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    This page gathers together several posts that I’ve made along the way for archival purposes.

  • RTS16 Roundup

    I ended up taking a bit of a break from this series last event, primarily because I was relaxing back at home. But now, I am using the power of doujin music to heal a head cold, and I feverishly typed away to bring you this post! The most obvious hype point for this event […]

  • C94 Roundup

    This post is later than usual, mostly because I was waiting for the ShinRa-Bansho announcement. It’s also coincidentally exactly three years since I published my first roundup post. Happy… anniversary to me, I guess? Putting that aside, we’ve got another official spin off coming too – Touhou 16.5. It’s called Hifuu Nightmare Diary: Violet Detector. […]

  • RTS15 Roundup

    Another event has arrived! This year seems like a quieter year, with no new official releases by ZUN. I was hoping for a new Sealing Club album, but not this time… On the Western side of things, we have: Fearless Desire, an album by Sieudiver that also features a bunch of other artists. Find the […]

  • C93 Roundup

    This event is shaping up to be a really busy one, with lots of circles putting out two or more releases. What’s more, Touhou 15.5: Antinomy of Common Flowers is being released! This event will also feature Liz Triangle’s last album, and I’m already getting emotional writing those words and I don’t even know what […]

  • C92 Roundup

    It’s that time of the year again. The release of the full version of Touhou 16: Hidden Star in Seasons is naturally the highlight of this event, but there are some excellent albums being released, too! Like usual, the top of my list contains the albums that I’m looking forward to in some sort of […]

  • RTS14 Roundup

    This event is shaping up to be yet another one packed with great releases! Of course, the main event this time is the release of the demos of both Touhou 15.5 and Touhou 16. Both are looking very promising, and I know I’m looking forward to hearing new themes in both games and learning more […]

  • Kyoukai Kara Mieta Keshiki 4 Roundup

    We’ve already reached the 4th iteration of Kyoukai Kara Mita Gaikai [境界から視えた外界-至-, Cajiva refers to it in English as ‘Scenery Seen From the Boundary]. 至 (shi) sounds like 四 (shi – four), which explains why it’s included in the title. How clever. I’ve been a bit disappointed that more people haven’t arranged the new themes […]

  • C91 Roundup

    We’ve reached the end of another year, and you know what that means – Winter Comiket is here again! I’m releasing two albums this time – Side Effect (an Old Adam album) and Welcome to the Satellite (an updated version of my first album). If you’re interested, please check them out! On the Western side […]

  • Plugins, VSTs and Things

    I thought I’d put together a list of the main programs and plugins I use to make music, accompanied by a brief comment/review! If there’s anyone out there looking to make their own music, I hope this list comes in handy. I’ll add to list in the future to include other things, but feel free […]