The Reign Falls

Album art.
Cover illustration: Kia (@rnarchhare) [Pixiv]

Dr. Latency’s Freak Report.
Impossible Spell Card.

Release date: 13 August 2016



1. Dr. Latency and the Mysterious Fog
Original themes:
Dr. Latency’s Sleepless Eyes
Raise the Signal Fire of Cheating

2. Raise Your Flag
Original themes:
Cheat Against the Impossible Danmaku
Witching Dream
Dimension of Reverie
Romantic Children

3. Retro History
Original themes:
The Childlike Duo’s Naturalis Historia
Great Fairy Wars ~ Fairy Wars

4. Midnight Nyctalopia
Original themes:
Midnight Spell Card
Omiwa Legend
Deaf to All but the Song
Aerial Army

5. Walk the Planck
Original themes:
The Instant is Shorter Than Planck Time
Legend of Aokigahara
Oriental Dark Flight

6. Twilight Turnpike
Original themes:
The Taboo Membrane Wall
A Tiny, Tiny, Clever Commander
Inventive City

7. Scarlet is the New Black
Original themes:
Romantic Escape Flight
Lunatic Eyes ~ Invisible Full Moon
Extend Ash ~ Person of Hourai
The Young Descendant of Tepes
Illusion of a Maid ~ Icemilk Magic

8. The Escape Cat
Original themes:
Schrödinger’s Bakeneko
Romantic Escape Flight
Walking the Streets of a Former Hell
Magician of the Twilight
The Hide-and-Seek Lifestyle at the Shrine

9. The Reign Falls
Original themes:
Eternal Short-Lived Reign
Rural Makai City Esoteria
The Instant is Shorter Than Planck Time


  • Arrangement, performance (clarinet, saxophone): Releska
  • Cover illustration: Kia (@rnarchhare) [Pixiv]

Based on themes from the Touhou Project (ZUN/Team Shanghai Alice) and the Seihou Project (Shunsatsu sare do?)

Piano samples courtesy of Imperfect Samples

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