鬼殺し || ogre


Vocals: Hatsune Miku (初音ミク)
Lyrics: 虻瀬 (Abuse)
Composed by: 虻瀬 (Abuse)
Upload Date: May 24, 2019

Requested by: pretty sugoi huh
Watch the official video here!

I feel like I should probably be including some sort of warning system for songs that deal with violence, etc. This one definitely has a lot of violence, so watch out!

As for the title, ‘ogre’ is written in the description of the official video, so that’s what I’ve gone with here. Bear in mind that it also literally means “demon killer” or (metaphorically) “very strong saké”.

It was interesting translating まんま (manma) – it can be used in the same way as まま (i.e. ‘in a certain state/as’), but it also seems to be used to refer to a ‘mother’). It was quite confusing, but there should be enough here to help us piece together the underlying narrative.

酩々 酔いどれ 酒飲み泥棒
子と妻 殴打で一等賞

mei mei yoi dore sake nomi dorobou
ko to tsuma ouda de ittoushou
tonda ishiki ni kake yoru manma
tsureko no iki wa tokku ni nai

The boozing burglar is completely wasted.
Mother and child—I win first prize with a single blow.
I rush over with my consciousness gone wild.
The child from a previous marriage isn’t really breathing.

屍 山奥 埋葬だ

seiryou aoida shirome no musuko
yoi ga sametara ato no matsuri
manma to paapa wa oni o kowagari
shikabane yamaoku maisou da

The child with cold eyes looked up into the blue breeze.
If the night’s ended, it’s too late!
Mama and papa fear the demon.
Corpses are buried deep in the mountains.

「殺してしまった」 づくづくづくづく
心の奥から鈍痛 ドンツー
飲酒のせいだと くどくどくどくど
助手席座るわ ぷるぷるぷるぷる

“koroshite shimatta” tsugu tsugu tsugu tsugu
kokoro no oku kara dontsuu dontsuu
inshu no sei da to kudo kudo kudo kudo
nouten chokka no pararaizaa
jushuseki suwaru wa puru puru puru puru
oni ni hirunderu tsuma ga ite
“gomenne, zettai, osake wa noman yo” to itta

“I wound up killing them.” I’m utterly focused.
I feel an ache from inside my heart. A dull pain.
I insist it’s because of my drinking, over and over and over.
The paralyser falls directly below the top of the head.
I’m sitting in the passenger seat, trembling.
My wife’s afraid of demons, and she was right there.
“Sorry, I’m definitely not gonna drink.” That’s what I said.

愛妻弁当 同期の羨望 ついでに居酒屋誘わるルーツ

aisai bentou douki no senbou tsuide ni izakaya sasowaru ruutsu
zettai ore wa nomanai zo, to
shintai wa shoujikimono datte…

My colleague envied the lunch my wife made me. That’s the root of the invitation to the izakaya.
“I won’t drink! No way!”
After all, I’m an honest person.

「あったった」また まんまの叫鳴
一升瓶割れ 真赤でダンス
やっちゃった 朝起きれば惨状
屍 山奥 埋葬だ

“attatta” mata manma no kyoumei
isshoubin ware maaka de dansu
yacchatta asa okireba sanjou
shikabane yamaoku maisou da

“Agh!” Again, mama shrieks.
The sho bottle breaks. I dance on something bright red.
I did it in the end. When I woke up, I saw a disastrous scene.
A corpse. Deep in the mountains. A burial.

「またまた殺した」 づぐづぐづぐづぐ
脊椎からもう鈍痛 ドン two
同期のせいだと ぐだぐだぐだぐだ
殺意と焦燥 サテライト
助手席 屍 すらすらすらすら
政 政 政

“mata mata koroshita” dzugu dzugu dzugu dzugu
sekitsui kara mou dontsuu don two
douki no sei da to guda guda guda guda
satsui to shousou sateraito
joshuseki kabane sura sura sura sura
furueta onna wa mou inai nda
satsui to satsui de sekinin tenka no
sei sei sei

“I killed, once again.” Again and again and again.
A dull pain comes from my spine. Bang. Two.
I blame my colleague. I’m so exhausted.
My murderous impulses and irritation are satellites.
A corpse sits in the passenger seat. Smoothly, easily…
The shaking girl isn’t there anymore.
With an intent to kill, I shifted the blame.
Rule. Rule. Rule.

酒でも飲まなきゃやってられん さあ

douki no aitsu ga sake ni sasou kara ai suru saishi ga shinda
sake demo nomanakya yatteraren saa
aitsu to takunomi da

My colleague invited me for drinks, so my beloved wife and child died.
“You’ve just gotta have a drink!” So…
I drink together at home with them.


da da da da da da da da
ida da da da da da

No good no good no good no good

気づけば周りは びじゃびじゃびじゃびじゃ
真赤な鮮血 包丁持って
叫ぶわ喚くわ ぎゃあぎゃあぎゃあぎゃあ
うるせえ うるせえ うるせえ ドンツー
何人目? 何人メ? 何にんメ? ナンニンメ・なん煮ん

kidzukeba mawari wa bija bija bija bija
makka na senketsu houchou motte
sake nado nonde wa mattaku nai nda
koroshita kioku wa bacchiri da
sakebu wa wameku wa gyaa gyaa gyaa gyaa
urusee urusee urusee dontsuu
nan’nin-me? nan’nin-me? nan’nin-me? nan’nin-me nan nin

When I realised it, my surroundings were sopping wet.
The fresh blood was bright red. I held a kitchen knife
I haven’t drunk any saké at all!
My memories of killing them are right on the mark.
They shout and scream. Gyaah!
How noisy, how noisy, how noisy. A dull pain…
How many people? HoW maNy? hOw mANy? HOW MANY? How many to boil?




koroshita koroshita
koroshita koroshita koroshita

I killed them.
I killed them, I killed them.
I killed them I killed them I killed them.





koroshita koroshita
koroshita koroshita koroshita

I killed them.
I killed them, I killed them.
I killed them I killed them I killed them.

ねえ心が と゛く゛と゛く゛と゛く゛と゛く゛
血液流して 生きて居るんだ ナあ
人生 これにて 幕引き 
ばん ばん ばん で

nee kokoro ga dogu dogu dogu dogu
ketsueki nagashite ikite iru nda naa
jinsei kore nite maku hiki
ban ban ban de

See, my heart’s thumping, thumping.
Shedding blood, I’m living! Hey…
I’ll put an end to your life here.
With a bang, bang, bang—
It’s the end.



Court adjourned.
Court adjourned.
Court adjourned.
Court adjourned.

(1) The original phrase is corrupted as this line continues, ending with 何人目 (‘what number person is this?’) written entirely in katakana. The final repetition uses なん煮ん – に (ni) is replaced with a character that means ‘boil’.

4 thoughts on “鬼殺し || ogre

  1. Tempera August 31, 2019 / 11:17 am

    Thanks for the translation and thanks to the original requester for introducing me to this song! Right away, the title’s dual interpretation hints at the story. The demon the narrator faces is his alcoholism. When drunk, he becomes extremely violent, so he has stopped drinking after marriage (“I won’t drink! No way!”). However, everything unravels the night his colleague invites him out for drinks…

    When the narrator awakens, he discovers the scene of a murder. It turns out alcohol doesn’t only make him violent; he’s actually a drunken serial killer. Upon seeing his dead victim, the memories come flooding back. The true demon is the narrator. His parents have been afraid of him since childhood. At some point, the narrator kills his mother and later, countless others. He blocks out the memories (perhaps the reason for his drinking) but he has been subconsciously aware the whole time (the dull pain). Eventually, everything completely escalates.

    The narrator wounds up murdering his family, but is completely sober the entire time. The guilt catches up to him and he breaks down. The narrator is finally caught and tried in court. The story of the song is presented through the bizarre trial.

    I would be interested in knowing whether the text in the video reveals more of the story!


  2. Saryu February 12, 2020 / 1:18 pm

    So hey, this like a year late but I figured I might as well post this anyways. My Japanese is far from perfect but hey, better than nothing right?

    The very first PV sentences are “Idiots dance” and “Shut up and watch” Then just before the title “lost battle” appears.The kanjis floating about during 0:20-0:40 and again in 1:10-1:30 say demon/ogre. I can’t quite read the text at the one minute mark, but I think it’s a fairly clinical description of alcohol. The first lines are about how it’s absorbed and metabolized by the body, then it goes into the effects it has in humans. It says it can ease feelings of sadness and anxiety, but also cause addiction and vomiting. The red text that covers it up says ANNOYING or SHUT UP.
    Around 1:50 we have some kanji I don’t quite get, but they’re literally interval+funeral, so it’s probably something like “the time during which we held the funeral” or if you want a more natural and less specific translation, just “the funeral”. The text behind that is really stylized and I can’t read it at all. Then at 2:00 we have a pretty interesting text: It’s literally “makes it right and dies” but it’s pronounced the same way as the word for sigh (and it’s probably intentional because you can actually hear someone exhaling). At the very end we have a similar pun. We hear somebody say zannen, which usually means regret or unfortunate and is written as 残(left behind) and 念(idea or feeling). But in here it’s written as 惨念, with the first kanji meaning both “horrific/disastrous” and “cruel”. We still have 念 indicating it’s an emotion of some sort, but since it’s a made-up word the actual meaning it’s ambiguous. I think it’s really interesting because you could interpret it as either “cruelty” or “feeling terrible”, or in other words feeling wretched VS being wretched, and really both meanings fit the protagonist perfectly. Perhaps someone more skilled at Japanese would find the intended meaning crystal clear though, so, hey, Releska, if you’re reading this I’d love to hear your opinion!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Saryu February 12, 2020 / 2:59 pm

      Oh, and the video description says “What’s a ‘family’? Who’s the ‘demon’?”


    • Releska February 12, 2020 / 9:15 pm

      Thanks for the detailed comment! I love how these sorts of videos are really open to interpretation and full of hidden meanings 😎 I’ll have another look at the video and I’ll get back to you if I spot anything you haven’t picked up on…!


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