カナリ || Canary


Vocals: IA
Lyrics: INE
Composed by: INE
Release date: 20 November 2020

Requested by: star
Watch the official video on YouTube!


とっくに独り 手探りの自励

どうか糸切れ傀儡 独りで舞え まだ一時の歓声もない
途切れた期待 知った気になってんな
いいさ 痛いくらいに率いて
脚に絡まった糸を解いてよ 切ったついでに


そんな嫉妬心と災難 独りで謳え
老いた失態 死んだ気になってさ
貸しじゃなくただ油を注いでよ 意思が喰う胸に

寄ってたかって切った糸 「酔ってたんだ」って
繋ぎ直そう 思い出の冗句

脚に絡まった糸を解いてよ 切ったついでに


“saa, hataraite tadashiku tanoshinde”
yuku sakizaki, doko ni demo abura wa oite aru yousu
ima, tadzuna o tatte hanatarete koko ni iru
“asoko ni ikou ze” tte takusasete
tokoro de, dou aruku no darou?
tokku ni hitori tesaguri no jirei

douka ito kire kairai hitori de mae mada hitotoki no kansei mo nai
kitto shiji no ue ni tatte kinou shite ita tte
kimi wa ki ni mo shinai no darou ga
togireta kitai shitta ki ni natte nna
ii sa itai kurai ni hikiite
ashi ni karamatta ito o hodoite yo kitta tsuide ni

saa, karakatte sabishiku tanoshinde
sono fushibushi no sabi totte abura o sashite yaru gyoumu
ima, te o dashite wa ketobashite koko ni iru
“maa kyou mo hidoi ne” tte nagusamete
dono ito de aruite ita no darou

sonna shittoshin to sainan hitori de utae
tatta hitotoki no kansei mo nai
kitto iji no ue ni tatte kinou shite nda tte
dare mo aite wa shinai darou na
oita shittai shinda ki ni natte sa
mimi ga itai kurai ni “ii” tte
kashi ja naku tada abura o sosoide yo ishi ga kurau mune ni

aa, misutenai hodo ni houtte oite
shite yattari kao de kataranaide
yottetakatte kitta ito “yotteta nda” tte
tsunaginaosou omoide no jouku
mou nanko-me no ito
hirogeru hohaba ni makasete ikou

“jissai, watashi wa tadashii?”
tada atarashii hansei o utau
kitto shiji no ue ni tatte kinou shite ita tte
kimi wa ki ni mo shinai no darou sa
hajime kara shi wa ate ni nannee sa
mou chigireru kurai nigitte
ashi ni karamatta ito o hodoite yo kitta tsuide ni
michi o sasu mae ni


“Now, work and enjoy yourself in the right way.”
Oil is left anywhere and everywhere you go.
I was released from the reins, cut free, and now I’m here.
“Let’s go there!” Let me leave it to you.
But yeah, how will we walk there?
I’ve been alone a long time, fumbling around on my own effort.

Please, string-cut puppet, dance alone. There isn’t a single cheer.
I guess you didn’t mind operating
according to another’s instructions.
Don’t act like you know about my cut-short expectations.
That’s fine, I’ll lead you painfully.
I’ll cut the strings around your legs. And while I’m cutting them…

Alright, sneer and have fun alone.
It’s my job to take your rusty joints and oil them.
I’m here because I got involved and kicked you away.
“Well, it was an awful day.” You comfort me.
With what intention did I walk?

Stand alone, proclaiming your jealousy and misfortune.
There isn’t a single cheer.
I guess nobody will stick with you
if you operate stubbornly.
With aged faults, you put your body into it.
I’ll say it’s good so loud it hurts.
It’s not a debt, I’m just oiling you, in your heart that swallows intention.

Ah, don’t say you won’t leave me
with a face that says you will.
You cut the threads wanting to get closer, saying you were drunk.
Let’s retie them. That joke’s in my memory.
How many purposes does that make now?
Let’s go. I trust your widening stride.

“So I’m actually right?”
I just sing a new song of reflection.
I guess you didn’t mind operating
with someone else’s support.
You couldn’t rely on a master from the start.
I’ll hold you tight enough to break you.
I’ll cut the strings around your legs. And while I’m cutting them,
before I show the way…


      1. Yeah, not that i go outta my way to look for any but i’m surprised there’s not a lot of users doing like “IA Vocaloid versus Cevio” test and putting their final opinion (tho i can imagine cevio or a similar company could pay/sponsor stuff like that lol, even if some diff softwares/programs is objectively ‘better’, ppl might still stick to vocaloid being ‘easier to use’/something they’re already familiar with tho i know some ppl who have been disappointed with v5 switching to synthV, though overall i don’t follow the ‘meta/community/technical’ side of things as closely since i don’t make covers/originals myself lol)


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