Album art.
Cover illustration: Naoi Ikumo (@Naoi_Ikumo) [Pixiv]

Release date: 27 February 2017



1. Lonely Hearts
Original themes:
Repose that Detests Even Good Luck ~ Need Umbrella! [LE02]
Heaven & Shadow War Record ~ Playing Soldiers [LE04]

2. Zephyr
Original theme:
Below a Deep Vanishing Cloud ~ Mow Down! [LE02]

3. Manual Labour
Original themes:
Suddenly-Opened Cannon Lid ~ Slow Starter [LE04]
Unfailing Piety ~ Go To Work…? [LE02]

4. Snitch
Original themes:
Prismic Accelerator [LE02]
Dime-a-Dozen Moneymaker [LE02]

5. Backtrack
Original themes:
Slimy Umisoumen ~ Act the FOOL HAHAHA [LE02]
Scatter, O Flowers ~ Consumed with JEALOUSY! [LE04]

6. Anchor Me
Original themes:
Melanin in Black ~ Colt Snake [LE01]
Tendency That Sways Even Anchors ~ Lost Anchorage [LE01]

7. Noir
Original themes:
Another Mind [LE04]
Extra Mind [LE01]
MO-NA-D-2 ~ Memory Forgery [LE04]

8. At the End of All Things
Original themes:
Mono Eye ~ Ironic FATE [LE02]
A Single Glimmer [LE02]
Alleyway of Unfounded Fears ~ Stream VISION [LE02]

9. A Road Stretches Out
Original themes:
The Lost Road that Widens the Sky [LE03]
The Road That Must Be Walked [LE04]


  • Arrangement, performance (clarinet, saxophone): Releska
  • Cover illustration: Naoi Ikumo (@Naoi_Ikumo) [Pixiv]

Based on themes from the Len’en Project (JynX/Trick Nostalgie)

Piano samples courtesy of Imperfect Samples

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