デッドアンドシーク || Dead and Seek

deddo ando shiiku
Dead and Seek

Vocals: IA
Lyrics: Jin
Composed by: Jin
Album: Mekakucity Days (メカクシティデイズ)
Release Date: 30 May 2012

Requested by: Eden

I’ve heard a lot about the Kagerou Project, but I’ve never actually delved into its world or story. Because of this, I’m still missing some of the context needed to interpret this song – this is the sort of translation that may be updated down the track if I learn more about the story and its world.

I’d love to know more about the characters and stuff like that, so please comment with your ideas and knowledge!


gensou banashi no bousou
tobikonda jiko no kanata kara
tanshin de boku wa kigatsuita

This rampage took place in a tale of illusions.
Away from the accident I leaped into,
I regained consciousness alone.


hanmen, kanojo wa shissou
kurikaeshita hanryo no kaiwa no ondo wa
kantan ni nouri de zou’o ni natte

However, she had disappeared.
The mood of repeated conversations with her partner
turned to hatred in her mind, simple as that.


sono shunkan ishiki no kouyou
ki no tooku naru hodo no ryou no
keisan de atama ga tsumatte

That moment, my awareness was at its peak.
My head was crammed with so many calculations
it was like my mind was going somewhere far away.


kore ga “jintai soshiki no henbou”
sae kitta me no haishoku ga nandaka
kaibustu jimitenai desu ka

This is the ‘transfiguration of the body’s structure.’
What colour are those clear eyes?
Don’t they seem a bit like a monster’s?

真夏日を描いた 赤、白、青の幻想

noujiru osamaranai
saibou ga shirou to suru
manatsubi o egaita aka, shiro, ao no gensou
kaibou de chi ni nureta te o totte yo

My brain juices won’t cool down
and my cells seek to become aware.
I imagined a midsummer’s day, a mirage of red, white and blue.
Take my hand, stained with blood from the autopsy.


kitto kimi wa mada ano natsu no ondo ni
shibarareteru nda
“boku wa mada seijou sa”

You must still be bound by the heat
of that summer.
“I’m still normal!”


daijoubu, kimi igai o xx shite demo
sugu tasukeru kara

It’s fine, even if I XXX everyone other than you
I’ll help you out right away.


suunen amari no kenkyuu
sono seido wa jinrui shinpo no
suuseikibun mo no seika ni natta

The accuracy of several years of research
bore enough results
for many centuries of human progress.


gensou riron no kyuumei
ano suuki de myoumi de
dou shiyou mo nai you na
kuukan wa dou ni mo yakkaisou de

An investigation into illusion theory:
it was misfortunate and exquisite
and gaps in the research, which seemed inevitable,
looked so troublesome.


are wa kuusou sekai no sonzai?
monogatari no “nakami” no you de
higenjitsu jimite ita nda

Does it involve the existence of a fantasy world?
It seemed like the ‘substance’ of a story
with a touch of unreality.


tada tanjun kagaku wa soumei
ano toki to onaji you ni kaiteyarou
‘kimi to, boku no you ni’

Still, simple science is so sensible.
Let’s sketch it out as we did back then:
“Just like you and I…”

絶対に許さない 明るい未来なら

zettai ni yurusanai akarui mirai nara
ano hi kara, mou zenbu ubawarete shimatta
sonzai o tashikameru you ni kyou mo mata

If this is a bright future, one that’s not allowed,
then it means everything has been stolen away since that day.
Today, again, I seek to be sure of my existence.

実験を始めよう カウントダウンで
あのドアを さぁ、もう一回開こうか

jikken o hajimeyou kauntodaun de
ano doa o saa, mou ikkai hirakou ka
‘nee. tsugi wa kimi no ban da yo.
umaku nigerareru ka na?’

So, let’s start the experiment with a countdown!
Shall we open that door one more time?
“Come on, it’s your turn next.
I wonder, can you escape successfully?”


  1. Thanks again for translating this! You did a great job!

    As for the context of the song, it’s about a scientist trying to bring his dead wife back. I’ll try to explain it as simply as I can.

    The scientist and his wife ‘die’ in a landslide (verse 1) and are sent to a place called the Kagerou Daze. However, in the Kagerou Daze one person is trapped in there, and the other is brought back to the real world. The scientist is brought back and his wife remains trapped in the Daze – that’s why she ‘disappeared’ (verse 2).

    When a person is brought back from the Kagerou Daze, they gain a special power through one of 10 snakes. Each snake grants a different power (eg. turn invisible, read thoughts et cetera). However, the scientist gets a power through an evil and sentient snake, the snake of Clearing Eyes. This snake helps the user to achieve whatever they desire, by any means.

    The scientist becomes possessed by the snake and is brainwashed/manipulated into doing terrible experiments, all so he can achieve his wish of bringing back his wife, who is trapped in the daze.

    And so, the song is about him researching the Kagerou Daze and performing experiments on two of his students, in the hopes that he can find a way to bring his wife back.

    I skimmed over some details but that’s my basic understanding of the song. I hope that wasn’t too confusing lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome, and thanks for sharing that info! That was an interesting read, and looking back I notice a lot of references to summer, heat, and illusions – which I suppose are linked to the ‘Kagerou Daze’. If I translate any more songs from the project, I’ll definitely keep an eye out for more of that imagery!


      1. It’s cool! Thank u!
        There are a lot of references to heat and summer in the songs of this project, because the main events take place at this time. By the way, there is an anime of the same name, which from the first episode focuses on the terrible heat.
        I was once very fond of Jin’s work. Now it makes me feel nostalgic. 😀
        Almost all the songs are collected here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLc3ovJ5PZjKRleiWwSlIBMtql8nYISZaJ
        The rest can be found on the Wiki Kagerou Project.
        My favorite song is still “Lost Time Memory”.
        Ahahaha, I hope you were interested in this rant.

        Liked by 1 person

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