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Requests open

Requests are closed.
They will reopen on 2 May.

Current request schedule:
#3: May 2-8
#4: June 20-26


Request a song. Please leave a comment with information, including a link to the lyrics. Leave your handle if you’d like a Twitter notification, too!

Boost someone else’s request. You can use your request slot to raise the priority of someone else’s request.

Change your request at any time, as long as its status isn’t ‘started.’ If your request is already translated, you might want to change your request.

I will complete requests out of order depending on difficulty. Requests are ranked on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the least difficult. If I forget to add your request to the list, please remind me at any time!

The spam filter on WordPress sometimes overreacts and thinks genuine comments are spam. If you don’t see your comment, please leave another comment with no links or Japanese text.

Dance Dance Decadence (PV text only)SaryuStarted15/11/20207
OGRE (utsu-p)shishikusasTranslation exists15/11/20207
夢のおわりに (秋の空)mr.deagleAccepted15/11/2020??
御掃除しましょ (Abuse)Cinnamon KittyAccepted15/11/20207
No.39 (ナナホシ管弦楽団)IdanAccepted16/11/20207
karashina (A_II)ติด🐬🐙 เกินไปล่ะAlready translated
(but I’d like to try
deciphering the first part)
追跡逃避思考に見る少女Nの寂寞 (Kaoru Brilliance)Anon IIStarted19/11/20206
エンドマークパーク (いゔどっと)mnStarted20/11/20206
過呼吸ダンス (NashimotoP)Masa FanStarted21/11/20206
ネヴァーランド (Akashic Records)boopAccepted21/11/20208
dannarsi (CHOCO BABY)Sun FlowerAccepted31/01/20217
白昼夢 (幸祜)TemperaStarted31/01/20214
ホストレシピエント (thus)BBAccepted31/01/20216
Angelic Symphony (Hiromi Sato)ApricotAccepted31/01/20215
Rabbit-僕の中の君- (Mikito-P)Little duckAccepted31/01/20215
檻鶴姫 (Mitsuki Nakae)Kuu MajinStarted31/01/20214
拝啓、御前様 天城あくるDream WorldsAccepted31/01/20215
九龍飯店 (Masa Works Design)TapewormAccepted31/01/20217
Master Champion (Shiori Godo)kouchu1992Accepted31/01/20215
Orthodoxia (Guchiri)monomonopierrotAccepted31/01/20216
虹色の絶望 (Nanamil)KitkatAccepted01/02/20215
Tell me the Rebellion (GET IN THE RING)KalarzAccepted01/02/20215
Sayonara Bye Bye, Mata Itsuka (N-buna)PerfectPastelBlueAccepted01/02/20216
コヨーテ (John)ToshiAccepted01/02/20215
絶望的希望の喜劇的tragedy (adstlaxy)luciAccepted02/02/20216
孤独に咲け (Ashizawa Saki) KoogStarted02/02/20214
スパークガールシンドローム (Hinata Electric Works)Anon IIAccepted02/02/20216
龍刻の彼方へ (彩音)Way DumeStarted02/02/20214
ディジーディジー (蜂屋ななし)RedAccepted03/02/20215
クーネル・エンゲイザー (電ǂ鯨)dalasAccepted03/02/20216
エイトリアム (R Sound Design)FortabtAccepted03/02/20216
知路の先に (TUMENECO)Juce GuildezAccepted03/02/20215
猛獣 (John)ChloeAccepted03/02/20216
或世界消失 (柊マグネタイト) + Extra text)Frenz Fregnier + Jako NIARStarted (Will take a while)05/02/202110
Bloody Mary (†Fanatic)pikoAccepted06/02/20216
ki ki kai kai (sasakure.UK)Spicy jelloAccepted06/02/20216
ゴシップ (OSTER Project)MelinythAccepted06/02/20215
永醒夢 ~Ei Sei Mu~ (A-One)zamAccepted06/02/20215
感傷 (Sound Cyclone)Strawberry RubyCompleted06/02/20214
自己採点 (午後ティー)mnAccepted06/02/20215
ワスレナグサ (はちみつれもん)edscissorAccepted14/03/20214
神を屠る星 (Fire Emblem)TemperaAccepted14/03/20215
パープルハイプ (栗山夕璃)hs08Accepted14/03/20217
ロストアンブレラ (稲葉曇)PlynAccepted14/03/20216
うろちょろ (meiyo)KirAccepted15/03/20213
虚構のアリア (SOUND HOLIC)iPhoenixAccepted15/03/20214
かわらぬおもひ (でんの子P)IdanAccepted15/03/20214
エレクトロスフィア (DuronSpitfire)_Luna_Accepted15/03/20216
Beginner’s Dive (Poplica*)KoogAccepted15/03/20214
〇月×日ずっと (ただのCo)keserarhythmAccepted15/03/20215
スプリンガーロケット (Shinra-Bansho)SitiAccepted16/03/20216
METAMORPHOSE (Powapowa-P)anonymousAccepted16/03/20213
百鬼蛇行 (家の裏でマンボウが死んでるP)SaryuAccepted16/03/20218
二者択一 (kairo)tramdottreAccepted16/03/20216
蜜を嗜む (一二三) + video textJoulupukkiAccepted17/03/20217
憂鬱 (TOOBOE)Accepted18/03/20213
親愛なるあなたは火葬 (Abuse)Cinnamon KittyAccepted18/03/20217
ル・ポワゾン (黒色すみれ)DoppelgangerStarted18/03/20212
空蝉 (solcluster)be beAccepted19/03/20214
ソノリティ (R Sound Design)koenkuiper12Accepted19/03/20215
ないだらけ (Kedarui)FLCLAccepted20/03/20215
Go!!Go!!Undead!!!!! (BOOGEY VOXX)KaleivalAccepted20/03/20217
フライングヒューマノイド (oQ)starAccepted20/03/20215
Girl (空音)MickeyAccepted20/03/20217

2021 request calendar


    1. Hi! That’s not a problem – you’ll just have to come back and remind me once requests are open and I’m happy to consider and add one to my list (^_^)


  1. Hey! I think I submitted a request while they were open, but it might’ve gotten caught in the spam filter? It believe it was for a Hachiya Nanashi song.

    Thank you as always! ^^

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I found it! Sorry about that, I’ll go through later on and put it on my list where it should be (^_^)

      I get hundreds of spam comments so I normally do a bulk search for comments with the word ‘request’ when searching for ones to rescue.


  2. Hello, Releska-San! I want to inform you that’s there’s an English translation for Dota Bata Fiesta. Is it acceptable if I want to change my request? It’s okayy if you can’t


  3. Thanks again for your work on my requests!
    Here is my current request:
    Song: ワスレナグサ (Forget-me-not)
    Circle: はちみつれもん(Hachimitsu-Lemon)
    Links: (original) (with Aftergrow)
    Lyrics: I found 2 links, not sure which one is correct:歌词:ワスレナグサ(はちみつれもん)

    Thanks in advance.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. hello! Hope 2021’s treating you well, or at least a bit better than 2020 ^^;

    Could I request Hachiya Nanashi’s newest release?
    Title: パープルハイプ/Purple Hype
    Artist is Hachiya Nanashi under his new pen name 栗山夕璃/Kuriyama Yuri! (Presumably the name he’ll use for his own vocals, like Hachi with Kenshi Yonezu.)
    Lyrics: (In the video description)

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Hi!
    I currently have an accepted request from November. Since one request period has already, is it okay to request another song?

    Let me know if I should wait.
    I’ll post the song’s information just in case:

    Title: かわらぬおもひ
    Artist: でんの子P
    Official MV:

    Not my usual taste, but the production is great, and the rap vocals are perhaps the best I’ve heard in any Vocaloid song (although I haven’t heard too many).

    Thank you for your efforts!


  6. Hello! Thank you so much for all the hard work and I hope you’re having a great day!!
    Song: Beginner’s Dive
    Artist: Poplica*歌词:Beginner%27s_Dive


    1. Thanks for your comment! I’m sorry but you’ve already got a request from February [Telecaster B-Boy, テレキャスタービーボーイ] and I haven’t started it so you’ll need to wait until next time…

      I can drop that request if you’d like to boost 青春劇 though!


  7. Hello lad.
    I missed the last request period so i might as well.
    Since spring is coming real soon, let’s request an untranslated Lily White rearrangement, shall we?

    Song: スプリンガーロケット
    Album: Synchro 3
    Circle: Shinra-Bansho

    To be honest with you, i wanted to request 革命のbullet. Unfortunately, no one posted the lyrics yet, not even YouTube comments, so that will get delayed until someone posts the lyrics and my next request period starts.

    Also, can’t wait for the upcoming Shinra-Bansho x COOL&CREATE collab album, especially KETTA RATTA. Might request those if 革命のbullet doesn’t have its lyrics posted yet.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Hi, you said that people whose request was started could make another. I assume the same goes for finished ones? I’ll leave the info there and just ignore it if it’s not time yet.

    Song: 百鬼蛇行
    Album: 百鬼蛇行
    Circle: 家の裏でマンボウが死んでるP
    Lyrics:エルモア's comment)

    It’s the sequel to Rehabilitation, the Organisation for Restoring the Dignity of Demons, and it also ties in with the Festive Monster’s Cheerful Failure manga. The comment includes some on-screen text, but it’s missing some info plaques that I’d like to to translate. The timestamps for them are 0:28-0:45-1:00-1:53-2:08-2:22-2:40.

    I know you had some trouble with differentiating speakers while translating Rehabilitation, and now there’s also a narrator… I found it difficult to tell them apart in your last translation, because sometimes one of the characters would speak with quote marks and sometimes without. Maybe you could pick one for quote marks, one without and have the narrator speak between dashes. Or have the narrator speak in normal text instead of the italics you normally use for the English parts.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the request! And that’s right – same rules apply for finished requests, so I’ll add this one to my list.

      I’ll think about a better way to present the speakers too – whether it’s text colour or formatting, I’ll find a way to make it work. Your suggestions are helpful too so I’ll take them on board…!


  9. my request last time was started, so i can make another request, cant I? if it’s not, then let’s save this for later 😀
    anw, thank the person boost my request, i didnt meet much people interest in kairo’s song 😀
    Song:  二者択一
    Circle: kairo
    Album: Will the living corpse have dream of tomorrow?
    Lyric scan:
    Thank you for accepting my request!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the comment (^_^) My intention was for that to only count requests that were ‘Started’ before the request period opened up, but because my wording wasn’t clear I can add your new one for this time only!

      I can only add it if you find a way to transcribe the lyrics or put them in some form of copy-pastable format. Sorry about that T_T


      1. I retyped lyric here, I did a double check on everything and it look right to me, but i will put scan here, just in case

        Thank you for adding my new request this time!

        錆びて古びた物も 大事につかっていたで
        float down gently from the sky

        笑ったその数だけ 皺も増えてった

        見えない事から 逃げたりして

        怒ったその数だけ 皺も増えてった
        これから 静かに
        形が残るように 終わらせよう
        今 目を閉じる
        float down gently from the sky


    1. Btw I forgot to say that I wanted to boost Frenz Fregnier’s request.
      And it would be really good if you can translate even the additional texts

      Liked by 2 people

  10. Hello again Releska, I have another song I would like you to translate. Thank you so much for doing the last one.
    Title: 空蝉
    Artist: solcluster
    Album: N/A

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Hey. Had a hard time deciding on a short notice, but I kept coming back to this I guess.
    Title: Go!!Go!!Undead!!!!!
    Vocals: BOOGIE VOXX
    Music: 田中じゅんじろー
    Lyrics: BOOGEY VOXX, 田中じゅんじろー

    (lyrics are in the pinned comment)

    (… you may ignore similarities to singers you’ve translated before. If needed, I can switch for something else)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s right! For just this time, though (^_^); It was originally meant to only cover requests with a rank of 4 or under, but it ended up covering requests that are boosted too (like your January request)

      I’ll change my wording around next time around, so you got your request in just in time!


      1. Oh, okay. May Releska forgive me. 😦
        Then I want to request a completely new syudou`s song. Even if someone manages to make a translation, I will not redo the request. ^^
        Title: へべれけジャンキー
        Artist: syudou
        Vocal: syudou
        Lyrics: in the video description

        Liked by 2 people

        1. hi, i’d like to replace my valis request to boost this one (へべれけジャンキー) if thatd be alright! i came to replace mine with it one as well lol. ill request the valis one again next request period 😀 thanks a bunch!!

          Liked by 1 person

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