METAMORPHOSE Vocals: GUMILyrics: ぽわぽわP (PowaPowa-P) Composed by: ぽわぽわP (PowaPowa-P)Album: ぽわぽわーくす (Powapoworks)Release date: 27 April 2013 Requested by: anonymous 毎日毎分毎秒君に会いたいと願ってるよ量子の海 指 なぞって今日も必死にそう願うんだ mainichi maifun maibyoukimi ni aitai to negatteru yoryoushi no umi yubi nazottekyou mo hisshi ni sou negau nda Every day, every minute, every secondI wish to see you.I trace my finger along a quantum… Continue reading METAMORPHOSE

窪園チヨコVSメカ窪園チヨコ || Kubozono Chiyoko VS Mecha Kubozono Chiyoko

窪園チヨコVSメカ窪園チヨコKubozono Chiyoko VS Mecha Kubozono Chiyoko Vocals: 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku), 鏡音リン (Kagamine Ril)Lyrics: ぽわぽわP (PowaPowa-P)Composed by: ぽわぽわP (PowaPowa-P)Album: alpaRelease Date: 1 February 2012 Requested by: CosmoGarden Something interesting to note: your interpretation of the first two stanzas will change depending on whether you interpret lines two and three as separate statements or as one long… Continue reading 窪園チヨコVSメカ窪園チヨコ || Kubozono Chiyoko VS Mecha Kubozono Chiyoko

インマイヘッド || In My Head

インマイヘッドin mai heddoIn My Head Vocals: 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku)Lyrics: ぽわぽわP (PowaPowa-P)Composed by: ぽわぽわP (PowaPowa-P)Album: コケガネのうた (Kokegane no Uta)Release Date: 6 March 2013 Requested by: DalasQuil 君と地平線に陽をつけたコンビニ 100円のライターでウィスキー 飲み干して見える境目の縫い目の乱れはやがて▽に kimi to chiheisen ni hi o tsuketakonbini hyaku en no raitaa dewisukii nomihoshite mierusakaime no nuime no midare wayagate sankaku ni I set fire to you and… Continue reading インマイヘッド || In My Head