王様 || KING


Vocals: 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku)
Lyrics: 虻瀬犬 (ABU-SE-KEN)
Composed by: 虻瀬犬 (ABU-SE-KEN)
Upload date: 19 July 2019

Requested by: mn + oktauxpus
Watch the official video on YouTube!

Looking at some more of Abuse’s works makes the underlying religious symbolism that much clearer. The words used are selected very carefully, which unfortunately makes the music that much harder to translate effectively…


「国家の国歌」と詩、謳ってる 平民 農民 踊ってるダンス
ヘテロ飽和で抉った エイシズム 佇む アナキズム
誕生五年 ばったり死んでく 父さん母さん 葬送と
「立儲は誰か」と諱で僕を呼んでる ヘイト父

殿下に政治は不可能で 宰相ファシズム 「ああ、もういや!」   
そこらで勃発テロリズム 軍服も破れたり ヘイト頭

『Hey! ねえ 勝手に破ってた国家に特化の特攻兵。
十五になった王様は 両手で大きな斧持って 独裁者の首ぶん取った

「発火の国家」と謂れ合ってる 傾眠 催 狂ってるダンス
ペテロ産まれたんだ 俺の一番弟子「臣民」よ
老害アタックで殺傷実験 大麻で酔ってるブルジョワジー
ターヘルなアナトミアの材料 内定 奪取だね

『Hey! ねえ 法を犯しても「立派に生きてました」って
隣国 諸国 インティファーダ

征けよ 征けよ 皆 征け
翔べ 翔べ 翔んで

敗戦国家の末路 目下の閣下の代弁者
さあ その槍で突き刺してみろ

『Hey! ねえ 勝手に破ってた国歌に特化の特攻兵。




“kokka no kokka” to uta, utatteru heimin noumin odotteru dansu
hetero houwa de kojitatta eishizumu tatazumu anakizumu
tanjou go nen battari shindeku tousan kasan sousou to
“riccho wa dare ka” to imina de boku o yonderu heito fu

denka ni seiji wa fukanou de saishou fashizumu “aa, mou iya!”
sokora de boppatsu terorizumu gunpuku mo yabure tari heito tou

“Hey! nee katte ni yabutteta kokka ni tokuka no tokkouhei.
kono ou ga sabaiteyaru, kono kokken ran’you hanzaisha”
juugo ni natta ousama wa ryoute de ooki na ono motte dokusaisha no kubi bun totta
issei happa no shupurehikooru

“hakka no kokka” to iware atteru keimin saimin kurutteru dansu
petero umareta nda ore no ichiban deshi “shinmin” yo
rougai atakku de sasshou jikken taima de yotteru burujowajii
taaheru na anatomia no zairyou naitei dasshu da ne

Hey! nee hou o okashite mo “rippa ni ikitemashita” tte
sonnan ja higaisha wa dou?
kanzenchouaku da yo, genshoukai”
jakkan ni natta ousama wa tareta chiisai himo motte
yousha mo naku sono te o hiita
ringoku shokoku intifaada

sei ke yo sei ke yo mina sei ke
tobe tobe tonde
sensou ni katanakerya wazurau wa kibyousa
“oute” “oute” “oute” “oute” “oute” “oute”
sakenda ore no kubimoto ni wa
shinjatachi no gunguniru da

haisen kokka no matsuro mokka no kakka no daibensha
yume naraba yokatta yo na
saa sono yari de tsukisashite miro

“Hey! nee katte ni yabutteta kokka ni tokuka no tokkouhei.
kono boku ga sabaiteyaru, kono kokken ran’you hanzaisha”
“heinei. kyou kara boku ga kunshu no kenri to kekkon da.
uyamae yo, gumindomo”
shitagatteru, tatta no seizonsha.

oumu ga naiteru chikatetsu ni hitori
biru ni tsukkomu sakana o mi nagara
akai rengou ni tetsudama nagetsuke
ookami, sasori to daichi no kiba kara
ni ni roku kara ni ni kyuu made
mittsu no shima nite seppuku shiteru yo
san doni san kara isu ni suwatteru
soredemo yappari sakana wa korosu no

bokura wa ai o shiritai kara
bokura no kubi o shimete ikiten no


Rejoicing in song and the national anthem, the commoners and farmers dance.
Atheism was gouged out through heterosaturation. Anarchism stands still.
They suddenly drop dead five years from birth. Mother, father and the funeral…
“Who is the Crown Prince?” the father I hate calls for me using my posthumous name.

Politics is impossible for His Highness. Fascism emerges from the Prime Minister, “Ah, I can’t stand it!”
Terrorism breaks out everywhere. Military uniforms are all torn up. The leader is hated.

“Hey! Specialised kamikaze soldiers are in a selfishly destroyed country.
I, the king, will judge criminals that abuse state power!”
The king, having reached 15, held a large axe with both hands and took the head of the dictator.
The sprechchor blasted out all at once.

Known as the “nation of ignition”, they unite. Through drowsiness and hypnosis, they dance madly.
Peter was born, my best pupil and my ‘subject.’
During this killing experiment through an attack of geriatric diseases, the bourgeois are high on pot.
These are grounds for a chart and anatomy. I take back the unofficial offer.

“Hey! C’mon, if you say ‘I lived splendidly’ after breaking the law,
then what about the victim?
This world rewards good and punishes evil.”
The king, aged 20, held the small string hanging before him
and mercilessly pulled his hand.
Neighbouring nations, various nations, intifada.

Conquer, conquer! Everyone, conquer!
Soar, soar, soar!
Without winning this war, I suffer from a rare disease.
“Check.” “Check.” “Check.” “Check.” “Check.” “Check,”
I cried, and at the base of my neck
was the believer’s gungnir.

Such is the fate of the defeated nation. There’s the spokesperson for the inferior Excellency.
If only this was all a dream.
Now, stab me with your lance!

“Hey! Specialised kamikazee soldiers are in a selfishly destroyed country.
I will judge criminals that abuse state power!”
“Milord, from this day I am wed to the ruler’s privilege.
Show respect, ignorant ones!”
The only survivors obey.

The parrot chirps alone in the subway
while looking at the fish thrust into the station.
Throw an iron ball at the red alliance
from the fangs of wolves, scorpions and the earth.
From February 26 to 29,
they commit harakiri through three islands.
From Saint Denis, I sit in the chair.
Still, I definitely killed those fish.

Because we want to experience love
we live while strangling ourselves.



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5 responses to “王様 || KING”

  1. raineydayparade Avatar

    Thanks! Could you translate the “負う様は滑稽です” part of their description too? 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Releska Avatar

      Sure thing! I’d go with “The one who bears responsibility is so ridiculous.”
      The clever thing is that 負う様 (ou sama – the one who bears responsibility) is pronounced the same as 王様 (ousama – king).


      1. raineydayparade Avatar

        Nice , gotta love puns :’D (Wasn’t there also a title that was like “Correct world” that was like “seikai seikai” or so)

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Releska Avatar

          Puns are great! 😀 I don’t remember the other title but no doubt it exists out there somewhere…!


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