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Current request schedule:
#2: March 14-20
#3: May 2-8


Request a song. Please leave a comment with information, including a link to the lyrics. Leave your handle if you’d like a Twitter notification, too!

Boost someone else’s request. You can use your request slot to raise the priority of someone else’s request.

Change your request at any time, as long as its status isn’t ‘started.’ If your request is already translated, you might want to change your request.

I will complete requests out of order depending on difficulty. Requests are ranked on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the least difficult. If I forget to add your request to the list, please remind me at any time!

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まほろば教 (あさき)ささきStarted06/07/202011
アーリア (有機酸)deanStarted27/09/20208
FAKE!FAKE!FAKE (fake type)MintCherryStarted28/09/20208
慇懃さ蟇道中 (Idono Kawazu)HanaStarted30/09/20206
キャラメルヘヴン (Last Note)PlynCompleted2/10/20205
感情は在庫切れ (溝野あわ)*external screaming*Started2/10/20206
Summer Flower (Yellow Zebra)edscissorStarted15/11/20205
Dance Dance Decadence (PV text only)SaryuAccepted15/11/20207
泡灰願望 -デストロエゴイズム- (GET IN THE RING)KalarzAccepted15/11/20205
OGRE (utsu-p)shishikusasTranslation exists15/11/20207
ゆう闇さがし (miwashiba)jamsAccepted15/11/20205
夢のおわりに (秋の空)mr.deagleAccepted15/11/2020??
御掃除しましょ (Abuse)Cinnamon KittyAccepted15/11/20207
フォークロア (ケダルイ)chawotAccepted16/11/20205
あみだくじ (UPLIFT SPICE)RunixzanAccepted16/11/20205
No.39 (ナナホシ管弦楽団)IdanAccepted16/11/20207
Latency (Oonuma Paseri)PerfectPastelBlueAccepted16/11/20206
karashina (A_II)ติด🐬🐙 เกินไปล่ะAlready translated
(but I’d like to try
deciphering the first part)
追跡逃避思考に見る少女Nの寂寞 (Kaoru Brilliance)Anon IIAccepted19/11/20206
エンドマークパーク (いゔどっと)mnAccepted20/11/20206
過呼吸ダンス (NashimotoP)Masa FanAccepted21/11/20206
ネヴァーランド (Akashic Records)boopAccepted21/11/20208
dannarsi (CHOCO BABY)Sun FlowerAccepted31/01/20217
白昼夢 (幸祜)TemperaStarted31/01/20214
ホストレシピエント (thus)BBAccepted31/01/20216
Angelic Symphony (Hiromi Sato)ApricotAccepted31/01/20215
Rabbit-僕の中の君- (Mikito-P)Little duckAccepted31/01/20215
メ (Akali)ToriStarted31/01/20213
檻鶴姫 (Mitsuki Nakae)Kuu MajinStarted31/01/20214
拝啓、御前様 天城あくるDream WorldsAccepted31/01/20215
帝都群青 (R Sound Design)koenkuiper12Started31/01/20214
九龍飯店 (Masa Works Design)TapewormAccepted31/01/20217
Master Champion (Shiori Godo)kouchu1992Accepted31/01/20215
もう何もかも暗がり (MINOR THIRD)cc0Started31/01/20214
白紙 (青屋夏生)MickeyAccepted31/01/20215
刹那の灯り (Kairo)tramdottreAccepted31/01/20217
Orthodoxia (Guchiri)monomonopierrotAccepted31/01/20216
虹色の絶望 (Nanamil)KitkatAccepted01/02/20215
Suture: (赤音羽)HorlogeStarted01/02/20214
Tell me the Rebellion (GET IN THE RING)KalarzAccepted01/02/20215
Sayonara Bye Bye, Mata Itsuka (N-buna)PerfectPastelBlueAccepted01/02/20216
コヨーテ (John)ToshiAccepted01/02/20215
絶望的希望の喜劇的tragedy (adstlaxy)luciAccepted02/02/20216
孤独に咲け (Ashizawa Saki) KoogStarted02/02/20214
真夜中コンツェルト (VALIS)deanAccepted02/02/20216
スパークガールシンドローム (Hinata Electric Works)Anon IIAccepted02/02/20216
テレキャスタービーボーイ (すりぃ)Steve MasonAccepted02/02/20216
龍刻の彼方へ (彩音)Way DumeStarted02/02/20214
ディジーディジー (蜂屋ななし)RedAccepted03/02/20215
クーネル・エンゲイザー (電ǂ鯨)dalasAccepted03/02/20216
エイトリアム (R Sound Design)FortabtAccepted03/02/20216
D.E.S.I.R.E (SOUND HOLIC)violetStarted03/02/20213
知路の先に (TUMENECO)Juce GuildezAccepted03/02/20215
猛獣 (John)ChloeAccepted03/02/20216
或世界消失 (柊マグネタイト)Frenz FregnierAccepted05/02/20218
Bloody Mary (†Fanatic)pikoAccepted06/02/20216
ki ki kai kai (sasakure.UK)Spicy jelloAccepted06/02/20216
ゴシップ (OSTER Project)MelinythAccepted06/02/20215
永醒夢 ~Ei Sei Mu~ (A-One)zamAccepted06/02/20215
感傷 (Sound Cyclone)Strawberry RubyStarted06/02/20214
自己採点 (午後ティー)mnAccepted06/02/20215

2021 request calendar


  1. Hello, Releska-San! I want to inform you that’s there’s an English translation for Dota Bata Fiesta. Is it acceptable if I want to change my request? It’s okayy if you can’t


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