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Summer break


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When requests are open, please leave a comment in the following format:

Song info: Title (Artist)
Lyrics link:
Additional info: Listening link, etc.


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Change your request

You can change your request at any time if its status isn’t ‘Started’.

If a translation exists, or if your request is on another list, please let me know if you would still like me to translate it.

I may reject a request if I don’t feel comfortable translating or posting it.

Important info

  • Requests are ranked based on difficulty and time required. I can translate anything ranked 4 or below in a single sitting. Anything ranked 5-10 will need more than one sitting.
  • Comments may be sent to the spam filter. Please check back and leave another comment with no links if I miss your request.
  • Lyrics with ruby text do not copy properly to my word processor and will not show up as intended in the translation.
  • I will remove the original lyrics and/or romanisation if it goes against the wishes of the artist. Read this post for more details.

Vocaloid Lyrics Wiki issues have now been resolved, with many thanks to Chilli for developing a script! (GitHub link)
[Thank you Akino too!]

2022 request period 1: 17 April – 23 April

ワガママ ONE DAY! (暁Records)ChevyAccepted18/04/20229
リバシブルドール (wowaka)keserarhythmStarted19/04/20227
ハイロウ瑪瑙 (煮ル果実)JiangshiCompleted19/04/20226
GURU (Jin)Charles DomeryAccepted19/04/20228
弦 (koyori)Steve MasonStarted19/04/20227
なんでなの!? (RatioP)cc0Accepted20/04/20227
オオギリーツアー (appy)Started20/04/20226
umbrella girl (colate*)kazzychanryuStarted23/04/20226

2022 request period 2: 5 June – 11 June

恰好の餌食 (PLEIADES)CasptuwfnnuwsngvlAccepted05/06/20224
zoku -俗- (東方事変, TouhouJihen)alycorisinvalleyAccepted05/06/20228
なになに (DECO*27)vNxghtlAccepted05/06/20225
ぐちゃり (SLAVE.V-V-R)AkinoAccepted05/06/20227
Protodisco video textSaryuAccepted05/06/20226
ドナドナ (feat. 鏡音リン) (708/残響P)Iguana-sanAccepted05/06/20225
Emotive issue (オカメP, OkameP)actuallyasrielAccepted06/06/20224
ハングリー・ハングリー (KAMURA)HikoichiAccepted06/06/20226
あなたビクニン (REISAI)TeaAccepted06/06/20224
あたまわるいやつ (拙劣/setsuretsu) skipAccepted06/06/20226
leila (空彩観測。)exiterchoAccepted06/06/20225
エレファント・インザ・ミュージアム。 (A4.)squashAccepted07/06/20228
ふおゝりんふおゝる (とりぴよ, Toripiyo)SnellyAccepted07/06/20224
野獣どもよ (平田義久 ft. KAFU)wannabedesirer555Accepted08/06/20224
カズヤとちとせのデュワーなレビュー (Hisafumi Oda and Saori Goto)LichtAccepted08/06/20225
イントロバイバイ (Intro Bye-Bye) [否め (Iname)]kumiAccepted08/06/20227
アナフィラキシー [栗山夕璃 (aka 蜂屋ななし)]RedAccepted08/06/20225
爆破して黎檬 (IDONO KAWAZU)StabberzAccepted09/06/20226
愛です。嫌いです。 (シグレ, Shigure)michuAccepted10/06/20225
酉九十 (yoursky/Yamada Daihachi)BluKirbAccepted10/06/20225
神匿 -カミカクシ- (佐々木李子)OSTAccepted10/06/20225
匂わせ探偵 (森羅万象/Shinra-Bansho)TrysAFrogAccepted11/06/20224
偽典 (TsuBaki)TErraAccepted11/06/20225
蝶 (柴田淳, Jun Shibata)Dream WorldsAccepted11/06/20223

2022 request period 3: 7 August – 13 August

綴目 (蜂屋ななし, Hachiya Nanashi)hs08Accepted07/08/20224
ジュブナイル (R Sound Design)FortabtAccepted07/08/20224
あたしのギター (siinamota)julesAccepted07/08/20226
愛ト茄子ト平和ナ果実 (SaiB)Charles DomeryAccepted07/08/20226
エレクトロニック・ハートビーツ (thus)BBAccepted07/08/20228
ノアノア (Iyowa)thetooncrewAccepted07/08/20225
ココロ (Kokoro Sagara)liztigerAccepted07/08/20225
僕はダミー (Uplift Spice)RunixzanAccepted07/08/20224
深層トワイライト (森羅万象, Shinra-Bansho)thebeanconsumerAccepted08/08/20225
ハイファイガールHD (Kagome-P)JiangshiAccepted08/08/20225
ドウズ (林田匠 (Takumi Hayashida))LangostaAccepted08/08/20226
しかしなにもおこせない ~ Hero’s ChallengetulanhchanhAccepted08/08/20226
インペリアルボーイ (R Sound Design)koenkuiper12Accepted08/08/20225
クラスで一番人気のあの子は校舎の裏で人を殺した (mao sasagawa)rainerAccepted08/08/20224
それでもこのままの思考でありたい (Dobuno Awa)sinist3rblahAccepted09/08/20224
アイシテ (とあ (Toa))boopAccepted10/08/20226
ヘリシュコール (ive)monomonopierrotAccepted10/08/20225
GOZOKLAMB (暁Records)Juce GuildezAccepted10/08/20224
ソラゴト (ASU, ポリスピカデリー)zeAccepted11/08/20225
くうはく (Kei Sugawara)MalphurAccepted11/08/20223
ジュリエット (JUDGEMENT)C.Accepted11/08/20223
crazy eyes (岸田教団&The明星ロケッツ)iPhoenixAccepted11/08/20224
浅き夢見し、酔ひもせず (ridil)conngoc9Accepted11/08/20223
治者の斜塔 (ふる, Furu)ノストラダムスが来たぞAccepted12/08/20226
濁るイノセント (ピクド/picdo)Panda + keserarhythmAccepted12/08/20225
蛇 (虻瀬犬/abu-se-ken)sugariestsugarAccepted13/08/20226
Gravity Float (efs)NyanyaAccepted13/08/20224
Ash (Aftergrow)YasukiAccepted13/08/20224
神様、俺を、怪物を。(Abuse)Anon IITranslation exists13/08/20229
KANDI PIXEL Z (TORIENA)deanAccepted13/08/20224
Riverside Moon (はちみつれもん/Hachimitsu-Lemon)VengeanceAccepted13/08/20222
檻の中の** (凋叶棕)mozitreAccepted13/08/20226

2022 request period 4: 25 September – 1 October

境界で鏡面 (Clock over ORQUESTA)TemperaAccepted25/09/20226
邪​神​の​婚​礼​、​儀​は​愛​と​知​る​。 (Imperial Circus Dead Decadence)TogoAccepted25/09/20227
灰色少年ロック Producer: スズムykaAccepted25/09/20226
夜が降りてくる (Crest)exiterchoAccepted25/09/20227
Flowery Girl (Onsen Project)OliveAccepted25/09/20223
月夜に殺して (SOUND HOLIC)AyaAccepted25/09/20224
ロストトレイン (higma)wahAccepted26/09/20224
ほしふりの果て 極東史記より (あさき)ささきAccepted26/09/20227
◀︎◀︎ (是)starAccepted27/09/20222
no risk (aguagu11)CecilAccepted27/09/20224
七転罵倒 (しーくん)RedAccepted27/09/20226
純愛イミテーション (Chocolate Lolita)KurorenkaAccepted27/09/20225
少年とプリエスト (nyanyannya)SaryuAccepted27/09/20225
No limits (TUMENECO)TErraAccepted27/09/20224
明日のフォークロア (べちべる)clickitycursorAccepted28/09/20228
Ziqqurat (Yunosuke)h4nak0sak4m0toAccepted29/09/20225
In Your Eyes (Osanzi)amarilisnautic39Accepted29/09/20224
マニア (asanuko)dinokun540Accepted29/09/20224
ツカエ (蔭拍子/Obergi Shmpchi)JellyfishAccepted29/09/20224
孵化 (Akashic records)CasptuwfnnuwsngvlAccepted01/10/20225
PARIS GREEN (Masa Works Design)tapeswormsAccepted01/10/20227
めんへらーめん (ぺぽよ)TheThreeFishAccepted01/10/20227

2022 request calendar


  1. Hello once again! Here’s a really really belated thanks for translating my last request and I’m so glad you enjoyed the references to other VOCALOID songs on Blood Feud!!

    Song info: Tsukae (ツカエ)
    Artist/Producer: 蔭拍子 (Obergi Shmpchi / アネモネ / オバジ・シュンプチー)
    Listening link:
    Take care and thank you for all your hard work!!


  2. Hello Releska! This time I’d like to make a somewhat unusual request. See, the song I want to request was also released with a short story, and I’d like to know if you’d be okay with translating it too. It’s relatively short at seven pages, I’ll link you the text so you can take a look yourself.
    Title: 少年とプリエスト
    Producer: nyanyannya
    Short story:

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello! Thanks for the request (^_^) I’m happy to take on the song but I’ll have to say no to the short story at this stage.

      Like with the protodisco extra text (which I’m hoping to start in the next month), I’ll think about this again later on once I get through some more of these requests. Either way, I’ve taken a copy of the PDF!


  3. HI!!! WHAT’S UP?
    I want to request this band again:
    Title: 邪​神​の​婚​礼​、​儀​は​愛​と​知​る​。
    Artist: Imperial Circus Dead Decadence
    Album: 狂​お​し​く​咲​い​た​凄​惨​な​骸​は​奏​で​、​愛​お​し​く​裂​い​た​少​女​は​聖​餐​の​詞​を​謳​う​。

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hi, I hope you’ve been well! I hope the indication of who is singing what in the lyrics site isn’t too confusing. I’ve always found songs that are like back and forth dialogue or where each singer is singing different lines at the same time to be really fun!
    Song info: 境界で鏡面 (Clock over ORQUESTA)
    Lyrics link:
    Additional info: Related to 午前六時のブギウギ (which you translated before)
    Album: Clock over ORQUESTA First season BATTLE Vol.02 天馬 六華【agitato - アジタート -】(yes, the official title listing is long…)
    Full version:
    Short version (official upload):

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello, and welcome! I can’t take on your request yet because they aren’t open yet – but if you come back and leave another comment between 25 September and 1 October I can add it to my list!


    1. Sure thing! I’m excited to look at this one, too – I love Shinra-Bansho’s music, but haven’t had the chance to look much at their original tracks…


        1. Hi – I’m happy to change your request, but I also took a copy of the Shinra-Bansho lyrics soon after you requested it, so I still have them! Let me know what works best for you.


  5. hello releska. I want to change my request. It seem that there are people translating Inorai, probably they will translate 月華蝶 sometime. So I want to change my request to this song:
    title: ネイティブフェイス
    artist: TsuBaki
    Thank you in advance

    Liked by 1 person

  6. since my request is in april, i want to request the song that i requested before changing it to the current one
    title 檻の中の**
    artist 凋叶棕
    a review/interpretation of the song on garakuta:


  7. Heya, i noticed that requests from April can also do another request, so i was wondering if i could add another request? 🙂

    Song info: Riverside Moon (Artist: Hachimitsu-Lemon / はちみつれもん)
    Lyrics link:
    Album: Light Night Beat 4
    Additional info: (Lyrics are also posted in one of the comments)


    1. Thank you for your comment! I’ve been looking after myself and playing a lot of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 to destress…

      Unfortunately I’ve already got a request from you on my June list, so I can’t take this one on until September. I’ll leave the comment here so you can come back and remind me of it when requests reopen


  8. hello! thank you very much for all your hard work!! this song was one of my favourites when i was younger, and i finally managed to grab a copy of the cd recently! its lyrics feel quite short, so hopefully its a relatively easy request from me for once n_n;; i had to scan the lyric book for it, but i think the picture quality turned out pretty good!!
    title: KANDI PIXEL Z
    artist: TORIENA
    album: FAKEBIT
    music video:


    1. oh no i forgor to say i hope you have a nice week 💀 i hope you have a nice week lol!! and that the weather where you live has been good! thank you again!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s okay!! Thanks for the request, I hope you have a great week too (^_^) The weather’s been a bit unpredictable where I am, going from rainy to sunny. Hoping to get some warmer, nicer weather as spring approaches here…


    1. Welcome and thanks for your request! I’ve added it to my list. I’m a big Aftergrow fan so I’m looking forward to translating this. Take care (^_^)


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