Vocals: Himawari
Lyrics: 鬼千鶴
Arranged by: hanachan
Album: Dreamfall
Circle: Akanebane (赤音羽)
Event: C96
Original Theme: Dichromatic Lotus Butterfly ~ Ancients[二色蓮花蝶 ~ Ancients]

Requested by: Johanes


tsumetai kuuki
tadayou heya ni
hitori no yuutsu

In a room
cloaked in cold air,
I feel melancholy alone.


kako o shimesu uta to
miakita keshiki
wagamama ni mazete

A song depicting the past
and a landscape I’m tired of—
I mix them together wilfully
and sneer.

何のために 佇むの
その 喜び 悲しみ 苦しみ
すべて 受け入れる覚悟を持って
ただ 知りたいだけ ただ

nan no tame ni tatazumu no
sono yorokobi kanashimi kurushimi
subete ukeireru kakugo o motte
tada shiritai dake tada

Why do I stand here?
I have the resolve to accept everything,
all that joy, sorrow, and suffering.
I just want to know. That’s all.


aoi kiseki de
dekita farufaara
zetsubou o yadotta

In a farfalla (1)
made from blue gems,
despair dwelled.


yakusoku no kotoba ga
kemuri no you ni
yami ni suikomare
kiete yuku

The promised words
are like smoke.
Swallowed into the darkness,
they begin to vanish.

一瞬だけ 一秒でも
お願い この呪文で縛らないで
手を伸ばしたまま 夜空へと

isshun dake ichibyou demo
ima sugu kimi to deaitai kara
onegai kono jumon de shibaranaide
te o nobashita mama yozora e to

For just a moment, even for a second,
I want to see you right away
so please, don’t tie me down with this spell.
Keeping my hands outstretched, I head to the night sky.

震えるこの指先 もう一度

furueru kono yubisaki mou ichido
furete mitai

My fingertips are trembling. Once more,
I want to try and touch you.

届けない 声 まだ 届けられない

kono itetsuita hasu to
kizutsuketa hane o
todokenai koe mada todokerarenai

I won’t deliver
this frozen lotus
and wounded feather. I can’t send my voice to you still.

そう 記憶に残っていたその
温もり 温もり

sou kioku ni nokotte ita sono
nukumori nukumori
kekkai made oitsuketeku

Yes—in my memories remained
your warmth. Your warmth.
I’m going to draw level with the barrier.

夢 覚めないで 覚めぬように
ねぇ 君が信じない君を

yume samenaide samenu you ni
ima sugu kimi to deaitai kara onegai
nee kimi ga shinjinai kimi o
shinjite ii ka?
ii deshou?!

Don’t wake me from this dream. So I’ll stay dreaming,
I want to see you right away so please—
is it okay for me to believe in a version of yourself
you don’t believe?
It’s fine, isn’t it?!


nando mo kono yume o sukuidasu

I will rescue this dream time and time again.

(1) ファルファーラ (farufaara) likely refers to the Italian word for butterfly.
(2) 希望 (kibou – hope) is written, but 絶望 (zetsubou – despair) is sung.

2 thoughts on “Dreamfall

  1. mr.deagle February 13, 2020 / 1:22 pm

    Thank you! ❤ Only one track from that album left to translate!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Releska February 13, 2020 / 7:33 pm

      You’re welcome! So close now…!


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