Vocals: Mie (みぃ)
Lyrics: Jell
Arranged by: GCHM
Album: ASSAULT D!VE 【Official Site】
Event: Reitaisai 16 [RTS16]
Original Theme: Tonight Stars an Easygoing Egoist (Live ver) ~ Egoistic Flowers  [今宵は飄逸なエゴイスト(Live ver) ~ Egoistic Flowers.]

Requested by: Kalarz

crim 街は今日も揺れる
ぶつけ合う 無責任な“一路平安”
独り問い返す 涙の痕さえ
高くついたら ツラいね
また瞼の裏 隣の芝は蒼く燃える

crim machi wa kyou mo yureru
butsukeau musekinin na “guddo rakku”
hitori toikaesu namida no ato sae
takaku tsuitara tsurai ne
mata mabuta no ura tonari no shiba wa aoku moeru

The crime-ridden streets are unstable again today.
Irresponsible cries of ‘good luck’ clash.
Alone, question even the traces of my tears again.
It’s so heartbreaking when they grow more costly.
Behind my eyelids, I see the neighbouring turf burning blue again.

世界がどんなに 私達を拒もうと
熱に触れては 許されないと解って
だけど関係ない 知ったこっちゃない 小さな幸せを
二人きりで無様に探してた 形も知らないのに

sekai ga donna ni watashi-tachi o kobamou to
netsu ni furete wa yurusarenai to wakatte
dakedo kankei nai shitta koccha nai chiisana shiawase o
futari kiri de buzama ni sagashiteta katachi mo shiranai noni

No matter how the world seeks to deny us,
we know that it’s forbidden for us to touch and feel our heat.
Still, it doesn’t matter. We know nothing. Together, all alone,
we search for a small happiness in our awkward way, though we don’t know its shape.

強情に 現在を全肯定することに執着した
私達の破片 激しく散って 砕いて

hai no ame ni kawatte iku
goujou ni ima o zenkoutei suru koto ni shuuchaku shita
watashi-tachi no hahen hageshiku chitte kudaite
yoku aru hanashi ga warai tobasenaku naru mae ni

The weather changes to a rain of ash.
I was stubbornly obsessed with affirming everything going on now.
I violently scattered and crushed our fragments
before we could no longer laugh off those popular stories.

藻掻いて夢見て いつだって手探りで
浅はかな希望 一途に信じてたって
とても満たされない 愛が足りない この世のどこにも
帰る場所が 居場所が 行き場所が もうすべてが欲しいの!

mogaite yume mite itsu datte tesaguri de
asahaka na kibou ichizu ni shinjiteta tte
totemo mitasarenai ai ga tarinai kono yo no doko ni mo
kaeru basho ga ibasho ga ikibasho ga mou subete ga hoshii no!

I struggled and dreamed, always groping around,
and though I earnestly believed in shallow hope
I couldn’t be very satisfied. There wasn’t enough love anywhere in this world.
A place to return to, a place to belong, somewhere to go… I want them all now!

失う怖さを 初めて知った
その日からずっと 奪い続けてた

ushinau kowasa o hajimete shitta
sono hi kara zutto ubai tsudzuketeta

I knew the fear of losing something for the first time
and since that day, I kept taking things from others.

例えどんなに 世界に拒まれようと
何度触れても 傷ついてくと解って
そんなの関係ない 知ったこっちゃない 小さな幸せを
二人きりで無様に探してた 形も知らなくても

tatoe donna ni sekai ni kobamareyou to
nando furetemo kizutsuiteku to wakatte
sonna no kankei nai shitta koccha nai chiisana shiawase o
futarikiri de buzama ni sagashiteta katachi mo shiranakutemo

No matter how much we’re denied by the world,
we knew that we’d wound each other every time we touched.
Still, it doesn’t matter. We know nothing. Together, all alone,
we search for a small happiness in our awkward way, though we don’t know its shape.

夢見て いつだって手探りで
来ない夜明けを 一途に信じてたって とても
満たされない 愛が足りない この際誰でも
帰る場所へ 教えて手を引いて ただ救って欲しいの!

yume mite itsu datte tesaguri de
konai yoake o ichizu ni shinjiteta tte totemo
mitasarenai ai ga tarinai kono sai dare demo
kaeru basho e oshiete te o hiite tada sukutte hoshii no!

I dreamed, always groping around
and though I earnestly believed in a dawn that wouldn’t come
I couldn’t be very satisfied. There wasn’t enough love from anyone now.
I just want you to save me, take me by the hand and show me where to return to.

(1) 一路平安 (ichiro heaian, lit. “safe travels” or ‘bon voyage’) is written, but something that sounds like “good luck” is sung.

Last danceR

Last danceR

Vocals: あよ (Ayo)
Lyrics: みゅい (Myui, previously known as Caral)
Arranged by: kaztora, Hedonist
Album: カリスマ煉獄天神 (The Charismatic Purgatory Goddess) 【Official Site】
Circle: Shinra-Bansho (森羅万象)
Event: C98
Original Themes: –The Shining Law of the Strong Eating the Weak [輝かしき弱肉強食の掟]
Prince Shoutoku’s Pegasus ~ Dark Pegasus [聖徳太子のペガサス ~ Dark Pegasus]


The lyrics are basically just a bunch of verbs strung together, yet they’re effective and seductive. And yes, I’m almost certain that this song is a parody of Billie Eilish’s ‘bad guy’. I didn’t realise how much I missed kaztora’s parody tracks until I heard this!

If you’d like to support Shinra-Bansho and buy a digital copy of the album, just search “Charisma Rengoku Tenshin” in your local Google Play or iTunes store! (If they sell it in Australia, they should sell it pretty much everywhere else…)

Black… staring and polishing your fangs, all twisted inside. It’s you at your death.
You’re dancing in a shower of honey.

I’m hunted, hired, made to bite and then ensnared
(I win, I win, I win, I)
and pitifully exposed.
Outlandishly stripped bare, blocked, and pinned down…
(You lose, you lose, you lose, you)
How beautiful yet repulsive. Why don’t you?

I flap my black, impatient wings
(Deep in, deep in, deep in, deep)
and go grandly to destruction.
With tremors thrilling through me, I fall to ruin again tonight.
(Falling, falling, falling, down)
I feel a strange pain. I’m crazy for you.

How shameful. They appeared from the shadows.
They pierced my skin and surged through me. I don’t miss you.

Jammed into me, they traced along me and flowed.
(Take in, take in, take in, take)
This is the beginning of worship.
I’m cut, minced fine, and expected to be a sacrifice…
(Made of, made of, made of, made)
I prowl in my slumber.

It’s there, so colourful in my strong, dazzling eyes…
(Into, into, into, into)
Everyone approves.
This world is an ugly battle for survival
(Battle, battle, battle, but)
between the hot-blooded Trinity.

I ache. Kissing…

Enveloped, invited in, touched by affection, then dissolved…
Thrusting, being sipped at, and with lips coupling…
Teasing, being teased, heading to the nectar’s depths…
My tongue touched love’s harmonic voice.

How shameful. They appeared from the shadows. (1)

…I go wild.

I’m eaten at by feelings and sent mad by a parasite.
Screwed hard, I shoot a bullet.
I make them drink, mount them and embrace deep crimson.
The one dancing is the Last danceR.

(1) Ayo whispers this line, which appears earlier in the song, but it isn’t written in the original lyrics.

魔法をかけて || Cast a Spell

mahou o kakete
Cast a Spell

Vocals: IZNA
Lyrics: IZNA
Arranged by: NSY
Album: Pleasure Virgin (悦楽バージン) 【Official Site】
Circle: touhoujihen (東方事変)
Event: Autumn Reitaisai 1 [ARTS1]
Original Theme: Locked Girl ~ The Girl’s Sealed Room [ラクトガール ~ 少女密室]

Requested by: yen

今宵 こそは 決める

koyoi koso wa kimeru
hadaka ikkan ni
roobu mo nugisute
motte umareta
afuredasu sainou toshite
saa, mou ichido
mahou o kakete

Tonight, I’ll decide for sure.
I’ll be stripped bare
and I’ll throw off my robes too.
I’ll stake the overflowing talent
that I was born with.
Now, once more,
cast a spell.

痛い程 疼きだす

awaku wasureta hazu no kono retsujou
itai hodo uzuki dasu
onegai hoshii mono wa iwazumogana
airaku o kudasai

I should have forgotten this fleeting lust
yet it aches, it hurts so much.
Please—I don’t need to tell you what I want.
Give me pleasure.

今宵 こそは 決める

“gomen” to nando mo ubu o enjite mite
koyoi koso wa kimeru

Saying “sorry” countless times, I try on my naive act.
Tonight, I’ll decide for sure.


hosoi kubisuji
shitasaki hawasete
mieru? mienai no?
mameden de terasu kurai no
sou, kibou nara wasuresasete

I let your tongue
crawl along the nape of my slender neck.
Can you see? Can’t you see?
It’s like things are lit up with beads of light.
Yes, I’ll make you forget if that’s what you want.

恥じらいも 躊躇いも
忍ばずに 吐き出して

hito sore zore ni motsu konomi ya iro
hajirai mo tamerai mo
onegai watashi dake no kono karada ni
shinobazu ni hakidashite

Everyone has their own likes and lusts
and their own shyness and hesitation too.
Please, for just me, vomit them into my body
without concealing yourself.

自分 ばかり 責める

shiranai aida ni
konna ni ookiku natte
jibun bakari semeru

Without realising it,
you had grown so big.
All I do is blame myself.


datte, imasara
nageite mo shou ga nai
yatte yararete
mainichi ga okeiko

After all, it’s too late.
Though I grieve, there nothing I can do.
I do it, and others do me.
Each day is training.


shiroi ichamon mo kuchi ni fukumasete
ikeru? ikenai no?
genkai yo! mou, hayaku shite
tokenai mahou o kakete

I keep those white criticisms in my mouth.
Can you come? Can’t you?
I’m at my limit! Hurry up!
Cast an unbreakable spell.



Vocals: Nana Takahashi
Lyrics: Nana Takahashi
Arranged by: MasKaleido
Album: 強敵 -LAST BOSS- (Tough Enemies -LAST BOSS-) 【Official Site】
Event: C92
Original Theme: Eastern Judgement in the Sixtieth Year ~ Fate of Sixty Years [六十年目の東方裁判 ~ Fate of Sixty Years]

Requested by: Juce Guildez

冥の照覧は 悪を見定める

myou no shouran wa aku o misadameru

The underworld’s clear sight determines wickedness.

今 開かれた扉

ima hirakareta tobira

The door has now been opened.

過去と偽りを映す 浄玻璃の鏡の前 跪き
罪人は抗えず この地獄で藻がいてゆく

kako to itsuwari o utsusu jouhari no kagami no mae hizamazuki
tsumibito wa aragaezu kono jigoku de mogaite yuku
nasake no kakera mo iranai no sa
nietagiru chi no ike de tsugunae

Kneel before the Enma’s mirror, which reflects your past and falsehoods.
Unable to resist, the criminals writhe in Hell.
I don’t need a speck of pity.
Atone in a sea of boiling blood!

罰は愛故に 与う道標

batsu wa ai yue ni atau michishirube

I grant you this guidepost, as punishment is love.


zetsubou dake no sekai

This is a world of only despair.

業と宿命を背負い 娑婆世界に辿り付いて 繰り返す
誰人も愚かなる その命を磨いてゆく

gou to shukumei o seoi jaba sekai ni tadoritsuite kurikaesu
tarebito mo oroka naru sono inochi o migaite yuku
yousha naku kisoi okoru arashi
gekidou no jinsei o ikinuke

Bearing karma and fate, I follow this life and redo it.
Others are so foolish. I will refine their lives.
The merciless competition causes a storm.
Live through a life of upheaval!

正しい哲理に照らし 幾度も裁きを下し戒めた

tadashii tetsuri ni terashi ikudo mo sabaki o kudashi imashimeta
reisei na jounetsu no honoo wa aoiro ni moeru
yurugi nai fudoushin to ganmoku o

Illuminated by proper philosophy, I passed judgement countless times and punished them.
The flames of my composed passion burn blue.
My eyes and steadfastness are unwavering.

過去と偽りを映す 浄玻璃の鏡の前 跪き
罪人は抗えず この地獄で藻がいてゆく

kako to itsuwari o utsusu jouhari no kagami no mae hizamazuki
tsumibito wa aragaezu kono jigoku de mogaite yuku
nasake no kakera mo iranai no sa
nietagiru chi no ike de tsugunae

Kneel before the Enma’s mirror, which reflects your past and falsehoods.
Unable to resist, the criminals writhe in Hell.
I don’t need a speck of pity.
Atone in a sea of boiling blood!

Eternal Pain

カリスマ煉獄天神 || The Charismatic Purgatory Goddess

karisuma rengoku tenshin
The Charismatic Purgatory Goddess

Vocals: あよ (Ayo), あやぽんず* (Ayaponzu*)
Lyrics: みゅい (Myui, previously known as Caral)
Arranged by: kaztora
Album: カリスマ煉獄天神 (The Charismatic Purgatory Goddess) 【Official Site】
Circle: Shinra-Bansho (森羅万象)
Event: C98
Original Theme: Tortoise Dragon ~ Fortune and Misfortune [トータスドラゴン ~ 幸運と不運]


Watch the official video on YouTube!

There are several definitions of 天神 (tenjin), but it’s likely that the one used here is the more generic one that refers to heavenly gods, in contrast with earthly gods. It can also be pronounced ‘tenshin’, and the official site’s URL suggests that this is how we should interpret it. This is further supported by the album’s Google Play listing.

I’m pedantic so I put ‘the’ in front of the title, but you can take it out if you’d like.

You can’t steal this world
by playing hard to get.
The weak and the strong co-exist and prosper.
In that case, it’s only natural:
Fight (fight) fight (fight) fighting for me.
I shall lead the way. You don’t mind, do you?
(Shivering in fear…)
Do you have any questions, lovely soldier of mine?
(Shivering in fear…)

There’s no need to worry.
Naturally, you will
face forward and charge single-mindedly. Fight, fight, fight, fight!

Notice, notice, notice, notice. Dance
till your bones ache.
Notice, notice, notice, notice. Dance
and offer flowers.
Notice, notice, notice, notice. Warrior,
tie yourself to me.
Notice, notice, no.
(I don’t mind useful tools.)

Ah, what a maddening talent.
(Notice, notice, notice, notice, notice, notice, no.)

The illustrious purgatory goddess, <goddess>
her history of mercy is plain to see. <mercy>
<Woh, woh> I’ll hold you close in Hell <Hell!>

The illustrious purgatory goddess, <goddess>
her tenacity is plain to see. <tenacity>
<Woh, woh> (I won’t let you go!) <Hey!>

More (and more) and more (and more). Please,
finish drinking up my charisma, with its clean aftertaste.
Don’t leave any behind! Is it good?

Burn, dragon! This is a demon’s snare.
<Burn, dragon! This is a demon’s snare.>
Dance, dragon! Become intoxicated.
<Dance, dragon!>
Become intoxicated and dyed with the colours of Hell.

Notice, notice, notice, notice. Dance
till your bones ache.
Notice, notice, notice, notice. Dance
and offer flowers.
Notice, notice, notice, notice. Warrior,
tie yourself to me.
Notice, notice, no.
You’re my slave.

Now, I shall grant you existence. Ah.
Notice, notice, notice, notice. Dance,
o vulgar people!
Ah, this love gone mad,
Notice, notice, notice, notice, notice, notice it. Well,
I want it…!

The illustrious purgatory goddess, <goddess>
her history of mercy is plain to see. <mercy>
<Woh, woh> I’ll hold you close in Hell <Hell!>

The illustrious purgatory goddess, <goddess>
her tenacity is plain to see. <tenacity>
<Woh, woh> (I won’t let you go!) <Hey!>

Not yet, not yet, not yet, not yet. You’re not
the vessel to receive the clean aftertaste
of my charisma. Will you serve me?

I’m the strongest, wisest, and best soul in the Animal Realm. My intelligence network is the envy of all.
I’ll launch a strike at the encamped troops, even at the weak point on their backs. Nobody will notice them marching from the mound.
There aren’t enough provisions for the battle that’s starting. Humans are valued for their utility. It doesn’t matter who, I want them all!
From the bottom of your heart, won’t you love me?

The illustrious purgatory goddess, <goddess>
her history of mercy is plain to see. <mercy>
<Woh, woh> I’ll hold you close in Hell <Hell!>

The illustrious purgatory goddess, <goddess>
her tenacity is plain to see. <tenacity>
<Woh, woh> I won’t let you go! <Hey!>

Ready, set, go! I’ll bewitch human nature.
<Woh, woh> (Offer me your love) <Love!>

The illustrious purgatory goddess <goddess>
with all her human sprits. <human spirits>
<Woh woh> I’m throbbing now! <Hey!>

Not yet (not yet) not yet (not yet). Please,
(More) and more (and more) and more. (Please,)
finish drinking up my charisma, with its clean aftertaste.
Don’t leave any behind!
Please love me.

ドラマティック膝栗毛 || A Dramatic Journey by Shank’s Mare

doramatikku hizakurige
A Dramatic Journey by Shank’s Mare

Vocals: あやぽんず* (Ayaponzu*)
Lyrics: kaztora
Arranged by: kaztora
Album: Synchro 2 (シンクロ2) 【Official Site】
Circle: Shinra-Bansho (森羅万象)
Event: Reitaisai 15 [RTS15]
Original Theme: Hiroshige No.36 ~ Neo Super-Express [ヒロシゲ36号 ~ Neo Super-Express]

Requested by: Siti


Translating the title was a little frustrating since the phrase “Shank’s Mare” means absolutely nothing to me. However, the title is a specific reference to a famous Japanese book, 東海道中膝栗毛 (shortened to Hizakurige), and that’s been translated as Shank’s Mare so I used that term to preserve the literary reference.

There are some articles out there that reference the book and its translation if you’d like to know more.

Incidentally, Shinra-Bansho seems to have dropped the capitalised R from their official branding, so I might drop it too. I really want to translate more Shinra-Bansho stuff…

The super express leaves dreams behind as its tracks.

Now, I will check everybody’s tickets.
This is the century’s greatest invention.
As long as I’m with you
there aren’t any walls in our way.

The journey is on schedule and going well.
Afterimages of the panoramic view are projected.
I will dive in
to the super-vivid blue sea.
The steam train runs with alternate dreams on board.
I wonder whose dreams they are?
‘Something certain’ advances toward the future.

I always find myself suddenly thinking
that life is like a train.
Immortality, so to speak, is an illusion—
we will arrive at the terminal station eventually.

Splitting Tokaido,
this madness continues. It stretches out forever, far into the distance.
“Ah, virtual princess
even your awareness is a fraud.”
I’m all dizzy now!

The train continues. With a bump and a crash, it carries dreams.
The boundary line blurs, playing a lovely discord.
“Mad illusion,” run, run!
There are 53 revolving mirage lanterns.

Twinkle, twinkle. A parabola was sketched out in binary.
It was so beautiful I sighed.
You said some words back then. When was it…?
Now, I’m not sure
if they were real.

One day, the steam train
went and leaped over all the lodgings.
It drew closer to the dream’s end.
Please, wait a bit.
It’s too fast for the credits to roll!
I haven’t shown you something dramatic yet!

Even so, the steam train runs along the tracks.
Our journey by Shank’s Mare through the modern world
was over too soon, to my surprise. Like that, everything will end.
“Still, surely”
The journey the two of us took
“will continue forever.”
It won’t end.
There’s still more to come.

There’s an announcement: we’re at the station.
Make sure to leave nothing behind.
Perhaps this warmth is the only real thing.

am1:00の待ち合わせ || A 1am Rendezvous

am1:00 no machiawase
A 1am Rendezvous

Vocals: IZNA
Lyrics: IZNA
Arranged by: NSY
Single: am1:00の待ち合わせ (A 1am Rendezvous) 【Official Site】
Circle: touhoujihen (東方事変)
Event: C98
Original Theme: The Hall of Dreams’ Great Mausoleum[夢殿大祀廟]

Watch the official video on YouTube!
The single will also be available on Google Play and Apple Music soon!


mijime na nakimushi booi
meso meso shite bakari
wakari aenai aitsu to
mukiatte mitari
hontou nara kanari boring
nuguenai you na namida ga kawakanai uchi ni…

He’s such a miserable cry-baby boy.
All he does is sob.
We can’t understand each other
and when I try and face that bastard
to be honest, he’s really boring.
Now, while his flood of tears still flows…

そう言って抜き足差し足で家から飛び出していく 満天の星
音は立てずに スタンドをはずす

nemurenai yo ni machiawase shiyou
sou itte nukiashi sashiashi de uchi kara tobidashite iku manten no sora
oto wa tatezu ni sutando o hazusu
mae kago ni misetai manga irete, neko nara tsurete iku yo koe kakete

Let’s rendezvous during a sleepless night.
With those words on my lips, I’ll tiptoe and fly from the house beneath the starry sky.
I soundlessly unfasten my bike’s stand
and I put a manga I want to show you in the front basket. If the cat’s there I’ll call out—I’ll take you with me!

I am waiting for you


aware na usotsuki gaaru
niawanai kamikazari
nakidashisou na kibun sa
dedashi ososugi tari
nee uso da to itte darlin’
kanau hazu nai negai to ryuusei o nukete

I’m a pitiful lying girl.
My hair ornament doesn’t suit me
and I feel like I’m about to cry.
Too slow to get going—
Come on, say it’s a lie, darlin’
I escape from my impossible desire and that meteor.

精一杯 慣れないワンピースの
裾がはためく度に スピードをあげる
風を追い越し ペダルがきしむ

nemurenai yo ni machiawase shiyou
sei ippai narenai wan piisu no
suso ga hatameku tabi ni supiido o ageru
kaze o oikoshi pedaru ga kishimu
tenmetsu no aoshingou datte hidari mite, migi mite, ushiro mite

Let’s rendezvous during a sleepless night.
I try my best but I can’t get used to this dress.
Each time the hem flutters, I go a little faster.
Going faster than the wind, the pedals creak.
Even at flashing green lights, I look left then right then behind.


daremo bokura ni kyoumi nai kara mitsukaru hazu nai
keredo himitsu no am1:00
ano kado o magattara kimi ga iru yo

Nobody’s interested in us so there’s no way they’ll find us.
Still, 1am remains a secret.
Once I turn that corner, you’ll be there.

夜が明けるまで あともう少し

yoru ga akeru made ato mou sukoshi
moshikashite nani ga okita toshitemo, nannimo okinaku tatte futari no himitsu.
nemurenai yo ni machiawase shita
nariyamanu kaeru no gasshou mo, ikinurui kaze mo
wasurenai you ni

It’s only a little longer until dawn breaks.
Whether something happens or doesn’t happen, it’s our secret.
We rendezvoused during a sleepless night.
I hope I’ll never forget the endless chorus of frogs
and the mild breeze.

I am waiting for you
I know he’s waiting for me there…



Vocals: 提娘 (Ti Niang)
Lyrics: lolihunter2
Arranged by: hanachan
Album: Dreamfall
Circle: Akanebane (赤音羽)
Event: C96
Original Theme: Starry Sky of Small Desires [小さな欲望の星空]

Requested by: mr.deagle

常世に 生まれし 者
煩悩から 逃れぬ
其は 聖賢なれど
欲を 絶つこと 叶わず

tokoyo ni umareshi mono
bonnou kara nogarenu
so wa seiken naredo
yoku o tstsu koto kanawazu

Those born to eternity
do not escape the desires of the flesh.
Though they may be saints and sages
they will not sever desire from themselves.

微睡み 千年余り
目開けて 見てみれば
十人十色 十の欲

oto mo todokanu chisoko
madoromi sen’nen amari
me akete mite mireba
juunin toiro to no negai

In the bowels of the earth, where no sounds reach,
I had been dozing for just over 1000 years.
When I opened my eyes and had a look
I saw ten desires for ten minds of ten people.

その欲 にも

shikaraba futatabi
chijou ni shoutoku no
hikari o ateneba
sono nozomi ni mo

If so, then when the light
of imperial virtue
strikes the surface
it will even illuminate those desires.

夜道 照らし出す

kotaeneba naru mai
amata ikusen no
hoshiboshi ga gotoku
yomichi terashi dasu

They ought to be answered.
Like thousands
of stars
they illuminate the street at night.

大いなる 和のもと にて
生を受ける 命は
その和らぎ 以って

ooi naru wa no moto ni te
sei o ukeru inochi wa
sono yawaragi motte

Those who receive life
by grand harmony
will, by means of that harmony

真の 尊さ 見出せる

shin no toutosa midaseru

discover that which is truly precious.

仁 国家 睦びし
義 悪事を 拒め
礼 全うせ 仁義両全
智 世の常道を 貫け

jin kokka mutsubishi
gi akuji o kobame
rei mattou sejingi ryouzen
chi yo no joudou o tsuranuke

Humanity—the nation is harmonious.
Justice rejects crime.
Gratitude is proper. Humanity and justice are mutually advantageous.
Wisdom will pierce through the common path.

伝説 とし
存在さえも 奪う
斯様 なる 国にも そう
十と 七の 慈悲を

ware o wasure
densetsu to shi
sonzai sae mo ubau
kayou naru kuni ni mo sou
tou to nana no jihi o

Forget yourself
and become a legend.
Even your existence will be stolen.
Thus, this nation, too
will receive the ten and seven benevolences.



真っ直ぐ歩め 行け

kimi wa kimi tarite
shi mo shi tari
chouwa e no michi o
massugu ayume ike

The prince must behave as a prince.
The retainer must behave as a retainer.
The path.
Walk straight down
the path to harmony. Go!



理 天道を いざ仰げ

murasaki no kanmuri
kore o sae koeshi
hi no izuru kuni no
ri ware o iza aoge

A violet cape.
I will surpass even myself.
This is the principle of the Land of the Rising Sun.
Now, look up at the sun on its celestial path!

(1) This line is an extended version of the proverb 十人十色, which refers to different people having different ideas about things.
(2) 聖徳 (shoutoku) could also be left untranslated and seen as a reference to Prince Shoutoku.
(3) This is based on the confucian saying 君君たり臣臣たり and uses a less common interpretation of 君 (kimi). For a sample English translation, see this blog entry.

ドリームエクスプレス || Dream Express

doriimu ekusupuresu
Dream Express

Vocals: SYO
Lyrics: Harumai
Arranged by: MasKaleido
Album: 怪 -KAI- 【Official Site】
Event: C87
Original Themes: –Bizarre Romantic Story ~ Mystic Square[怪綺談 ~ Mystic Square]
Magic Square

Requested by: iPhoenix

月明かりの下で広がる 切り離したヨゾラ
はしゃぎながら 魔法ちりばめ
星のしずく 浴びるの

tsukiakari no shita de hirogaru kirihanashita yozora
hashagi nagara mahou chirabame
hoshi no shizuku abiru no

The detached night sky spreads out beneath the moonlight.
In high spirits, I set my magic in like gems.
I bask in the stardrops.

Feelin’ good good good (x3)
Happy life life life (x2)

微妙な日々のバランス カーブを描く
愛のかけらをガブリと かじってみたら
足りないものはなんだろ? ワカンナイナイ
ココロヲ乱す 誰でも 移り変わるプライド

bimyou na hibi no baransu kaabu o egaku
ai no kakera o gaburi to kajitte mitara
tarinai mono wa nan daro? wakannai nai
kokoro o midasu dare demo utsuri kawaru puraido

I drew a curve, the balance of delicate days,
and when I tried to bite into the fragments of love…
What’s missing? I don’t know, I don’t know!
Perhaps it’s everyone’s changing pride, which disturbs hearts.

キセキのタネ 蒔いてみよう
白い翼 生えてきたの
艶やかに ふんわり ちょうちょが舞うよ
長い眠りから目覚めたら make up my mind

kiseki no tane maite miyou
shiroi tsubasa haete kita no
azayaka ni funwari choucho ga mau yo
nagai nemuri kara mezametara make up my mind

Let’s try sowing the seeds of miracles.
White wings have sprouted.
The butterflies fly bewitchingly and gently.
Once I’ve awoken from my long sleep, I’ll make up my mind.

ハジケタハート キラキラ踊り
夢の扉 開く瞬間 繋がるこのストーリー
ハジマル鼓動 ドキドキ響く
音を立てダンシング Tonight
淡く碧くヒカル湖 飛び越えて 渡るんだ

hajiketa haato kira kira odori
butsukari au merodii
yume no tobira hiraku shunkan tsunagaru kono sutoorii
hajimaru kodou doki doki hibiku
oto o tate danshingu Tonight
awaku aoku hikaru mizuumi tobikoete wataru nda

My burst heart glistens and dances
and melodies collide.
The moment the door to dreams opens, this story will be connected.
My heartbeat starts. It throbs and echoes.
I’m noisily dancing tonight.
The lake shines light blue. I’ll leap over it.

* repeat (※1)

つまづくこともあるよね また遠回り
雲の上からグルリと 海を見渡す
大事なものはなんだろ? そばにアルアル
コレカラ空の旅へと ご招待いたします

tsumadzuku koto mo aru yo ne mata toomawari
kumo no ue kara gururi to umi o miwatasu
daiji na mono wa nan daro? soba ni aru aru
kore kara sora no tabi e to go-shoutai itashimasu

There are times when I stumble or make a detour.
Turning round from above the clouds, I look out over the ocean.
What’s important to me? It’s right beside me.
After this, I will invite you on a trip through the sky.

かけた魔法 ファンタスティック
色とりどり 混ざり合うの
ピンク色 オレンジ パステルカラーに
ラッキーアイテム 手にしたら get a chance now

kaketa mahou fantasutikku
iro toridori mazari au no
pinku-iro orenji pasuteru karaa ni
rakkii aitemu te ni shitara get a chance now

I cast a fantastic spell
and all the colours blend together.
Pink, orange, and pastel-coloured—
When I get a lucky item, I get a chance now.

忘れない思い出 刻むよ 囁きがキコエル
迷いの森 いつだってきっと
必ず 辿り着ける

wasurenai omoide kizamu yo sasameki ga kikoeru
mayoi no mori itsu datte kitto
kanarazu tadori tsukeru

I’ll etch those unforgettable memories into my mind. I can hear whispering.
I can definitely reach the forest of the lost
no matter when.

どんな願いも 叶えられるの
自由に飛び 大切なモノ それだけは守るから

donna negai mo kanaerareru no
hoshikuzu no fantajii
jiyuu ni tobi taisetsu na mono sore dake wa mamoru kara

Any wish can be granted.
This is a stardust fantasy.
I fly freely because I at least protect what’s important to me.

* repeat (※2)

* repeat (※1)

春のざわめき || The Murmuring of Spring

haru no zawameki
The Murmuring of Spring

Vocals: A~YA
Lyrics: Blue E
Arranged by: Swing Holic Band
Album: SWING HOLIC VOL.08 【Official Site】
Event: C81
Original Theme: At the End of Spring [春の湊に]

Requested by: Repudiator

It’s possible to interpret the ship as the speaker’s ship – they could be on the ship, or they could just be watching the ship fly away.

春の夜の刹那 例えられない歓び
香る花を照らす 月の光だわ

haru no yoru no setsuna tatoerarenai yorokobi
kaoru hana o terasu tsuki no hikari da wa

During a moment in a spring night, I feel an incomparable joy.
It’s from the light of the moon, which illuminates the fragrant flowers.

夕凪染める唄も いつしか薄れていく
誰もいない広場 想いに耽るの

yuunagi someru uta mo itsu shika usurete iku
dare mo inai hiroba omoi ni fukeru no

Even this song, which colours the evening calm, will someday fade.
In an empty plaza, I give myself up to my imagination.

Dream on Dream
心浸す 甘い夜風だわ
Shooting Star
願いの言葉 三回唱えるの そんなおまじない

dream on dream
kokoro hitasu amai yokaze da wa
shooting star
negai no kotoba sankai tonaeru no sonna omajinai

Dream on Dream.
The sweet night breeze soaks my heart.
Shooting Star.
I’ll chant my wish three times. That’s the charm.

春は眠たい季節 そこかしこ鳥の声
昨夜の雨の中で 花は散ったかしら?

haru wa nemutai kisetsu soko kashiko tori no koe
yuube no ame no naka de hana wa chitta kashira

Spring is the season of drowsiness. Birdsong is all around.
Did the blossoms fall in last night’s rain?

遥か遠い世界 華やぎの都へと
舟は帆を揺らして 空に消えていく

haruka tooi sekai hanayagi no miyako e to
fune wa ho o yurashite sora ni kiete iku

Travelling to a distant, distant world, to the brilliant metropolis,
the ship’s sail swings and vanishes into the sky.

どこか妖しい気配  山と川のざわめき
時が過ぎる中で 揺れてる儚さ

dokoka ayashii kehai yama to kawa no zawameki
toki ga sugiru naka de yureteru hakanasa

There’s a somewhat mysterious presence. It is the murmuring of the mountain and river.
It is wavering transience in the passage of time.

不思議 何か変なの 幽かな声 聞こえる
小さな 胸騒ぎに 想いはふるえた

fushigi nanika hen na no kasuka na koe kikoeru
chiisana munasawagi ni omoi wa furueta

How mysterious. Something is strange. I can hear a faint voice.
My feelings quivered in the face of my slight unease.

Rainbow beam
Fly away
この空の果て 目を疑うような 奇蹟も起こる

rainbow beam
te o nobashite tsukamitai houseki
fly away
kono sora no hate me o utagau you na kiseki mo okoru

Rainbow beam.
I want to reach out and grab that jewel.
Fly away.
Unbelievable miracles will happen, too, at the edge of the sky.

空気が目覚める季節 啼きやまない鳥たち
朝の柔らかさは 雫の花びら

kuki ga mezameru kisetsu naki yamanai tori-tachi
asa no yawarakasa wa shizuku no hanabira

This is the season where the air awakens. The birds don’t stop chirping.
The tenderness of the morning is a drop on the petals.

何を探してるの? どこへ向かう旅なの?
舟は帆を揺らして 空に消えていく

nani o sagashiteru no? doko e mukau tabi na no?
fune wa ho o yurashite sora ni kiete iku

What is it searching for? Where is it journeying to?
The ship’s sail swings and vanishes into the sky.

明日を 追い翔けて 翼は羽ばたく

asu o oi kakete tsubasa wa habataku

Chasing after tomorrow, I flap my wings.