輪廻反生 || The Circle of Antimigration

rinne hansei
The Circle of Antimigration

Vocals: Mie (みぃ)
Lyrics: Jell
Arranged by: GCHM
Album: Accomplice 【Official Site】
Event: C95
Original Themes: –Reach for the Moon, Immortal Smoke [月まで届け、不死の煙]
Desire Drive [デザイアドライブ]
Old Yuanxian [古きユアンシェン]

Requested by: iPhoenix

The title is a play on 輪廻転生 (rinne tensei – the circle of transmigration).

伸ばした手を握り返して 微笑んでくれるなら
いつものように赤く汚してよ 永遠みたいな嘘で

nobashita te o nigirikaeshite hohoende kureru nara
itsumo no you ni akaku yogoshite yo eien mitai na uso de

If you’ll grab the hand I reach out to you and smile
then, like always, I’ll stain it red with a lie that seems eternal.

だけど とるに足らない日常で

itsuka subete ga watashi o oite iku
dakedo toru ni taranai nichijou de

Someday, everything will leave me behind
yet the norm is worthless.

今更に外れた人生の中に 出せないラブレタ一書き殴ってる
失って奪って逃げ出して 胡乱な生死にしがみ憑いて
本当は全部 わたしのせいだったのかな

imasara ni hazureta jinsei no naka ni dasenai rabu retaa kakinagutteru
ushinatte ubatte nigedashite uron na seishi ni shigami tsuite
dou shiyou mo naku tsukarekitte
hontou wa zenbu watashi no sei datta no kana

In a life gone out of gear after so long, I scribble out love letters I can’t send.
I lose things, steal them away, and run. I haunt suspicious life and death.
I inevitably get exhausted.
I wonder if it was all actually my fault…

沈香よりも胸焼けのする 言葉の甘さに
孤独一滴 溶かして混ぜる 明るい歪なマ一ブリング

jinkou yori mo muneyake no suru kotoba no amasa ni
kodoku hitoshizuku tokashite mazeru akarui ibitsu na maaburingu

The sweetness of your words burns my stomach more than aloe.
I mix a drop of loneliness in, leading to a bright, twisted marbling.

そして 何度でも わたしは残される
だけど 認められない 臆病で

soshite nando demo watashi wa nokosareru
dakedo mitomerarenai okubyou de

And so, I am left behind time and time again
yet I can’t accept it. I’m cowardly.

徒に破れた日々探して どこかではぐれた自分を待ってる
また寄ってたかって 噛み付いて 八つ当たっては逆恨んで
本当はでも 誰だってひとりなのかな

itazura ni yabureta hibi sagashite dokoka de hagureta jibun o matteru
mata yottetakatte kamitsuite yattsu atatte wa sakaurande
youyaku kaerimichi mitsukete
hontou wa demo dare datte hitori na no kana

I search for days torn apart in vain, waiting for a self that I lost sight of somewhere.
I gang up on them again, sink my fangs in, vent my frustrations and resent their kindness.
At last, I found my way home.
I wonder if everyone is really just alone…

約束なら 筋書き通りにわたしを裏切った
さあ 飲み明かそうか ひどい味のする欲望を朝まで

yakusoku nara sujigaki toori ni watashi o uragitta
saa nomiakasou ka hidoi aji no suru yokubou o asa made

As for our promise, you betrayed me, following the synopsis.
Now, shall we drink this foul lust until dawn?

あつめた人生の山で 出せないラブレター掻き破れってる
彷徨って走って追いかけて 挙句の果てまだ望んで
本当は全部 偽物だってわかってたのかな

atsumeta jinsei no yama de dasenai rabu retaa kaki yaburetteru
samayotte hashitte oikakete ageku no hate mada nozonde
menzaifu o shinji tsudzukete
hontou wa zenbu yume datte wakatteta no kana

Atop a mountain of lives, love letters I can’t send are all torn up.
I wander, I run, and I pursue. In the end, I desire again.
I kept believing my excuses
but did I know all along that everything was a dream?

伸ばした手も どうせそのうち振り払われるんなら
いつものように早く満たしてよ 永遠みたいな嘘で

nobashita te mo douse sono uchi furiharawareru n nara
itsumo no you ni hayaku mitashite yo eien mitai na uso de

If my outstretched hand will be shaken off before long
then satisfy me quickly, like always, with a lie that seems eternal.

(1) 偽物 (nisemono – sham) is written, but 夢 (yume – dream) is sung.

レイズ || Raise


Vocals: lily-an
Lyrics: azuki
Arranged by: kaztora
Album: Poker Facer (ポーカーフェイサー) 【Official Site】
Circle: Liz Triangle
Event: C84
Original Theme: Bad Apple!!

(Unofficial) English translation only.

Requested by: hs08

The title could also be translated as ‘Raze’. I think ‘Raise’ is a better fit since the song deals with life and death and what comes after, so I went with that instead.

The road I’ve lived so far has seemed like a game
and life is like a wild card.
I’m a little worse at using trump cards than people.
Wherever I go, I bow my head.
The pitiful joker is of no use.
You’re unbalanced, and for your sake I send a blue rose.

Because there’s nobody in this world who I can trust completely
I’ll switch off this earthly life’s channel. Farewell.

Wearing a chic red dress
the fragrant rose seems like a placebo.
Even if we’re satisfied and fooled for now, let’s allow it.
Things will continue in a happy dream.

Conspicuous rouge lips
are bullets piercing through the swarming butterflies.
“Just a little more…” the angels and demons laugh, too.
The scales waver.

There’s no reason why anything I should cling to would remain
so let’s go flipping through the thought channels.
The blue rose withers, too.

Stop me from leaving and hug me intimately.
Kiss me skilfully with mischievous lips.
Trump cards should be saved until the end.
Wild card. I’m the joker.

Nobody believes in their heart that life is just a once-only thing.
Let’s cast aside our past and future and enjoy the present!
Isn’t that enough?

All I want is to live while singing, dancing, and smiling.
This world, where all the good-for-nothings just laugh and spend their time,
is still dreaming.

エピック・リカバリー || Epic Recovery

epikku rikabarii
Epic Recovery

Vocals: Ayaponzu* (あやぽんず*)
Lyrics: ticat
Arranged by: kaztora
Album: Synchro (シンクロ) 【Official Site】
Circle: Shinra-bansho (森羅万象)
Event: C92
Original Theme: Extend Ash ~ Person of Hourai[エクステンドアッシュ ~ 蓬莱人]

(Unofficial) English translation only.

Requested by: Siti

I, the honest one, am at fault? As if!
It all depends on right and wrong as seen by you, the fraudster.
With such a weak flame, an annoying firefly light,
life can’t be fully burned
never, never, no matter when.

This is a struggle to the death.
I was mad from the start.
Surely both you and I
will never die.

That’s right. Resurrection.
Someone sneers. Only the phoenix will fly and pass on
so this is a circle of transmigration.
Life won’t revolve around me forever.
(Luu… la la la la luu la) Eating temporary life,
(Uuu… la la la la luu la) my demon bares its fangs.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime test of courage. I go astray
and steal away an irreversible life.
More and more… come on, demon, follow the sound of my clapping!
Even with vision stolen away, it can’t be concealed.

“Die and apologise.”
That sort of trash is nonsense. Such a phrase won’t spread.
An unreasonable demand. The unchanging past and future.

Now, resurrection!
Grieve and laugh. Only the phoenix is shot and falls.
The song of life pauses and ends. I can no longer hear it.
(Luu… la la la la luu la) Meetings and partings repeat
(Uuu… la la la la luu la) and only one person remembers.

I reached out countless times to a secret
and tasted destruction that sneers at life.
I’m going to steal everything away.
If I can return once more, then perhaps I’ll choose.
Even if I’m wounded, and even if it was only for a short time,
Ah… I wanted to live.

I rush to death again.
Even without hurrying it along, it will come. Yes, let me believe…
I can’t stop the path of fate that was chosen.

(Help me…)
Ah, resurrection.
Without arriving anywhere, I have no place to belong.
Even if this future is one I mourn and is different to the one I wished for…
(Luu… la la la la luu la) I can’t see what comes next.
(Uuu… la la la la luu la) Inaudible screams
(Luu… la la la la luu la) won’t reach the world’s end.
(Uuu… la la la la luu la) Who killed the phoenix?
(Life and death)
Who made me a lone phoenix?
I killed them.

(1) 火鳥 (hitori) is used for ‘Phoenix’ here, in contrast to 火の鳥 (hi no tori) used earlier. 火鳥 is pronounced the same as 一人 (hitori – alone).

こーりん、”漢”の甘味 ~六尺mix~ || Kourin, a Man’s Sweetness ~Rokushaku mix~

こーりん、”漢”の甘味 ~六尺mix~
koorin, “otoko ” no amami ~Rokushaku mix~
Kourin, a Man’s Sweetness ~Rokushaku mix~

Vocals: 陽介神父 (Yousuke Shinpu), ココ (Koko)
Lyrics: 溝口ゆうま (Yuma Mizonokuchi)
Arranged by: 溝口ゆうま (Yuma Mizonokuchi)
Album: 東方スイーツ (Touhou Sweets)
Circle: Innocent Key
Event: Reitaisai 5 [RTS5]
Original Theme: Eastern Youkai Beauty [東方妖怪小町]

Requested by: reiden


Rinnosuke “fundoshi, fundoshi… ‘otoko’ no fundoshi
ecchuu ippon ‘otoko no fundoshi
ossu ossu! gensoukyou no osu yarou domo, junbi wa ii ka?
kyou wa morichika rinnosuke-sama ga temeera ni otoko to iu mono o oshiete yaru!
o-dai wa mochiron yarou no suiito!”
Reisen “jikkyou wa watashi, reisen udongein inaba ga o-okuri itashimasu”
Rinnosuke “sore ja aiccho otoko ni natte yarou ja nee ka!”

Rinnosuke: “Loincloth, Loincloth… a man’s loincloth.
A man’s loincloth held up by a single string!
Okay, okay! Are you ready, men of Gensokyo?
Today, I, the esteemed Morichika Rinnosuke, will teach you manliness!
The theme is, of course, manly sweets!”
Reisen: “Brought to you live on the scene by me, Reisen Udongein Inaba.”
Rinnosuke: “Alright, let’s all become manly together, okay?”


Rinnosuke “za!????!!”
Reisen “cho! nande fundoshi icchou ni naru ndesu ka!!”
“gachimuchi gachimuchi gachimuchi!”
Rinnosuke “Kourin!!”
“gachimuchi gachimuchi gachimuchi!”
Rinnosuke “fu, fu, fu, fu, fu, fu, fu, fu, fu, fu, fu, fu, fu, fu, fu
fundoshi daaaaa!!”

Rinnosuke: “Za?!”
Reisen: “Huh? Why’d you strip down to a loincloth?!”
“Muscles, muscles, macho muscles!”
Rinnosuke: “Kourin!”
“Muscles, muscles, macho muscles!”
Rinnosuke: “Loi, loi, loi, loi,


Rinnosuke “ima hagitotte kita, osu yarou no fundoshi kara, yarou-jiru o shiboritoru…!
Reisen “uwaa! kittanai mon nani yatten desuka!”

Rinnosuke: “I’ve stripped off my loincloth and now I’m squeezing all the man juices from it…!
Reisen: “Ah! Gross, what are you doing?!”


Rinnosuke “tsugi wa kore, kome no kona da
nanban torai no sairyou nanka wa nanjaku daro
kore o, mochiron sakki no shiru to mazeru”
Reisen “uwaa… dogitsui iro shitemasu ne sore…”
Rinnosuke “soshitara tonikaku koneru!!
kono te ga hikatte unaru!!??? to kagayaki sakebu!!”
Reisen “chotto, sore ijou wa otona no jijou de abunai desu kara jijuu shite kudasai ne”
(haa haa)
Rinnosuke “kono, ase ga kakushiaji nandayo na aijou chuunyuu!!”
Reisen “uwaa… yosou doori to iu ka nanika suppai nioi ga shimasu ne…”
Rinnosuke “ii osu no kaori ga shite kita na
sate tsugi wa koitsu o hakkou saseru ze, mochiron waki ni hasande hitohada da
koubo daikatsuyaku tte wake yo”
Reisen “uwaa koubo toka souzou shitaku mo nai desu yo ne…”

Rinnosuke: “Next up, rice flour.
It’s imported so it’s a bit weak.
Of course, I’m gonna mix this with the juice from earlier.”
Reisen: “Whoa… what a loud colour.”
Rinnosuke: “And then I’ll knead it right away!
My hands are shining and buzzing?! They shine and I scream!”
Reisen: “Hold on, it’s dangerous if you go much further, so restrain yourself!
(Hah, hah…)
Rinnosuke: “Sweat is the secret ingredient. It gives an injection of love!”
Reisen: “Huh… not surprisingly, it smells kinda sour now…”
Rinnosuke: “Yeah, now it has a good scent of vinegar. Next up, I’m gonna ferment it using the warmth of my armpits, of course. It’s ‘cause yeast is flourishing there.”
Reisen: “Hm, yeast… I don’t even want to imagine it.”


Reisen “sate, totsuzen desu ga kuizu no jikan desu!
dai ichimon, gensoukyou ichi suiitsu tsukuri no umai hito wa?”
Rinnosuke “touzen! ore! morichika rinnosuke-sama da”
Rinnosuke “…e? nande?”
Reisen “dai nimon, gensoukyou ichi fundoshi no niau hito wa?”
Rinnosuke “ore da! ore shika inai!!”
(piro piroon)
Rinnosuke “minna nattoku ikanai kedo, arigatooou!!”

Reisen: “Alright, it’s a bit sudden, but time for a quiz!
Question 1: Who’s someone in Gensokyo who’s good at making sweets?”
Rinnosuke: “Naturally, it’s me! The esteemed Morichika Rinnosuke!”
Rinnosuke: “Hm? Why?”
Reisen: “Question 2: Who in Gensokyo looks the best in a loincloth?”
Rinnosuke: “It’s me! It can only be me!”
Rinnosuke: “Nobody can accept it but thank you!”


Reisen “…de, kekkyoku hakkou wa dou natta ndeshou ka?”
Rinnosuke “aseru njanee wakazou
hore, doo yo, umasou darou”
Reisen “kuro!! akiraka ni honnou ga keikoku suru reberu de yabai desu yo ne kore…”
Rinnosuke “ato wa koitsu o taimatsu no hi de kongari yaitara oshimee yo”
Reisen “keho keho! kemuri!! kemuri yabai desu tte!!
Rinnosuke “hore, kourin manjuu, ryaku shite kooman dekiagari jaa”
Reisen “uwaa… dou shitemo tabenakya dame desu ka kore…”
uwaa… ee imou!!
mogu mogu mogu… npuaa”
Reisen “…are?
igai to oishii kamo…”

Reisen: “So, I wonder how the fermentation ended up?”
Rinnosuke: “In a hurry aren’t you, youngster?
Look! See, doesn’t it look delicious?”
Reisen: “It’s black! My instincts are giving me a clear warning, that’s how awful it is…”
Rinnosuke: “We’ve just gotta burn it until it’s well-done with the flames of this torch.”
 Reisen: “*Cough cough* Smoke! That smoke is nasty!”
Rinnosuke: “Look! My Kourin Manjuu, Kouman for short, are done!”
Reisen: “I’ve… I’ve just gotta eat it, don’t I.”
Enough is enough!
*Munch munch* Ah…
Reisen: “Hm?
This is surprisingly tasty…”

オーバードリーム || Overdream


Vocals: yukina
Lyrics: Jell
Arranged by: だ (Da)
Album: Dreams and Reality -genmu- [現夢 -genmu-]
Published by: TUMENECO
Event: C80
Original Themes: –Night Falls ~ Evening Star [夜が降りてくる ~ Evening Star]
Border Between Dreams and Reality [夢と現の境界]

Requested by: Maia Kasoya

探していた答は まぼろしには足りず
こぼれ落ちる雫は とても綺麗でした

sagashiteita kotae wa maboroshi ni wa tarizu
koboreochiru shizuku wa totemo kirei deshita

The answer I searched for was no illusion
my tears, dripping down, were so beautiful.

私は誰 私は何処 私は本当?

hosoi yubi de nazoru kage ni shisen karamase
okashisou ni anata wa warau
watashi wa dare watashi wa doko watashi wa honto?
tou koe sae yumeji wo isogu

My vision entwines with the shadow I trace along with slender fingers
and you laugh in amusement.
Who am I? Where am I? Am I real?
Even my questioning voice hastens the dream.

ゆめをうつつを漂って 今日も揺ら揺ら
遠い名前を叫んでは いつも渇ら渇ら

yume wo utsutsu wo tadayotte kyou mo yurayura
tooi namae wo sakende wa itsumo kara kara

Drifting in dreams and reality, I sway once again today.
I shout that distant name with a voice that’s always so hoarse.


tsumugare yuku monogatari mo yasashii kizu mo
anata dake no mono ja nai kara
kurikaeshita monogatari mo kawaita uso mo
watashi dake no mono ja nai kara

This story, being spun, and those tender wounds
don’t belong to just you, after all.
This repeated story and those parched lies
don’t belong to just me, after all.

降り注いだ星屑 流れ着いた場所は
夜空の果てみたいに とても綺麗ですか

furisosoida hoshikuzu nagaretsuita basho wa
yozora no hate mitai ni totemo kirei desu ka

Is the place where the downpouring stardust washed up
so pretty, like the edge of the sky?

貴方は誰 貴方は何処 貴方は彼方?

tada hitasura te wo nobasu dake no shiawase mo
soko ni aru koto no yasuragi mo
anata wa dare anata wa doko anata wa kanata?
tou koe made hizumi ni kiete

The happiness of just reaching out with all one’s might
and the peace of mind of knowing that it’s there…
Who are you? Where are you? Are you over there?
Even my questioning voice vanishes distortedly.

ゆめをうつつを漂って 今日も揺ら揺ら
遠く名前を叫んでも 声は 空 空
すべて忘れてしまえばと 今日も浮わ浮わ
いまは静かに籠の中 眠れ睡や睡や睡や

yume wo utsutsu wo tadayotte kyou mo yurayura
tooku namae wo sakende mo koe wa kara kara
subete wasurete shimaeba to kyou mo fuwa fuwa
ima wa shizuka ni kago no naka nemure suya suya suya

Drifting in dreams and reality, I sway once again today.
Though I shout that name into the distance, my voice is always so empty.
If I just forget about it all… I float along again today.
Now, silently in the cage, sleep. Slumber, slumber, slumber…

Closed Heart

Closed Heart

Vocals: 蒼色銀河 (Aoiro Ginga)
Lyrics: 蒼色銀河 (Aoiro Ginga)
Arranged by: Ya*9ruto
Upload date: 30 March 2016
Original Theme: Hartmann’s Youkai Girl [ハルトマンの妖怪少女]

Requested by: Scarlet Devil
Watch the official video on YouTube!

惑う心 薄氷の上
影と光 踊るあなたに
伸ばすこの手 声も届かず

madou kokoro usugoori no ue
itsumo yume ni anata o miteru
kage to hikari odoru anata ni
nobasu kono te koe mo todokazu
demo sakebu no “nee, ikanaide”

My doubtful heart is on thin ice.
I always see you in my dreams.
You dance in light and shadow
yet my voice and outstretched arms don’t reach you.
Still, I call, “please, don’t go.”

もう逢えない 分かってるよと
深く刻む 虚無な心に
ただ見つめる 透明な肌

mou aenai wakatteru yo to
fukaku kizamu kyomu na kokoro ni
sabishisa to ka wasureta wa mou
te no naka ni wa kareta hanabira
tada mitsumeru toumei na hada
mado ni utsuru watashi no kage wa
donna fuu ni mieteru no ka na
hieta kokoro azawaratteru

We won’t meet again. I know.
Those were the words I carved deep in my innocent heart.
I’ve forgotten all about feelings like loneliness.
In my hands, I hold a withered petal.
I just look at my transparent skin.
My figure is reflected in the mirror.
I wonder what she looks like?
My frozen heart sneers.

いつかあなたがこの頬に 触れたあの日を覚えている
声もくれた言葉も香りも その全てを愛おしく消した

itsuka anata ga kono hoho ni fureta ano hi o oboete iru
koe mo kureta kotoba mo kaori mo sono subete o itooshiku keshita

I remember the day you touched my cheek.
Your voice, the words you said, and your fragrance all vanished while so dear to me.

辛い気持ちも幸せも 何もかもを隠して消した
ただ独りで居たらどんな痛みも 忘れられるとただ誤魔化し続けた

tsurai kimochi mo shiawase mo nani mo kamo o kakushite keshita
tada hitori de itara donna itami mo wasurerareru to tada gomakashi tsudzuketa

I hid bitterness, happiness, and everything else away and erased them.
I kept deceiving myself, telling myself that I could forget about any pain if I was alone.

ただ側にさえ居れたのなら それだけで本当によかった
茜色に染まる空雲指切り 2人で並べた肩の感触

tada soba ni sae ireta no nara sore dake de hontou ni yokatta
akaneiro ni somaru soragumo yubikiri futari de natabeta kata no kanshoku

If I could just be by your side, that would have been enough.
Making a pinky promise on the sky and clouds dyed madder red, I felt our shoulders touch.

消えてお願い苦しいよと 零す涙が止まらない
想いが重なり積もってゆくこの心が 崩れ逝きそうで怖い

kiete onegai kurushii yo to kobosu namida ga tomaranai
omoi ga kasanari tsumotte yuku kono kokoro ga kuzure ikisou de kowai

Please, vanish. It’s too painful. The tears I shed do not stop.
My feelings pile up inside my heart. It seems it will break, and I will die. That scares me.

私の心の闇夜を 照らし輝くこの滴の
流れ辿り着く先の未来(あす)の ぬくもりを信じていたいだけ

watashi no kokoro no yamiyo o terashi kagayaku kono shizuku no
nagare tadoritsuku saki no asu no nukumori o shinjite itai dake

All I want to do is believe in the warmth of the future,
a future found at the end of the flow of shining tears that illuminate my heart’s dark night.

「私は此処」と叫んでるよ 手を伸ばしても届かないね
声も指も何も届かないなら 全てを閉じ込めてしまおう

“watashi wa koko” to sakenderu yo te o nobashitemo todokanai ne
koe mo yubi mo nani mo todokanai nara subete o tojikomete shimaou

I’m calling out, “I’m here.” I reach out to you in vain.
If neither my voice nor my fingers will reach you, I’ll seal everything away.

希う空風が吹いて さらう髮に花がひとひら
融けてなくなったその花を想う 心はずっとアナタノモノと

koinegau karakaze ga fuite sarau kami ni hana ga hitohira
tokete nakunatta sono hana o omou kokoro wa zutto anata no mono to

The imploring dry wind blows, and a petal lies in my windswept hair.
I think of that flower, which melted and vanished, “my heart is always yours.”

見える?見えない?この心の 呪縛がいつか解けて
冷えた体を抱き締めながら 独り温もりを信じ続けている

mieru? mienai? kono kokoro no jubaku ga itsuka hodokete
hieta karada o dakishime nagara hitori nukumori o shinji tsudzukete iru

Can you see it? Can’t you? The spell binding my heart will someday break.
While hugging my cold body, I keep believing in warmth, alone.

cardiac sound

cardiac sound

Vocals: 弟の姉 (Otouto no Ane)
Lyrics: 海兎 (kaito)
Arranged by: きりん (Kirin)
Album: Cleave Spark 【Official Site】
Circle: EastNewSound
Event: C94
Original Theme: Fires of Hokkai [法界の火]

Requested by: Vengeance

Update (1 July 2020): Updated translation to reflect official lyrics

深い暗闇の中 光待ち続けた
言葉に出来ぬ感情 微笑み絶やさずに

fukai kurayami no naka hikari machi tsudzuketa
kotoba ni dekinu kanjou hohoemi tayasazu ni

In the deep darkness I waited for light.
I felt something inexplicable and my smile did not peter out.

愛する世界 光が満ちてく
愛すべきモノ 私を導く

aisuru sekai hikari ga michiteku
aisubeki mono watashi o michibiku

The world I love fills with light.
The one I love guides me.


yorokobi ikari kanashimi tanoshimi
donna ni toki ga tattemo kawarazu

Joy, anger, sadness and delight.
No matter how much time passes things don’t change.

迷い、焦り、不安を 一人背負わないで

mayoi aseri fuan o hitori seowanaide

Don’t carry burdens like doubt, impatience or unease alone.

愛した世界 すべて美しく
愛された日々 色づく日を待つ

aishita sekai subete utsukushiku
aisareta hibi irodzuku hi o matsu

In the world I loved, everything was so beautiful.
During days when I was loved, I waited for them to ripen.

皆の声が 呼んでる私を

yorokobi ikari kanashimi tanoshimi
minna no koe ga yonderu watashi o

Joy, anger, sadness and delight.
Everyone is calling for me.

異界ヘノ狂騒曲/咎人 || For the Otherworld, a Turbulent Capriccio/Criminal

ikai e no kyousoukyoku/togabito
For the Otherworld, a Turbulent Capriccio/Criminal

Vocals: 満月花音 (Mitsuki Kanon)
Arranged by: Kuhara Izuna (玖原イヅナ)
Album: Touhou Sky Arena -Matsuri- CLIMAX OST
Circle: 緋月ノ雫 (Akatsuki Drop)
Event: C94
Original Theme: Pandemonic Planet (パンデモニックプラネット)

Requested by: Koog

I translated the title in a slightly awkward fashion because I couldn’t make a firm judgement whether 狂騒曲/咎人 (kyousoukyoku/togabito) should be interpreted together or separately. A more natural translation would be “A Turbulent Capriccio for the Otherworld”.

As a side note, the Japanese word for capriccio is normally written 狂想曲 – you can see that the second kanji is different, and the ‘turbulent’ in my title translation was put in to reflect this.

咎人よ 贖うまで

togabito yo aganau made

O criminal, until you pay your dues—

世界のどこにいても 捕まえてあげる
閉じ込めるのは境界 終わらぬ夢見て

sekai no doko ni itemo tsukamaete ageru
tojikomeru no wa kyoukai owaranu yume mite

No matter where you are, I’ll arrest you.
You’re imprisoned in a boundary, dreaming an endless dream.

さぁ行きましょう 身体朽ちるまで
逃げても逃げきれないの 果てまで追うから

saa ikimashou karada kuchiru made
nigetemo nigekirenai no hate made ou kara

Now, shall we go? Until your body rots away,
though you keep escaping, you can’t, because I’ll chase you to the very end.

見上げたら視えた 月と地球と異界
どこでも現れるのは 地獄の支配者

miagetara mieta tsuki to chikyuu to ikai
doko demo arawareru no wa jigoku no shihaisha

When I looked up, I could see the moon, the Earth, and the Otherworld.
Hell’s ruler will appear anywhere.

咎人よ 償うまで

togabito yo tsugunau made

O criminal, until you atone—

無垢な瞳 そそられた興味 手を伸ばしても 届かない
此処に来たれ 地獄への門 最初で最後の黙示録

muku na hitomi sosorareta kyoumi te o nobashitemo todokanai
koko ni kitare jigoku e no mon saisho de saigo no mokushiroku

Pure eyes, piqued curiosity… even with arms outstretched, you can’t reach.
Come here, to the gates of Hell. This is the first and last Revelation.

皆で踊ろう 懺悔のダンスを 覆い隠された 真実の
遠い 遠い 偽りの唄 永遠に 戻らない選択肢

minna de odorou sange no dansu o ooi kakusareta shinjitsu no
tooi tooi itsuwari no uta eien ni modoranai sentakushi

Let’s all dance a dance of repentance together. The truth was concealed.
The false song is so, so distant. Your choice is to never return.

狂いを誘うのは 歪んだAtoZ
死しても後悔せよ 監獄へ投下

kurui o sasou no wa yuganda AtoZ
shi shitemo koukai se yo kangoku e touka

That which invites madness is a twisted A to Z.
Though you may die, repent! You’ll be thrown down into prison.

さぁお行きなさい 無限の螺旋
一段降りてゆくたび 絶望の階下

saa oikinasai mugen no rasen
ichidan orite yuku tabi zetsubou no kaika

Now, go and travel down the infinite helix.
Each flight you descend takes you deeper into despair.

後悔と拒絶の 狭間に閉じ込めて
許せる?許してあげない 堕ちて落ちて堕とす

koukai to kyozetsu no hazama ni tojikomete
yuruseru? yurushite agenai ochite ochite otosu

I’ll imprison you in the threshold between repentance and rejection.
Can I forgive you? I won’t. Fall, fall. I drop you down.

咎人よ 壊れるまで

togabito yo kowareru made

O criminal, until you crumble away—

無知な心 掌で覆って ほんの少しだけ 押し込んだ
伝う罪が合間を流れて 消えて行くのはどちらの眼

muchi na kokoro tenohira de ootte hon no sukoshi dake oshikonda
tsutau tsumi ga aima o nagarete kiete iku no wa dochira no me

I covered an ignorant heart with my palm and tried, just a little, to force it in.
Sins run down it in intervals. Whose eyes begin to vanish?

皆で踊ろう 懺悔のダンスを 覆い隠された 真実の
遠い 遠い 偽りの唄 永遠に 戻らない選択肢

minna de odorou sange no dansu o ooi kakusareta shinjitsu no
tooi tooi itsuwari no uta eien ni modoranai sentakushi

Let’s all dance a dance of repentance together. The truth was concealed.
The false song is so, so distant. Your choice is to never return.

皆で踊ろう いびつなダンスを 拓け出された 真実の
遠い 遠い 地獄の果てまで

minna de odorou ibitsu na dansu o hirake dasareta shinjitsu no
tooi tooi jigoku no hate made
eien ni tsudzukeru sentakushi

Let’s all dance this twisted dance together. The truth was broken.
Until you reach the ends of Hell in the distance,
your choice is to continue forever.



Vocals: mano, 蒼-aoi-
Lyrics: mano
Arranged by: mano
Album: 東 (THE EAST)
Circle: 現代日本縮図 (an EPITOME of MODERN LIFE in NIPPON)
Event: Reitaisai 16 [RTS16]
Original Themes: –Tomorrow Will Be Special; Yesterday Was Not [明日ハレの日、ケの昨日]
Schrodinger’s Bakeneko [シュレディンガーの化猫]

Requested by: katsuragirin
Download the single for free on BOOTH!

The BOOTH page bills the single as “a male vocal arrangement delivering a direct mental attack” (メンタル直接攻撃型男性ヴォーカルバンドアレンジ), and it certainly lives up to it!

Mano also mentions that this song contains 10 years worth of thoughts, from when he started doujin music, passing through his long hiatus, and up to today.

あーあ いつからか「あんな人もいたね」と笑われるのか
確かにな あの時のお前も笑えたよな

aa itsu kara ka “anna hito mo ita ne” to warawareru no ka
tashika ni na ano toki no omae mo waraeta yo na

Ah… how long have I been laughed at, with people saying “Oh, that’s right, I remember them.”
That’s right. It made you laugh back then, too.


kaosu mitai na yodonda me o shiteru tte iwareta
sonna omae mo kidzukeba sanjuu sugi datta
nanka tekitou ni shiriatta tekitou na aite to
tekitou na seikoui ni hashitta kekka ga
omae o tekitou de irarenaku shite ita
tashika no shiawase wa shosen dareka no shiawase de shika nakatta
jibun o shiawase ni suru no ga ososugita ndatte
omae wa yodonda me o shite kaosu ni mukatte mi o nageta

They said your eyes were dull, as if chaos lurked within them.
By the time you realised it, you were over 30.
Together with the proper partner you met in the proper way
you had proper sex and, following from that
you couldn’t be proper anymore.
In the end, someone’s happiness was nothing more than that.
You were too slow to make yourself happy
so, with dull eyes, you faced chaos and threw yourself in.


dare ni mo dekinai
dare mo yaranai
dare ni mo makenai
dare ni mo katenai
dare ni mo misenai
dare mo mitenai
dare ni mo ienai
dare ni mo sasenai shi

Nobody can do it.
Nobody will do it.
I won’t lose to anyone.
I won’t win against anyone.
I won’t let anyone see.
Nobody is looking.
I won’t tell anyone
This poem can’t sting anyone.

最低なことを何回もしよう 罵られても笑って眠ろうぜ
最近すっかり丸くはならない 容易く認める奴は認めない

saitei na koto o nankai mo shiyou nonoshiraretemo waratte nemurou ze
mentaru yandemo kodomo ga shindemo kimi wa shiawase ni nari houdai!
saikin sukkari maruku wa naranai tayasuku mitomeru yatsu wa mitomenai
seichou taipu wa taiki bansei no doko ni demo iru sarariiman

Let’s do the most awful things over and over! Even if they speak ill of us, let’s laugh and sleep.
Though you may suffer mentally, though your children may die, you’ll be as happy as you like!
I haven’t been able to keep calm lately. I won’t accept the people who accept me easily.
My growth type is the same as an ordinary office worker whose talents are late to ripen.

#社会の保障 #仕事人生
#住宅ローン #貧乏家族
#かじかむ体 #塞がる手立て
#視野の狭窄 #いつかは来ない

#shakai no hoshou #shigoto jinsei
#juutaku roon #binbou kazoku
#kajikamu karada #fusagaru tedate
#shiya no kyousaku #itsuka wa konai

#SocialSecurity #WorkingLife
#Mortgage #PoorFamily
#NumbBody #AWayToHeal
#ContractedOutlook #LaterWontArrive


nanka mou ita tamarenai nda yo zenbu nani mo kamo sa
taishita uta demo ensou demo nai kuse ni konseputo kidotte
aatisuto men shite kita zebu no shirouto ga
joushiki ni torawarenai jiyuu na hassou de tanin no dohyou nottetara sewa nee nda yo
sou da yo shumi de yatten da yo shigoto de konna koto yaru wake nee daro baka ga
nani ga gendai nihon da yo omae no mawari no hanashi daro
sou da yo omae no souzou no han’i ni shika omae no jinsei wa nee yo
sore ga omae no kuni tte koto da yo
wakattara sassa to denki keshite sumaho juuden shite kyou wa mou nero

I just can’t stand this a moment longer!
It’s not even a good song or performance but, acting like it’s all conceptual,
the amateur pretended to be an artist this whole time.
Not being held back by common sense, they get in other people’s sumo rings with free ideas but don’t help them.
That’s right, I’m doing it as a hobby, as if I’d do it as a job. How foolish.
What, people in modern Japan? No, I’m speaking about the people around you.
That’s right, your life is determined by the scope of your imagination.
“That’s your country.”
Once you’ve got that, hurry up and turn out the lights, turn on your smartphone and go to bed!

誰か 誰か 探して 行くあてもなくした夜更け過ぎ
喉も嗄れていたっけな 道端にゴミだけ咲いていた

dareka dareka sagashite iku ate mo naku shita yofuke sugi
nodo mo karete ita kke na michibata ni gomi dake saite ita

Searching, searching for someone. The late night passes. I’d lost my destination.
Was I a bit hoarse…? Only trash blooms on the roadside.

あれが あれが 僕らの 成れ果ての姿に思えてさ
街を歩く野良猫が やけに羨ましくなったんだ

are ga are ga bokura no narehate no sugata ni omoete sa
machi o aruku noraneko ga yake ni urayamashiku natta nda

It looked so, so much like us at the end of all things.
I became so jealous of the stray cats walking the streets.

いつか誰かが加害者になり 下らないことに毒を吐いたり
それでも君は被害者だから 遣る瀬無い明日に期待をしたり

itsuka dareka ga kagaisha ni nari kudaranai koto ni doku o haitari
oya no mae de miserarenai kao o shitari suru ndesu
sore demo kimi wa higaisha dakara yaru se nai asu ni kitai o shitari
yume no you na imi o ikite ikeru ndesu

Someday, someone will become the aggressor and spit venom at worthless things.
They’ll show a side of themselves they can’t show their parents.
Still, you’re the victim, so I have hopes for a helpless tomorrow
and can live through today, which is so like a dream.

金が無いなら無いでメシ抜いて 僕ら時代を駆け抜けた
僕らに愛は不自然だ 会話の先はマイナスだ

kane ga nai nara nai de meshi nuite bokura jidai o kakenuketa
tashika na kachi toka umeru ki shinai kedo
bokura ni ai wa fushizen da kaiwa no saki wa mainasu da
tooku no aizu wa mienai soburi

If you’ve got no cash, then omit food. We race through this era
though we’ve got no solid worth or desire to have kids.
Love doesn’t come naturally for us. Our conversations just end in negativity.
We act like we can’t see distant signs.


konna higashi no hazure de
kimi ga ai ni kuru no o matte iru
matte iru
matte iru

At the outskirts of the East,
I’m waiting for you to arrive,
I’m waiting,
I’m waiting.



Vocals: Mie (みぃ)
Lyrics: Jell
Arranged by: GCHM
Album: ASSAULT D!VE 【Official Site】
Event: Reitaisai 16 [RTS16]
Original Theme: Tonight Stars an Easygoing Egoist (Live ver) ~ Egoistic Flowers  [今宵は飄逸なエゴイスト(Live ver) ~ Egoistic Flowers.]

Requested by: Kalarz

crim 街は今日も揺れる
ぶつけ合う 無責任な“一路平安”
独り問い返す 涙の痕さえ
高くついたら ツラいね
また瞼の裏 隣の芝は蒼く燃える

crim machi wa kyou mo yureru
butsukeau musekinin na “guddo rakku”
hitori toikaesu namida no ato sae
takaku tsuitara tsurai ne
mata mabuta no ura tonari no shiba wa aoku moeru

The crime-ridden streets are unstable again today.
Irresponsible cries of ‘good luck’ clash.
Alone, question even the traces of my tears again.
It’s so heartbreaking when they grow more costly.
Behind my eyelids, I see the neighbouring turf burning blue again.

世界がどんなに 私達を拒もうと
熱に触れては 許されないと解って
だけど関係ない 知ったこっちゃない 小さな幸せを
二人きりで無様に探してた 形も知らないのに

sekai ga donna ni watashi-tachi o kobamou to
netsu ni furete wa yurusarenai to wakatte
dakedo kankei nai shitta koccha nai chiisana shiawase o
futari kiri de buzama ni sagashiteta katachi mo shiranai noni

No matter how the world seeks to deny us,
we know that it’s forbidden for us to touch and feel our heat.
Still, it doesn’t matter. We know nothing. Together, all alone,
we search for a small happiness in our awkward way, though we don’t know its shape.

強情に 現在を全肯定することに執着した
私達の破片 激しく散って 砕いて

hai no ame ni kawatte iku
goujou ni ima o zenkoutei suru koto ni shuuchaku shita
watashi-tachi no hahen hageshiku chitte kudaite
yoku aru hanashi ga warai tobasenaku naru mae ni

The weather changes to a rain of ash.
I was stubbornly obsessed with affirming everything going on now.
I violently scattered and crushed our fragments
before we could no longer laugh off those popular stories.

藻掻いて夢見て いつだって手探りで
浅はかな希望 一途に信じてたって
とても満たされない 愛が足りない この世のどこにも
帰る場所が 居場所が 行き場所が もうすべてが欲しいの!

mogaite yume mite itsu datte tesaguri de
asahaka na kibou ichizu ni shinjiteta tte
totemo mitasarenai ai ga tarinai kono yo no doko ni mo
kaeru basho ga ibasho ga ikibasho ga mou subete ga hoshii no!

I struggled and dreamed, always groping around,
and though I earnestly believed in shallow hope
I couldn’t be very satisfied. There wasn’t enough love anywhere in this world.
A place to return to, a place to belong, somewhere to go… I want them all now!

失う怖さを 初めて知った
その日からずっと 奪い続けてた

ushinau kowasa o hajimete shitta
sono hi kara zutto ubai tsudzuketeta

I knew the fear of losing something for the first time
and since that day, I kept taking things from others.

例えどんなに 世界に拒まれようと
何度触れても 傷ついてくと解って
そんなの関係ない 知ったこっちゃない 小さな幸せを
二人きりで無様に探してた 形も知らなくても

tatoe donna ni sekai ni kobamareyou to
nando furetemo kizutsuiteku to wakatte
sonna no kankei nai shitta koccha nai chiisana shiawase o
futarikiri de buzama ni sagashiteta katachi mo shiranakutemo

No matter how much we’re denied by the world,
we knew that we’d wound each other every time we touched.
Still, it doesn’t matter. We know nothing. Together, all alone,
we search for a small happiness in our awkward way, though we don’t know its shape.

夢見て いつだって手探りで
来ない夜明けを 一途に信じてたって とても
満たされない 愛が足りない この際誰でも
帰る場所へ 教えて手を引いて ただ救って欲しいの!

yume mite itsu datte tesaguri de
konai yoake o ichizu ni shinjiteta tte totemo
mitasarenai ai ga tarinai kono sai dare demo
kaeru basho e oshiete te o hiite tada sukutte hoshii no!

I dreamed, always groping around
and though I earnestly believed in a dawn that wouldn’t come
I couldn’t be very satisfied. There wasn’t enough love from anyone now.
I just want you to save me, take me by the hand and show me where to return to.

(1) 一路平安 (ichiro heaian, lit. “safe travels” or ‘bon voyage’) is written, but something that sounds like “good luck” is sung.