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Requests close

Requests are open! You can request if you requested in April or if your name is not on my list.
Thanks for your support!

Request schedule:
3: August 7-13
4: September 25 – October 1


How to request

When requests are open, please leave a comment in the following format:

Song info: Title (Artist)
Lyrics link:
Additional info: Listening link, etc.


Boost other requests

You can use your request slot to raise the priority of someone else’s request.


Change your request

You can change your request at any time if its status isn’t ‘Started’.

If a translation exists, or if your request is on another list, please let me know if you would still like me to translate it.

I may reject a request if I don’t feel comfortable translating or posting it.

Important info

  • Requests are ranked based on difficulty and time required. I can translate anything ranked 4 or below in a single sitting. Anything ranked 5-10 will need more than one sitting.
  • Comments may be sent to the spam filter. Please check back and leave another comment with no links if I miss your request.
  • Lyrics with ruby text do not copy properly to my word processor and will not show up as intended in the translation.
  • I will remove the original lyrics and/or romanisation if it goes against the wishes of the artist. Read this post for more details.

Vocaloid Lyrics Wiki issues have now been resolved, with many thanks to Chilli for developing a script! (GitHub link)
[Thank you Akino too!]

2022 request period 1: 17 April – 23 April

清姫道成寺 (deadball-p)julesStarted17/04/20228
オーヴァークロック (Neru)eriberryStarted17/04/20227
迦楼羅の読書 (IDONO KAWAZU)Toasted BreadAccepted17/04/20227
恋人形 (Diao ye zong)mozitreAccepted17/04/20227
CLUB KAMIKAZE (-Masa Works Design-)tapeswormsAccepted18/04/20227
ワガママ ONE DAY! (暁Records)ChevyAccepted18/04/20229
Datte (Yuyoyuppe)irisukyoukoTranslation exists18/04/20225
麒麟が死ぬ迄 (Yuu Miyashita + Tsumiki)beepboopAccepted19/04/20226
リバシブルドール (wowaka)keserarhythmAccepted19/04/20227
HARROW (MILGRAM) Anon IIStarted19/04/20225
一丁目ゆきみ商店街 (Yukkedoluce)hohoang041020001052Accepted19/04/20226
フェイクリブート (田中B)ノストラダムスが来たぞCompleted19/04/20224
ハイロウ瑪瑙 (煮ル果実)JiangshiAccepted19/04/20226
GURU (Jin)Charles DomeryAccepted19/04/20228
藍才 (Eve)MahAccepted19/04/20225
弦 (koyori)Steve MasonAccepted19/04/20227
なんでなの!? (RatioP)cc0Accepted20/04/20227
オオギリーツアー (appy)Accepted20/04/20226
Weather Report (Heavenz)dinokun540Accepted20/04/20225
no title (Cokesi Processor)amarilisnautic39Accepted21/04/20225
カナリ (INE)starAccepted22/04/20225
アイスよりも甘い想い (RainP)h4nak0sak4m0toAccepted23/04/20225
LAST DANCING QUEEN (Meme in Wonderland)VengeanceAccepted23/04/20225
umbrella girl (colate*)kazzychanryuAccepted23/04/20226

2022 request period 2: 5 June – 11 June

廃した少女は、這い寄る混沌と邂逅す。 (Imperial Circus Dead Decadence)Hippo/Chook + JoulupukkiBoosted05/06/20228
フォックスバレット (Liz Triangle)operationsxzAccepted05/06/20225
zoku -俗- (東方事変, TouhouJihen)alycorisinvalleyAccepted05/06/20228
なになに (DECO*27)vNxghtlAccepted05/06/20225
ぐちゃり (SLAVE.V-V-R)AkinoAccepted05/06/20227
Protodisco video textSaryuAccepted05/06/20226
ながいきの神様 (きくおはな, Kikuohana)ClickityCursorAccepted05/06/20223
ドナドナ (feat. 鏡音リン) (708/残響P)Iguana-sanAccepted05/06/20225
Emotive issue (オカメP, OkameP)actuallyasrielAccepted06/06/20224
魂の高座 (Fire Emblem: Three Houses OST)TemperaAccepted06/06/20223
ハングリー・ハングリー (KAMURA)HikoichiAccepted06/06/20226
あなたビクニン (REISAI)TeaAccepted06/06/20224
臨時放送 (Abu-Se-Ken)skipAccepted06/06/20225
leila (空彩観測。)exiterchoAccepted06/06/20225
エレファント・インザ・ミュージアム。 (A4.)squashAccepted07/06/20228
ふおゝりんふおゝる (とりぴよ, Toripiyo)SnellyAccepted07/06/20224
ころんば4号とORIGAMI-I Robot-ishは珈琲が飲めない (DS_8)x4yq_0Accepted08/06/20223
野獣どもよ (平田義久 ft. KAFU)wannabedesirer555Accepted08/06/20224
カズヤとちとせのデュワーなレビュー (Hisafumi Oda and Saori Goto)LichtAccepted08/06/20225
イントロバイバイ (Intro Bye-Bye) [否め (Iname)]kumiAccepted08/06/20227
アナフィラキシー [栗山夕璃 (aka 蜂屋ななし)]RedAccepted08/06/20225
爆破して黎檬 (IDONO KAWAZU)StabberzAccepted09/06/20226
愛です。嫌いです。 (シグレ, Shigure)michuAccepted10/06/20225
酉九十 (yoursky/Yamada Daihachi)BluKirbAccepted10/06/20225
神匿 -カミカクシ- (佐々木李子)OSTAccepted10/06/20225
Thorn (Matrica)TrysAFrogAccepted11/06/20223
月華蝶 (inorai)TErraAccepted11/06/20225
蝶 (柴田淳, Jun Shibata)Dream WorldsAccepted11/06/20223

2022 request period 3: 7 August – 13 August

綴目 (蜂屋ななし, Hachiya Nanashi)hs08Accepted07/08/20224
ジュブナイル (R Sound Design)FortabtAccepted07/08/20224
あたしのギター (siinamota)julesAccepted07/08/20226
愛ト茄子ト平和ナ果実 (SaiB)Charles DomeryAccepted07/08/20226
エレクトロニック・ハートビーツ (thus)BBAccepted07/08/20228
ノアノア (Iyowa)thetooncrewAccepted07/08/20225
ココロ (Kokoro Sagara)liztigerAccepted07/08/20225
僕はダミー (Uplift Spice)RunixzanAccepted07/08/20224
深層トワイライト (森羅万象, Shinra-Bansho)thebeanconsumerAccepted08/08/20225
ハイファイガールHD (Kagome-P)JiangshiAccepted08/08/20225
ドウズ (林田匠 (Takumi Hayashida))LangostaAccepted08/08/20226
しかしなにもおこせない ~ Hero’s ChallengetulanhchanhAccepted08/08/20226
インペリアルボーイ (R Sound Design)koenkuiper12Accepted08/08/20225
クラスで一番人気のあの子は校舎の裏で人を殺した (mao sasagawa)rainerAccepted08/08/20224
それでもこのままの思考でありたい (Dobuno Awa)sinist3rblahAccepted09/08/20224

2022 request calendar


      1. That’s okay, even if there are already translations out there I’m still happy to have a look at this one! R Sound Design is great, I’m looking forward to translating this one


    1. Hello! Thanks for your request. As was the case with a comment by someone else, the new app I tried using to manage my WordPress stuff deleted the text in your comment when I approved it…

      Could you send through the request again? I’m sorry again!


      1. Oh man :))
        Ok, so i want to request this song しかしなにもおこせない ~ Hero’s Challenge in new rd album 𠷡. It is a remake of しかしなにもおこせない which you have translated before. I have marked the difference of two version in here

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Thanks for your patience! I’ve added your request to my list. Thanks for making the differences between the two version clear as well – that will save time when I translate it!


    1. Hello! Thanks for your comment. I’m so sorry, I tried using a new app to manage my WordPress stuff and when I approved your comment in the app it deleted all the text…

      Could you send through the request again? I’m sorry again about this


  1. Thank you for translating my previous request. It’s great to finally see what the lyrics are for a song I’ve enjoyed for a long time and I’m hoping you could translate another Shinra-Bansho song.
    Listening Link:
    Arrangement: kaztora
    Vocals: あよ (Ayo)
    Lyrics: Caral
    Original Theme: ミストレイク (Mist Lake)
    Thank you again for all the work and time you put into translating and I can’t wait to see the next translation.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for your comment! I’ll have to think about it, it looks like you and Chook have the same IP address which suggests you might actually be the same person… 😦


      1. Oh, I knew you’d notice. The fact is that Joulupukki is my close friend, and she wrote this message from my phone. As proof, I can send you photos of our passports. I swear, we didn’t mean to deceive you! 😦


  2. Hello, Releska-san! I’m back!

    Here is the song I am requesting for translation:

    Song: ジュブナイル – Juvenile
    Artist: R Sound Design
    Singer: R Sound Design
    Lyrics: It’s in the description of the video.

    And yes, this is another song of his that has the color blue and mentions a city. I feel like it’s his theme already.

    A small note: I tried to sing this, which made me try to transliterate the Japanese into romaji. What I found out is that there may be a part of the lyrics where the kanji has a mismatch between what it’s transliteration is and what it is sung as. I believe it’s “以降” of the lyric “以降は全て懐かしむだけさ”. I don’t know how it affects the translation though, and I don’t believe that this is the first time he has done this. I noticed a similar thing with an old song of his, 1224online.

    Anyway, thank you! 😀


    1. Hello! Welcome back and thanks for your request. It’s nice to have some more R Sound Design on my list, I love the city and blue vibe.

      I’ll keep an ear out for 以降 when I listen back to the song and make sure I reflect how it’s sung in the romanisation…

      Thanks again and take care 😀


    1. Hello! Requests are closed but please come back when they’re open (early August, keep track using the timer at the top of the page). I’ll be happy to take your request then!


  3. Hello, I would like to change my request to HARROW. It has an official translation already, but some parts are hard to understand. The lyrics are in the description.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hello again!
    Is it alright if I change my request? I’ve finally found the lyrics for this one!

    Title: ぐちゃり
    Artist: SLAVE.V-V-R
    Lyrics link:
    Listening link:

    The description of the video may provide some insight to this song, though I only put it through DeepL and I wasn’t really even able to recognize if it relates to the song at all…? It seems really quirky! Either way, I wish you good luck with it and have a nice day! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. All good! I’ve updated my list with your new request. Even from just a quick look at the lyrics it seems like a very quirky song, I’m looking forward to translating it. Take care!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for the request! The lyrics link you provided leads to another song – but I was able to find the lyrics to the one you requested online.


  5. hi!! here’s a song from one of my favorite producers, also this my first time requesting so i hope i’m doing this right lol, thank you on advance!
    Song Title: イントロバイバイ (Intro Bye-Bye)
    Producer: 否め (Iname)
    Vocals: v_flower, 蒼姫ラピス (Aoki Lapis)
    Lyrics links:
    Song Link:

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello! Welcome and thank you for your request (^_^) Unfortunately I received an access denied link when I clicked on the lyrics link… Everything else is perfect though!


        1. That’s okay! Thank you, I’ve taken your version with the lyrics and romanisation separated and nicely formatted. (I’ve decided to use Chilli’s script more for the Vocaloid Lyrics Wiki lyrics, but the version you provided will save me a bunch of clicks, I appreciate it!)


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