Album art.

神話創世 || Creation Myth

Album art.

shinwa sousei
Creation Myth

Vocals: ゆーな (yuuna)
Lyrics: 青時 (Seiji)
Arranged by: CleanTears
Album: Each desire
Circle: はちみつれもん (Hachimitsu-Lemon)
Event: Kouroumu 7
Original theme: Omiwa Legend [大神神話伝]

Requested by: Ammy

If I’m not mistaken, the Seiji who wrote these lyrics is the same Seiji who wrote some lyrics for Shinra-Bansho’s latest album!


表と裏で語り掛ける声 盲目の平和 創りだして
皿の上に彩られた欲を 一つも残らず叩きつける

さぁ―― 置いて来た日に 還りましょう

飛ぶ鳥を見ていた 海越え 神の言葉を伝えた
溝深めて出来た 河越え 天の言葉を伝えた

巻き戻り廻り逃がさぬ檻に 捧げられた聖餐は苦く
これで済むものと思い上がれば 全て焼き払い塵と化そう

さぁ―― 逃げ場など無い 還りましょう

全てのこと知れば知るほど 神の言葉を歪めた
全ては幻と認めて 天の言葉を歪めた

目眩ましにされた 神の血を引く者と
老いず死なずにまた いつか出逢えるように

降り注いだ雨が 濡らした 滲んだ文字は偽り
光射した天が 照らした 輝く文字は現し身


omote to ura de katarikakeru koe moumoku no heiwa tsukuri dashite
sara no ue ni irodorareta yoku wo hitotsu mo nokorazu tatakitsukeru

saa– oite kita hi ni kaerimashou

tobutori wo miteita umi koe kami no kotoba wo tsutaeta
mizo fukamete dekita kawa koe ame no kotoba wo tsutaeta

maki modori mawari nigasanu ori ni sasagerareta seisan wa nigaku
kore de sumu mono to omoiagareba subete yakiharai chiri to kasou

saa– nigeba nado nai kaerimashou

subete no koto shireba shiru hodo kami no kotoba wo yugameta
subete wa maboroshi to mitomete ame no kotoba wo yugameta

mekuramashi ni sareta kami no chi wo hiku mono to
oizu shinazu ni mata itsuka deaeru you ni

furisosoida ame ga nurashita nijinda moji wa itsuwari
hikari sashita ame ga terashita kagayaku moji wa utsushi mi


The voice that speaks upon the surface and the rear constructs a blind peace,
And the desires colouring the top of the plate are thrown off, without exception.

Now – let us return to the day when they were placed down.

I was looking at the flying birds. I crossed the ocean, and conveyed the words of God.
I deepened the trenches. I crossed over the river, and conveyed those heavenly words.

Within that winding, inescapable cage, the consecrated Communion is bitter…
“With this, it shall end.” When I thought thus, I decided to transform everything into rubbish to be burned and swept away.

Now – there is no place to escape to. Let us return.

The more I knew concerning the nature of everything, the more I warped the words of God.
I recognised that everything is an illusion, and I distorted those heavenly words.

I was hidden, without aging, without dying,
So, someday, I may once more meet with the one through whom the blood of God flows…

The blurred words that the pouring rain soaked are lies.
The shining words that the brilliant heavens illuminated are things of this world.






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