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  • Requests are ranked based on difficulty and time required. I can translate anything ranked 4 or below in a single sitting. Anything ranked 5-10 will need more than one sitting.
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  • Lyrics with ruby text do not copy properly to my word processor and will not show up as intended in the translation.
  • I will remove the original lyrics and/or romanisation if it goes against the wishes of the circle. Read this post for more details.

lupus (ewe/有機酸)deanCompleted16/08/2021 7
あなたが悼んでくれたから (Akali)ToriStarted26/09/20215
午前六時のブギウギ (梨本うい)TemperaStarted26/09/20215
regret (午後ティー)DoppelgangerAccepted26/09/20216
AGEHA STAINED (Masa Works Design)Gigi LinsStarted27/09/20215
泡を抱いたままで (Yuuhei Satellite + Shoujo Fractal)VengeanceStarted28/09/20215
新約ポストモダンガールの表象 (Minimum Electric Design)operationsxzAccepted28/09/20215
Mixing Juice (涙しずく)_Luna_ Accepted28/09/20215
童貞三十歳 (梨本P)BluKirbAccepted30/09/20215
ロマンモンスター (森羅万象)TrystanAccepted01/10/20216
右左 (卑屈P)eriberryAccepted02/10/20215
ロック!ロカバベイベ (暁Records)Juce GuildezAccepted02/10/20215
青 (虻瀬)shireiyukiAccepted14/11/20214
素敵な終末 (吐息)AkinoAccepted14/11/20215
シロクロリバーシ (Xitoo)SaryuAccepted14/11/20216
致支量 (人間合格)redAccepted14/11/20214
論理演算子 (touhou jihen)tr009Accepted14/11/20215
singing (kairo)tramdottreAccepted14/11/20213
のらくら (赤イ他人)BBAccepted14/11/20215
科目屋一花凛 (mayuko)JiangshiAccepted14/11/20215
サタデーナイトクルージング (R Sound Design)FortabtAccepted14/11/20214
Falsi (C-clays)exiterchoAccepted14/11/20215
あまざらし (Kanmitsu)chawotAccepted15/11/20216
アヤカシライダー (平田義久)KirAccepted15/11/20216
ゆめのあと (志方あきこ)Dream WorldsAccepted15/11/20214
albino (DUSTCELL)ZeAccepted15/11/20214
次はきっといい子になります (lulumitsu)Anon IIAccepted15/11/20214
ファッキン・フライデー [Retranslation]aaAccepted15/11/20215
ロールレスウエポン (稲葉曇 & Neru)dalasAccepted15/11/20216
らくらく安楽死 (PEPOYO)FerinAccepted15/11/20215
御気ノ毒様 (ユリイ・カノン)noAccepted15/11/20216
lifeworks (Powapowa-P)Charles DomeryAccepted15/11/20214
変態 (citrus)JoulupukkiAccepted15/11/20215
飛行機雲 (とあ)boopAccepted16/11/20214
リルトガーデングライダー (田中B)hohoang041020001052Accepted16/11/20215
惑星滅亡あるある (dennoko-p)julesAccepted16/11/20215
ゴーストストレイト (KTKT)keserarhythmAccepted16/11/20215
蟲夜 (森羅万象)liztigerAccepted16/11/20215
我武者羅 (HoneyWorks)Steve MasonAccepted17/11/20216
シン・ノンフィクションガール (Rerulili)Accepted17/11/20215
MAGIC (Oonuma Paseri)PerfectPastelBlueAccepted19/11/20216
ヒイロウ / Hero (caphat)deanAccepted19/11/20216
トオトロジイダウトフル (Tsumiki)Tsumiki fanAccepted19/11/20214

2022 request calendar


  1. Hi releska, i want to change my request ハレケロジック (TAMAONSEN) to 新約ポストモダンガールの表象 by (minimum electric design)
    This song is a new version of the song ポストモダンガールの表象 which has a translation done by nazohato, but half of new one’s lyric are totally new, and nazo doesnt take any request this time.
    Lyric is here:
    if you want take look on nazo’s translation of old one, here

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello! Of course you can change your request. I’ve updated my list to put this one up instead. I can’t wait to have a look at it – I love listening to minimum electric design!


  2. hey, when your requests are open can you please translate this song? I’m just putting this here for now so I don’t forget, but you can translate it any time you’d like. I’m sorry if I’m bothering you. hope you have a wonderful day.
    song: 底から幻聴
    artist: (iname)


  3. Releska, are you accepting requests? Because I have somes to do, and I would be grateful if you help me 😉

    So, I have 3 possible musics that I want a translations, theses are:

    1. Weather Report (Heavenz ft. Hatsune Miku) /
    2. KURENAI BEAT (yuukiss ft. MEIKO) /
    3. Colorful x Sexy (team MOER ft. MEIKO, Megurine Luka) /カラフル×セクシィ_(Colorful_x_Sexy)

    Thanks if you can help me with at least one of theses!
    (Happy 2022 also!)


    1. Hello! Thank you for your comment. I’m taking a break from requests and hope to reopen them in February. Stay tuned for more info! When they reopen you’ll be able to request one of those at a time.

      If you let me know which one, that will make it easier for me to add when requests reopen. Thanks again, and Happy New Year to you too!


  4. hello again, i hope youve been doing well! ive been listening to a lot of caphat lately, and i was pretty torn on what song of his to request. i settled on this one! the video has a little bit of flashing in it sometimes, so if thats an issue for you, be careful!

    title: ヒイロウ / Hero
    artist: caphat

    thank you very very much as always!!! i hope you enjoy your summer break! make sure to take your time with all these requests, it feels like theres a lot this time around. (maybe its a normal amount and im just unobservant though lol) take care! n_n /

    also i tried leaving this comment already but wordpress got mad at me for forgetting my password so if this posts twice i am sorry .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello! I’m doing well, my parents are visiting for a few days so I’ve been enjoying myself. I’ve got some fun things planned for the summer break as well so I’m looking forward to it (^_^)

      I got a few more requests than usual this time but that’s okay – I got less in October so it all balances out.

      This looks like an interesting song so I’m looking forward to translating it! The flashing lights are okay with me but I’ll leave a warning in the translation. Stay safe and well and take care!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi! Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately I can’t take on this request since you haven’t provided a link to a source of lyrics. Once I have a copy of the lyrics I can add it to my list.


  5. I forgot to set a timer to remind myself for the last time, so I guess I’ll do it now lol
    Ghost Straight [KtKt]ゴーストストレイト_(Ghost_Straight)

    Liked by 1 person

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