For the Travelers

Album art.
Cover illustration: Kia (@rnarchhare) [Pixiv]

Hidden Star in Four Seasons, part 1.

Release date: 29 December 2017



1. Hoist the Sails
Original themes:
The Sky Where Cherry Blossoms Flutter Down
Captain Murasa

2. Star Chart
Original themes:
A Star of Hope Rises in the Blue Sky
Tomorrow Will Be Special, Yesterday Was Not

3. Poppies
Original themes:
Swim in a Cherry Blossom-Colored Sea
Sleepless Night of the Eastern Country
Break the Sabbath

Original themes:
A Midsummer Fairy’s Dream
Eternal Spring Dream
Illusionary Night ~ Ghostly Eyes
Stirring an Autumn Moon ~ Mooned Insect
Song of the Night Sparrow ~ Night Bird

5. No Return
Original themes:
The Colorless Wind on Youkai Mountain
The Road of the Misfortune God ~ Dark Road
Dark Side of Fate

6. Kin
Original themes:
A Pair of Divine Beasts
Bell of Avici ~ Infinite Nightmare
The Barrier of Ame-no-torifune Shrine

7. For the Travelers
Original themes:
The Magic Straw-Hat Jizo
Nostalgic Blood of the East ~ Old World

8. Scallywag’s Waltz
Original themes:
Deep-Mountain Encounter
Interdimensional Voyage of a Ghostly Passenger Ship


  • Arrangement, performance (clarinet): Releska
  • Cover illustration: Kia (@rnarchhare) [Pixiv]

Based on themes from the Touhou Project (ZUN/Team Shanghai Alice)

Piano samples courtesy of Imperfect Samples

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