flamma-神託の炎 || flamma-The Oracle’s Flame

flamma-神託の炎flamma-shintaku no honooflamma-The Oracle’s Flame Vocals: Mutsuki (睦鬼)Lyrics: Mutsuki (睦鬼)Composed by: Kogitsunemaru (小狐丸)Album: Chère Mademoiselle [Official Site]Circle: Queen of WandRelease date: December 2010 Requested by: DreWorlds It’s been 5 years since I last translated a Queen of Wand song! Time sure flies… 燃え盛る炎に逆巻く情動赤く黒く弾け私を誘う這い蹲る様に明日を願えどあの空舞う鳥にはもう戻れないと moesakaru honoo ni sakamaku joudouakaku kuroku hajike watashi o sasouhai tsukubaru you… Continue reading flamma-神託の炎 || flamma-The Oracle’s Flame

Pied Piper Parade

Pied Piper Parade Vocals: Mutsuki (睦鬼) Lyrics: Mutsuki (睦鬼) Composed by: Kogitsunemaru (小狐丸) Album: Child Ghost Hour 【Official Site】 Circle: Queen of Wand Event: M3-2013 Requested by: Adelheid This song is a retelling of the tale of the Pied Pier of Hamelin. From what I remember, a town hired the piper to lure an infestation… Continue reading Pied Piper Parade