Mind Scientist

Mind Scientist

Vocals: KAITO
Lyrics: 新城P (Shinjou-P)
Composed by: 新城P (Shinjou-P)  
Release Date: May 21, 2012

Requested by: Plyn

This was an interesting one – I couldn’t quite determine whether the ‘body’ spoken about in the song is the speaker’s or their beloved’s. Because of this, I kept it generic to keep both options available.

孤独な僕が 唯一信じる
色んな器材 寄せ集めた資料

kodoku na boku ga yuuitsu shinjiru
ironna kizai yose atsumeta shiryou

I am all alone. The sole things I believe in
are a mix of tools and the materials I scraped together.


sou, kore dake

Yes—that’s all.

理解できない 存在一つ
「感情」という 薬品の名前

rikai dekinai sonzai hitotsu
“kanjou” to iu yakuhin no namae

I can’t comprehend a single existence:
It’s the drug known as ‘love.’

試験管にいれて 実験繰り返す
答えが 安定せず

shiken kan ni irete jikken kurikaesu
kotae ga antei sezu

I put it in a test tube and experiment over and over again,
But the answer doesn’t stabilise.

いつだって求めてる 目新しい日常を
普通の君にはもう 会いたくもないんだ
今日はどんな結果? 青、赤、変化はない?
沢山知りたい 僕へのプロバビリティー

itsu datte motometeru meatarashii nichijou o
futsuu no kimi ni wa mou aitaku mo nai nda
kyou wa donna kekka? ao, aka, henka wa nai?
takusan shiritai boku e no purobabiritii

I’m always searching for an original life
so I don’t want to see you, who are so ordinary, anymore.
What will the results be today? Blue, red, no change at all?
I want to know lots of probabilities aimed at me!

乾いた喉に 注ぎ込まれる

kawaita nodo ni sosogi komareru
dorai aisu to etanooru no atsusa

The heat of dry ice and ethanol
is poured into a parched throat.


aa, kore dake

Ah… that’s all.

傷跡だらけ 何故、何故 わからない

sore demo sameta mama no karada wa
kizuato darake naze, naze wakaranai

Even so, a cold body
is still covered in scars. Why? Why? I don’t understand.

執着してしまう 答えを探してる
研究 繰り返して

shuuchaku shite shimau kotae o sagashiteru
kenkyuu kurikaeshite

I’ve become obsessed with searching for answers.
I do my research over again.

炎が映し出す 気まぐれな反応は
君にとっても似てる そう、結果通りだよ
ここまでわかってる あともう少しなんだ
貴重な素材が微笑む 僕の目見て

honou ga utsushi dasu kimagure na hannou wa
kimi ni tottemo niteru sou, kekka doori dayo
koko made wakatteru ato mou sukoshi nanda
kichou na sozai ga hohoemu boku no me mite

The flames depict a fickle reaction.
It looks like you. Yes… all according to plan.
I understand so much now. There’s just a little left.
My precious subject smiles and looks me in the eyes.

少し噛り付いた 歯が少し痛む
真っ赤な薔薇 抱きしめた
あぁ! あぁ! とても痛い!!

sukoshi kaburi tsuita ha ga sukoshi itamu
makka na bara dakishimeta
aa! aa! totemo itai!!

I had sunk my teeth in a little, but now they hurt a little.
I held a bright red rose close.
Ah! Ah! It hurts so much!

心の核をとり 自分の身の近くに
優越感を得た それでも満たされず
同じ君を作る 何故だか涙が出る
沢山聞きたい この理由 全て

kokoro no kaku o tori jibun no mi no chikaku ni
yuuetsukan o eta sore demo mitasarezu
onaji kimi o tsukuru naze da ka namida ga deru
takusan kikitai kono riyuu subete

I plucked the heart’s core and placed it close by me.
I gained a superiority complex but still wasn’t satisfied.
I’ll create the same you. For some reason, I start crying.
I want to ask lots of things, like the meaning of all this—of everything…




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  1. It’s nice to see kaito’s songs still being translated, a shame this composer privated mosto f their songs


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