悪い人 || A Wicked Person

warui hito
A Wicked Person

Vocals: 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku)
Lyrics: syudou
Composed by: syudou
Upload date: 24 August 2020

Requested by: Charles Domery + coco
Watch the official video on YouTube!

Update (27/08/2020): Correction to line 4 in last stanza (Thanks fay!)

Something important to note about this song – we get a couple of different versions of ‘you’, including オマエ (omae) and アナタ (anata). Anata is more polite than omae. It’s likely that there’s more than one speaker.





これは危ない まともではない
またこのザマ タバコとアザ
暴れ出す躁 溢れ出しそう
あら楽しそう アナタの思想




垂れ流す憎悪 挙句の自傷
癒してあげる 満たしてあげる
虚勢の誹謗 垣間見る情 


これは危ない まともではない
逃げ道は無い 許しはしない
仕返しと介抱 手が焼ける


kono hinsei mo imi mo nai mainichi ni
shizuka ni korosare tsudzuketeru nda
sou darou omae wa kitto
nigetai yappa nigetai na

kono jinsei ya mi o horobosu hodo ni
dareka ni tsuyoku aisaretai nda
sou daro omae mo kitto
ienai nante ienai na

kono itami sae mo itooshii

kore wa abunai matomo de wa nai
wakatte ita tte mune wa odoru
mata kono zama tabako to aza
anata wa warui hito
abaredasu sou afuredashi sou
kurutte ita tte sugoku tadashii
ara tanoshisou anata no shisou
atashi wa wakaru kara
anata wa warui hito

ka mo naku fuka mo naku ikiru yori mo
anata to tomo ni daraku o erabu no
sou nano atashi wa kitto
kietai sutto kietai no

bansoukou no kazu ga fueru tabi ni
tashika na ai o kumitotte shimau no
sou na no atashi mo kitto
aa itai dakedo aitai no

ushirometai hodo kaguwashii

tarenagasu zouo ageku no jishou
donatte ita tte me wa kanashii
kodoku o kainarase mo shinai
anata wa yowai hito
iyashite ageru mitashite ageru
itai no itai no tonde ike
kyosei no hibou kaimamiru jou
atashi wa kidzuiteru
anata wa yowai hito

kono yo subete ni nefuda o harou to
mushou no ai hodo ozomashii kara

kore wa abunai matomo de wa nai
wakatte ita tte mune wa odoru
aisareta bun aisu no ga ruuru
anata wa warui hito
nigemichi wa nai yurushi wa shinai
shikaeshi to kaihou te ga yakeru
agaku sama mo haeru nante
anata mo warui hito
atashi mo warui hito


You continue to be killed
during days devoid of character and meaning,
Isn’t that right? Without a doubt,
You must want to run. You must want to run away.

I want to be so strongly loved by someone
that they destroy my life and body.
Isn’t that right? Without a doubt,
you just can’t say it either. You just can’t.

Even this pain is so dear.

This is dangerous. It’s indecent.
Though I know that, my heart races.
I’m in this sorry state again, with cigarettes and bruises.
You’re a wicked person.
My mania goes wild and is about to overflow.
Even if I go mad, it’s so awfully right.
Ah, your thoughts seem like so much fun.
I know, after all—
You’re a wicked person.

Rather than living mediocrely,
I choose depravity with you.
That’s right. Without a doubt,
I want to vanish. I want to vanish right away.

The more band-aids I get
the more I wind up understanding reliable love.
That’s right. Without a doubt,
ah… it hurts but I want to see you, too.

It’s so fragrant I feel guilty.

Discharging hatred, I injured myself in the end.
Though I yelled, my eyes were sad.
You can’t domesticate loneliness.
You’re a weak person.
I’ll heal you. I’ll fulfill you.
Pain, pain, fly away!
Slander stems from bluffs. I catch a glimpse of the emotion beneath.
I’ve noticed it.
You’re a weak person.

It’s because trying to put a price tag on everything
is as repulsive as love without charge.

This is dangerous. It’s indecent.
Though I know that, my heart races.
Love as much as you’re loved: that’s the rule.
You’re a wicked person.
There’s no way out. There’s no forgiveness.
Reprisal and care. How troublesome.
To think a figure struggling could be so beautiful…
You’re a wicked person.
I’m a wicked person, too.


      1. I really appreciate it!! I’m glad to hear other people like it as much as I do. 🙂

        (PS: I hate to be the one to point this out–and I feel so rude!–but it looks like you wrote “I’m” instead of “you’re” in the last verse, fourth line. ^_^;)

        Thanks for translating the works of great Vocaloid artists like syudou, Abuse, Akali, john, and so many others! you really do a lot for the community!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. It’s all good! Please don’t feel rude about pointing stuff like that out – as I always say, I don’t have an editor and thought I have various proofreading rituals sometimes stuff like that gets through. So this sort of stuff is really helpful!

          This time it was definitely an easy fix and I’ve updated that line. I must have seen アナタ and read アタシ instead, whoops!


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