Mind Scientist

Mind Scientist Vocals: KAITOLyrics: 新城P (Shinjou-P)Composed by: 新城P (Shinjou-P)  Release Date: May 21, 2012 Requested by: Plyn This was an interesting one – I couldn’t quite determine whether the ‘body’ spoken about in the song is the speaker’s or their beloved’s. Because of this, I kept it generic to keep both options available. 孤独な僕が 唯一信じる 色んな器材 寄せ集めた資料… Continue reading Mind Scientist

Imperfect Rook

Imperfect Rook Vocals: KAITOLyrics: 新城P (Shinjou-P)Composed by: 新城P (Shinjou-P)  Release Date: October 28, 2012 Requested by: Plyn 闇の底一人歩いている君 一度は柩に身体囚われていた こころには血染めの 海が見える そんな彼に魅かれた yami no soko hitori aruite iru kimi ichido wa hitsugi ni karada torawarete ita kokoro ni wa chizome no umi ga mieru sonna kare ni hikareta You are walking alone in the depths… Continue reading Imperfect Rook