virgin butterfly

virgin butterfly

Vocals: Camui Gackpo (神威がくぽ)
Lyrics: 山下慎一狼 (Shinichiro Yamashita)
Composed by: maya
Original Upload Date: August 29, 2009

Requested by: Masa Fan
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僕のすべてが今 君だけ愛してる
その美しい角膜にも 僕の刻印を
そしてひとつになる 僕たち永遠に

boku no subete ga ima kimi dake aishiteru
sono utsukushii kakumaku ni mo boku no kokuin o
soshite hitotsu ni naru bokutachi eien ni
dare yori aishite ageru kara

My whole self loves only you now.
I’ll even be etched into your beautiful corneas
and then, we’ll become one forever
because I’ll love you more than anyone else.

その羽根を千切り 僕と契れ

mou kimi wa habatake wa shinai yo
sono hane o chigiri boku to chigire
mogaite mo agaite mo nigerarenai sa
chi no ito ga kuikomu

You won’t flap your wings anymore.
Shred them and make your vows with me.
Though you flounder and struggle, you can’t escape.
Threads of blood bite into you.

雪のように白くて 綺麗な裸に

yuki no you ni shirokute kirei na hadaka ni
akai kamiato

Your lovely naked skin is snow white, and upon it
lie crimson bite marks.

僕のすべてで今 君だけ穢(けが)してく
その透き通る体液には 僕だけまみれて
そしてひとつになる 繋がる 永遠に

boku no subete de ima kimi dake kegashiteku
sono sukitooru taieki ni wa boku dake mamirete
soshite hitotsu ni naru tsunagaru eien ni
oku made aishite ageru kara

With my whole self, I corrupt only you.
Only I am covered in your transparent fluids
and then, we’ll become one and be tied together forever
since I’ll love you to your core.

光も闇も閉ざして 運命捕らえた
僕の蝶は ah―

hikari mo yami mo tozashite unmei toraeta
boku no chou wa ah-

I sealed out light and darkness and seized fate.
And as for my butterfly—Ah…

僕の世界に今 君だけ磔(はりつけ)る
その淫美(いんび)な肢体(したい)晒して 僕だけのために
だから大丈夫さ 放さない 永遠に
喘(あえ)いで… 愛してあげるから

boku no sekai ni ima kimi dake haritsukeru
sono inbi na shitai sarashite boku dake no tame ni
dakara daijoubu sa hanasanai eien ni
aeide… aishite ageru kara

Now, I crucifix only you in my world.
You expose your lewd limbs for only my sake
so it’s fine. I won’t let go forever.
Struggle… since I’ll love you.

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