Vocals: 秋山黄色 (Akiyama Kiiro)
Lyrics: 秋山黄色 (Akiyama Kiiro)
Composed by: 秋山黄色 (Akiyama Kiiro)
Album: From Dropout
Release date: 4 March 2020

(Unofficial) English translation only.

Requested by: nightskypatrol1
Watch the official video on YouTube!

How many times have I cowered?
I don’t remember anymore.
I smelled that oppressive scent too much.
It was the scent of my heart’s contents, which had surged down the drain.

The night after I spilled the lemonade,
I closed my eyes. When I opened them,
you appeared right beside me.

A kind of hope that won’t come true
lowers the bathroom door’s knob.
These days, I’m used to loneliness. I scream again.

Listen to my last wish.
All you have to do is spare just ten seconds to tell me who I am.

How many times have I died alone?
So many times I can’t remember.
That oppressive scent was too painful.
The lights of my heart had collapsed on the pillow.

It was something so pure—that children would laugh forever.
With it, I concealed my incurable disease too much.
Distortions lay wrapped up behind that happiness.

I must have drained the lemonade down the sink that night.
My eyes grew cold from an ache that seemed to be laughing at my hollow self.

I definitely covered a world where everything was in order with a tablecloth.
My reality, in which I cried alone, isn’t out of order.

Listen to my final wish, at my death.
You can cut right through me—we all shed the same thing after all.

I spilled the lemonade
into the sink.

今宵 、月の下で || Under the Moon Tonight

今宵 、月の下で
koyoi, tsuki no shita de
Under the Moon Tonight

Vocals: MAY’S
Shamisen: 上妻宏光 (Hiromitsu Agatsuma)
Lyrics: 片桐舞子 (Maiko Katagiri)
Composed by: NAUGHTY BO-Z
Release Date: November 16 2011

(Unofficial) English translation only.

Requested by: Kuu Majin

How many, how many more daybreaks
will I count on my fingers?
Like flowers, like snow,
my cheeks blush red and white.

The snow lies thick each night.
It’s so beautiful.
Love, love, love…
Life is short.

Wishing for many nights, for many years,
I wait for you and spring
under the moon tonight.

When I hear 108 bells,
another hour has passed.
I go through my unforgettable memories once more:
One, two, three, four…

Each boring day
is so sad.
For you, as you smile,
I will sacrifice myself.

The distant spring breeze, now and in the past,
plays and sings
in your dream.

Wishing for many nights, for many years,
I wait for you and spring
under the moon tonight.

I’ll see you
under the moon tonight.

Last danceR

Last danceR

Vocals: あよ (Ayo)
Lyrics: みゅい (Myui, previously known as Caral)
Arranged by: kaztora, Hedonist
Album: カリスマ煉獄天神 (The Charismatic Purgatory Goddess) 【Official Site】
Circle: Shinra-Bansho (森羅万象)
Event: C98
Original Themes: –The Shining Law of the Strong Eating the Weak [輝かしき弱肉強食の掟]
Prince Shoutoku’s Pegasus ~ Dark Pegasus [聖徳太子のペガサス ~ Dark Pegasus]


The lyrics are basically just a bunch of verbs strung together, yet they’re effective and seductive. And yes, I’m almost certain that this song is a parody of Billie Eilish’s ‘bad guy’. I didn’t realise how much I missed kaztora’s parody tracks until I heard this!

If you’d like to support Shinra-Bansho and buy a digital copy of the album, just search “Charisma Rengoku Tenshin” in your local Google Play or iTunes store! (If they sell it in Australia, they should sell it pretty much everywhere else…)

Black… staring and polishing your fangs, all twisted inside. It’s you at your death.
You’re dancing in a shower of honey.

I’m hunted, hired, made to bite and then ensnared
(I win, I win, I win, I)
and pitifully exposed.
Outlandishly stripped bare, blocked, and pinned down…
(You lose, you lose, you lose, you)
How beautiful yet repulsive. Why don’t you?

I flap my black, impatient wings
(Deep in, deep in, deep in, deep)
and go grandly to destruction.
With tremors thrilling through me, I fall to ruin again tonight.
(Falling, falling, falling, down)
I feel a strange pain. I’m crazy for you.

How shameful. They appeared from the shadows.
They pierced my skin and surged through me. I don’t miss you.

Jammed into me, they traced along me and flowed.
(Take in, take in, take in, take)
This is the beginning of worship.
I’m cut, minced fine, and expected to be a sacrifice…
(Made of, made of, made of, made)
I prowl in my slumber.

It’s there, so colourful in my strong, dazzling eyes…
(Into, into, into, into)
Everyone approves.
This world is an ugly battle for survival
(Battle, battle, battle, but)
between the hot-blooded Trinity.

I ache. Kissing…

Enveloped, invited in, touched by affection, then dissolved…
Thrusting, being sipped at, and with lips coupling…
Teasing, being teased, heading to the nectar’s depths…
My tongue touched love’s harmonic voice.

How shameful. They appeared from the shadows. (1)

…I go wild.

I’m eaten at by feelings and sent mad by a parasite.
Screwed hard, I shoot a bullet.
I make them drink, mount them and embrace deep crimson.
The one dancing is the Last danceR.

(1) Ayo whispers this line, which appears earlier in the song, but it isn’t written in the original lyrics.

カリスマ煉獄天神 || The Charismatic Purgatory Goddess

karisuma rengoku tenshin
The Charismatic Purgatory Goddess

Vocals: あよ (Ayo), あやぽんず* (Ayaponzu*)
Lyrics: みゅい (Myui, previously known as Caral)
Arranged by: kaztora
Album: カリスマ煉獄天神 (The Charismatic Purgatory Goddess) 【Official Site】
Circle: Shinra-Bansho (森羅万象)
Event: C98
Original Theme: Tortoise Dragon ~ Fortune and Misfortune [トータスドラゴン ~ 幸運と不運]


Watch the official video on YouTube!

There are several definitions of 天神 (tenjin), but it’s likely that the one used here is the more generic one that refers to heavenly gods, in contrast with earthly gods. It can also be pronounced ‘tenshin’, and the official site’s URL suggests that this is how we should interpret it. This is further supported by the album’s Google Play listing.

I’m pedantic so I put ‘the’ in front of the title, but you can take it out if you’d like.

You can’t steal this world
by playing hard to get.
The weak and the strong co-exist and prosper.
In that case, it’s only natural:
Fight (fight) fight (fight) fighting for me.
I shall lead the way. You don’t mind, do you?
(Shivering in fear…)
Do you have any questions, lovely soldier of mine?
(Shivering in fear…)

There’s no need to worry.
Naturally, you will
face forward and charge single-mindedly. Fight, fight, fight, fight!

Notice, notice, notice, notice. Dance
till your bones ache.
Notice, notice, notice, notice. Dance
and offer flowers.
Notice, notice, notice, notice. Warrior,
tie yourself to me.
Notice, notice, no.
(I don’t mind useful tools.)

Ah, what a maddening talent.
(Notice, notice, notice, notice, notice, notice, no.)

The illustrious purgatory goddess, <goddess>
her history of mercy is plain to see. <mercy>
<Woh, woh> I’ll hold you close in Hell <Hell!>

The illustrious purgatory goddess, <goddess>
her tenacity is plain to see. <tenacity>
<Woh, woh> (I won’t let you go!) <Hey!>

More (and more) and more (and more). Please,
finish drinking up my charisma, with its clean aftertaste.
Don’t leave any behind! Is it good?

Burn, dragon! This is a demon’s snare.
<Burn, dragon! This is a demon’s snare.>
Dance, dragon! Become intoxicated.
<Dance, dragon!>
Become intoxicated and dyed with the colours of Hell.

Notice, notice, notice, notice. Dance
till your bones ache.
Notice, notice, notice, notice. Dance
and offer flowers.
Notice, notice, notice, notice. Warrior,
tie yourself to me.
Notice, notice, no.
You’re my slave.

Now, I shall grant you existence. Ah.
Notice, notice, notice, notice. Dance,
o vulgar people!
Ah, this love gone mad,
Notice, notice, notice, notice, notice, notice it. Well,
I want it…!

The illustrious purgatory goddess, <goddess>
her history of mercy is plain to see. <mercy>
<Woh, woh> I’ll hold you close in Hell <Hell!>

The illustrious purgatory goddess, <goddess>
her tenacity is plain to see. <tenacity>
<Woh, woh> (I won’t let you go!) <Hey!>

Not yet, not yet, not yet, not yet. You’re not
the vessel to receive the clean aftertaste
of my charisma. Will you serve me?

I’m the strongest, wisest, and best soul in the Animal Realm. My intelligence network is the envy of all.
I’ll launch a strike at the encamped troops, even at the weak point on their backs. Nobody will notice them marching from the mound.
There aren’t enough provisions for the battle that’s starting. Humans are valued for their utility. It doesn’t matter who, I want them all!
From the bottom of your heart, won’t you love me?

The illustrious purgatory goddess, <goddess>
her history of mercy is plain to see. <mercy>
<Woh, woh> I’ll hold you close in Hell <Hell!>

The illustrious purgatory goddess, <goddess>
her tenacity is plain to see. <tenacity>
<Woh, woh> I won’t let you go! <Hey!>

Ready, set, go! I’ll bewitch human nature.
<Woh, woh> (Offer me your love) <Love!>

The illustrious purgatory goddess <goddess>
with all her human sprits. <human spirits>
<Woh woh> I’m throbbing now! <Hey!>

Not yet (not yet) not yet (not yet). Please,
(More) and more (and more) and more. (Please,)
finish drinking up my charisma, with its clean aftertaste.
Don’t leave any behind!
Please love me.

ドラマティック膝栗毛 || A Dramatic Journey by Shank’s Mare

doramatikku hizakurige
A Dramatic Journey by Shank’s Mare

Vocals: あやぽんず* (Ayaponzu*)
Lyrics: kaztora
Arranged by: kaztora
Album: Synchro 2 (シンクロ2) 【Official Site】
Circle: Shinra-Bansho (森羅万象)
Event: Reitaisai 15 [RTS15]
Original Theme: Hiroshige No.36 ~ Neo Super-Express [ヒロシゲ36号 ~ Neo Super-Express]

Requested by: Siti


Translating the title was a little frustrating since the phrase “Shank’s Mare” means absolutely nothing to me. However, the title is a specific reference to a famous Japanese book, 東海道中膝栗毛 (shortened to Hizakurige), and that’s been translated as Shank’s Mare so I used that term to preserve the literary reference.

There are some articles out there that reference the book and its translation if you’d like to know more.

Incidentally, Shinra-Bansho seems to have dropped the capitalised R from their official branding, so I might drop it too. I really want to translate more Shinra-Bansho stuff…

The super express leaves dreams behind as its tracks.

Now, I will check everybody’s tickets.
This is the century’s greatest invention.
As long as I’m with you
there aren’t any walls in our way.

The journey is on schedule and going well.
Afterimages of the panoramic view are projected.
I will dive in
to the super-vivid blue sea.
The steam train runs with alternate dreams on board.
I wonder whose dreams they are?
‘Something certain’ advances toward the future.

I always find myself suddenly thinking
that life is like a train.
Immortality, so to speak, is an illusion—
we will arrive at the terminal station eventually.

Splitting Tokaido,
this madness continues. It stretches out forever, far into the distance.
“Ah, virtual princess
even your awareness is a fraud.”
I’m all dizzy now!

The train continues. With a bump and a crash, it carries dreams.
The boundary line blurs, playing a lovely discord.
“Mad illusion,” run, run!
There are 53 revolving mirage lanterns.

Twinkle, twinkle. A parabola was sketched out in binary.
It was so beautiful I sighed.
You said some words back then. When was it…?
Now, I’m not sure
if they were real.

One day, the steam train
went and leaped over all the lodgings.
It drew closer to the dream’s end.
Please, wait a bit.
It’s too fast for the credits to roll!
I haven’t shown you something dramatic yet!

Even so, the steam train runs along the tracks.
Our journey by Shank’s Mare through the modern world
was over too soon, to my surprise. Like that, everything will end.
“Still, surely”
The journey the two of us took
“will continue forever.”
It won’t end.
There’s still more to come.

There’s an announcement: we’re at the station.
Make sure to leave nothing behind.
Perhaps this warmth is the only real thing.

はじまりの空 || The Sky of the Beginning

hajimari no sora
The Sky of the Beginning

Vocals: Nao Toyama (東山奈央)
Lyrics: Nao Toyama (東山奈央)
Composed by: Nao Toyama (東山奈央)
Arranged by: WEST GROUND
Album: 群青インフィニティ (Ultramarine Infinity) 【Official Site】
Release Date: April 3, 2019


Requested by: Wandering Lily

In a sunny spot
look up—the sky is endless.
It’s somewhat nostalgic, and something in my heart comes undone.

The seasons pass and I wait
for my small prayer to bud.
I have a long dream in silence,
a dream of dawn spreading its wings.

I do the same things over and over beneath the darkening western sky
I will wait here forever.
While still looking at a small star that’s been born,
I remember the raindrops beating against my cheek, even now.

One by one
the cotton-like clouds drift on the breeze
Their journey continues so they can fulfil their promises.

Even if our wings are wounded, painful, or dirty,
let’s head for the hill on earnest feet.
Humans don’t know that those steps
will surely make flowers bloom to the sky.

Let’s go to welcome tomorrow, leading the gentle breeze with us.
Even if we lose our way
we can keep walking from now.
I still remember the morning glow I saw back then.

Because I’m here, because I’m thinking of you
and because I’m by your side, smile!

A transparent colour spreads out. It’s the colour of beginnings, the colour of daybreak.
What are you thinking about beyond the horizon? The future remains uncertain.
I raise my hands high, letting them ride upon a song.
Now, let’s take off.

Looking, listening, feeling, overlapping, crying and laughing.
I want to spend my days with you.

A rainbow bridge was born from our joined hands.
It will surely cross over time and link us.
When tears cloud my vision, I can always remember
our smiles from back then.

Because I’m here, because I’m thinking of you
and because I’m by your side, smile!

拝啓、100年後の私に。 || Dear Me, 100 Years from Now.

haikei, 100 nen-go no watashi ni.
Dear Me, 100 Years from Now.

Vocals: あよ (Ayo)
Lyrics: An
Arranged by: kaztora, かめ (Kame)
Album: Compilation CD-BOOK Touhou Manyoushuu (東方万葉集) 【Official Site】
Circle: ShinRa-Bansho (森羅万象)
Published by: Melonbooks
Event: C96
Original Theme: Child of Are [阿礼の子供]


Requested by: Koog

The crescent moon rises. In the dead of night, I take up my pen
I write up a fragment of illusions.
I took a peep from my small window and it was snowing.
The voices of loudly leaping fairies were echoing.

Planning another round of mischief
with wings rustling, racing through the garden and laughing—
My distant memories surfaced.

I remember your unfamiliar smile
like a deepening shadow.
My past, present and future selves stare at it.

Dawn breaks and I wake at noon.
The troublesome shades are not in the garden. There are signs of rain, melting the snow.
I embarked, paying no heed to the rain.
My heart’s flower began to bud.

When I rushed over, it was so suddenly.
When I hugged you, it was so tightly.
My frozen palms bear a tinge of warmth.

Petite fingers and an overlapping shadow—
“What happened?” you look at me.
The warmth I feel will someday become a mere record.

I’ll remember your usual smile
no matter how many seasons pass.
I will hold my expanding memories close and head for tomorrow.
I’ll keep noting them down in my album for the future.
We’ll be together even 100 years from now.
I’ll be able to find “my” heart every time.
I pass a treasure to the next “me.”

Whiches Night

Whiches Night

Vocals: lily-an
Lyrics: azuki
Arranged by: kaztora
Album: Shinso Diver (シンソウダイバー) 【Official Site】
Circle: Liz Triangle
Event: C90
Original Theme: The Witches’ Ball ~ Magus [魔女達の舞踏会 ~ Magus]

Requested by: Marisa Nya
Watch the promotional video by Kokoro Yakoh on YouTube!


At an old mansion in the deep woods
someone’s voice can be heard again today.
Laughter circles round the simmering pot.
Whose laughter might it be?
“Witches night, cursed, cast a spell.”
The moon is full tonight
so even karma is jumping around. Look!
Were you having a crazy nightmare?
Now’s when the fun dreams will start.
Add roast lizards
and bat wings,
and once you spill a small drop of sin…
Come on, it’s time to sleep!
This is the magic word: birla!

A comet streams through the sky
bringing calamity with it.
The crowd succumbs to fear
and they lose their minds.
“Witches night, cursed, cast a spell.”
The parade of black cats continues.
It’s an ominous, delightful night.
Were you having a crazy nightmare?
Well, that might just be reality.
The sweet, sweet cake “A sacred indulgence. Hah…”
lets off a sweet smell.
Now, the door is opening. “Let’s dance at the carnival!”

Tonight is the witches’ night.
Someone’s lost their way again.
Who’s gonna be the hunter?
We’ll quickly, quickly continue this endless dream for you. “Darkness night.”

A figure, crucified.
Velvet satin.
Now, now, now, the curtain rises!
Come on, throw the kindling on the fire.
The butterflies soar high.
Oh, how pretty they are!

Ah… a red raspberry
illuminates everything.
Longing for that figure, I will dance in the sky in due course.
Tonight is a masquerade. “Witches night, la la la…”
The knife, jumping at shadows, shines. “Scapegoat, la la la…”
The wolf and the witch trial. “Who is la la la…”
Never, never,
the banquet of endless dreams will never end. “What a cursed witches night.”
We’ll treat you to it forever and ever and ever.
The witches’ song echoes.

しかしなにもおこせない || But I Couldn’t Make Anything Happen

shikashi nani mo okosenai
But I Couldn’t Make Anything Happen

Vocals: めらみぽっぷ (Meramipop)
Lyrics: RD-Sounds
Arranged by: RD-Sounds
Album: 東方レイマリQUEST (Touhou ReiMari QUEST) 【Official Site】
Circle: Diao ye zong (凋叶棕)
Published by: Toranoana
Event: C82
Original Themes: -Maiden’s Capriccio ~ Dream Battle[少女綺想曲 ~ Dream Battle]
-Love-coloured Master Spark [恋色マスタースパーク]


Requested by: hs08

This is pretty fun – it seems to imagine a world where Touhou is an RPG. For a change of pace, words sung in place of the written text are indicated in (brackets).

It’s the same face I’m used to seeing
but, unusually, strong determination is in their eyes.
According to them, I’m a demon master
and they’re the hero who’ll save the world.
I’m so fed up with this prank.

What if I’d realised it since long ago?
What if I acknowledged that which mustn’t be acknowledged?
What if I knew there was something I couldn’t overcome?
Would I give up on myself?

In a sort of world where you can raise your level one by one
rather than clinging to something fleeting yet certain,
Ah… if I could become limitlessly strong
surely “I” would walk alongside hope?

So I can stretch my hands to where the demon master (you) are
I’ll reach out to an illusion (dream) where I can become a hero!

And so, I’ll fight the evil demon master
though nobody’s asked me to save the world.
I’ll fight back so desperately it’s funny
while bearing a naive ideology.

If I could just catch up to you…

Why do you fight while feeling such solitude?
Why do you get involved with the tiniest things?
What on earth drives you to such an extent?
It’s all stuff I can’t understand.

No matter what sort of incident people cause
while holding all manner of objectives,
I’ll just destroy everything that stands in my way.
There’s no mercy for things like imperishable nights.

No matter what’s yelled out at me, that’s all me
so you can call me whatever you like, even a demon master.

And thus, the final fight begins
though nobody’s asked me to save the world.
I’ll fight back so desperately it’s wretched
while touting a distant tautology.

I’ve got to pull the curtains on this futile child’s play…

—We can stop playing, right?
I want to be myself…
—You’re definitely you.
I’m no good as I am now!
—What do you mean? I don’t get it!
As if you’d understand!
—Alright, who’s the hero?
I’ll fight against the demon master until the end…!

As if you need half the world!
I don’t want to save the world, I want to save myself.
If only I could make something happen…

And so, as long as they continue to wish for it,
the sorrowful hero cannot do such a thing as give up.
…Well then, let’s put an end to it.

They will never stop while they look for hope (themselves).
If you’ll start walking then, even if it won’t come true
the demon master won’t run away
so beyond this path I keep waiting for a hero.
—I’m dreaming that sort of dream.

Dolls into Pitiful Pretenders

Dolls into Pitiful Pretenders

Vocals: めらみぽっぷ (Meramipop)
Lyrics: RD-Sounds
Arranged by: RD-Sounds
Album: 彁 【Official Site】
Circle: Diao ye zong (凋叶棕)
Event: C97
Original Themes: –Shanghai Alice of Meiji 17 [明治十七年の上海アリス]
Forest of Dolls [人形の森]
Enigmatic Dolls [エニグマティクドール]
Circus Reverie [サーカスレヴァリエ]


More Dolls in Pseudo Paradise goodness from RD! I don’t recall him using the main part of Circus Reverie before, so this is a big step forward!

I can’t help but feel that the speaker is some sort of omniscient god-like figure who’s looking down on humanity. Perhaps it’s label-ko…? It’s likely that there are better interpretations, so have a think over this and see if you can pierce through the illusion.

(I also took a bit of liberty with the formatting because it looks like the cult of la la la has returned with a vengeance…)

Incidentally, the album title (彁) is something called a ‘ghost character’. The Japan Times published an article on ghost characters, which you can read here. 彁 doesn’t have an official reading, but Nico Nico has taken to calling it ‘yumikaka’, which stems from the three components of the ghost kanji.

I am within a veil of illusions,
One that must be steeply towering over you.

Now directionless, I will become
a self-sacrificing woman.

So, even without knowing your name,
Does that mean I can love you only superficially…?

Just like that word, ‘enigma’, (1)
If only everything could remain shrouded in mystery

because when someone selfishly chases after sanctity,
They become intoxicated by their pious self, don’t they?

I will never sleep again.
…You will never sleep again.

I can never abandon them.
…As long as you continue to uncover meanings.

So, there’s no need for them to be buried.
…Even now, you are above the grave.

And they will not even vanish.
…As long as you continue to wipe your tears.

You call this finite word Yūgen (2)
yet you actually fear it.

Perhaps it’s inevitable that you will someday betray
that self-sacrificing woman.

Perhaps it already happened in the long-distant past.
Yet it must be an eternity for you, mustn’t it?

Just like that word, ‘enigma’, (3)
it’s fine if you don’t understand everything

because, in chasing after the horrors within,
Your unhealing facade will be completed, won’t it?

(Reverie, reverie.)
Come now, chant with me.

(Reverie, reverie.)
Cling to it forever.

(Reverie! Reverie!)
“We are the captives in that image of the beginning!”

(Reverie! Reverie!)
You dig up the dead
and play dress-ups with them, don’t you? Come now…

La la, la la, la…

Yes, nobody can be saved
because you’re keeping salvation at bay, right?

Just like that word, ‘enigma’, (5)
you should remain devoted to your idols

because, drowning in things of beauty,
you’ll continue to be forgiven for being cursed forever, won’t you?


(1) 神聖 (shinsei – holiness/sanctity) is written, but エニグマ (enigma) is sung.
(2) 幽玄 (Yuugen) is one of the seven aesthetic principles required to achieve wabi-sabi (for more information, read this article). A literal translation is ‘subtle grace’ or ‘profound beauty’.
(3) 恐怖 (kyoufu – fear) is written, but エニグマ (enigma) is sung.
(4) 真実 (shinjitsu – truth) is written, but 救い (sukui – salvation) is sung.
(5) 呪い (noroi – curse) is written, but エニグマ (enigma) is sung.