Kouroumu 12 + Autumn Reitaisai 3 Roundup

This time around, I’m covering two events: Kouroumu 12 [K12, held on the 9th of October, 2016] and Autumn Reitaisai 3 [ARTS3, held on the 16th of October, 2016]. I don’t understand why they’re held so close together, but both events are too small to have their own pages, which is why I combined them.

Oh yeah, this isn’t related to the events, but according to Wani’s Twitter banner, he’s starting a new project in 2017. He hasn’t revealed any information yet, but it’s likely to have something to do with the single he released with monochrome-coat at C90. The official site is registered under ‘Knife,’ which will probably be the name of his new circle. It’s old-ish news, but I know there are some Sally fans out there who might be interested in a quick status update.

jihen-arts1. Touhou Jihen’s “Redemption” [贖 – ‘Aganai’]

[ARTS3] XFD || Official Site

I predicted last time that the last single in the Touhou Jihen 3-single project would be a Subterranean Animism single, but it looks like I was wrong.

But still, we finally get to hear NSY arrange some themes from Imperishable Night! I was really looking forward to the Sally Imperishable Night series, so this single kind of makes up for it. All three tracks are new, and they’re great. It also features Mooned Insect, which makes me happy.

A postcard featuring artwork from the three singles is also being distributed with this one, and it says that a new album is coming soon. I wonder what themes the album will showcase? Will it just be a compilation of the three singles that were released this year…? Or… could it be a Subterranean Animism album?

shinraeventonly2. Shinra-Bansho’s “The Milky Way’s Super Dream Gravity Star” [銀河超夢重力エトワール – ‘Ginga Chou-Yume Juuryoku Etowaaru’]

[ARTS3] XFD || Official Site

I’m always happy to see more Shinra-Bansho stuff. This single features an arrangement of Marisa’s theme along with an arrangement of ‘The Centennial Festival for Magical Girls.’ They sound great, but… it’s an event-limited CD. In other words, it’s not being sold at stores, so I’ll probably never get a chance to listen to it. It’s like the Liz Triangle single that was released around the same time last year.

Either way, I’ll translate the lyrics if kaztora posts them on Twitter, and I’ll keep replaying the crossfade demo until he decides to put these tracks on another CD…

cat-krm3. BUTAOTOME’s “The Cat’s Quiet Sleep Disc” [猫の安眠DISC – ‘Neko no Anmin DISC’]

[K12] XFD || Official Site

This is a piano-only album by Paprika. The songs on it were selected from a poll that was conducted a month or so ago. It features tracks from BUTAOTOME’s first 12 albums. It’s being advertised as an album to help you sleep, but… I don’t think that ‘To Death in Love’ [恋死に] will help you sleep. ‘Y’ is pretty up-tempo, too…

I voted in the poll, and my favourites [‘Pitch-Black Snow’ (真っ黒な雪) and ‘Y’] made it in, so I’m happy. I’m looking forward to the next volume of this collection, and I’m also looking forward to the next Comp x Paprika rap album! I was kind of expecting that to be released this year, but it looks like we won’t be seeing it until next year…

another-line4. TAMAONSEN’s “ANOTHER LINE EP”

[ARTS3] XFD || Official Site

This is a Chen album, and the second track is called ‘Chen Reaction.’ I… can’t believe nobody’s used that name before.

I don’t quite know how to describe it, but this EP has a different feel to it. The tracks seem… ‘dirtier’ than normal? Like, the album has a darker sound to it. I think it’s because it’s missing ill.bell. Anyway, there are only 6 tracks, but they’re 6 quality tracks.

casket25. Casket’s “Fest noz: reter 3”

[ARTS3] XFD || Official Site

It feels like Casket has been off the scene for a while, but they’re back with not one, but two new albums! It seems like both will have an Irish sound to them.

I can’t really judge the two albums since the crossfade demos haven’t been released yet, but I put this one above the other one because it features an arrangement of ‘Starry Sky of Small Desires,’ which nobody wants to arrange anymore.

Thanks, Casket.

casket16. Casket’s “Pribuskers 2”

[ARTS3] XFD || Official Site

The second Casket album. This one doesn’t have ‘Starry Sky of Small Desires’ on it, but it does feature arrangements of the Perfect Memento in Strict Sense tracks. If you’re an Akyuu fan, it seems like it will be worth a listen.

Hopefully Casket will arrange some tracks from Old Adam soon. I think their style would really suit it.

orchestra7. Takuan’s “Takuan Vol.2 feat. Touhou Project”

[ARTS3] XFD || Official Site

This is a relatively new group, specialising in orchestral arrangements of video game music. Their first album was a Kancolle album, but now we have a Touhou album. It mostly contains old favourites like Septette and UN Owen, but I like their sound. It’s refreshing to hear another live orchestral group, and it makes the wait for the next KOKYO album more bearable…

If you’d like to hear more from them, check out their Youtube channel!

hana8. [※論理について。] About Logic’s “Sensitivity to Flowers” [花のあはれ – ‘Hana no Aware’]

[K12] XFD || Official Site

I’ve never heard of this circle before, but I was quite impressed by the album’s demo. According to the official site, they haven’t released a Touhou album in a while, and this album just contains re-recordings of past tracks. They justify it by saying that the original album didn’t sell well, so there are probably lots of people who haven’t heard these songs before.

It features smooth male vocals, and it has sort of a Satellite Himawari-ish guitar sound. If you’re a fan of male vocals, it’s worth a listen.

aki9. GET IN THE RING’s “Aki -秋-” [‘Autumn’]

[K12] XFD || Official Site

Another GET IN THE RING album, another ‘A’ title. We’ve seen a few experiments in heavier genres like rock in the past, but this one sticks to what we’ve come to expect from GET IN THE RING.

It kind of reminds me of AQ, but I like the original themes used in AQ more, so I don’t think this is quite as good. Still, Mie sounds great, like usual.

dateless-steam-visions10. AramiTama’s “DATELESS STEAM VISIONS”

[K12] XFD || Official Site

“Though the abandoned machines no longer move, they continue to let off smoke in the illusory threshold.”

Well, that’s what the Soundcloud page says. Just from listening to the demo, I can see the image they’re trying to create – this album has a very electronic, dirty sound to it. Listening to it makes me understand even more what ZUN was saying about trying to make Old Adam ‘hard to listen to.’ If I’m not mistaken, this is the only album on my list featuring themes from Old Adam. Hopefully we’ll see more arrangements at the next event…

nina11. Shounen Vivid’s “Images of Nina” [ニナの群像 – ‘Nina no Gunzou’]

[K12] XFD || Official Site

This appears to be a collaborative album between Shounen Vivid and Tengu no Mai [天狗ノ舞], but… both circles are new to me.

This features more male vocals. Is it just me, or are there more CDs featuring male vocals this time around? Maybe I just haven’t paid enough attention to them in the past…

As a whole, I think I like the Tengu no Mai tracks more. Track 3 (‘thistle’) is my favourite from this album.


12. Akatsuki Records’ “No Way -Gravity-”

[K12] XFD || Official Site

After a bunch of consecutive album releases, Akatsuki Records tones things down a bit with a single. I’ve found myself liking Akatsuki Records less and less as time goes by, but this single isn’t bad. The three tracks aren’t related in any way, but this single feels more focused than previous releases; even though the three Akatsuki arrangers [ACTRock, Stack Bros. and Neko Manjuu] contributed one track each, it feels… more cohesive than usual.

The third track is my favourite so far, which is a surprise since I don’t normally like Neko Majuu’s arrangements. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come for Akatsuki Records!

godwoodfairy13. Pizuya’s Cell’s “Pretty Little Wars” [プリティリトルウォーズ]

[K12] XFD || Official Site

Another Godwood piano album. This time, the tracks covered come from Fairy Wars.



I’m… not quite sure what else to say.

chiptune14. Francois’s yomogi farm’s “Witches in Chiptune Wonderland”

[K12] XFD || Official Site

Just like the title says, the witches are in chiptune wonderland. In other words, it features chiptune arrangements of Alice, Patchouli, and Marisa’s themes. There’s also a random arrangement of AN ORDEAL FROM GOD, which nobody ever aranges.

Thanks, Francois’s yomogi farm.

sisters315. Ganemes’ “sister’s♯3”

[K12] XFD || Official Site

Rounding off my list, we have an album featuring nothing but arrangements of ‘Romantic Fall’ and ‘Because Princess Inada is Scolding me.’

So, if you can’t get enough of the Aki sisters, this is the album for you. I never realised the two themes could be arranged in so many different ways.

And with that, we’ve reached the end of another list. Yuuhei Satellite, Shoujo Fractal, Hachimitsu-Lemon, and IRON ATTACK are also releasing new albums, so if you’re a fan of any of those circles, seek them out!







2 responses to “Kouroumu 12 + Autumn Reitaisai 3 Roundup”

  1. ycdtosa Avatar

    11. Shounen-Vivid & Tengu no Mai: Yeah Tengu no Mai isn’t very well know but I really like them, you can find some of their early stuff online but not very much. Their stuff for this album is mastered by 平茸 of Aftergrow but if you can put up with rougher sounding recordings than their album “そらつちのあひだ” is a pretty solid re-recording album that can be found online. They do have some early stuff available for digital download over on MelonbooksDL also (I’d recomend かぜのことぶれ)

    Shounen-Vivid on the other hand I would have expected you to know about considering your fondness of Aftergrow. イチ of Shounen-Vivid and 平茸 of Aftergrow have been arranging music together under the circle since Touhou Kouroumu 10, althought even before that 平茸 (and Mano) were working with イチ. The song “thistle” is actually a song originally arranged by the duo on their album from last years Touhou Kouroumu and is covered by Tengu no Mai on this years album. You’ll also notice that イチ does the lyrics for allot of Aftergrows recent collaborations with Hachimitsu Lemon.

    08. ※論理について。: I’m surprised anyone else took notice of this one, I too hadn’t heard of the circle before but the crossfade (and to be honest the low price) caught my attention.

    01.Touhou Jihen: I’ve been enjoying their Touhou Jihen singles and I’m glad to hear NSY and IZNA will be doing a full album, I like Sally but of Wani and NSY I’ve always perfered NSY’s arrangements. I’m of course also interested in hearing what Wani’s new work.

    02. Shinra-Bansho: I didn’t know they put out that single, out of curiosity can you identify the vocalist? I ask because to me it sounds like ayaponzu* who it appears is more involved with the circle then I first though. She listed her circle as Shinra-Bansho on Girls Logic Observatory’s upcoming M3 album :

    04. TAMAONSEN: Yeah it does sound different from their usual stuff to me, I’ve found it hard get into their work (partly due to the site of their discography) but this seems like a nice place to start.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. releska Avatar

      As always, thanks for the comment and the information! I can confirm that the Shinra-Bansho vocalist is ayaponzu. I didn’t know that she adopted Shinra-Bansho as her ‘home’ circle, but given how much she sang on their last album, it’s no surprise, really. It also looks like ticat (ちきゃっと) contributed lyrics this time, but they didn’t say which track. They haven’t written lyrics for Shinra-Bansho before, so I’m curious to see what their style is like, and whether or not they’ll contribute to future albums…


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