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Shooting Star Replica

Shooting Star Replica

Vocals: 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku)
Lyrics: loli-co
Composed by: pedo-o
Circle: PtPd
Upload date: 1 May 2009

Requested by: Masa Fan
Watch the official video on NicoNico!

I’ve written the first stanza as if it’s the speaker commanding their partner to do something, but if you added あげる (ageru) to the end of the first line, it would be the opposite. The speaker would be the one opening themselves up.


まるで星空の彼方 世界の果て

ペロペロキャンディーの mind pattern
チョコレートみたいに a little bitter

shooting star☆pop-boogie-woogie 夜空でtoo-tol-too☆
とろけるまでchu-2U-chu-lips ハートはトロトロ

恋に恋い焦がれ★burning もっともっとeasy go☆
あなたに逢えたらhappiness デートにメロメロ tonight

まるで流星の火花 想いはじけ

so cute キミに何べんでも言ってほしい!
so cool キミに惹かれてるってわかって!

オトメ☆ゴコロ ill give it 2 u take it, check it☆hurry up
ヒトメ☆ミタラ i love u love u more and more☆foreverrr!!

cosmic☆sunny fancy lovely magic change my life
夢はshooting star☆pop-replica 誰でも夢☆見る
ride on merry-go-round


kokoro no oku made hirogete misete
marude hoshizora no kanata sekai no hate

pero pero kyandii no mind pattern
chokoreeto mitai ni a little bitter

shooting star☆pop-boogie-woogie yozora de too-tol-too☆
torokeru made chu-2U-chu-lips haato wa toro toro

koi ni koikogare★burning motto motto easy go☆
anata ni aetara happiness deeto ni mero mero tonight

konna ni doushite? mou aitai no?
marude ryuusei no hibana omoi hajike

so cute kimi ni nanben demo itte hoshii!
so cool kimi ni hikareteru tte wakatte!

otome☆gokoro ill give it 2 u take it, check it☆hurry up
hitome☆mitara i love u love u more and more☆foreverrr!!

cosmic☆sunny fancy lovely magic change my life
yume wa shooting star☆pop-replica dare demo yume☆miru
ride on merry-go-round


Open yourself up to the depths of your heart and show me—
It’s like the end of the world, distant in the starry sky.

The licking candy mind pattern
is, like chocolate, a little bitter.

Shooting star☆pop-boogie-woogie. In the night sky, too-tol-too☆
Until I melt, chu-2U-chu-lips. My heart’s all syrupy.

I yearn for love★burning. More… more… easy go☆
When I meet up with you, I’m filled with happiness. I’m all lovey-dovey for our date tonight.

Why? Why do I want to see you so much already?
My feelings burst like meteor sparks.

So cute. I want to say it to you countless times!
So cool. Work it out—I’m attracted to you!

My maiden’s☆heart—I’ll give it 2 u. Take it, check it☆hurry up.
With just a single☆glance—I love u love u. More and more☆foreverrr!!

Cosmic☆Sunny fancy lovely magic, change my life.
Oh! Really?☆Ah! Really?
Dreams are a shooting star☆pop-replica. Anyone can dream☆
Ride on the merry-go-round.



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  1. Masa Fan Avatar
    Masa Fan

    Thank you so much! Looking at these lyrics they seem so innocent compared to Shooting Star Technica lol.

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