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  • Releska – List of Arrangements

    An index of Touhou arrangements by Releska, with links to their official videos.

  • Index

    This page should show all of the translations I’ve done, with links. If anything doesn’t work, please let me know! タイトル || Title Circle Album Green Garden Aftergrow [C83] URBANIZEDSTEREO ヒトリ || Alone Buta-Otome (豚乙女) [RTS11] Pop (ポップ) 夏色の結晶 || Summer-Coloured Crystals Machikado-Mapoze (街角麻婆豆) [C84] Summer-Coloured Crystals (夏色の結晶) ゆゆこのうた || Yuyuko’s Song Machikado-Mapoze (街角麻婆豆) [C85] […]