追憶のディテクター || Memory Detector

tsuioku no ditekutaa
Memory Detector

Vocals: Meramipop (めらみぽっぷ)
Lyrics: ticat
Arranged by: kaztora
Album: The Happy Egoist (シアワセエゴイスト) 【Official Site】
Circle: ShinRa-Bansho (森羅万象)
Event: C91
Original Theme: A Tiny, Tiny, Clever Commander [小さな小さな賢将]


This song just made me think of a swarm of mini-Nazrins, running around in someone’s head and digging up all their forgotten memories. How random…

Just like this, I’ve walked thousands of steps with you.
Our strides don’t match. Though I’m astounded, I still run.

Lies and truth are everything in memories.
Grumbling and sighs are the true signs of happiness.

Above a bow of colours,
I’ll cross over even that puddle of mirror glass.
It’s always the same. We hesitate
And listen to odd noises.

I crossed over an infinite sea and seized memories of the past,
Yet my pendulum still dances.
No matter how many times you get mad at me,
I guess you’ll forget all about it soon.

You were always flustered, and your days were full of failure.
I’m the only one who will remember the past you’ve forgotten.

You always smiled and acted tough. And with your hands,
You will tamper with the future I yearned for. So…

Two points crossed over the green sea touched by the morning dew.
Side by side, they hid something white.
They wrote it down in a notebook and left it behind.

Now, too,
I cannot touch those infinite fragments.
Even my pendulum laughs.
No matter how many times you cry,
I guess you’ll forget about it someday.

It would be better if the epilogue never arrives.
Still, things will begin to come to an end one day in the future.
God – I have but one prayer. Please answer it. Please…

The miracle you gave me makes even yesterday and today
Vanish into distant memories.

I kept following the tracks, thinking I could see my final destination.
Tomorrow, I’ll set off at high speed
Heading for the first station, a place not on any map.



Vocals: Ayo (あよ)
Lyrics: ticat
Arranged by: kaztora
Album: The Happy Egoist (シアワセエゴイスト) 【Official Site】
Circle: Shinra-bansho (森羅万象)
Event: C91
Original Theme: Hellfire Mantle [業火マントル]


I really love this track. Before translating the lyrics, I expected them to be nostalgic and happy. But, well… read on and discover for yourself!

I’m pretty sure it’s about Utsuho and Satori, but see if you can spot references to other members of the Subterranean Animism crew.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

I was still a childish weakling, just a hatchling.
I was pitch-black, covered in soot.
I gazed up at the sky above, and it was so ugly.
It spread out, as far as I could see.

A red-haired cat ran above a boiling pot.
I played tag with them and was scolded.
We played hide and seek, draped in curtains.
Laughter was so distant…

Your eyes were a wavering aurora in the far distance.
The world, which seemed to sparkle, was so far away. I couldn’t reach it.

This is what the Goddess said: “Do you want to see the sky?
I will make it so you can soar high…”
I could see to the very ends of the world.
It was just as the Goddess said.

With this splendid power,
I’ll make you happy next time, for sure.
So nobody will blame you or get in your way,
I’ll destroy everything.
I’ll destroy the whole world.


Suddenly, the aurora rusted away and vanished. The rain fell without end
Even though I grew so strong, even though I wanted you to smile…

I had the same third eye,
But I couldn’t see anything at all.
I’m so sorry.
My feathers are still soot-stained. I’m still weak.

I’m still a weakling, beneath the ugly sky.
I’m pitch black and covered in wounds.
What did I think about as I lived through each day?
I can’t remember anymore.
I don’t understand.

In the end, the aurora began to dissolve away. Everything vanished…
No matter how far I walk, I’ll never forget that day.

Subterranean rose.
Even the Goddess won’t reach this place.
I will become the sun
And I’ll build a rainbow, too.

The sky is right here.

シアワセエゴイスト || The Happy Egoist

shiawase egoisuto
The Happy Egoist

Vocals: Ayaponzu* (あやぽんず*)
Lyrics: kaztora
Arranged by: kaztora
Album: The Happy Egoist (シアワセエゴイスト) 【Official Site】
Circle: ShinRa-Bansho (森羅万象)
Event: C91
Original Theme: White Flag of Usa Shrine [お宇佐さまの素い幡]


[26/03/2017: Minor numerical update in final stanza]

Watch the official video on Youtube here!

Like usual, kaztora takes what sounds like a peppy pop song and gives it odd, profound lyrics that make you question the meaning of life.

Originally, I thought the title would be translated as something like ‘Good Fortune’s Egoist,’ but having had the chance to look through this song, it looks like Tewi’s happiness is the thing that’s being stressed here.

Overall, the song seems to take place at two levels – Tewi is an ordinary girl who just wants to be happier than everyone else, but she also appears to play the role of the fabled ‘rabbit of happiness.’ Like a rabbit, happiness is easy to spot but hard to catch, and it can hop away at any moment…

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

“Ready… set…!” I wish I could spend my time smiling
But today, I just fussed over nothing again.
With a leap, leap, leap, I hopped away.
I guess everyone experiences it.
I just can’t stop
At simply soothing people!

You can’t just say where happiness is
Since it doesn’t have a shape of its own.
But being told this and that
From over there, from here… How bothersome!

For whom? For what?
The rabbit leaps, but nothing special happens
Because the world was created to be
And unconditional, unequal, and unfathomable place.

Perfect apathy won’t awaken democracy.
They’re just unaware of the essentials.

“1, 2, 3!” I wish I could spend my time smiling,
But reason and intelligence get in my way.
With a leap, leap, leap, I hopped away.
I should just forget
About all the stuff around me.
I’m a happy egoist, happier than anyone else!

Floating on top of a petri dish—
That’s happiness. It’s that sort of thing
So look, you should just wish, bearing grand feelings.
But now, which one are you?

Sensitive words surge forth,
But they don’t fulfil you. Without waiting, you continue on.
You have this and that, but still…
“It’s not enough! I want more!”
I guess that’s what you’d say?

It’s simple! I’ll raise a revolution in the world
And blast common sense to the wind.
With a leap, leap, leap, I hopped away.
Isn’t just that enough?
Why not change your perception?
I’m a happy egoist, greedier than anyone else!

( This isn’t bad!
( It’s pretty normal.
( Do you get it?
( It’s not over yet!

I wanna be happier than you, than them,
Than everyone else!
Forcing myself, standing on tiptoe, stretching out my hand…
No matter what I do, I’ll never reach it!

(3, go!)
1, 2, 3! They’d like to spend their time smiling.
Even common happiness is fine.
What’s the average of millions of happinesses? Everyone wants more than that. (1)
Is it right to define the theory of happiness in that way?
After all, it’s just talking about someone else.
Occasionally, the rabbit of happiness
Says bye bye – farewell!
Though you give chase, look! She’s getting away! La la la…

_ _ _ _ _

(1) 1億万 [ichiokuman] is literally either 100 million or 100 million multiplied by 10 thousand. 100 million is a significant number, as it is roughly the size of the Japanese population. [Reference]

天国地獄大地獄 || Heaven, Hell, Avīci

tengoku jigoku daijigoku
Heaven, Hell, Avīci

Vocals: Ayaponzu* (あやぽんず*)
Lyrics: kaztora
Arranged by: kaztora
Album: The Happy Egoist (シアワセエゴイスト) 【Official Site】
Circle: Shinra-bansho (森羅万象)
Event: C91
Original Theme: Flower of Soul ~ Another Dream… [魂の花 ~ Another Dream…]

Requested by: Sea


I didn’t even need to look at the album’s website to know that the lyrics to this song were written by kaztora. They have such a… distinct lyrical style. If azuki’s lyrics are a heartening, full-course meal, kaztora’s lyrics are red hot chilies. They’re just so spicy.

Anyway, 大地獄 [daijigoku] is contrasted with plain old 地獄 [jigoku – Hell]. ‘Grand Hell’ sounds a bit weird, so I went a bit further and used Avīci, which is apparently the lowest level of Hell.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

How frustrating, how frustrating!
I am unaware of the revival of my spirit.
To think that I loved you,
Who I left behind…

Advance, take a look, then retreat!
When I realised it, I was in Higan.
You called out to me, but who are you? Hah.
Court is now in session!

Okay – Heaven or hell? On top of that, there’s Avīci.
Who lives? Who dies? Their voices fly about (Ran ran raran).

You put on a virtuous face and lived with all you might.
So what? This is my deliberation:
Do it once more and continue onward.

60 years. 60 years.
With everything on the line, I spun round and round.
I hear your nostalgic voice.
I loved you…

As seen in the Great Leap Forward and the Taika Reform,
Greed is ultimately justice.
Even if it tears me apart,
I’ll tell you…

Okay – Heaven or Hell? On top of that, there’s also Hades.
Who lives, and who dies? I can’t hear! (Ran ran raran).

I don’t give a damn about love. Don’t be vague with me!
Who cares, anyway.
The angry roars fly past in unison.

Heaven, Hell, Avīci. How about the first one?
(Heaven, Hell, Avīci.)
Heaven, Hell, Avīci. How about the second one?
(Heaven, Hell, Avīci.)
Heaven! (Hell!) Heaven! (Hell!)
Heaven, Hell, Avīci. Ah!
Which one?

So, Heaven or Hell? I’d better decide soon.
Who falls, who ascends? I can’t weigh it up. (Ran ran raran.)

There are fine virtuous people, and terrible villains…
But the only ones I can’t stand are liars.

Alright – court is back in session. Merciful criminals, this way, please.
This is it: your final trial. There’s no more after this. (Ran ran raran.)

Okay – innocent or guilty? Or maybe even false charges?
Who cares, anyway.
You know, only God knows
The mischievous judgements of fate.