Tag: ぬゆり (nulut)

  • シルバーツインズ || SILVER TWINS

    Vocals: flower, 可不 (KAFU)Lyrics: 栗山夕璃 (Kuriyama Yuuri)Composed by: 栗山夕璃 (Kuriyama Yuuri), ぬゆり (Nulut)Upload date: 10 October 2022

  • vivid a

    vivid a Vocals: flower, 歌愛ユキ (Kaai Yuki)Lyrics: ぬゆり (nulut/Lanndo)Composed by: ぬゆり (nulut/Lanndo)Upload date: 5 March 2021 Requested by: FLCLWatch the official video on YouTube!Watch the bis version on YouTube! There’s an interesting phrase in this song: もう一回は一度切り (mou ikkai wa ichido kiri). If you took it literally, you’d get something like ‘you only have one…

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