Side Effect

sideMy sixth mashup/clarinet/saxophone album, based on themes from Dateless Bar “Old Adam”. This is quite an experimental album, and the main focus is on electronic instruments and sounds.

Release date: December the 29th, 2016 [C91]
Now available as a downloadable album (name your price) on Bandcamp!

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1. Forgotten
Original themes:
-Adventurer’s Tavern of the Old World
The Strange Everyday Life of the Flying Shrine Maiden
-Hiroari Shoots a Strange Bird ~ Till When?

2. Empty Glasses at Empty Tables
Original themes:
-Old Adam Bar
-A Drunkard’s Lemuria
-Like the Brilliance of Fairies

3. Side Effect
Original themes:
-Old Adam Bar
Merry, the Magician
-Youkai Modern Colony

4. Rocket
Original themes:
-Outsider Cocktail
-Voyage 1969

5. Apollo Falls
Original themes:
-The Darkness Brought In by ‘Swallowstone Naturalis Historia’
-Faraway 380,000-Kilometer Voyage
-Illusory Imperial Capital

6. Returning Home
Original themes:
-Hangover of Bedfellows Dreaming Differently
-Lotus Road
-Flower of Past Days ~ Fairy of Flower

7. Higan Gymnopedie
Original sources:
-Higan Retour ~ Riverside View
-Gymnopédie no.2, by Erik Satie


  • Arrangement, performance (clarinet, saxophone): Releska
  • Album artwork: Nekolina (ネコリナ) 【Pixiv】

Touhou and its characters/music are the property of ZUN/Team Shanghai Alice.

Piano samples [tracks 1-3, 5, 7] courtesy of Imperfect Samples

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