Album art.

桜前線異常ナシ || All Quiet on the Cherry Blossom Front

Album art.

sakura zensen ijou nashi
All Quiet on the Cherry Blossom Front

Vocals: 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku)
Lyrics: ワタルP (Wataru-P)
Composed by: ワタルP (Wataru-P)
Album: EXIT TUNES PRESENTS Vocaloanthems
Published by: EXIT TUNES
Release date: 15 September 2010

Requested by: Waffle

The title appears to be a play on ‘All Quiet on the Western Front’ (西部戦線異状なし). A quite accurate translation of this song already exists, so the challenge was to work out the areas where I could offer a new, or different interpretation.

What I found really interesting about this song was how so much of it could be flipped around to talk about the speaker. The two parts where we specifically see an ‘I’ (ボク, boku [young/masculine]) are parts where the speaker specifically refers to something lacking. Perhaps they are comparing themselves to a tree that needs more water, or more time, to grow.


巡り巡るこの季節 暖かくなってくる頃に
花を咲かせては色彩 虹を夢見ては来来
南から北にかけて 廻る廻る世界を覆う
この小さな花弁に託された その大きな夢物語

春の匂いに惹かれ ふらふらと外に歩み出す
人ゴミを掻き分けては ただひたすら空見上げて

いつか いつか 咲かせることは出来るのか

桜前線ハ異常ナシ この枯れた体は花のように 舞い上がれ
遠く遠くに見える 雲を眺めては目を閉じる

やがて時が過ぎ去り 足跡だけが増えてゆく
壊れた世界に詰め込んだ 見て呉れだけは凛凛
染み出す花の色 無くさないように飲み込んで
手探り前へ進む 何が正しいか分かりゃしない

この大きな星で 小さな芽つけるには

桜前線ニ異常ナシ この飢えた体に日を浴びせ 立ち上がれ
広い広い空に 雲ひとつも無い走り出せ さぁ

彩り出す桜並木 その一つ一つが綺麗で
桜前線異常ナシ 咲いた咲いた あーらららららん

まだ花は少ないけど 少しずつでいい
枝を伸ばして 蕾を増やし 大地に根を食い込ませ
高く高く 咲き誇れ


meguri meguru kono kisetsu atatakaku natte kuru koro ni
hana o sakasete wa shikisai niji o yume mite wa rairai
minami kara kita ni kakete mawaru mawaru sekai o ou
kono chiisana kaben ni takusareta sono ooki na yume monogatari

haru no nioi ni hikare furafura to soto ayumidasu
hito gomi o kaki wakete tada hitasura sora miagete

itsuka itsuka sakaseru koto wa dekiru no ka
boku ni wa mada mizu ga tarinairashii you de

sakura zensen wa ijou nashi kono kareta karada wa hana no you ni maiagare
tooku tooku ni mieru kumo o nagamete wa me o tojiru

yagate toki ga sugisari ashiato dake ga fuete yuku
kowareta sekai ni tsumekonda mitekure dake wa rinrin
shimidasu hana no iro nakusanai you ni nomikonde
tesaguri mae e susumu nanika tadashii ka wakarya shinai

kono ooki na hoshi de chiisana me tsukeru ni wa
boku ni wa mada jikan ga tarinai you deshite

sakura zensen ni ijou nashi kono ueta karada ni hi o abiseru tachiagare
hiroi hiroi sora ni kumo hitotsu mo nai hashiridase saa

irodori dasu sakura namiki sono hitotsu hitotsu ga kirei de
sakura zensen ijou nashi saita saita aa rararararan

mada hana wa sukunai kedo sukoshi zutsu de ii
eda o nobashite tsubomi o fuyashi daichi ni ne o kuikomase
takaku takaku sakihohore


The seasons pass, and when it’s time for things to get warmer,
The flowers are made to bloom in wonderful colours. I dream of rainbows—come on, come on!
A grand account of a dream, conveyed through a single petal,
Covers the spinning world from north to south.

Charmed by the scent of spring, I start to stagger around outside.
I push my way through the crowds of people and look intently up at the sky.

Someday, someday, I wonder if I can make them bloom?
It seems like I haven’t watered them enough yet…

All quiet on the cherry blossom front. Your withered body is like a blossom—fly high!
I stare at the clouds, visible in the distance, and I close my eyes.

In the end, time passes and only footsteps increase.
Packed into a broken world, only appearances are imposing.
I swallow the seeping colours of the flowers so I won’t lose them.
I fumble around and press on. There’s no way I know what’s right.

It seems like I still don’t have enough time
to sprout buds on this large planet.

All quiet on the cherry blossom front. Bask your starved body in the sun and stand up.
In this vast, vast sky, there isn’t a single cloud. I’ll start running—come on!

The row of cherry blossoms burst into colour. Every single one is so beautiful.
All quiet on the cherry blossom front. They’ve bloomed, they’ve bloomed! Ahh, la la la la la…

There still aren’t many flowers, but it’s fine if they bloom little by little.
Reach out your branches, grow more buds, and make your roots bite into the ground.
Taller, taller… blossom in full glory!


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