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Requests are open!
You can request one song if you requested in March or earlier or if your name isn’t on the list.

Current request schedule:
#4: June 20-26
Winter break
#5 August 15-21


Request a song. Please leave a comment with information, including a link to the lyrics. Leave your handle if you’d like a Twitter notification, too!

Boost someone else’s request. You can use your request slot to raise the priority of someone else’s request.

Change your request at any time, as long as its status isn’t ‘started.’ If your request is already translated, you might want to change your request.

I will complete requests out of order depending on difficulty. Requests are ranked on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the least difficult. If I forget to add your request to the list, please remind me at any time!

Comments sometimes get sent to the spam filter. Please keep the word ‘request’ in your comment so I can find it, or leave another comment to let me know you have made a request.

karashina (A_II)ติด🐬🐙 เกินไปล่ะTranslation exists 18/11/202010
dannarsi (CHOCO BABY)Sun FlowerStarted31/01/20217
九龍飯店 (Masa Works Design)TapewormTranslation exists31/01/20217
スパークガールシンドローム (Hinata Electric Works)Anon IIStarted02/02/20216
Bloody Mary (†Fanatic)pikoCompleted06/02/20216
神を屠る星 (Fire Emblem)TemperaAccepted14/03/20215
ロストアンブレラ (稲葉曇)PlynAccepted14/03/20216
虚構のアリア (SOUND HOLIC)iPhoenixAccepted15/03/20214
エレクトロスフィア (DuronSpitfire)_Luna_Accepted15/03/20216
〇月×日ずっと (ただのCo)keserarhythmAccepted15/03/20215
スプリンガーロケット (Shinra-Bansho)SitiAccepted16/03/20216
百鬼蛇行 (家の裏でマンボウが死んでるP)SaryuAccepted16/03/20218
蜜を嗜む (一二三) + video textJoulupukkiAccepted17/03/20217
親愛なるあなたは火葬 (Abuse)Cinnamon KittyAccepted18/03/20217
空蝉 (solcluster)be beAccepted19/03/20214
ソノリティ (R Sound Design)koenkuiper12Accepted19/03/20215
ないだらけ (Kedarui)FLCLAccepted20/03/20215
Go!!Go!!Undead!!!!! (BOOGEY VOXX)KaleivalAccepted20/03/20217
フライングヒューマノイド (oQ)starTranslation exists20/03/20215
Girl (空音)MickeyAccepted20/03/20217
マーシーキリング (Iyowa)ScumAccepted02/05/20214
ミザントロープ (Kitazawa Kyouhei)BBAccepted02/05/20215
言の葉大誘拐事件 (Teniwoha)Anon IIAccepted02/05/20218
Old Nezumy (Pizuya’s Cell)Strawberry RubyAccepted02/05/20215
クラインの心臓 (Uplift Spice)RunixzanAccepted02/05/2021 3
Bloodless Gleaming (RD-Sounds)HorlogeTranslation exists02/05/2021 7
かみさまの子 (Akali)ToriAccepted 03/05/2021 5
MIDWINTER GIFT (Shinichiro Matsumoto)edenAccepted 03/05/2021 4
殺さない (Abuse)SkipAccepted 03/05/2021 6
アイヲカタッテドウジンアイ (森羅万象×COOL&CREATE)tr009 + kanjiruthienlongStarted 03/05/2021 9
ĐöБμΛ Vøīd (凪ヤナリ)JiangshiAccepted03/05/20215
かみさま (さユり)Steve MasonAccepted03/05/20215
毒 (TOOBOE)Accepted03/05/2021 5
魔王 (Syudou)pianasoAccepted04/05/2021 4
ミカイタクビート (メドミア)ElizabethAccepted04/05/2021 6
真夜中コンツェルト (VALIS)deanAccepted04/05/2021 5
花のみぞ知る (TsuBaKi)Maia KasoyaAccepted04/05/2021 6
オノマトペテン師 (てにをは)Charles DomeryAccepted 04/05/2021 8
笑わないヨハネ (Minase)MahAccepted04/05/2021 5
Lazy Girl (ONSEN PROJECT)KuriAccepted 05/05/2021 4
es (Miyashita Yuu)SpirafallAccepted 05/05/2021 5
ハチェット (Miyashita Yuu)WitAccepted05/05/2021 5
Parallel Love (Miku Sawai)DefenderAccepted06/05/2021 6
悪役 (Oonuma Paseri)PerfectPastelBlue Accepted06/05/2021 5
溺惑 (Re:nG)vlbonnieAccepted 06/05/2021 5
En Priere (Ika Musume Hunter)Pinkgirl234Accepted06/05/2021 5
妄動的サンドクロック (2kino/KinoS)eAccepted 07/05/2021 5
シンソウコントラスト (EastNewSound)Juce GuildezAccepted07/05/2021 3
感情と忘却の咆哮 (TUMENECO)exiterchoAccepted07/05/20213
〇〇C (むゆるん)KirAccepted07/05/2021 5
秘神流し譚 (Innocent Key)OliveAccepted 08/05/2021 7
猥雑イデオロギー (BUTAOTOME)axn78Accepted08/05/20214
GENUINE (DiGiTAL WiNG)VengeanceAccepted08/05/20214
グレーテル (遊ぶ幽霊)HanaAccepted 08/05/2021 3
星見る頃を過ぎても (H△G)boopAccepted08/05/2021 5
Nightmare before xxx (REDALiCE)kimeitsuneAccepted08/05/2021 4
三味ぐ-シャミジャミ- (泥陀羅P)chawotAccepted08/05/2021 7
I believe it (Kairo)tramdottreAccepted20/06/20212
Marble (R Sound Design)neucath97Accepted20/06/2021 4
Parallelisme (Miharu Koshi)Mickey RooneyAccepted20/06/2021 3
ないない (ReoNa)TemperaAccepted20/06/2021 5
ケセラセラリザム (yurrycanon)KitkatAccepted20/06/2021 6
わたしより素晴らしいわたし (Conslo)SaryuAccepted20/06/2021 4
矇 (Akali)ToriAccepted20/06/2021 4
ダウは陽気 (イトマP)CaleAccepted 20/06/2021 5
ウルフィズム (ふぁるすてぃ)purrinAccepted 20/06/2021 6
パスティーシュ (サツキ)AkinoAccepted20/06/20216
アイケアビコーズ (Siinamota/Powapowa-P)FortabtAccepted 20/06/2021 5
少年犯罪バーゲンセール (harufuri)FLCLAccepted 20/06/2021 5
痣 (羽生まゐご)JoulupukkiAccepted20/06/20213
ナンセンス (ただのCo)keserarhythm Accepted 21/06/2021 5
40歳くらいで死にたい。 (青谷)Touka Ripu!Accepted 21/06/2021 5
23/50 (highcolor_sunz)dalasAccepted22/06/20215
さよなら人間関係 (溝野あわ)_Luna_ Accepted 22/06/2021 4
平行線の恋煩い (幽閉サテライト)iPhoenixAccepted23/06/20215
トンデモワンダーズ (sasakure.UK)ToastedBreadAccepted24/06/20216
追憶の飛行船 (田中 B.)Damus43Accepted24/06/20213
アイデアル (solcluster)be beAccepted24/06/20214

2021 request calendar

Displays request calendar for 2021. Requests are open 31 January to 6 February, 14 March to 20 March, 2 May to 8 May, 20 June to 26 June, 15 August to 21 August, 26 September to 2 October, and 14 November to 20 November.


  1. Title: 痣
    Artist: 羽生まゐご

    I haven’t been here in a while… As I understand it, I have the right to make a second request? Okay!
    This is the second part of the series “魔性のカマトト 町子編”. For some reason, 6oose only translated the first and third parts. You might find it useful in some way. Thank you in advance. ^_^

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s right! You can make another request. And since this one is quite short I might actually finish it before your first request (^_^); I’m looking forward to reading through this one!


  2. Thank you for translating my previous request! I would like to have this song translated as my request!

    Title: I Care Because (アイケアビコーズ)
    Producer: Siinamota/Powapowa-P
    Album: Ikiru

    Just a small thing though: The last stanza of the song is actually one of the stanzas of the chorus of his Strobe Series/Goodbye Mr. Remember. While there are translations of the stanza that exists, is it okay if you would translate it still? I would like to see the difference between translations.


      1. Not a problem! I’m definitely happy to look at that one and also give the last stanza in the lyrics another go too. Thanks for the request!


    1. I’m trying! I’m sorry T_T WordPress/my browser hasn’t been letting me in to properly post or edit for a few days now. I’ll try again later but will make the change as soon as I’m back in…!


  3. Please Releska do a Translation for the song KURENAI BEAT (yuukiss), I’ll like to see English lyrics for it ^^

    Producer: yuukiss
    Vocal: MEIKO
    Lyrics: (in the video description)
    Albums: “EXIT TUNES PRESENTS: Vocalodream”, “EXIT TUNES PRESENTS: Entrance Dream Music”


    1. Hi! Thanks for your request – requests are currently closed so I won’t be able to accept it. Please leave another comment when they’re open again!


  4. Hello Releska, I am here once again to request a song 🙂

    Title: 三味ぐ-シャミジャミ-
    Artist: 泥陀羅P

    I’m doing translation studies in university so I truly appreciate the fact you’re giving us all this opportunity, I know just how time consuming translation is. Have a nice day/night !!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for requesting this one as well (^_^) I’m happy to replace your old request, but I would rank this one as a 5 rather than a 3 for the old one.

      I was planning on finishing んっあっあっ。before the next request period, so if you’re happy to wait until June to request “Love is War”, you’ll be able to request it then. Otherwise, you’ll need to wait until July to request んっあっあっ。


  5. Releska ! Hello again after almost 2 years ! I hope you are doing great ^^
    I still remember how happy I was since I found your blog. You translated my dearest song Nobody Knows by Crest in 2019
    And finally after 10 years I was able to know the meaning behind those lyrics…I’m still thankful about that, really!! Nobody knows was 1 of 3 song that I downloaded long time ago but that was the only song i had japanese lyrics and name… and guess what! yesterday i found the other 2 songs and you already translated one of them this year ! Magus Light by Sync,arts!
    So… Today the last song of my collection deserves to have it’s lyrics I hope…
    I apologize for the long text but I really wanted to tell those thing to you… I’m simply grateful…
    Nightmare before xxx
    Arrangement: REDALiCE
    Lyrics: 野宮あゆみ
    Vocals: 野宮あゆみ
    Original: Touhou Koumakyou – U.N.オーエンは彼女なのか? (U.N. Owen Was Her? – Flandre Scarlet’s theme)


    1. Hello again (^_^) I really appreciate your message, it made my day! It make me happy to know that I’ve been able to help you understand some of your long-time favourite songs, and I’m definitely looking forward to having a look at this final one…!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Hello, thank you for taking my first request! I hope you don’t mind another (and that this is on time aha)

    Title: 星見る頃を過ぎても
    Artist: H△G(ハグ)
    YT link:
    Lyrics: In the comments of the YT video (kana lyrics by 繭墨あざか if I’m not mistaken); alternatively:

    Mili’s Past the Stargazing Season is considered by some as the ‘English version’ of this song, but I think there are differences in the lyrics between the two songs? 😮 Thank you again!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No worries! It looks like your first comment was caught by the spam filter, but it’s all good – I’m adding your request to my list now!


    1. Oh no! That’s a shame, I forgot they removed all annotations rather than just stopping you from making new ones. Definitely happy to translate this so there’s a version available in a more permanent form…!

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Hello wonderful people, I would like to request a song for Parallel Love by Miku Sawai from her album Yuuutsu Biyori (憂鬱日和)
    Thank you all!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Morning! Hope things are going well. I’m back to make another request ^^

    This time it’s the song Hatchet (ハチェット) from Miyashita Yuu’s 3rd album, Sabitsuku Made (錆付くまで). The producer for this track was Mah.
    Here are the lyrics!:
    (I don’t know if you need the romaji, but just in case: )

    Thank you once again!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the request! 😎 My supervisor at work is away for the rest of the month so I’m taking over her job which is very hectic (^_^); but still manageable!

      I hope you have a good month too and thanks again!


    1. Actually, could I request that you check my translation for accuracy? It would be less work for you. (the translation is not done yet however)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks for the request! Unfortunately I’m unable to check translations for accuracy, but I am able to assist with questions about one or two specific areas.


      1. actually it looks like kurainagara is already on the list requested by Red, so i’d like to boost the already existing one!

        Liked by 1 person

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