窪園チヨコVSメカ窪園チヨコ || Kubozono Chiyoko VS Mecha Kubozono Chiyoko

Kubozono Chiyoko VS Mecha Kubozono Chiyoko

Vocals: 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku), 鏡音リン (Kagamine Ril)
Lyrics: ぽわぽわP (PowaPowa-P)
Composed by: ぽわぽわP (PowaPowa-P)
Album: alpa
Release Date: 1 February 2012

Requested by: CosmoGarden

Something interesting to note: your interpretation of the first two stanzas will change depending on whether you interpret lines two and three as separate statements or as one long sentence. In the long version, the one to gather up the pieces is ‘you’ instead of ‘me.’

きっと このまま壊れたかけらをあつめていつか
塗りつぶしてくれ 痛むんだ

aoi enogu ni oboreru yume o mita
kitto kono mama kowareta kakera o atsumete itsuka
nuritsubushite kure itamu nda

I dreamed I was drowning in blue paint.
At this rate, I’ll gather all the broken pieces someday.
Paint over me, please! I’m aching.

そっと このまま溢れたかけらをあつめてやがて

akai enogu no tosou wa hagarete sa
sotto kono mama afureta kakera o atsumete yagate
haritsukikete kure yo

The coating of red paint comes unstuck.
Gently, like this, I will eventually gather up the overflowing pieces.
Stick them together, please!

丸めて 蹴飛ばしたら
はじまる おわりがくる
こわれたら挨拶をしようよ ほら

marumete ketobashitara
hajimaru owari ga kuru
kowaretara aisatsu o shiyou yo hora

When you lump it all together and kick it away
it begins—the end comes.
Once we’re broken, let’s greet each other. Come on!

君 の脳細胞

haroo, moshi moshi, hajimaru yo
kimi no nou saibou
kikai shikake no kamiawanai gia mo

Hello, are you there? It’s starting.
Your brain cells,
which are gears that don’t mesh,
are the way they were before.

「ららら ららら」
誰かが 誰かが
あふれる その言葉

“rarara rarara”
boku wa utau yo
dareka ga dareka ga
nokoshita merodii o
nazotte wa nazotte wa
afureru sono kotoba
hajimaru pareedo wa
mou tomerarenai yo
boku wa mou kowarenai
dare nimo kowasenai
aruite iku

“La la la, la la la.”
I’m singing
a melody that someone
left behind.
I trace along its curves
and the words flow forth.
Once it’s started,
the parade can’t be stopped.
I won’t be broken anymore.
Nobody can break me.
I start walking.

インマイヘッド || In My Head

in mai heddo
In My Head

Vocals: 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku)
Lyrics: ぽわぽわP (PowaPowa-P)
Composed by: ぽわぽわP (PowaPowa-P)
Album: コケガネのうた (Kokegane no Uta)
Release Date: 6 March 2013

Requested by: DalasQuil

コンビニ 100円のライターで
ウィスキー 飲み干して見える

kimi to chiheisen ni hi o tsuketa
konbini hyaku en no raitaa de
wisukii nomihoshite mieru
sakaime no nuime no midare wa
yagate sankaku ni

I set fire to you and the horizon
with a 100-yen lighter from the convenience store.
I drank my whisky and could see it—
The unrest at the boundary’s seams
became a triangle in the end: ▽

戻れないね 戻れないね

famiresu mae de tabako no hi wo
fumichigitte suteta ano toki ni wa
modorenai ne modorenai ne
nante kugiritsuketa furi shite mita tte
kakimazete odoru rokisonin sa
gingami machigatte kuchi ni fukunda

I stood on my lit cigarette
and threw it away in front of the family restaurant.
I can’t return. I can’t return.
With those words, I wanted to pretend to put a full stop on things.
The Loxonin dances when it’s mixed in.
I held the aluminium foil in my mouth by mistake.

噛み砕いて 噛み砕いて

kamikudaite kamikudaite
shiketa michi de utau myuujishan sa

Crunch, crunch.
I’m a musician, singing on a hard path.

コンビニ 100円のライターで
ウィスキー 空になった瓶に

boku wa gosenfu ni hi o tsuketa
konbini hyaku en no raitaa de
wisukii kara ni natta bin ni
sunahama no kaigara tsumete
yagate wasureteku

I set fire to my sheet music
with a 100-yen lighter from the convenience store.
I cram seashells from the beach
into my empty whisky bottle.
I eventually start to forget.

躓いたって 躓いたって
愛してるって 愛してるって

kokyuuki ga yakareru kankaku to
te o totte odoru suteppu wa wan tsuu surii
tsumazuita tte tsumazuita tte
“boku ga tasukete ageru yo”
sumashi kao ne
madoraa de mawaru daisuki to
gamu shiroppu kuwawaru daikirai de
aishiteru tte aishiteru tte
shiketta kotoba utau myuujishan sa

With burning lungs
I take your hand and dance these steps: “one, two, three…”
Though I stumbled, though I stumbled,
“I’ll help you out!”
You looked so composed.
I love that drink when stirred
and hate it when gum syrup is added.
I love you, I love you.
I’m a musician, singing such soppy words.

うまくいかない うまくいかない

mukashi kara “furi” ga umaku tte
sore demo kakusenai koto mo atte
umaku ikanai umaku ikanai
sonde hen na odori odotte mitari

I’ve been good at ‘pretending’ since long ago
but there are some things I can’t hide.
It’s not going well. It’s not going well.
So, I thought I’d try dancing a weird dance.

目眩がした 目眩がした

shiwakucha na warutsu wa in mai heddo
te o totte odoru suteppu wa wan tsuu surii
memai ga shita memai ga shita
koronde kizu ga tsuita myuujishan sa

This crumpled waltz is in my head.
I take your hand and dance these steps: “one, two, three…”
I felt dizzy. I felt dizzy.
I’m a musician who fell over and injured themselves.