群青インフィニティ || Ultramarine Infinity

gunjou infiniti
Ultramarine Infinity

Vocals: Nao Toyama (東山奈央)
Lyrics: Nao Toyama (東山奈央)
Composed by: Nao Toyama (東山奈央)
Album: 群青インフィニティ (Ultramarine Infinity) 【Official Site】
Release Date: April 3, 2019


Requested by: WanderingLily
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The biggest ‘interpretation points’ of this song come in the first two lines – やっと出会えた 今日の空 could also be interpeted as ‘I came across today’s sky at last’ and 待てない夜明け could be interpreted as an exclamation of 待てない (I can’t wait [any longer]) followed by the rest of the sentence. There’s a lot of stuff to consider when choosing which interpretation to go with, including the rest of the song and how the vocalist sings the lines.

We finally met beneath today’s sky.

Dawn won’t wait and I don’t understand why,
But my instincts know the signs.
Beyond the thick clouds
lies an imposing future that dazzles me.
Yes… it’s there, waiting for us.

At our destination,
(We’ve ran through to the end. We can’t see the starting line.)
The weather is clear.

I raced into the blue sky.
I’ll give this bouquet to your heart.
If you can’t advance, then shall I be your tailwind?
Take you away. Cross over that vapor trail!

Don’t crush your dreams and pride with your own hands!
Shout them out! Again and again, even if you grow hoarse.
We’re invincible since we can laugh together.
That’s right. Let’s go, one way!

I can’t erase the traces of yesterday’s tears,
But I don’t think I want to forget them.
While shaking off my timidity,
I’ll go step by step. Now,
I’ll grip my passport with these hands of mine.

I want to be…
(Longing’s sketched in my heart, along with high-fives.)

The blue sky shone.
I’ll give you a round of applause in your dream.
Your feet will accelerate so much they can’t be saved.
Fly higher. Push down adversity!

I want to shine with you even more during this irreplaceable moment.
We’ll build rainbows to the sky, over and over again.
We’re invincible since we can laugh together.
That’s right. Let’s go, one way!

We finally met beneath today’s sky.
I feel a fever that doesn’t fade.
There’s no time to turn away from our era.
Set that ultramarine loose!

The blue sky is perfectly clear.
I’m heading far, far away from my point of origin.
Rather than a thousand words, sing a song for a journey’s beginning
until it someday reaches that dream.

I raced into the blue sky.
I’ll give this bouquet to your heart.
If you can’t advance, then shall I be your tailwind?
Take you away. Cross over that vapor trail!

I’ll someday bend over again and cry.
I’ll feel uneasy, and though I’ll cover my mouth
I’ll scream.
Over and over and over and over again…
I can smile since I can encounter you here.
That’s right. Let’s go, one way!

「」 || “ “

“ “

Vocals: Meramipop (めらみぽっぷ), nayuta
Lyrics: RD-Sounds
Arranged by: RD-Sounds
Album: Kanade (奏) 【Official Site】
Circle: Diao ye zong (凋叶棕)
Event: Reitaisai 16 [RTS16]
Original theme: Song of the Night Sparrow ~ Night Bird[夜雀の歌声 ~ Night Bird]


I put all the rebellion and anarchy I could muster into this translation. Nayuta always gets so into character, and that’s one of the reasons why I simply had to translate this track.

Some parts are screamed out. Those are in bold.

“Let’s go!”

Ah, why was I born to such a life?
I can’t scream to my heart’s content, and I’ve gotta put up with everything!

Ah, why was I born to such a life?
I can’t sing ‘till I’m satisfied, and I’ve gotta keep my voice hidden!

Tonight, this is where we belong.
Humans in the dark will put out the lights!

“Form is emptiness, emptiness is form.”
As if I’m gonna be satisfied by words like that!

Scream! Invoke madness! Come on, scream!

Asceticism and all that stuff’s got nothing to do with me!
How about it?! I’m a Yamabiko, one who’ll scream out for sure!

Ah, each and every day, nothing ever goes my way.
Why’ve I gotta be roasted just ‘cause I’m a bird? Why’ve I gotta be served up?

Ah, each and every day is so boring!
Why’ve I always gotta keep the same cross-legged pose?! Why’ve I gotta keep doing that sorta stuff?

Go, go, head to Higan! (3)
If I’ll be saved by saying it, then I’ve got no troubles at all!

Sing, sing, live and sing!
It’s not like you can sing anything after you die!

Scream! Scream all the way to the village! Come on, scream!

We’re scared of that shrine maiden, but as if us youkai will be beaten by her!

That’s right!
Even if my wings get hurt and I fall down…

“You got this, Mystia!”

…But there’s no way anyone can stop us
while we sing tonight!

The voices of our hearts were suppressed
but that’ll just make them even stronger!

Scream with the voice of your soul. Come on, scream!

Fairies and youkai…
Everyone, scream!

How about it?
Have you noticed us? Humans, mainly…

(1) This line is a reference to Mystia’s interview in Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red.
(2) The ‘cross-legged pose’ is 座禅 (zazen, a form of seated Zen meditation).
(3) This phrase (羯諦羯諦波羅波羅羯諦) is related to the Heart sutra, and parts of it appear in Kyouko’s Ten Desires portait in hiragana.

スパロウグロウ || Sparrow Glow

suparou gurou
Sparrow Glow

Vocals: あやぽんず* (Ayaponzu*)
Lyrics: ACTRock
Arranged by: kaztora, Ryoma Tsukui (津久井 龍馬)
Album: Synchro 3 (シンクロ3) 【Official Site】
Circle: ShinRa-Bansho (森羅万象)
Event: C95
Original Theme:
Song of the Night Sparrow ~ Night Bird  [夜雀の歌声 ~ Night Bird]


Requested by: Choosing Beggar

This is quite clever, since グロウ (gurou, glow) can also be interpreted as 愚弄 (gurou, mockery). So the title can also be interpreted as ‘The Sparrow’s Mockery’.

In the part where I wrote ‘It’s alsways misty’, ‘misty’ is written in English in the original text as ‘Mistiy’. It’s close enough to Mystia, but Ayaponzu* sings it as ‘misty’, which made me go with that instead. If you interpreted it as ‘Mystia’, that fragment would become “Mystia runs mercilessly, forever”.

A light lit up the surroundings. Chi chi-chi my maze…
It was the light still lingering in your eyes. I chased after it.
It’s hard to tell, but that glint will surely go out in the end.

It’s always misty. They run mercilessly. Footsteps resound at a prestissimo tempo.
I hear a persistent voice that I will never meet. Don’t get flustered yet. Looks like you’re going mad!

Please, don’t forget about the sparrow hiding in the shadows.
Come here without being misled.
Hey, it’s all non-fiction. You’ve just realised, after all.
Sparrow glow. I want to chase after love…

Why can’t you see? Chi chi-chi… why?
Don’t give up now, not so easily!
I can’t even see you with your back turned to me. You’re racing into the mist again.

Chi-chi-chi. Pitter-patter. Sparrow. Pitter-patter.
Chi-chi-chi. Pitter-patter. The sounds echo.
A maddening song continues.
A maddening voice continues too.
Forever, forever, forever…
“Hey, hurry and come to me!”

I can’t stand to leave you behind! Right, sparrow?
That twittering song is so lonesome.
The feedback is still a little quick. Just a little longer.
Sparrow glow. I want to chase after love…

Please, don’t forget about the sparrow lurking in the shadows.
Come here without being misled.
Don’t make me laugh anymore! I was calling all this time.
Sparrow glow. Ah…
To the song I rely on, and to the sparrow hiding in the shadows—
Don’t mislead me, echoing birdsong.
Non-fiction is all lies in the end, anyway.
Have you noticed? Before you can no longer turn back,
Don’t forget. Sparrow glow, the love you search for.

マヨナカトリップ || Midnight Trip

mayonaka torippu
Midnight Trip

Vocals: あやぽんず* (Ayaponzu*), あよ (Ayo)
Lyrics: Caral
Arranged by: kaztora
Album: 東方スチームパンク (Touhou Steampunk) 【Official Site】
Circle: ShinRa-Bansho (森羅万象)
Published by: Melonbooks
Event: C94
Original Theme: Greenwich in the Sky [天空のグリニッジ]


Requested by: Repudiator

I unfortunately had to make a lot of compromises with this translation, mainly because the main feature of the song (two vocalists completing each other’s sentences at times) absolutely does not translate well into English. I also can’t easily colour code anymore because of changes to WordPress. Boo.

Putting that aside, this track really does take you on a wild ride! I was expecting a little more narrative, but this is cool too.

I took a midnight trip to you that one day.

On the steam train, we make an iron decision.
As for mysteries, we vaguely love them.
I had a leaden vision within a dream
and I realised the answer. Are you ready?
We yearned for a mirage
and we drew closer to each other. What’s so wrong about that?
We disregard our disorderly sensibilities today
and play pranks under the moonlight.

Our hearts dance in this world
and explanations and dilemmas rush about (in a moonlit night.)
We were ready to face the world, though we could see cracks in time.
Honey, honey, my dream.
“Won’t you give me love?”

This action crosses the timeline
and we take a trip to reality.
I bounce from place to place together with you.
Be together dream. (Our…)
Dance in the dark. (secret…)
can’t be deciphered.
We’re still baby baby dolls.
We sensed each other
in a dream that we had that one day.
“Your captive.”

In a shadow taking form, I hide myself (dye myself)
I even stain my lips with bargaining.
From my window, I see two silhouettes lying on top of each other.
Let go… (Don’t let go…)
So, mistake…
Even if I awaken from this nightmare using the secret key, (Seems like it will be sent flying.)
That seized heart of mine was devoured.
Glazed from cassis-coloured lipstick (The smell of cassis is in the air.)
Let’s secretly trace around
the other side of the moon (of the stars)

The future’s close to ruined by now.
The glass overflows and my body falls (I fall.)
I want to be dyed the same shade as you.
Beneath a carnal sky, we kneel and feast.
Honey, honey, you know?
Just for me.

I don’t like you, with over. [1]
We go on a trip and elope.
Beneath the moon, I am with you.
We harmonise. (Our…)
We sing in the night. (secret…)
I won’t let go.
How much are you my baby, baby boy?
In the tail end of the dream
that we had someday,
We sensed each other that one day.

Let’s get this devilish dream started!
How thrilling—mad world rill, mad world rill…
Invited (Tenderness)
The mask of kindness
wanted nectar. The flower garden bloomed.
Ah… I am bound and imprisoned.
Unexperienced romance, ah!
For you and me? “Wow!”

This action crosses the timeline
and we take a trip to Heaven.
Fortune and life—when I’m with you,
We’re together in this dream (I want to show you…)
We dance in the dark. (myself)
As for revolutionary emotions, they are (Ah…)
something that’s neither truth nor lies (Pleasure)
I shall grant you aphrodisiac blindness.
Harmonise with— (We’ll always be…)
Sing in the night— (together.)
I won’t let go
so you’ll still be my baby, baby boy.
In the tail end of the dream
that we had someday,
We sensed each other that one day.
From beneath the moon,
let’s dance at midnight.
Trip with you!

[1] The original lyrics use IDL, which is apparently short for “I don’t like.”
[2] Mad world rill is a corruption of まわりまわり (mawari mawari – spinning ’round and ’round).

絶体絶命 || A Desperate Situation

zettai zetsumei
A Desperate Situatio

Vocals: Miku Nakamura
Lyrics: Miku Nakamura
Music: Miku Nakamura, Cö shu Nie
Single: 絶体絶命 (A Desperate Situation)
Group: Cö shu Nie
Release Date: January 11, 2019


Requested by: Petalite Yuu
Watch the official video here!

The Promised Neverland was quite high up my favourite manga list some time ago, so I’m really glad to see it got an anime and can reach a bunch of new people!

The title can also be interpreted as ‘Stalemate’. I was about to go with it because I feel like the chess reference is tonally consistent with the story. I decided against it because the mood conveyed by the song isn’t a ‘Stalemate’ – that implies that nobody can make a move, but these people are making a last-ditch move, aren’t they?

Today, the reddening sky is so scary.
If I didn’t know, could I have been happy?

Another warm lamp falls.

And like that, I was losing them, unawares.
In the end, I believed that gentle voice.
That’s all I did.

They say you’ll be at peace if you get rid of your heart,
But that’s a lie! If you do that, you’ll break.

Though I grieve in sweet darkness, nobody’s coming to save me.

“Love me…” Hah! It’s too late for that.
Move! Our feet get all tangled up.
Let’s escape from this cage!
So we can seize our futures,
Let’s outrun despair!

With sweat pouring and hearts blazing,
We’re living with determination, for sure.

Like this, we aim at our goal.
We won’t give up!
We should be more alert
and do things carefully.
Open up the way, steadily!
Perhaps only time will tell…

パレイドリア || Pareidolia


Lyrics: 須田景凪 (Keina Suda)
Composed by: 須田景凪 (Keina Suda)
Album: teeter 【Official Site】
Release Date: January 16, 2019


Requested by:
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‘Pareidolia’ refers to our tendency to see random things as resembling something we’re familiar with. It’s kind of like when you see a Rorschach ink blot and see a dog, or a flower, or some other random thing.

My swaying curtains and a clichéd movie felt comfortable,
So the fading ultramarine was cast into my sidelong glance.
I surrendered my body to my strengthening sadness and capricious attachment
and I deemed my life a happy one. I was just letting it pass by.

We laughed at each other over trivial ideals.
I don’t want to focus on the end of these days…

Uncertain; late at night; our unchanging relationship…
I want to dream for longer,
But look—the night is ending.

This everlasting majesty is enough to make me dizzy.
I wonder if it’s okay to stay here, always.
My love is going to overflow.

Forthcoming stability and worn-out ivory… The hands of the clock have stopped.
I couldn’t let go of my life, which simply passed by.

Day by day, things are tedious. Today, coming to an end,
Always coils around us.
Ah… Every day is so boring. Please, save me.

We forgave each other with stale hope.
I don’t want to recognise the structure of these days.

Unrelated; last night; changing models…
I want to dream for longer,
But look—this night grows blurry, too.

The ultramarine seems to burn with love.
I’m definitely not wrong am I?
Or so I asked of the hand linked to mine.

After this, I will speak about uncertain dreams with you.
After that, I will sing an endless song with you.

We laughed at each other over trivial ideals.
When these days end, I want to be by your side…

Uncertain; late at night; our unchanging relationship…
I want to dream for longer,
But look—the night is ending.

This everlasting majesty is enough to make me dizzy.
I want you to be here always
so I’m going to layer up my love.

ぐりもあ。 || Grimoire.


Vocals: あよ (Ayo)
Lyrics: Caral
Arranged by: kaztora
Album: Synchro 3 (シンクロ3) 【Official Site】
Circle: ShinRa-Bansho (森羅万象)
Event: C95
Original Themes: –Romantic Children
Doll Judgment ~ The Girl who Played with People’s Shapes  [人形裁判 ~ 人の形弄びし少女]


Requested by: seaandhisramen

This song is absolutely full of love. Part of me wonders if Alice actually communicates with the one she loves, or if she’s just talking to a doll…

We stare at each other and we get closer.
Won’t you warm me to my heart?
I want to be even more honest.
I prepare to run into you
and every day will become so splendid.
I fell in love… *smooch*

You know, I can’t even do what I’m good at.
I get all flustered and can’t concentrate.
I want to say “good morning!”
Yet I sigh.
“You look cute today.” Saying such things,
You smile kindly.
Tell me, my doll…
I look downward.

I told myself all along
that if I had the power of magic
then anything would be possible.
I hid myself away.
We only just spoke but, well…
I wanted to see you and it hurt.
I broke into a run.
Hey… hey… I love you.

I love you, I love you. I felt a squeeze in my heart.
My right hand, which I held yours in… ahh, it’s all numb.
I wonder why my heart throbs so much.
The voice of my heart is heart-shaped.
I guess I can’t manipulate my feelings.
“Hide away…” …right?

I wonder what your favourite things are
and I’m in the same state as always.
The tricks of the trade aren’t written
in any grimoire…
It’s inevitable—I want to know.
I end up saying a few probing words…
No, no, no, ah, why?
You’ll hate me now…!

Still, when you’re by my side
I tell you things I can never say.
I really love you after all, I guess.
I want to tell you how I feel.
May my words reach you…! “I love you!”

If… oh if only we were alone together,
I’d want to spend some time in an illusion, at ease.
My imagination swells up and I can’t stop it.
I want to go and see you right away!
Still, well… hah. I won’t say it now.

With a trembling voice,
I said those words: “I love you.”
It’s not magic. My words are true
and they turn snow-white.
It’s enough to make me want to run away.
Hey, hey… do you love me…?

I tightly hold the flowers, which bloomed all at once.
To my warm heart, I say… “Thank you!”
We look at each other heaps and got closer.
Forever, from now on,
Won’t you be by my side?
Ah, I’ve gotten a bit used
to your hand, in my right hand. From it…
Love you, love you, love you… ♡
I can’t manipulate my feelings
so I’ll create wonderful memories
for just the two of us.
The voice of my heart is heart-shaped.
Every day will become so splendid.
I’m in love… *smooch*
La la la…

ははうさぎ || Mother Right Heron

haha usagi
Mother Right Heron

Vocals: あよ (Ayo)
Lyrics: ジョイフル (Joyful)
Arranged by: kaztora, かめ (Kame)
Album: Synchro 3 (シンクロ3) 【Official Site】
Circle: ShinRa-Bansho (森羅万象)
Event: C95
Original Themes: –The Reversed Wheel of Fortune [逆転するホイールオブフォーチュン]
Reverse Ideology [リバースイデオロギー]


Requested by: Repudiator
Watch the official video here!

Update (10/03/2019): Title updated to reflect the official translation available on the PV. うさぎ is intended to be interpreted as 右鷺. Various other adjuestments based on the PV.

This is definitely one of the standout tracks of the album, in my opinion. The music is so emotional, and the lyrics are just dripping with emotion, too. There are a lot of references to wildlife – the crow and the heron are fairly obvious, but I wonder who the rabbits are…?

Do you remember? You, as you are now, were born
in a world that was still a bit lonely and pristine.
(1) (2)
Like arrows, you fired the first cries reverberating through your heart. I felt something inexpressible.
Weakly grasping your fingers made me notice it.

You and I stood side by side. I wanted to be with you forever.
Yes—beneath the moonlight, the ‘right heron’ was smiling. I gently kissed you.

You were crying all alone. You looked so innocent. I did the best I could do to comfort you.
There are so many memories and shining stars. For being by my side, for being born—thank you, truly.

I thought things would stay like this forever
but as time passed, we began to misunderstand each other.

You were a contrarian. And like that, we got separated.
On the moon, the ‘right heron’ was… ah… so lonely. She sealed her words away.

You, in that impure place, continued to live contrarily. (3)
You became utterly corrupted.

Even so, isn’t that okay? You know, what’s important
is that you live while being true to yourself.

And thus, the two met again in this world. They spent their time together wordlessly. (2)
But, well… “Yeah, I don’t hate you.” Beneath the moon, look! The ‘right heron’ is smiling.

The beautiful heron stands among impurity. I will walk with you as far as I am able. (5)
As two birds, we will look up at the full moon then take off.
At birth, upon meeting, and at the end of it all—thank you, truly.

(1) The first line is written differently in the booklet compared to how it’s sung.
静寂とまだ穢れなき (quiet and pristine) is written, but 少し寂しいまだ穢れなき (a bit lonely and pristine) is sung.
(2) 地上 (chijou – the surface) is written, but 世界 (sekai – world) is sung.
(3) 地上 (chijou – the surface) is written, but 場所 (basho – place) is sung.
(4) 烏らしく (karasu rashiku – like a raven) is written, but 君らしく (kimi rashiku – true to yourself/like yourself) is sung.
(5) 烏 (karasu – raven) is written, but 君 (kimi – you) is sung.

まだまだナツもよう || There’s Still Signs of Summer

mada mada natsu moyou
There’s Still Signs of Summer

Vocals: futaba (フタバ)
Lyrics: 小河 幸男 (Sachio Ogawa)
Composed by: 小河 幸男 (Sachio Ogawa)
Album: Oshare Majo Love and Berry: Complete Collection
Release Date: April 10, 2013

Requested by: soaringsprocket
Watch the official video

(Unofficial!) English translation only

I think the title is taken from the phrase 雨模様 (ame moyou), which is a phrase used to describe a situation where it looks like it’s going to rain – there could be clouds covering the sky, or rain could be predicted on the weather forecast.

I couldn’t find a specific album where this track appeared, so I decided to just use the compilation album.

Looks like the summer holidays are over.
Even if I study,
The waves are calling me.
Let’s finish up our homework
and hurry on down together
to the ocean.
With sweets crammed
into our baskets,
Let’s skip and have a chat!
When we feel the sea breeze, we’ll race
and see who gets to the beach first.

あの日の夢のアリス || Alice in That Day’s Dream

ano hi no yume no arisu
Alice in That Day’s Dream

Vocals: めらみぽっぷ (Meramipop), Candy, みぃ (Mie), MIRI
Lyrics: azuki
Arranged by: kaztora
Album: Alice in That Day’s Dream (あの日の夢のアリス) 【Official Site】
Circle: ShinRa-Bansho (森羅万象)
Event: Reitaisai 9 [RTS9]
Original Themes: Too many to list here


4 years. 1000 translations. To commemorate this milestone, I returned to where it all began. My first translation was ShinRa-Bansho’s ‘Doppel’, a musical from the album of the same name released in 2014. Their third musical was released the following year, but I never went back to translate their first one, where it all began, until now.

As for the title, I’ve translated it as ‘Alice, from That Day’s Dream’ up until now. However, after a lot of thought, I changed my interpretation. After all, ‘Alice in Wonderland’ was translated into Japanese as 不思議の国のアリス. It makes sense for あの日の夢のアリス to follow the same logic and become ‘Alice in That Day’s Dream.’ It also doesn’t make sense content-wise for Alice to be ‘from’ a dream, unless you flip the scenario and make it about Alice (a dream) entering reality in a dream.

Yuki and Mai
Nue Houjuu
Renko and Merry
Yukari Yakumo
Another Alice

As Alice was starting her tea party in the treelight,
A doll that she had put away started moving by itself.
The pre-show greetings had begun.
From a wondrous, mysterious land…
Alice in Wonderland!

“I wonder where I am…? Ah, I hear something coming this way.”

Let’s go through the lost woods without hesitating!
We’ll start tomorrow. We started yesterday, too.
Come on! Smile, and don’t look so glum!
Is something bothering you?

Before I knew it, I was in the forest, having a grand adventure.
In that case… leave it to us!
This, that, and everything else… it’s all under control!

“Looks like it’s gonna be fun, right, Mai?” “…yeah, Yuki.”

Though we walk and walk through the lost woods…
“Come on, wait up!”
We haven’t reached it yet? Reached what?
The goal! The goal!
Isn’t it a bit weird?
We’ve arrived.
Haven’t we just ended up where we started?
Let’s take a break
and not be hasty…

Let’s go through the lost woods without hesitating!
This is your destination. The goal’s up to you.
Which is the correct path?
(Which is the correct path?)
Ah, if I don’t hurry, I won’t reach my little doll in time!

“See ya later, sis. It’s been pretty fun!”

Young lady over there, are you looking for something?
If you don’t mind… I’ll help you out!
Que sera, que sera, sera serara…

Yes—I was searching for the path my doll took and wound up in the lost woods.
(Hm? Yes? Ah, I see…)
You wouldn’t happen to know where it went?
It must have been this way. This way?
Maybe that way. That way?
Perhaps over there? That way?
Where did it go, again? Enough!
Do you really know for sure?
Of course I do, I really do.
Sounds like you’re lying.
You’re Schrödinger’s Cat:
Alive and dead, both at once.
This is the mysterious Wonderland through the looking-glass!

The opposite world is… mirror, mirror!
From left to right, head towards the castle.
It seems like everything’s there, but there’s nothing there.
Friends will appear if you pursue them.
A mystery or a wonder—La la la la la…

I could hear a gentle voice coming from somewhere
Is this a place of rest in the forest?
I’ll take a break until I compose myself.
I’ll sleep for just a bit…

Now now, young maiden!
What’s wrong?
If you don’t mind, shall I assist?
If you’re searching for something, leave it to me.
I’ll definitely find it!

What you, what I, am searching for.

You’ll find that little one right away
so if you head straight down this path,
(Should I continue down this path?)
You’ll see it again, for sure!
“Thank you very much!”
“Ehe… take care!”
“You too!”

“That’s a strange door… Should I open it?”

“Hey, Merry!” “What’s the matter?”
“The stars are so pretty!” “I guess they are…”
Today, beyond the door,
“Together, let’s look at the stars!”
Sitting on misshapen stools,
We exchange drinks.
Quietly, quietly, she looked into the hidden room.

Do you remember what day it is today?
Today, the stars are particularly beautiful!
A toast, to the starry sky!

I interrupted that well-matched pair’s tea party
and listened to what they had to say.
“Welcome to our tea party!”
“Welcome to the Secret Sealing Club!”
“Today, the stars are beautiful”
“Today… well, they totally are!”
We don’t need anything else.
It’s nothing at all, but let’s raise a toast to the starry sky!

Thanks for the drink! Don’t worry about it.
Now, where are you heading?
I’m heading home. Oh, is that so?
See you!
She felt a spasm of melancholy
and nobody noticed
that sinister voice aimed at her pursuing figure.

“Hah… Enough already! Where am I now?”
Why the rush, puppeteer?
This is an illusion: the dream threshold.
Truths are lies and lies are truth.
Your wishes will be granted. What do you wish for?
Anything’s possible. Look—

Beginning in the distance, the parade marches on.
There’s nothing left for the imprisoned bird to do
but just march on now, straight ahead.

The sun sets and the moon comes out in the forest, in the dark…
Continue without going astray, young maiden.
I refer to you.
You came here, and you are here for a reason. I wonder about that…
Accept all things. Yes—this is the dream threshold!
“Hah… Enough already! Where am I?”

Small toys and a massive picture book…
I feel like I’ve seen this place before. This is Wonderland.
I wonder where that little one went?
This place is so very nostalgic.
When I wandered around, lost,
I wound up meeting a princess.
I felt a sense of deja vu.
It’s so mysterious. That’s right!
“Who’re you?”

Well, I’m Alice in Wonderland.
This is my land. Please don’t enter.
That filthy doll headed off towards the castle.
It’s like living beyond the looking glass.
We’re all just looking at the same world.

And again, small toys and a massive picture book.
This is a tiny Wonderland, one that I saw that day.
Mirror, mirror, let’s play!
(You’re me! Let’s meet again.)
Let’s meet again!

A hole gaped open in the unchanging landscape.
A hole gaped open in Alice’s heart as she wondered where her doll was.
This is Makai.
I had lost my way.
This is Makai.
God makes her appearance.
Beside her stands a small doll. This is Makai.

“Mother? Why are you here, in such a place?!”
“I am not involved in this. It was you yourself who made your way here, Alice.”

As for the youkai lined up here,
There is no need to fear them.
Softly, from behind…
One, two, three, four steps! Let’s go somewhere, anywhere!
Burn! Now, lend me your hand.
Burn! This way…
These bonds… let’s dance, our first dance in a while.
Yes—this is Makai. Ah! Gensokyo.

Why did I get lost in such a nostalgic world?
I’ve realised why now, definitely.
Now, it’s time for answers in Wonderland!

This is my story. I’ll never live in the past.
This is Gensokyo.
You guided me.

This is a single story, (Whose story could this be?)
One born from a book. (Leap inside its pages.)
When I open the book up…
Perhaps my story will begin. (Perhaps it will…)

Everyone must have someone waiting for them
so let’s welcome the epilogue with a smile!
Yes, this is the sort of story in which I can call everyone my precious family,
Even the little one who made me realise everything.