あの日の夢のアリス || Alice in That Day’s Dream

ano hi no yume no arisu
Alice in That Day’s Dream

Vocals: めらみぽっぷ (Meramipop), Candy, みぃ (Mie), MIRI
Lyrics: azuki
Arranged by: kaztora
Album: Alice in That Day’s Dream (あの日の夢のアリス) 【Official Site】
Circle: ShinRa-Bansho (森羅万象)
Event: Reitaisai 9 [RTS9]
Original Themes: Too many to list here


4 years. 1000 translations. To commemorate this milestone, I returned to where it all began. My first translation was ShinRa-Bansho’s ‘Doppel’, a musical from the album of the same name released in 2014. Their third musical was released the following year, but I never went back to translate their first one, where it all began, until now.

As for the title, I’ve translated it as ‘Alice, from That Day’s Dream’ up until now. However, after a lot of thought, I changed my interpretation. After all, ‘Alice in Wonderland’ was translated into Japanese as 不思議の国のアリス. It makes sense for あの日の夢のアリス to follow the same logic and become ‘Alice in That Day’s Dream.’ It also doesn’t make sense content-wise for Alice to be ‘from’ a dream, unless you flip the scenario and make it about Alice (a dream) entering reality in a dream.

Yuki and Mai
Nue Houjuu
Renko and Merry
Yukari Yakumo
Another Alice

As Alice was starting her tea party in the treelight,
A doll that she had put away started moving by itself.
The pre-show greetings had begun.
From a wondrous, mysterious land…
Alice in Wonderland!

“I wonder where I am…? Ah, I hear something coming this way.”

Let’s go through the lost woods without hesitating!
We’ll start tomorrow. We started yesterday, too.
Come on! Smile, and don’t look so glum!
Is something bothering you?

Before I knew it, I was in the forest, having a grand adventure.
In that case… leave it to us!
This, that, and everything else… it’s all under control!

“Looks like it’s gonna be fun, right, Mai?” “…yeah, Yuki.”

Though we walk and walk through the lost woods…
“Come on, wait up!”
We haven’t reached it yet? Reached what?
The goal! The goal!
Isn’t it a bit weird?
We’ve arrived.
Haven’t we just ended up where we started?
Let’s take a break
and not be hasty…

Let’s go through the lost woods without hesitating!
This is your destination. The goal’s up to you.
Which is the correct path?
(Which is the correct path?)
Ah, if I don’t hurry, I won’t reach my little doll in time!

“See ya later, sis. It’s been pretty fun!”

Young lady over there, are you looking for something?
If you don’t mind… I’ll help you out!
Que sera, que sera, sera serara…

Yes—I was searching for the path my doll took and wound up in the lost woods.
(Hm? Yes? Ah, I see…)
You wouldn’t happen to know where it went?
It must have been this way. This way?
Maybe that way. That way?
Perhaps over there? That way?
Where did it go, again? Enough!
Do you really know for sure?
Of course I do, I really do.
Sounds like you’re lying.
You’re Schrödinger’s Cat:
Alive and dead, both at once.
This is the mysterious Wonderland through the looking-glass!

The opposite world is… mirror, mirror!
From left to right, head towards the castle.
It seems like everything’s there, but there’s nothing there.
Friends will appear if you pursue them.
A mystery or a wonder—La la la la la…

I could hear a gentle voice coming from somewhere
Is this a place of rest in the forest?
I’ll take a break until I compose myself.
I’ll sleep for just a bit…

Now now, young maiden!
What’s wrong?
If you don’t mind, shall I assist?
If you’re searching for something, leave it to me.
I’ll definitely find it!

What you, what I, am searching for.

You’ll find that little one right away
so if you head straight down this path,
(Should I continue down this path?)
You’ll see it again, for sure!
“Thank you very much!”
“Ehe… take care!”
“You too!”

“That’s a strange door… Should I open it?”

“Hey, Merry!” “What’s the matter?”
“The stars are so pretty!” “I guess they are…”
Today, beyond the door,
“Together, let’s look at the stars!”
Sitting on misshapen stools,
We exchange drinks.
Quietly, quietly, she looked into the hidden room.

Do you remember what day it is today?
Today, the stars are particularly beautiful!
A toast, to the starry sky!

I interrupted that well-matched pair’s tea party
and listened to what they had to say.
“Welcome to our tea party!”
“Welcome to the Secret Sealing Club!”
“Today, the stars are beautiful”
“Today… well, they totally are!”
We don’t need anything else.
It’s nothing at all, but let’s raise a toast to the starry sky!

Thanks for the drink! Don’t worry about it.
Now, where are you heading?
I’m heading home. Oh, is that so?
See you!
She felt a spasm of melancholy
and nobody noticed
that sinister voice aimed at her pursuing figure.

“Hah… Enough already! Where am I now?”
Why the rush, puppeteer?
This is an illusion: the dream threshold.
Truths are lies and lies are truth.
Your wishes will be granted. What do you wish for?
Anything’s possible. Look—

Beginning in the distance, the parade marches on.
There’s nothing left for the imprisoned bird to do
but just march on now, straight ahead.

The sun sets and the moon comes out in the forest, in the dark…
Continue without going astray, young maiden.
I refer to you.
You came here, and you are here for a reason. I wonder about that…
Accept all things. Yes—this is the dream threshold!
“Hah… Enough already! Where am I?”

Small toys and a massive picture book…
I feel like I’ve seen this place before. This is Wonderland.
I wonder where that little one went?
This place is so very nostalgic.
When I wandered around, lost,
I wound up meeting a princess.
I felt a sense of deja vu.
It’s so mysterious. That’s right!
“Who’re you?”

Well, I’m Alice in Wonderland.
This is my land. Please don’t enter.
That filthy doll headed off towards the castle.
It’s like living beyond the looking glass.
We’re all just looking at the same world.

And again, small toys and a massive picture book.
This is a tiny Wonderland, one that I saw that day.
Mirror, mirror, let’s play!
(You’re me! Let’s meet again.)
Let’s meet again!

A hole gaped open in the unchanging landscape.
A hole gaped open in Alice’s heart as she wondered where her doll was.
This is Makai.
I had lost my way.
This is Makai.
God makes her appearance.
Beside her stands a small doll. This is Makai.

“Mother? Why are you here, in such a place?!”
“I am not involved in this. It was you yourself who made your way here, Alice.”

As for the youkai lined up here,
There is no need to fear them.
Softly, from behind…
One, two, three, four steps! Let’s go somewhere, anywhere!
Burn! Now, lend me your hand.
Burn! This way…
These bonds… let’s dance, our first dance in a while.
Yes—this is Makai. Ah! Gensokyo.

Why did I get lost in such a nostalgic world?
I’ve realised why now, definitely.
Now, it’s time for answers in Wonderland!

This is my story. I’ll never live in the past.
This is Gensokyo.
You guided me.

This is a single story, (Whose story could this be?)
One born from a book. (Leap inside its pages.)
When I open the book up…
Perhaps my story will begin. (Perhaps it will…)

Everyone must have someone waiting for them
so let’s welcome the epilogue with a smile!
Yes, this is the sort of story in which I can call everyone my precious family,
Even the little one who made me realise everything.

悠久ロジック || Eternal Logic

yuukyuu rojikku
Eternal Logic

Vocals: Tanaka Junjiro (田中じゅんじろー)
Lyrics: Tanaka Junjiro (田中じゅんじろー)
Arranged by: Tanaka Junjiro (田中じゅんじろー)
Album: モジャの輪 (Moja Ring)
Circle: モジャン棒 (Moja stick)
Event: Reitaisai 14 [RTS14]
Original Theme: Gensokyo Millennium ~ History of the Moon [千年幻想郷 ~ History of the Moon]

Requested by: Kaleival

I originally translated the title as ‘Eternity Logic’, but after comparing it to other tracks on the album, I think it’s more appropriate to interpret 悠久 as an adjective.


te to te tsunaida futari
togire togire no inochi
“kore ga watashi-tachi no kankeisei”
katachi wa nakusete iku kedo

We held hands
yet our lives were disconnected.
“This is our relationship.”
Still, we’re losing our forms.

騙し騙しの生も もう飽いた

doko made ikeba ii
itsu made ikite ireba ii
damashi damashi no sei mo mou aita
“isso koroshite kure” to

How far should I go?
How long should I live?
I’m tired of this deceptive life.
“I’d rather you kill me.”


mayaku o nou ni buchikomu ano kankaku mo
mahi sureba kairaku mo nai
shinda seibutsu da na

That feeling—narcotics slamming into my brain—
If I numb it, I will gain no pleasure.
I must be a dead creature.


obieru koto o yame
ashita o nozomu shoujo-tachi ni
hanamuke no kotoba o okurou

I will leave some parting words
to the maidens who gave up on fear
and now wish for tomorrow.


akenu yoru o motome
hashiru kimi o me de otteru
asai yume o miteru ma wa
ikite irareru kara

I chase you with my eyes
as you pursue a never-ending night
because I can live
while dreaming shallow dreams.


“itsuka kowarete shimau nara
tomo ni watashi mo ikou”
ikita shisha ni naru

“If you will someday die,
Then I will die with you.”
I will become the casualty who lived.


obie o kate ni shite
ashita o nozomu shoujo-tachi ni
tada sukoshi inori o sasageyou

I will offer some small prayers
to the maidens who use fear as their energy
and now wish for tomorrow.


akaruku hi ni yakareta
kimi wa kitto naite iru darou
fukai yume wa samete
koko kara iki o hajimeyou ka

You were burned by the bright sun.
You must be crying.
I awaken from a deep dream.
Shall I start breathing now?