Album art.

幻想レトロスぺクティブ || Illusory Retrospective

Album art.

gensou retorosupekutibu
Illusory Retrospective

Vocals: 556t
Lyrics: 田中じゅんじろー (Tanaka Junjiro)
Arranged by: 田中じゅんじろー (Tanaka Junjiro)
Album: モジャンガール☆宣誓ション!! (Modern Girl☆Sensation!!) [Official site]
Circle: モジャン棒 (Moja stick)
Event: Reitaisai 12 [RTS12]
Original theme: Retrospective Kyoto [レトロスペクティブ京都]

Requested by: Alv

This song appears to outline an… interesting origin story for Aya.



そうか それなら

壊してしまおう 完膚無きまで
潰してしまおう これぞ幻想

殺してしまおう 飛び散る臙脂を
燃やしてしまおう フィルム炎上

枯れ果てるは 人が命
零れ落ちる 瞬間を撮れ

過去 見渡せば

シャッター切るのは 誰が為なのか
手を汚すのは 己が為かは

まだわからない 終わり見るまで
墨を垂らして 文にするまで



赤黒い羽 触れた端から
崩れる積木 疾風怒濤

三千里の間 見える有り様
文字を列ねた その紙の読み手は、



nani mo okizu heion no hi
utsutsu nukasu yo wa taikutsu

aa, kore ga motometa hi no tsune nanoka
souka sore nara

kowashite shimaou kanpu naki made
tsubushite shimaou kore zo gensou

koroshite shimaou tobichiru enji wo
moyashite shimaou firumu enjou

karehateru wa hito ga inochi
kobore ochiru shunkan wo tore

mou modoru koto wa nai
kako miwataseba
akai juutan ga

shattaa kiru no wa dare ga tame nanoka
te wo yogosu no wa ono ga tame ka wa

mada wakaranai owari miru made
sumi wo tarashite fumi ni suru made

fude wo nakushite

iro wo nakushite

akaguroi hane fureta hashi kara
kuzureru tsumiki shippuu dotou

sanzen-ri no aida mieru arisama
moji wo tsuraneta sono shi no yomite wa,

dare mo inai no sa


Nothing happened during those tranquil days.
The world I was infatuated with is so boring.

Ah… is this the life I longed for?
Is that so? Then…

I’ll destroy everything, until there’s nothing left untouched.
I’ll crush everything. This is an illusion!

I’ll kill everyone, scattering deep red all around.
I’ll burn everything, burning up the film.

Humans wither away, and their lives
Scatter. I will record that moment on film.

I can’t turn back now.
When I look back over my past,
I see a carpet of deep red.

For whom do I take these photos?
Do I dirty my hands for my own sake?

I won’t know until I see how it all ends.
Until, dripping ink, I write it down.

I lose my brush.

I lose my colours.

After touching my dark red feathers,
The raging storm broke down the bricks.

I write about the state of things around me
Spanning 3000 ri. And as for the one who will read my paper… (1)

There isn’t anyone out there.

Translator’s note

(1) Ri (里) is an old Japanese unit of distance. In modern measurements, it’s approximately 4 km/2.44 miles.


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