This page is meant to serve as a sort of general ‘contact’ page – so, feel free to comment here if you have any comments that don’t fit on any of the dedicated pages! I used to accept donations, but I decided to stop accepting them since I have a full-time job now. If you’d like to support me, though, feel free to download or buy one of my albums from Bandcamp!


    1. Hi! Not a problem, thanks for checking in. I’m definitely okay with people making translyrics based on my translations – just mention it’s based on or adapted from my translation and leave a link like you suggested (^_^)


  1. hello, releska! do you check others’ translations for accuracy? i found a song i really like on youtube, but i don’t know how accurate the existing english translation is.

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    1. Hmmm… I kept a bonsai some years ago and when I bought it, I got the panda statue with it! I thought it looked cool and I didn’t want to show my real face so I thought I’d use him as a mascot.

      The name has had personal significance since I was young, so I use it to connect myself to who I was back then – it’s kind of like a promise, I guess?

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      1. oh, i understand you! i spent my entire childhood with one nickname, but that all changed two years ago. i think, on the contrary, i decided to part with my past self. that nickname was associated with a lot of people with whom i no longer communicate (our forum was closed a few years ago). i decided it would be more appropriate to leave my name with them. and move on.

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