魔法をかけて || Cast a Spell

mahou o kakete
Cast a Spell

Vocals: IZNA
Lyrics: IZNA
Arranged by: NSY
Album: Pleasure Virgin (悦楽バージン) 【Official Site】
Circle: touhoujihen (東方事変)
Event: Autumn Reitaisai 1 [ARTS1]
Original Theme: Locked Girl ~ The Girl’s Sealed Room [ラクトガール ~ 少女密室]

Requested by: yen

今宵 こそは 決める

koyoi koso wa kimeru
hadaka ikkan ni
roobu mo nugisute
motte umareta
afuredasu sainou toshite
saa, mou ichido
mahou o kakete

Tonight, I’ll decide for sure.
I’ll be stripped bare
and I’ll throw off my robes too.
I’ll stake the overflowing talent
that I was born with.
Now, once more,
cast a spell.

痛い程 疼きだす

awaku wasureta hazu no kono retsujou
itai hodo uzuki dasu
onegai hoshii mono wa iwazumogana
airaku o kudasai

I should have forgotten this fleeting lust
yet it aches, it hurts so much.
Please—I don’t need to tell you what I want.
Give me pleasure.

今宵 こそは 決める

“gomen” to nando mo ubu o enjite mite
koyoi koso wa kimeru

Saying “sorry” countless times, I try on my naive act.
Tonight, I’ll decide for sure.


hosoi kubisuji
shitasaki hawasete
mieru? mienai no?
mameden de terasu kurai no
sou, kibou nara wasuresasete

I let your tongue
crawl along the nape of my slender neck.
Can you see? Can’t you see?
It’s like things are lit up with beads of light.
Yes, I’ll make you forget if that’s what you want.

恥じらいも 躊躇いも
忍ばずに 吐き出して

hito sore zore ni motsu konomi ya iro
hajirai mo tamerai mo
onegai watashi dake no kono karada ni
shinobazu ni hakidashite

Everyone has their own likes and lusts
and their own shyness and hesitation too.
Please, for just me, vomit them into my body
without concealing yourself.

自分 ばかり 責める

shiranai aida ni
konna ni ookiku natte
jibun bakari semeru

Without realising it,
you had grown so big.
All I do is blame myself.


datte, imasara
nageite mo shou ga nai
yatte yararete
mainichi ga okeiko

After all, it’s too late.
Though I grieve, there nothing I can do.
I do it, and others do me.
Each day is training.


shiroi ichamon mo kuchi ni fukumasete
ikeru? ikenai no?
genkai yo! mou, hayaku shite
tokenai mahou o kakete

I keep those white criticisms in my mouth.
Can you come? Can’t you?
I’m at my limit! Hurry up!
Cast an unbreakable spell.

馬と骨 || Horse and Bone

uma to hone
Horse and Bone

Vocals: IZNA
Lyrics: IZNA
Arranged by: NSY
Album: Pleasure Virgin (悦楽バージン) 【Official Site】
Circle: touhoujihen (東方事変)
Event: Autumn Reitaisai 1 [ARTS1]
Original Theme: Tomboyish Girl in Love [おてんば恋娘]

Requested by: yen

The title of this song is based on a proverb: 馬の骨 (uma no hone). It’s a derogatory term used to talk about someone whose origins are a bit shady. The idea behind the proverb is “the bones of a horse are useless and too large to dispose of. In the same way, this person is useless.”

The title of this song, however, replaces の with と. I think this changes the meaning just a little – the speaker might be the ‘horse’, and the person they’re talking about might be the ‘bone.’ The ‘bone’ is useless to them, but it’s hard to throw them away because they’re such a large part of their life.

落ちては 只溶けゆく

sobofuru yuki no gotoshi
ochite wa tada tokete yuku
yatto kizuita takadai wo
aa buzama ni kuzusareru

It falls then melts away
Like snow, drizzling down.
The high ground I created at last…
Ah, you tear it down in an unsightly manner.

結局 其れをしては

kekkyoku sore wo shite wa
kinou to onaji dane, to
tsukai mawashita iiwake wa
mada yaburareru koto naku

In the end, you did that
Just like you did yesterday.
Those well-worn excuses
Haven’t been breached yet.

トドメは生憎 持ち合わせていないの?

nando mo suguha wo ategau dake de
todome wa ainiku mochiawasete inai no?

You just keep furnishing your blades with suguha (1)
And you shy from the killing blow. Don’t you have one?

今の私 言葉を捨てて

surechigai kaiwa ni tameiki
mou nani mo omoidashitakunai no
ima no watashi kotoba wo sutete

I sigh at our disagreements.
I don’t want to remember anything anymore.
Now, I’ve cast away words.

憖 深みは幾重に(あぁ)増してゆくだけで
答えは生憎 持ち合わせていないの?

namaji fukami wa ikue ni (aa) mashite yuku dake de
kotae wa ainiku mochiawasete inai no?

Your thoughtlessness is many-layered. (Ah…) It just keeps growing.
You shy from giving answers. Don’t you have any?

喩えれば So早熟

tatoereba So soujuku
yukikau hito no naka de
yatto kidzuita kono shomou
imada mitasareru koto naku

Speaking figuratively, yes—it ripened too early.
Among the people, going to and fro,
I realised what I wished for at last.
It hasn’t been fulfilled yet.

(1) A suguha is a type of visual effect (刃文 – hamon) created on a Japanese blade. It is a common, straight hamon. For more information, visit this site. It is possible that this stanza is a metaphor, describing the arguments the speaker has with their lover.

今更ながら。 || Though It’s Too Late.

imasara nagara.
Though It’s Too Late.

Vocals: IZNA
Lyrics: IZNA
Arranged by: NSY
Album: Pleasure Virgin (悦楽バージン) 【Official Site】
Circle: Touhou Jihen (東方事変)
Event: Autumn Reitaisai 1 [ARTS1]
Original Theme: Crimson Tower ~ Eastern Dream [紅楼 ~ Eastern Dream…]

Requested by: yen

I first tried translating this track about 2 and a half years ago. I got as far as the first stanza and gave up, so I’m glad I was able to pick it up again and have another look at it. When I read these lyrics, I think about someone living an unhappy life in an apartment.

I’ve started dreaming about the win.
whatever happens to my life.
hear the voice of someone says this way.
“Still it is never too late to dream”


kizukai mo ikichigai mo
sonna konna de fukureagatte
nami konomu gyuu meshi wo
tairagete kurau, sora miredo

Worries and misunderstandings
Make me grumpy.
I line up the beef that I like
And eat it up, though I gaze up at the sky…

ピル飲んで ビルの上

piru nonde biru no ue
nanda kanda de midarechatte
tameiki ga araamu kawari ni ii

I pop a pill at the top of the building
And I get upset over something or other.
Instead of an alarm clock, a sigh is good.


tsugou yoku tenohira de
odorasare ikasaretemo
nobody kizukanakerya
sore de ii no ka
yume ga kanau to shitaraba

We’re conveniently made
To dance, to live upon someone’s palm.
Still, if nobody notices
Are things okay like that?
Even if, say, our dreams come true…

傷が疼きだす 本当今更に
捏ちの夢なんて 見たくない筈なのに

kizu ga uzuki dasu hontou imasara ni
nechi no yume nante mitakunai hazu na no ni

My scars begin to ache. It really is too late
Though I shouldn’t even want to have fake dreams…


kumiai no kassai ni
“douse owari da” tte futekusarete
yagate kuru eikyuu wo nazoraete hajiku, nante yaa yo

When everyone applauds,
I get sulky and say “It’s over. So what.”
Comparing eternity, which will come at last, and flicking it away feels wrong.


furikaeru mi no karuma
ten to ten ga ne o-atsuraemuki
arifureta karui noveru sanagara

This is the karma of one who looks back:
This point and that point… they’re just right!
It’s just like in those trite light novels.


fuhitsuyou na ikichigai wa yareba ii
tsugou yoku tenohira de
odorasare ikasaretemo
nobody kizukanakerya
sore ga kotae da
yume ga kanau to shitaraba

I should just kill those unnecessary misunderstandings.
We’re conveniently made
To dance, to live upon someone’s palm.
Still, if nobody notices,
Then that’s the right answer
If, say, our dreams come true…

I’ve started dreaming about the win.
whatever happens to my life.
hear the voice of someone says this way.
“Still it is never too late to dream”


shinrabanshou wa chiri yuku sadame to
kimi ga matsu ashita e to
omoi wo haseru waga mi

I think deeply
About the fate of all things to disappear
And about the future, the world after death that you await.

メイドノミヤゲ || A Good Memory

meido no miyage
A Good Memory

Vocals: IZNA
Lyrics: IZNA
Arranged by: NSY
Album: Pleasure Virgin (悦楽バージン) 【Official Site】
Circle: Touhou Jihen (東方事変)
Event: Autumn Reitaisai 1 [ARTS1]
Original Theme: –The Maid and the Pocket Watch of Blood [メイドと血の懐中時計]

This song actually has a really clever title. When written as 冥土の土産, it’s a set phrase meaning ‘a good memory [to take with you when you go to the afterlife],’ but when written as メイドの土産, it means ‘the maid’s souvenir/present.’ I ultimately went with the first one because I thought that was more appropriate for the lyrics, but the second one is also a valid title since the title is written in katakana. Honestly, it’s rare to find titles that are that clever.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

見上げた陽射しホラ、美しい 後には退けぬ私はそんじょそこらへんの

miageta hizashi hora, utsukushii ato ni wa hikenu atashi wa sonjo sokorahen no

I looked up, and the sunlight was so lovely. I’m anywhere – I can’t turn back again.

落としたナイフで指を切った こんな日に限って「痛いわ。」
分かってる大きなモノにだって巻かれたって 時代は廻る

otoshita naifu de yubi wo kitta konna hi ni kagitte “itai wa.”
wakatteru ookina mono ni datte makareta tte jidai wa mawaru

I cut my finger on the knife I dropped. I’ll say it hurt, but only on a day like today.
I know what it’s like to be enveloped by something big – the times go ‘round and ‘round.

生命の始まり なんだか面映い人模様
どんな望みさえきっと忘れない 後には退けぬ私はそんじょそこらへんの

inochi no hajimari nandaka omohayui hito moyou
donna nozomi sae kitto wasurenai ato ni wa hikenu watashi wa sonjo sokorahen no

My life has begun. I’m human-shaped and somewhat self-conscious.
I will never forget my wishes. I’m anywhere – I can’t turn back again.

あの秒針が0に戻った時に もう二度と会えなくなるから
両眼こじあけて君を見届けるのだ 大丈夫?ちゃんと笑ってね

ano byoushin ga rei ni modotta toki ni mou nido to aenaku naru kara
ryoume kojiakete kimi wo mitodokeru no da daijoubu? chanto waratte ne

When the second hand returns to 0, we won’t be able to meet again
So I’ll wrench my eyes open and look at you. Are you okay? Make sure you smile!

分かってる秘めてた大それた願い事 聞いて飽きれるわ

tonari no ao shiba adeyaka ni surinukete iranai nani mo
wakatteru himeteta daisoreta negaigoto kiite akireru wa

We slip through our neighbour’s lush green grass. We don’t need anything!
I know – when you hear the outrageous wish I’ve kept hidden, you’ll be bored.

どんな結末にも今日は泣きません 後には退けぬ時間を 逃さないでよ honey

donna ketsumatsu ni mo kyou wa nakimasen ato ni wa hikenu jikan wo nogasanaide yo honey

No matter what the outcome is, I won’t cry today. Time won’t turn back afterwards, so I won’t let it go, honey!

窓の外、空こんなよく晴れた日は あぁ君に会いたくなるから
この満身を全部捧げたいのだ 本当にイッショになりたい

mado no soto, sora konna yoku hareta hi wa aa kimi ni aitaku naru kara
kono manshin wo zenbu sasagetai no da hontou ni issho ni naritai

On days when the sky is so clear outside my window, aah… I want to see you again.
I want to offer up my whole body to you. I truly want to become one with you…