Album art.

Dolls into Pitiful Pretenders

Album art.

Dolls into Pitiful Pretenders

Vocals: めらみぽっぷ (Meramipop)
Lyrics: RD-Sounds
Arranged by: RD-Sounds
Album: 彁 [Official site]
Circle: 凋叶棕 (Diao ye zong)
Event: C97
Original themes: Shanghai Alice of Meiji 17 [明治十七年の上海アリス]
Forest of Dolls [人形の森]
Enigmatic Dolls [エニグマティクドール]
Circus Reverie [サーカスレヴァリエ]

More Dolls in Pseudo Paradise goodness from RD! I don’t recall him using the main part of Circus Reverie before, so this is a big step forward!

I can’t help but feel that the speaker is some sort of omniscient god-like figure who’s looking down on humanity. Perhaps it’s label-ko…? It’s likely that there are better interpretations, so have a think over this and see if you can pierce through the illusion.

(I also took a bit of liberty with the formatting because it looks like the cult of la la la has returned with a vengeance…)

Incidentally, the album title (彁) is something called a ‘ghost character’. The Japan Times published an article on ghost characters, which you can read here. 彁 doesn’t have an official reading, but Nico Nico has taken to calling it ‘yumikaka’, which stems from the three components of the ghost kanji.

非公式の英訳/Unofficial translation

I am within a veil of illusions,
One that must be steeply towering over you.

Now directionless, I will become
a self-sacrificing woman.

So, even without knowing your name,
Does that mean I can love you only superficially…?

Just like that word, ‘enigma’, (1)
If only everything could remain shrouded in mystery

because when someone selfishly chases after sanctity,
They become intoxicated by their pious self, don’t they?

I will never sleep again.
…You will never sleep again.

I can never abandon them.
…As long as you continue to uncover meanings.

So, there’s no need for them to be buried.
…Even now, you are above the grave.

And they will not even vanish.
…As long as you continue to wipe your tears.

You call this finite word Yūgen (2)
yet you actually fear it.

Perhaps it’s inevitable that you will someday betray
that self-sacrificing woman.

Perhaps it already happened in the long-distant past.
Yet it must be an eternity for you, mustn’t it?

Just like that word, ‘enigma’, (3)
it’s fine if you don’t understand everything

because, in chasing after the horrors within,
Your unhealing facade will be completed, won’t it?

(Reverie, reverie.)
Come now, chant with me.

(Reverie, reverie.)
Cling to it forever.

(Reverie! Reverie!)
“We are the captives in that image of the beginning!”

(Reverie! Reverie!)
You dig up the dead
and play dress-ups with them, don’t you? Come now…

La la, la la, la…

Yes, nobody can be saved
because you’re keeping salvation at bay, right? (4)

Just like that word, ‘enigma’, (5)
you should remain devoted to your idols

because, drowning in things of beauty,
you’ll continue to be forgiven for being cursed forever, won’t you?


Translator’s notes

(1) 神聖 (shinsei, holiness/sanctity) is written, but エニグマ (enigma) is sung.

(2) 幽玄 (Yuugen) is one of the seven aesthetic principles required to achieve wabi-sabi (for more information, read this article). A literal translation is ‘subtle grace’ or ‘profound beauty’.

(3) 恐怖 (kyoufu, fear) is written, but エニグマ (enigma) is sung.

(4) 真実 (shinjitsu, truth) is written, but 救い (sukui, salvation) is sung.

(5) 呪い (noroi, curse) is written, but エニグマ (enigma) is sung.



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    […] Dolls into Pitiful Pretenders Album: 彁 Circle: 凋叶棕 (Diao ye zong) Arrangement: RD-Sounds Lyrics: RD-Sounds Vocal: めらみぽっぷ (Meramipop) Original titles: 1) 蓬莱伝説 (Legend of Hourai) 2) エニグマティクドール (Enigmatic Doll) 3) サーカスレヴァリエ (Circus Reverie) 4) 明治十七年の上海アリス (Shanghai Alice of Meiji 17) Source: 蓬莱人形 ~ Dolls in Pseudo Paradise (Hourai Ningyou ~ Dolls in Pseudo Paradise) Event: Comiket 97 English Translation: Releska […]

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