Album art.

殺さない || Don’t kill

Album art.

Don’t kill

Vocals: 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku)
Lyrics: 虻瀬犬 (ABU-SE-KEN)
Composed by: 虻瀬犬 (ABU-SE-KEN)
Album: 犬よ、叫べよ、家畜共。 (dog / screaming / livestock)
Release date: 14 October 2019

Requested by: Skip


断頭台さえ抱擁して 逃げた先に君が居たの
教会の裏で死んでった猫だってほら 笑っていた
この夏が終わったら何をしよう? 「終わらない」なんて言わないで
僕は君と会えただけで こんな風に赤くなって

僕のこと 君のこと 少しずつ洗い流そうか

生も命も殺してよ 丁も寧も要らないよ
君が僕を殺してよ その牙でさ その爪でさ ねえ
肯も定も殺してよ どうもこうも言ってみたって
君が僕を殺してよ その牙でさ その爪でさ


生きてきたよ どんな辛いことがさ あっても壊して土に埋めた
埋葬だってさ 豪華だね 僕なんてほら 形も無くて
そんな死に方がお似合いで そんな妄想を続けてる

そんな君の優しいとこが 僕をいつもたたせるんだ

生も命も殺してよ 丁も寧も要らないよ
君が僕を殺さない その眼でさえ その毛でさえ ねえ
肯も定もしてくれて どうもこうも知ってみたって
君が僕を犯してよ その牙でさ その爪でさ

殺し殺され殺していく 犯し犯され犯し犯される
丘の上の小屋で羽ばたいた 君との夢 今ここで



dantoudai sae houyou shite nigeta saki ni kimi ga ita no
kyoukai no ura de shinde tta neko datte hora waratte ita
kono natsu ga owattara nani o shiyou? “owaranai” nante iwanaide
boku wa kimi to aeta dake de konna fuu ni akaku natte

ano hi no koto wa shiranaide ite
muchi de iru kara utsukushii nda
boku no koto kimi no koto sukoshi zutsu arai nagasou ka

sei mo mei mo koroshite yo tei mo nei mo iranai yo
kimi ga boku o koroshite yo sono kiba de sa sono tsume de sa nee
kou mo tei mo koroshite yo dou mo kou mo itte mita tte
kimi ga boku o koroshite yo sono kiba de sa sono tsume de sa


itsu no hi ka boku no kono shoudou mo naku naru to shinjite
ikite kita yo donna tsurai koto ga sa atte mo kowashite tsuchi ni umeta
maisou datte sa gouka da ne boku nante hora katachi mo nakute
sonna shi ni kata ga oniai de sonna mousou o tsudzuketeru

sore demo kimi wa nande boku no koto o korosanai no?
sonna kimi no yasashii toko ga boku o itsumo tataseru nda

sei mo mei mo koroshite yo tei mo nei mo iranai yo
kimi ga boku o korosanai sono me de sae sono ke de sae nee
kou mo tei mo shite kurete dou mo kou mo shitte mita tte
kimi ga boku o okashite yo sono kiba de sa sono tsume de sa

koroshi korosare koroshite iku okashi okasare okashi okasareru
oka no ue no koya de habataita kimi to no yume ima koko de

kowasou yo


I embraced even the guillotine. I ran away and you were there.
See, even the cat dead behind the church was smiling.
Once summer ends, what shall we do? Don’t say it won’t end.
Just seeing you makes me so red.

Stay ignorant of the events of that day.
Your ignorance makes you beautiful.
Shall I rinse you and I, bit by bit?

Kill my life and fate. There’s no need for courtesies. (1)
Kill me with your fangs and claws. Hey…
Kill my affirmation and certainty, even if I tell you this or that.
Kill me with your fangs and claws.
Kill me.

Kill me.

I believed that, someday, my impulses would disappear.
I lived. No matter what difficulties transpired, I destroyed and buried them.
It’s a burial. How splendid. See, I’m formless.
That way of death suits you, so keep up your delusion.

And yet, why is it you don’t kill me?
Your kindness always raises me up.

Kill my life and fate. There’s no need for courtesies
You won’t kill me, even with your eyes or hair. Hey…
Kill my affirmation and certainty, whether I know this or that.
Violate me with your fangs and claws.
Violate me.

I kill, I’m killed, I’m going to kill. I violate, I’m violated, I violate, I’m violated.
I spread my wings in a cabin atop a hill. Right here, I’m going to destroy

my dream with you.

Translator’s note

(1) This sets up a series of wordplay based on splitting some words up into their components. In order, they are: 生も命 (sei mo mei, joined together to make 生命, seimei, life); 丁も寧 (tei mo nei, joined together to make 丁寧, teinei, courtesy); and 肯も定 (kou mo tei, joined together to make 肯定, koutei, affirmation)



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6 responses to “殺さない || Don’t kill”

  1. aa Avatar

    Hello again, hope you’re doing well!

    I have a small question, are the lyrics you got official or mimicopied? I’m asking because during “少しずつ洗い流そうか”, I distinctly hear a “ね”, not a “か”…

    In any case, thank you for your translations!! They’re always nice to see, and really well done too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Releska Avatar

      Thanks for your comment! Unfortunately I don’t remember where these lyrics came from… They could have come from this source:

      (Though I’m not sure whether that comes from an official source or is transcribed by ear).

      I agree, though – that definitely sounds like a ね at the end of that line. I might make a note to reflect that.


      1. Saryu Avatar

        The creator uploaded scans of the album’s lyrics some time ago, here’s a link to the one for this song:
        It does seem to be か.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Releska Avatar

          Good to know – thanks for that! I’ve removed the extra note I added in.


  2. Skip Avatar

    Thank you so much for the translation! Ive always wondered how Abuses songs connected, with mostly the cat behind the church and such…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Releska Avatar

      You’re welcome! I get the sense there must be some sort of underlying story, especially since we see similar images used time and time again… (i.e. religion, churches, cats)


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