撒爾沙 || Sarsaparilla


Vocals: Hatsune Miku (初音ミク)
Lyrics: 楽園市街 (Rakuen Shigai)
Composed by: 楽園市街 (Rakuen Shigai)
Upload Date: 4 October 2019

Requested by: Innomi
Watch the official video on YouTube!

This song seems to be one of those sorts of songs that focuses more on how the lyrics sound rather than what they mean. You still have some very striking images in there, though…


furusabita tairu ni kumo no haru basuruumu
ushinatte iku tairo ni fusagatta aironii

Spiders are stuck to the tiles in the bathroom.
My way out, which I’m gradually losing, is blocked by irony.


tsukaisuteta kairo no you na shikou kairo de
machigai o hirotte daiji ni shimatta

In trains of thought like pocket heaters used and thrown away,
I gathered up mistakes and put them away with care.


ubaisatte kounatta
ryoukai no ketsujo wa
fukurande harande modorenai

I took it away and things ended up like this.
My lack of understanding
swells up and fills me. I can’t turn back.

閑々 共感覚 関係 缶ジュース

kankan kyou kankaku kankeikan juusu
kono mama de eien o ouka shitai na
koboshita nigakute amai ai o
imasara ni nuguisarenai

Quiet synesthetic relationships. Canned soft drink.
I want to glorify eternity as I am now.
I shed bittersweet love.
It’s too late for it to be wiped away.


kuroozetto ni kakushita koi o
kakiatsumete udaita merushii
taihai shiyou ka, itanda doresu de
buruu shiito o matotte naratta

I hid romance in my closet
and gathered up and embraced mercy.
Shall we fall to decadence in spoiled dresses?
I wore blue sheeting and imitated it.

大切な荷物を 全部振り捨てて
情渦巻く背中に 天候はアイボリー

taisetsu na nimotsu o zenbu furisutete
jou uzumaku senaka ni tenkou wa aiborii

I forsook my precious belongings.
At my back, where emotions eddy, the weather is ivory.

愚かさに輪を掛け 夢に落ちていくマイトリー

“mou nigeru shika nai yo, ne?”
wanruumu apaato de
orokasa ni wa o kake yume ni ochiteiku maitorii

“There’s nothing left to do but run, right?”
I’m in a studio apartment.
It’s beyond foolishness. My maitri falls into a dream.

これからは二人きり 遠い期待

naridashita kotei denwa
renpatsu suru intaafon
kore kara wa futarikiri tooi kitai

The landline phone started ringing
and the intercom fired rapidly.
We’ll be together from now on. My expectations are distant.


ushinatte, kirameite shimatta
garasu no bin ya hanabi no you ni
machigatte shimatta kako mo mirai de sae mo

I lost it and then it glistened
like a glass vase, or like fireworks.
Even my past and future are mistaken.

巡回車のライト 撒爾沙のようで
敢え無いね もう逢えないね 永遠に
どうか 手を離さないでいて

mitsukatte shimatta
junkaisha no raito sarusa no you de
aenai ne mou aenai ne towa ni
douka te o hanasanaide ite

I was found out in the end
by a patrol car. Its lights were like sarsaparilla.
How tragic. We’ll never meet again.
Please, don’t let go.


nee, hokorippoi joukei o
nee, oboete imasu ka
nee, futari no himitsu kichi o
nee, asete imasen ka

(Hey,) Do you remember
(Hey,) this dusty scene?
(Hey,) Isn’t our secret base
(Hey,) losing its colours?

(1) マイトリー (maitorii) appears to be based on a Sanskrit word meaning benevolence or good will.


      1. tbh i never really notice ‘rhyming’ in JP songs, maybe it’s just harder for me to pick up but yeah overall their songs have a nice flow to them. (apparently sarsparilla is like a type of drink/soda [unless it’s just an old-timey alternate word for ‘root beer’]? I wanna try it lol.)

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Thank you for the translation! The lyrics seem to get darker as the song progresses 😢

    Also, is it supposed to be “In trains of thought” in the 3rd line?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! And yes, it was supposed to be ‘trains of thought’ T_T I originally had it as ‘corridors of thought’ since カイロ and 回路 are pronounced the same (I originally has the first one as ‘corridors’ too). I did some research and found out that カイロ in katakana can be interpreted completely differently.

      Thanks for spotting that! (^_^) It’s all fixed now


        1. I did a bit more research and the traditional way of writing it is 懐炉 (kairo, literally ‘pocket heater’). Somewhere along the line, perhaps the katakana version became more popular because it’s easier to write? Who knows…


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