wo sutetaku naru
omotai niku no yoroi wo nugisutete
maiagaru no

I feel dizzy.
During this night, in which my eyes are so tired,
I want to cast my body away for some reason.
I want to throw away this heavy armour of flesh
And soar…


komaku ga itamu
atama no shin ga tsuburesou de
zutto miminari ga hibiiteru
yamanai jimen wo kezuru oto ga
nounai ni yakitsuite

My eardrums hurt
And it feels like my head will burst.
Tinnitus resounds through my ears.
The sounds of vehicles whittling away at the ground do not stop
And they burn into my brain.


hyakunen mae, kono kyouto wa jimi na keshiki de
getsumen made todoku biru nante
tattenakatta hazu nanoni
bokura wa mou yozora no iro sae
akaru sugiru konna machi dewa
doko ni ittemo nemurenai no

100 years ago, Kyoto was such a plain place
And there mustn’t have been buildings
So tall they could even reach the moon’s surface.
But now, we can no longer remember
The colour of the night sky.
This town is too bright
And no matter where you go, you can’t sleep.


samuke ga suru wa
mienai amime no naka de shika
jiko wo koutei dekinai kuse ni
tanin no jiko wo hitei suru koto ni wa
mayowanai no

I feel a chill…
But only within an invisible net.
I can’t even acknowledge my own existence
But I won’t hesitate to deny the existence
Of others.


susande iku wa
tooku de akago ga naite iru
soba no riiman ga nirande iru
kore jaa ikura ayasareta tte
waraeru wake nai ja nai

I begin to run rampant.
In the distance, a baby cries
And the company employee next to it glares.
No matter how much the baby is soothed
There’s no way they’ll laugh.


sennen mae no toukyou wa tsuki ga kirei de
hoshi no kazu datte kazoerareta to
kyoukasho ni wa notteta noni
watashi-tachi wa mou nagareboshi ga toori sugitemo
kidzuku koto mo dekinai kurai ni
hikari ni nare sugita nda

The moon in Tokyo 1000 years ago was so beautiful,
And you could even count all the stars in the sky.
That’s what was in our textbooks
But now we’ve become too used to the light.
Even if a shooting star passes by
We won’t notice it.


ichimannen mae ni boku ga umarete itara
konna ni kaiteki na beddo de
nemure wa shinakatta darou
demo bokura ga fuyou na mono da to
sutete kita no wa
honto ni mou bokura ni totte
iranai mono datta no kana

If I was born ten thousand years ago,
I guess I wouldn’t have slept
In such a comfortable bed.
We threw many things away
Thinking we didn’t need them
But did we really no longer need
All the things we threw away?

※ 繰り返し
Repeat ※

贖 || Redemption


Vocals: IZNA
Lyrics: IZNA
Arranged by: NSY
Album: Redemption (贖) 【Official Site】
Circle: Touhou Jihen (東方事変)
Event: Autumn Reitaisai 3 [ARTS3]
Original Theme: Nostalgic Blood of the East ~ Old World [懐かしき東方の血 ~ Old World]

This is another great track from Touhou Jihen! I feel like the song is about Keine losing control, wanting to protect someone but instead going too far…

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


mou too ni modorenai gozen niji no yami
yume ni made ni mita ichiru no kibou
hiroi atsumeta naraba mimagou na yo

It’s 2 a.m. and it’s dark. The clock’s hands won’t turn back to 10…
I saw threads of hope, even in my dreams.
If you gather them up, don’t mistake them for something else!

元に戻れない懐かしい血よ哭かないで 嗚呼

genjitsu wa kore hodo ni mono wo iu no darou
moto ni modorenai natsukashii chi yo nakanaide aa

Is reality really so powerful?
This nostalgic blood of mine cannot return to normal. Don’t cry! Aah…

絵画調に塗り変えられて 誰が誰というのだろうか、こんな顔

kaigachou ni nuri kaerarete dare ga dare to iu no darou ka, konna kao
futashika na tekisuto dake ga iwazumogana habikotta

My face was artistically coated over. Who is who?
Of course, only unreliable text ran rampant.


fuan ni oshi tsubusarenai you ni minotta kono mune wo

My heart ripened so it wouldn’t be crushed by unease.

果てなく果てしなく 当然に仕掛かり

hatenakute hateshinaku touzen ni shikakari
kantan ni nuguenai ayamachi ni kidzuita naraba nido to gomakasu na yo

Endlessly, endlessly… It all began naturally.
If you become aware of a mistake that can’t be easily erased, don’t tamper with it again!


genjitsu wa kore hodo ni mono wo iu no darou
moto ni modorenai natsukashii chi yo

Is reality really so powerful?
This nostalgic blood of mine cannot return to normal.


kohakuiro to konjiki ga atashi no taion wo ubatte iku
kogenka koto de wa naki mo sen
hana kara aishitakatta noni kanashii wa

Amber and gold begin to steal away the heat in my body.
Such things won’t make me cry…
I wanted to love you from the start, but now I’m so sad.

是式の加減を人間は”平等”だと賞讃をした その裏で

kore shiki no kagen wo hito wa “byoudou” da to shousan wo shita sono ura de
kore shiki no tekagen wo hito wa “okubyou” da to nonoshitta.

Humans called their insignificant condition “equality,” praising it. But beneath the surface…
Humans hurled abuse, calling such trite allowances “cowardice.”


nando demo meguru itoshiki houjun na kotae wo

A dear, luxurious answer returns, time and time again.

果てなく果てしなく 当然に仕掛かり
汚れて嫌われて それでも尚、一度掴んだならば手放すなよ

hate naku hate shinaku touzen shikakari
kegarete kirawarete sore demo nao, ichido tsukanda naraba tebanasu na yo

Endlessly, endlessly… It all began naturally.
I’m corrupted and hated. Even so, if you grab hold of me, don’t let go!


mou too ni modorenai gozen niji no yami
moto ni modorenai natsukashii chi yo nakanaide
kimi wo mamoritakatta

It’s 2 a.m. and it’s dark. The clock’s hands won’t turn back to 10…
This nostalgic blood of mine cannot return to normal. Don’t cry!
I wanted to protect you.


mou jamashinai de

Don’t get in my way!

地球儀の旅 || Travel the Globe

chikyuugi no tabi
Travel the Globe

Vocals: lily-an
Lyrics: azuki
Arranged by: kaztora
Album: Winter Firefly (冬蛍) 【Official Site】
Circle: Liz Triangle
Event: C83
Original Theme: Gathering the Mysterious From All Around Japan [日本中の不思議を集めて]


This track was released in 2012, and I don’t think any arrangement of Gathering the Mysterious From All Around Japan has come close to being better than this one. That’s my bold opinion.

I started translating this song in 2013, and I finally managed to finish it in 2017! My first attempt was during January of 2013, which makes it an even earlier translation than Tanzanite. Why did it take me so long to finish it…?

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Nobody knows even where they’ll end up
So at some point, we turn back and reminisce.
We smile because tomorrow and the day after are things of the past.
If, say, maps of the world didn’t exist…
I wonder, where I would be living?
Though I walk, though I walk, the road continues
For whose sake? For my sake?

The stars are always flowing through the skies
So it’s okay for me
To go and search for the unknown, isn’t it?

I walk silently upon an ice-covered path.
The path is cracked, and my future is on thin ice,
But I’ll stop and rest for just today. I’m in that sort of mood.

Now I don’t even know how to get back home.
I realised I was alone and emptied my hand.
Even the sky, the ground, and the wind seem to be laughing.
La la la…

The snow fell and piled up. I disturb it and scatter it about.
This dream is yet unfinished. A red street light shines upon me.
I can still find something, so
I’ll set off on one more journey to write about the world.
Warmth was left in my right hand. La la la…
In the invisible other side, I crossed through the sky, all alone.
Where did I come from? Where am I going? The cycle of the seasons continues…

The snow pours down endlessly. I chase after traces of you somewhere.
I walk so I can someday fill in my map with you.
I’ll gather up mysterious things nearby and make a map from them!
The globe spins round and round, eternally.
I walk and open a marvellous door.
My breath is white in the night, and stars are twinkling.
I’m tied to you, somewhere in the world.

ココロフロート || Cocolo Float

Cocolo Float

Vocals: nicamoq
Lyrics: Yunomi, nicamoq
Arranged by: Yunomi
Album: COCOLO COLOR COMPI 【Official Site】
Release Date: August 24, 2016

Requested by: eli

Listen to the track officially on Soundcloud!

‘Float’ is a term that here means “a fizzy drink with a bit of ice cream floating in it.” I haven’t had one before, but in Australia we call them ‘spiders.’

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

飲みかけのフロート 入道雲 君の笑う顔
僕のココロ ほら溶かしてゆく
まだ届かない思いも きっと浮かびあがるよ

nomikake no furooto nyuudougumo kimi no warau kao
boku no kokoro hora tokashite yuku
mada todokanai omoi mo kitto ukabi agaru yo
amakute nigakute mazari au

A cumulonimbus is left in the half-empty float. You smile.
Look, my heart is melting away…
Even my feelings, which haven’t reached you yet, will surely rise to the surface.
They are bittersweet and they mix together.


sugu tonari de kimi ga warau noni boku wa mada iidasenai
chotto amaru nurui tansan wa natsu no sora ni hajikete ita

You were smiling right by my side, but I still couldn’t say it.
A little tepid carbonated water was left over. It burst into the sky.

僕は 僕は飲み込んでいた

kono mama toki ga tomareba ii na
toketa koori wa zankoku de
wakare no toki wa itsuka kuru to
boku wa boku wa nomikonde ita

I wish time would stop right now.
Knowing that it’s cruel when ice melts,
And knowing that we would part someday,
I… I gulped it down.

いつか夢に見た ささやかな瞬間が

itsuka yume ni mita sasayaka na shunkan ga

I saw it for a brief moment one day in a dream.

飲みかけのフロート 入道雲 君の笑う顔
僕のココロ ほら溶かしてゆく
まだ届かない思いも きっと浮かびあがるよ

nomikake no furooto nyuudougumo kimi no warau kao
boku no kokoro hora tokashite yuku
mada todokanai omoi mo kitto ukabi agaru yo
amakute nigakute mazari au

A cumulonimbus is left in the half-empty float. You smile.
Look, my heart is melting away…
Even my feelings, which haven’t reached you yet, will surely rise to the surface.
They are bittersweet and they mix together.

まだ届かない思いも いつか伝えられるよ

nanige nai jikan mo kitto takaramono da yo
sayonara no toki made wa waraeru yo
mada todokanai omoi mo itsuka tsutaerareru yo
hora owaranai natsu wa zutto tsudzuiteku

These relaxed hours are treasures, too.
I can keep smiling until it’s time for us to say goodbye.
Though I haven’t told you yet, I’ll be able to tell you how I feel someday.
Look – this endless summer will continue forever.

蝉時雨 ぬるい缶コーヒー

sugu tonari de kimi ga waratteta
semishigure nurui kan koohii
nankaime ka no natsu wa kotoshi mo
nanimo nakatta you ni yatte kita

You laughed right by my side.
The cicadas cried alongside some lukewarm canned coffee.
This year, summer came once more.
How many times has it been? It came as if nothing at all had happened.


kono mama toki ga tomareba ii na
negai wa itsumo zankoku de
wakare no toki ni shibarareteru boku wa
mata natsu ni mayoikomu nda

I wish time would stop right now.
My wishes are always so cruel
And I’m tied up thinking of when we’ll say goodbye.
I lose myself in summer once more.

いつか夢に見た ささやかな瞬間が
やがて色褪せてく 古いアルバムみたいに

itsuka yume ni mita sasayaka na shunkan ga
yagate iroaseteku furui arubamu mitai ni

I saw it for a brief moment one day in a dream.
Now, it finally begins to fade away, like a faded picture in an album.

ひとつ余る空のグラス ふっと思い出すんだよ

nanige nai jikan mo itsuka wasurechau no kanaa
sayonara wo ikutsu mo kasanete tte sa
hitotsu amaru kara no gurasu futto omoidasu ndayo
amakute nigakute mazari au

I guess I’ll forget about these relaxed hours one day.
Farewells will just keep piling up.
A single empty glass remains. I suddenly remembered!
My memories are bittersweet and they mix together.

飲みかけのフロート 入道雲 君がいなくても
ふたりっきりの甘い夏 きっと続いてる

nomikake no furooto nyuudougumo kimi ga inakutemo
hora nigai omoide wo tokashite yuku
todokanakatta omoi mo minna takaramono da yo
futari kkiri no amai natsu kitto tsudzuiteru

A cumulonimbus is left in the half-empty float. Even if you’re not here,
Look, my bitter memories are beginning to melt away.
Even the feelings that didn’t reach you are precious to me.
Sweet summers, in which we’re all by ourselves, will surely continue…

Shuffle Shifting

SixShuffle Shifting

Vocals: Mineko
Lyrics: Yuu Aoma (あおま夕雨)
Arranged by: Hiratake (平茸)
Album: Touhou Six String 03. – Ties [] 【Official Site】
Circle: Hachimitsu-Lemon x Aftergrow
Event: C90
Original Theme: Maiden’s Capriccio [少女綺想曲 ~ Capriccio]

Requested by: Fran

I first looked through this song without listening to it, and I immediately thought it was a Renko x Merry track. Looking at the original theme, though, I’d say it’s actually a ReiMari track. It seems to be told exclusively from the perspective of one of them. They hold complicated feelings for the other…

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

笑ったの 重いな 疲れて
ふざけて傷付けて ただ

anata no omoi wo kowashite yoru ni suteta
kasuka na hikari wo tsubushite tooku ni nagekondara
kawasenai kotoba no tsumoru hibi wo kawashite
waratta no omoi na tsukarete
fuzakete kizutsukete tada

I destroyed your feelings and abandoned them in the night
I crushed that dim light and threw it far away. Then…
I avoided days full of words we couldn’t exchange.
I smiled. How heavy. I’m tired…
I just fooled around and hurt you.

曖昧 なんでもないのに切ない

uwatsuite chikadzuite
utsuroide hanarete yuku
aimai nan demo nai noni setsunai
futari wa shuffle

Acting frivolous, we draw closer.
We change and then begin to drift apart…
It’s so unclear. It’s not important, but it’s so painful.
Together, we shuffle.


hayasugite tachidomatte
ososugite toori sugita
furenai te wo furi bai bai shinai to
wakatteru keredo

You were too quick, and I stood still.
You were too slow, and I passed by you.
Still, I knew that we had to wave goodbye
With hands that couldn’t touch.


anata no tobashita omoi ni yubi ga fureta
kanata no sora kara todoita tegami wo hiraitara
okurete tsutaete kureta imi wo oshieta
akirete morashita toiki ga

I touched the feelings you sent flying.
I opened a letter that came from a distant sky. Then…
I learned something significant from it, though it was too late.
I was astonished. A sigh slipped from my lips.


subete wo kumorasete
mata usobuite “suki” tte itte
gomakashite kirai ni naru
kotae wo sagashite aruite
wasureta omoide ga furu

Now, everything has clouded over.
I boasted once more, telling you “I love you.”
I deceive you and begin to hate you.
I walk, searching for answers,
And forgotten memories rain down.

舞い上がって 突き落として
人混み 紛れたあなたは

miotoshite machigaete
mai agatte tsukiotoshite
hitogomi magireta anata wa
nido to wa aesou mo nai keredo

I lose sight of you and make a mistake.
I soar high and fall back down.
Still, you disappeared into a crowd of people
It didn’t seem like we’d meet again, but…


sayonara ienakatta na
saigo made utagatte
anata ga wakaranai mama
hanpa na yume wo mitara
ano mama irareta toshite
tagai ni omoide nagutte
sayonara ieta toshite
nani ga kawatta?

I guess I couldn’t bid you farewell.
I doubted you till the end.
Without understanding you at all,
I had an incomplete dream.
If we could stay as we were,
Then our feelings would come into conflict.
If I said farewell to you,
What would have changed?


kurikaesu kanchigai
sore sura mo kore de owari
hitotsu mo kawari no nai mama
sekai wa mujou ni shift suru

Repeated misunderstandings.
Even they will end here.
Without changing even a little,
The world heartlessly shifts.

運命の人違い それでもね
嘘だよ 逸らして隠して
失くして気が付いて でも

unmei no hitochigai sore demo ne
“anata ga ii”
uso da yo sorashite kakushite
nakushite ki ga tsuite demo

I mistook you for my soulmate, but…
“I hope you’re the one for me.”
It was a lie. I turned away and hid away.
I realised I lost you. Still…


uwatsuite chikadzuite
utsuroide hanarete yuku
katachi ga kamiawanai mama bara bara
futari wa shuffle

Acting frivolous, we draw closer.
We change and then begin to drift apart…
We remain scattered, without meshing together.
Together, we shuffle.


ayafuya ni suki ni natte
uyamuya ni kirai ni natta
anata no kimochi wa ima demo
zenbu wa wakaranai keredo…

I fell in love with you, vaguely.
I began to hate you, indecisively.
But I still don’t understand
How you feel, even now…