エピック・リカバリー || Epic Recovery

epikku rikabarii
Epic Recovery

Vocals: Ayaponzu* (あやぽんず*)
Lyrics: ticat
Arranged by: kaztora
Album: Synchro (シンクロ) 【Official Site】
Circle: Shinra-bansho (森羅万象)
Event: C92
Original Theme: Extend Ash ~ Person of Hourai[エクステンドアッシュ ~ 蓬莱人]

(Unofficial) English translation only.

Requested by: Siti

I, the honest one, am at fault? As if!
It all depends on right and wrong as seen by you, the fraudster.
With such a weak flame, an annoying firefly light,
life can’t be fully burned
never, never, no matter when.

This is a struggle to the death.
I was mad from the start.
Surely both you and I
will never die.

That’s right. Resurrection.
Someone sneers. Only the phoenix will fly and pass on
so this is a circle of transmigration.
Life won’t revolve around me forever.
(Luu… la la la la luu la) Eating temporary life,
(Uuu… la la la la luu la) my demon bares its fangs.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime test of courage. I go astray
and steal away an irreversible life.
More and more… come on, demon, follow the sound of my clapping!
Even with vision stolen away, it can’t be concealed.

“Die and apologise.”
That sort of trash is nonsense. Such a phrase won’t spread.
An unreasonable demand. The unchanging past and future.

Now, resurrection!
Grieve and laugh. Only the phoenix is shot and falls.
The song of life pauses and ends. I can no longer hear it.
(Luu… la la la la luu la) Meetings and partings repeat
(Uuu… la la la la luu la) and only one person remembers.

I reached out countless times to a secret
and tasted destruction that sneers at life.
I’m going to steal everything away.
If I can return once more, then perhaps I’ll choose.
Even if I’m wounded, and even if it was only for a short time,
Ah… I wanted to live.

I rush to death again.
Even without hurrying it along, it will come. Yes, let me believe…
I can’t stop the path of fate that was chosen.

(Help me…)
Ah, resurrection.
Without arriving anywhere, I have no place to belong.
Even if this future is one I mourn and is different to the one I wished for…
(Luu… la la la la luu la) I can’t see what comes next.
(Uuu… la la la la luu la) Inaudible screams
(Luu… la la la la luu la) won’t reach the world’s end.
(Uuu… la la la la luu la) Who killed the phoenix?
(Life and death)
Who made me a lone phoenix?
I killed them.

(1) 火鳥 (hitori) is used for ‘Phoenix’ here, in contrast to 火の鳥 (hi no tori) used earlier. 火鳥 is pronounced the same as 一人 (hitori – alone).

Last danceR

Last danceR

Vocals: あよ (Ayo)
Lyrics: みゅい (Myui, previously known as Caral)
Arranged by: kaztora, Hedonist
Album: カリスマ煉獄天神 (The Charismatic Purgatory Goddess) 【Official Site】
Circle: Shinra-Bansho (森羅万象)
Event: C98
Original Themes: –The Shining Law of the Strong Eating the Weak [輝かしき弱肉強食の掟]
Prince Shoutoku’s Pegasus ~ Dark Pegasus [聖徳太子のペガサス ~ Dark Pegasus]


The lyrics are basically just a bunch of verbs strung together, yet they’re effective and seductive. And yes, I’m almost certain that this song is a parody of Billie Eilish’s ‘bad guy’. I didn’t realise how much I missed kaztora’s parody tracks until I heard this!

If you’d like to support Shinra-Bansho and buy a digital copy of the album, just search “Charisma Rengoku Tenshin” in your local Google Play or iTunes store! (If they sell it in Australia, they should sell it pretty much everywhere else…)

Black… staring and polishing your fangs, all twisted inside. It’s you at your death.
You’re dancing in a shower of honey.

I’m hunted, hired, made to bite and then ensnared
(I win, I win, I win, I)
and pitifully exposed.
Outlandishly stripped bare, blocked, and pinned down…
(You lose, you lose, you lose, you)
How beautiful yet repulsive. Why don’t you?

I flap my black, impatient wings
(Deep in, deep in, deep in, deep)
and go grandly to destruction.
With tremors thrilling through me, I fall to ruin again tonight.
(Falling, falling, falling, down)
I feel a strange pain. I’m crazy for you.

How shameful. They appeared from the shadows.
They pierced my skin and surged through me. I don’t miss you.

Jammed into me, they traced along me and flowed.
(Take in, take in, take in, take)
This is the beginning of worship.
I’m cut, minced fine, and expected to be a sacrifice…
(Made of, made of, made of, made)
I prowl in my slumber.

It’s there, so colourful in my strong, dazzling eyes…
(Into, into, into, into)
Everyone approves.
This world is an ugly battle for survival
(Battle, battle, battle, but)
between the hot-blooded Trinity.

I ache. Kissing…

Enveloped, invited in, touched by affection, then dissolved…
Thrusting, being sipped at, and with lips coupling…
Teasing, being teased, heading to the nectar’s depths…
My tongue touched love’s harmonic voice.

How shameful. They appeared from the shadows. (1)

…I go wild.

I’m eaten at by feelings and sent mad by a parasite.
Screwed hard, I shoot a bullet.
I make them drink, mount them and embrace deep crimson.
The one dancing is the Last danceR.

(1) Ayo whispers this line, which appears earlier in the song, but it isn’t written in the original lyrics.

カリスマ煉獄天神 || The Charismatic Purgatory Goddess

karisuma rengoku tenshin
The Charismatic Purgatory Goddess

Vocals: あよ (Ayo), あやぽんず* (Ayaponzu*)
Lyrics: みゅい (Myui, previously known as Caral)
Arranged by: kaztora
Album: カリスマ煉獄天神 (The Charismatic Purgatory Goddess) 【Official Site】
Circle: Shinra-Bansho (森羅万象)
Event: C98
Original Theme: Tortoise Dragon ~ Fortune and Misfortune [トータスドラゴン ~ 幸運と不運]


Watch the official video on YouTube!

There are several definitions of 天神 (tenjin), but it’s likely that the one used here is the more generic one that refers to heavenly gods, in contrast with earthly gods. It can also be pronounced ‘tenshin’, and the official site’s URL suggests that this is how we should interpret it. This is further supported by the album’s Google Play listing.

I’m pedantic so I put ‘the’ in front of the title, but you can take it out if you’d like.

You can’t steal this world
by playing hard to get.
The weak and the strong co-exist and prosper.
In that case, it’s only natural:
Fight (fight) fight (fight) fighting for me.
I shall lead the way. You don’t mind, do you?
(Shivering in fear…)
Do you have any questions, lovely soldier of mine?
(Shivering in fear…)

There’s no need to worry.
Naturally, you will
face forward and charge single-mindedly. Fight, fight, fight, fight!

Notice, notice, notice, notice. Dance
till your bones ache.
Notice, notice, notice, notice. Dance
and offer flowers.
Notice, notice, notice, notice. Warrior,
tie yourself to me.
Notice, notice, no.
(I don’t mind useful tools.)

Ah, what a maddening talent.
(Notice, notice, notice, notice, notice, notice, no.)

The illustrious purgatory goddess, <goddess>
her history of mercy is plain to see. <mercy>
<Woh, woh> I’ll hold you close in Hell <Hell!>

The illustrious purgatory goddess, <goddess>
her tenacity is plain to see. <tenacity>
<Woh, woh> (I won’t let you go!) <Hey!>

More (and more) and more (and more). Please,
finish drinking up my charisma, with its clean aftertaste.
Don’t leave any behind! Is it good?

Burn, dragon! This is a demon’s snare.
<Burn, dragon! This is a demon’s snare.>
Dance, dragon! Become intoxicated.
<Dance, dragon!>
Become intoxicated and dyed with the colours of Hell.

Notice, notice, notice, notice. Dance
till your bones ache.
Notice, notice, notice, notice. Dance
and offer flowers.
Notice, notice, notice, notice. Warrior,
tie yourself to me.
Notice, notice, no.
You’re my slave.

Now, I shall grant you existence. Ah.
Notice, notice, notice, notice. Dance,
o vulgar people!
Ah, this love gone mad,
Notice, notice, notice, notice, notice, notice it. Well,
I want it…!

The illustrious purgatory goddess, <goddess>
her history of mercy is plain to see. <mercy>
<Woh, woh> I’ll hold you close in Hell <Hell!>

The illustrious purgatory goddess, <goddess>
her tenacity is plain to see. <tenacity>
<Woh, woh> (I won’t let you go!) <Hey!>

Not yet, not yet, not yet, not yet. You’re not
the vessel to receive the clean aftertaste
of my charisma. Will you serve me?

I’m the strongest, wisest, and best soul in the Animal Realm. My intelligence network is the envy of all.
I’ll launch a strike at the encamped troops, even at the weak point on their backs. Nobody will notice them marching from the mound.
There aren’t enough provisions for the battle that’s starting. Humans are valued for their utility. It doesn’t matter who, I want them all!
From the bottom of your heart, won’t you love me?

The illustrious purgatory goddess, <goddess>
her history of mercy is plain to see. <mercy>
<Woh, woh> I’ll hold you close in Hell <Hell!>

The illustrious purgatory goddess, <goddess>
her tenacity is plain to see. <tenacity>
<Woh, woh> I won’t let you go! <Hey!>

Ready, set, go! I’ll bewitch human nature.
<Woh, woh> (Offer me your love) <Love!>

The illustrious purgatory goddess <goddess>
with all her human sprits. <human spirits>
<Woh woh> I’m throbbing now! <Hey!>

Not yet (not yet) not yet (not yet). Please,
(More) and more (and more) and more. (Please,)
finish drinking up my charisma, with its clean aftertaste.
Don’t leave any behind!
Please love me.

ドラマティック膝栗毛 || A Dramatic Journey by Shank’s Mare

doramatikku hizakurige
A Dramatic Journey by Shank’s Mare

Vocals: あやぽんず* (Ayaponzu*)
Lyrics: kaztora
Arranged by: kaztora
Album: Synchro 2 (シンクロ2) 【Official Site】
Circle: Shinra-Bansho (森羅万象)
Event: Reitaisai 15 [RTS15]
Original Theme: Hiroshige No.36 ~ Neo Super-Express [ヒロシゲ36号 ~ Neo Super-Express]

Requested by: Siti


Translating the title was a little frustrating since the phrase “Shank’s Mare” means absolutely nothing to me. However, the title is a specific reference to a famous Japanese book, 東海道中膝栗毛 (shortened to Hizakurige), and that’s been translated as Shank’s Mare so I used that term to preserve the literary reference.

There are some articles out there that reference the book and its translation if you’d like to know more.

Incidentally, Shinra-Bansho seems to have dropped the capitalised R from their official branding, so I might drop it too. I really want to translate more Shinra-Bansho stuff…

The super express leaves dreams behind as its tracks.

Now, I will check everybody’s tickets.
This is the century’s greatest invention.
As long as I’m with you
there aren’t any walls in our way.

The journey is on schedule and going well.
Afterimages of the panoramic view are projected.
I will dive in
to the super-vivid blue sea.
The steam train runs with alternate dreams on board.
I wonder whose dreams they are?
‘Something certain’ advances toward the future.

I always find myself suddenly thinking
that life is like a train.
Immortality, so to speak, is an illusion—
we will arrive at the terminal station eventually.

Splitting Tokaido,
this madness continues. It stretches out forever, far into the distance.
“Ah, virtual princess
even your awareness is a fraud.”
I’m all dizzy now!

The train continues. With a bump and a crash, it carries dreams.
The boundary line blurs, playing a lovely discord.
“Mad illusion,” run, run!
There are 53 revolving mirage lanterns.

Twinkle, twinkle. A parabola was sketched out in binary.
It was so beautiful I sighed.
You said some words back then. When was it…?
Now, I’m not sure
if they were real.

One day, the steam train
went and leaped over all the lodgings.
It drew closer to the dream’s end.
Please, wait a bit.
It’s too fast for the credits to roll!
I haven’t shown you something dramatic yet!

Even so, the steam train runs along the tracks.
Our journey by Shank’s Mare through the modern world
was over too soon, to my surprise. Like that, everything will end.
“Still, surely”
The journey the two of us took
“will continue forever.”
It won’t end.
There’s still more to come.

There’s an announcement: we’re at the station.
Make sure to leave nothing behind.
Perhaps this warmth is the only real thing.

拝啓、100年後の私に。 || Dear Me, 100 Years from Now.

haikei, 100 nen-go no watashi ni.
Dear Me, 100 Years from Now.

Vocals: あよ (Ayo)
Lyrics: An
Arranged by: kaztora, かめ (Kame)
Album: Compilation CD-BOOK Touhou Manyoushuu (東方万葉集) 【Official Site】
Circle: ShinRa-Bansho (森羅万象)
Published by: Melonbooks
Event: C96
Original Theme: Child of Are [阿礼の子供]


Requested by: Koog

The crescent moon rises. In the dead of night, I take up my pen
I write up a fragment of illusions.
I took a peep from my small window and it was snowing.
The voices of loudly leaping fairies were echoing.

Planning another round of mischief
with wings rustling, racing through the garden and laughing—
My distant memories surfaced.

I remember your unfamiliar smile
like a deepening shadow.
My past, present and future selves stare at it.

Dawn breaks and I wake at noon.
The troublesome shades are not in the garden. There are signs of rain, melting the snow.
I embarked, paying no heed to the rain.
My heart’s flower began to bud.

When I rushed over, it was so suddenly.
When I hugged you, it was so tightly.
My frozen palms bear a tinge of warmth.

Petite fingers and an overlapping shadow—
“What happened?” you look at me.
The warmth I feel will someday become a mere record.

I’ll remember your usual smile
no matter how many seasons pass.
I will hold my expanding memories close and head for tomorrow.
I’ll keep noting them down in my album for the future.
We’ll be together even 100 years from now.
I’ll be able to find “my” heart every time.
I pass a treasure to the next “me.”

スパロウグロウ || Sparrow Glow

suparou gurou
Sparrow Glow

Vocals: あやぽんず* (Ayaponzu*)
Lyrics: ACTRock
Arranged by: kaztora, Ryoma Tsukui (津久井 龍馬)
Album: Synchro 3 (シンクロ3) 【Official Site】
Circle: ShinRa-Bansho (森羅万象)
Event: C95
Original Theme:
Song of the Night Sparrow ~ Night Bird  [夜雀の歌声 ~ Night Bird]


Requested by: Choosing Beggar

This is quite clever, since グロウ (gurou, glow) can also be interpreted as 愚弄 (gurou, mockery). So the title can also be interpreted as ‘The Sparrow’s Mockery’.

In the part where I wrote ‘It’s alsways misty’, ‘misty’ is written in English in the original text as ‘Mistiy’. It’s close enough to Mystia, but Ayaponzu* sings it as ‘misty’, which made me go with that instead. If you interpreted it as ‘Mystia’, that fragment would become “Mystia runs mercilessly, forever”.

A light lit up the surroundings. Chi chi-chi my maze…
It was the light still lingering in your eyes. I chased after it.
It’s hard to tell, but that glint will surely go out in the end.

It’s always misty. They run mercilessly. Footsteps resound at a prestissimo tempo.
I hear a persistent voice that I will never meet. Don’t get flustered yet. Looks like you’re going mad!

Please, don’t forget about the sparrow hiding in the shadows.
Come here without being misled.
Hey, it’s all non-fiction. You’ve just realised, after all.
Sparrow glow. I want to chase after love…

Why can’t you see? Chi chi-chi… why?
Don’t give up now, not so easily!
I can’t even see you with your back turned to me. You’re racing into the mist again.

Chi-chi-chi. Pitter-patter. Sparrow. Pitter-patter.
Chi-chi-chi. Pitter-patter. The sounds echo.
A maddening song continues.
A maddening voice continues too.
Forever, forever, forever…
“Hey, hurry and come to me!”

I can’t stand to leave you behind! Right, sparrow?
That twittering song is so lonesome.
The feedback is still a little quick. Just a little longer.
Sparrow glow. I want to chase after love…

Please, don’t forget about the sparrow lurking in the shadows.
Come here without being misled.
Don’t make me laugh anymore! I was calling all this time.
Sparrow glow. Ah…
To the song I rely on, and to the sparrow hiding in the shadows—
Don’t mislead me, echoing birdsong.
Non-fiction is all lies in the end, anyway.
Have you noticed? Before you can no longer turn back,
Don’t forget. Sparrow glow, the love you search for.

恒星を掲げた月曜日 || I Flew My Star on Monday

kousei o kakageta getsuyoubi
I Flew My Star on Monday

Vocals: あよ (Ayo)
Lyrics: ticat
Composed by: kaztora
Album: キラメキ居残り大戦争 【Official Site】
Circle: ShinRa-Bansho (森羅万象)
Event: M3-2018 Spring


Requested by: seaandhisramen

When talking about this song on Twitter, ticat had this to say:


“Because humans are weak, they cling to something, rely on something, envy something, blame something, and then give up. What was their true voice, which they seal away, crying? Would something change if they took another step? Still, if they fail… This song belongs to you, who know the conflict everyone bears inside.

I grip my pastels with all my might
and I cry at my broken crayons: “It’s someone’s fault!”
The colour pencils got shorter as they ran across the page.
Each time they pointed to the sky, I threw them away.

Though somebody was injured yesterday,
I didn’t call out in greeting.

So I, too, can say “I’ve grown!”
I conceal my true self, just a little.

And now I’ve become aware of the eyes of reality.
I thought my daily routine was so natural
but I can never get it back.
I flew my all-too-transparent star on Monday.
Tomorrow, and the day after—“Someday…”

My band-aids were supposed to hide my multiplying wounds.
I laughed and deceived others, saying “Nothing happened!”

The eyes of the masses? Of the spectators? Of some show-off?
That’s not it. Someone’s shouts
and those not-too-thick bandages
got used to my body before I knew it and sunk deeply in.
I wound up becoming aware of the tricks used by liars.
Like it was so ordinary, hands reached out: “Put this blindfold on…”
I was wounded too much. Any more, and—
I won’t hide it anymore. I flew my star on Monday. Ah…

The hands of the clock had reached 12. Even now, they’ve forgotten their purpose.
I think they’re broken. They just continued to dream.
That weeping was mine, in the distance.
Now, come alive! It depends on you, as you are now.
I’ll get stronger, as strong as the number of seconds that have passed by.
I hope I won’t be stopped by things like tears anymore.
In the end, I was the one who was scared. Ah…

In the end, I became aware of my real voice.
I don’t feel that it’s natural. Now, since then…
I tried my best and waved my legs in the air. I jump into the puddle. Still—
I had forgotten about my important crayons (feelings) all along
as well as my precious coloured pencils (memories), which I must have thrown away.
I won’t stop anymore.
There’s only a single one. It’s unshakable.
I flew my star on Monday.
Tomorrow, and the day after. Oh…

“Nice to meet you,” I guess.
Or, “So we meet again,” maybe.
I don’t know the answer
but it’s only a second into the future.

マヨナカトリップ || Midnight Trip

mayonaka torippu
Midnight Trip

Vocals: あやぽんず* (Ayaponzu*), あよ (Ayo)
Lyrics: Caral
Arranged by: kaztora
Album: 東方スチームパンク (Touhou Steampunk) 【Official Site】
Circle: ShinRa-Bansho (森羅万象)
Published by: Melonbooks
Event: C94
Original Theme: Greenwich in the Sky [天空のグリニッジ]


Requested by: Repudiator

I unfortunately had to make a lot of compromises with this translation, mainly because the main feature of the song (two vocalists completing each other’s sentences at times) absolutely does not translate well into English. I also can’t easily colour code anymore because of changes to WordPress. Boo.

Putting that aside, this track really does take you on a wild ride! I was expecting a little more narrative, but this is cool too.

I took a midnight trip to you that one day.

On the steam train, we make an iron decision.
As for mysteries, we vaguely love them.
I had a leaden vision within a dream
and I realised the answer. Are you ready?
We yearned for a mirage
and we drew closer to each other. What’s so wrong about that?
We disregard our disorderly sensibilities today
and play pranks under the moonlight.

Our hearts dance in this world
and explanations and dilemmas rush about (in a moonlit night.)
We were ready to face the world, though we could see cracks in time.
Honey, honey, my dream.
“Won’t you give me love?”

This action crosses the timeline
and we take a trip to reality.
I bounce from place to place together with you.
Be together dream. (Our…)
Dance in the dark. (secret…)
can’t be deciphered.
We’re still baby baby dolls.
We sensed each other
in a dream that we had that one day.
“Your captive.”

In a shadow taking form, I hide myself (dye myself)
I even stain my lips with bargaining.
From my window, I see two silhouettes lying on top of each other.
Let go… (Don’t let go…)
So, mistake…
Even if I awaken from this nightmare using the secret key, (Seems like it will be sent flying.)
That seized heart of mine was devoured.
Glazed from cassis-coloured lipstick (The smell of cassis is in the air.)
Let’s secretly trace around
the other side of the moon (of the stars)

The future’s close to ruined by now.
The glass overflows and my body falls (I fall.)
I want to be dyed the same shade as you.
Beneath a carnal sky, we kneel and feast.
Honey, honey, you know?
Just for me.

I don’t like you, with over. [1]
We go on a trip and elope.
Beneath the moon, I am with you.
We harmonise. (Our…)
We sing in the night. (secret…)
I won’t let go.
How much are you my baby, baby boy?
In the tail end of the dream
that we had someday,
We sensed each other that one day.

Let’s get this devilish dream started!
How thrilling—mad world rill, mad world rill…
Invited (Tenderness)
The mask of kindness
wanted nectar. The flower garden bloomed.
Ah… I am bound and imprisoned.
Unexperienced romance, ah!
For you and me? “Wow!”

This action crosses the timeline
and we take a trip to Heaven.
Fortune and life—when I’m with you,
We’re together in this dream (I want to show you…)
We dance in the dark. (myself)
As for revolutionary emotions, they are (Ah…)
something that’s neither truth nor lies (Pleasure)
I shall grant you aphrodisiac blindness.
Harmonise with— (We’ll always be…)
Sing in the night— (together.)
I won’t let go
so you’ll still be my baby, baby boy.
In the tail end of the dream
that we had someday,
We sensed each other that one day.
From beneath the moon,
let’s dance at midnight.
Trip with you!

[1] The original lyrics use IDL, which is apparently short for “I don’t like.”
[2] Mad world rill is a corruption of まわりまわり (mawari mawari – spinning ’round and ’round).

ぐりもあ。 || Grimoire.


Vocals: あよ (Ayo)
Lyrics: Caral
Arranged by: kaztora
Album: Synchro 3 (シンクロ3) 【Official Site】
Circle: ShinRa-Bansho (森羅万象)
Event: C95
Original Themes: –Romantic Children
Doll Judgment ~ The Girl who Played with People’s Shapes  [人形裁判 ~ 人の形弄びし少女]


Requested by: seaandhisramen

This song is absolutely full of love. Part of me wonders if Alice actually communicates with the one she loves, or if she’s just talking to a doll…

We stare at each other and we get closer.
Won’t you warm me to my heart?
I want to be even more honest.
I prepare to run into you
and every day will become so splendid.
I fell in love… *smooch*

You know, I can’t even do what I’m good at.
I get all flustered and can’t concentrate.
I want to say “good morning!”
Yet I sigh.
“You look cute today.” Saying such things,
You smile kindly.
Tell me, my doll…
I look downward.

I told myself all along
that if I had the power of magic
then anything would be possible.
I hid myself away.
We only just spoke but, well…
I wanted to see you and it hurt.
I broke into a run.
Hey… hey… I love you.

I love you, I love you. I felt a squeeze in my heart.
My right hand, which I held yours in… ahh, it’s all numb.
I wonder why my heart throbs so much.
The voice of my heart is heart-shaped.
I guess I can’t manipulate my feelings.
“Hide away…” …right?

I wonder what your favourite things are
and I’m in the same state as always.
The tricks of the trade aren’t written
in any grimoire…
It’s inevitable—I want to know.
I end up saying a few probing words…
No, no, no, ah, why?
You’ll hate me now…!

Still, when you’re by my side
I tell you things I can never say.
I really love you after all, I guess.
I want to tell you how I feel.
May my words reach you…! “I love you!”

If… oh if only we were alone together,
I’d want to spend some time in an illusion, at ease.
My imagination swells up and I can’t stop it.
I want to go and see you right away!
Still, well… hah. I won’t say it now.

With a trembling voice,
I said those words: “I love you.”
It’s not magic. My words are true
and they turn snow-white.
It’s enough to make me want to run away.
Hey, hey… do you love me…?

I tightly hold the flowers, which bloomed all at once.
To my warm heart, I say… “Thank you!”
We look at each other heaps and got closer.
Forever, from now on,
Won’t you be by my side?
Ah, I’ve gotten a bit used
to your hand, in my right hand. From it…
Love you, love you, love you… ♡
I can’t manipulate my feelings
so I’ll create wonderful memories
for just the two of us.
The voice of my heart is heart-shaped.
Every day will become so splendid.
I’m in love… *smooch*
La la la…

ははうさぎ || Mother Right Heron

haha usagi
Mother Right Heron

Vocals: あよ (Ayo)
Lyrics: ジョイフル (Joyful)
Arranged by: kaztora, かめ (Kame)
Album: Synchro 3 (シンクロ3) 【Official Site】
Circle: ShinRa-Bansho (森羅万象)
Event: C95
Original Themes: –The Reversed Wheel of Fortune [逆転するホイールオブフォーチュン]
Reverse Ideology [リバースイデオロギー]


Requested by: Repudiator
Watch the official video here!

Update (10/03/2019): Title updated to reflect the official translation available on the PV. うさぎ is intended to be interpreted as 右鷺. Various other adjuestments based on the PV.

This is definitely one of the standout tracks of the album, in my opinion. The music is so emotional, and the lyrics are just dripping with emotion, too. There are a lot of references to wildlife – the crow and the heron are fairly obvious, but I wonder who the rabbits are…?

Do you remember? You, as you are now, were born
in a world that was still a bit lonely and pristine.
(1) (2)
Like arrows, you fired the first cries reverberating through your heart. I felt something inexpressible.
Weakly grasping your fingers made me notice it.

You and I stood side by side. I wanted to be with you forever.
Yes—beneath the moonlight, the ‘right heron’ was smiling. I gently kissed you.

You were crying all alone. You looked so innocent. I did the best I could do to comfort you.
There are so many memories and shining stars. For being by my side, for being born—thank you, truly.

I thought things would stay like this forever
but as time passed, we began to misunderstand each other.

You were a contrarian. And like that, we got separated.
On the moon, the ‘right heron’ was… ah… so lonely. She sealed her words away.

You, in that impure place, continued to live contrarily. (3)
You became utterly corrupted.

Even so, isn’t that okay? You know, what’s important
is that you live while being true to yourself.

And thus, the two met again in this world. They spent their time together wordlessly. (2)
But, well… “Yeah, I don’t hate you.” Beneath the moon, look! The ‘right heron’ is smiling.

The beautiful heron stands among impurity. I will walk with you as far as I am able. (5)
As two birds, we will look up at the full moon then take off.
At birth, upon meeting, and at the end of it all—thank you, truly.

(1) The first line is written differently in the booklet compared to how it’s sung.
静寂とまだ穢れなき (quiet and pristine) is written, but 少し寂しいまだ穢れなき (a bit lonely and pristine) is sung.
(2) 地上 (chijou – the surface) is written, but 世界 (sekai – world) is sung.
(3) 地上 (chijou – the surface) is written, but 場所 (basho – place) is sung.
(4) 烏らしく (karasu rashiku – like a raven) is written, but 君らしく (kimi rashiku – true to yourself/like yourself) is sung.
(5) 烏 (karasu – raven) is written, but 君 (kimi – you) is sung.