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ダンスダンスデカダンス || Dance Dance Decadence

dansu dansu dekadansu
Dance Dance Decadence

Video text only
Vocals: 鏡音リン (Kagamine Rin)
Lyrics: カラスヤサボウ (Karasuyasabou)
Composed by: カラスヤサボウ (Karasuyasabou)
Upload date: 28 January 2013

Requested by: Saryu
Watch the official video on NicoNico!

Saryu kindly transcribed the video text for this track. Unfortunately some parts were obscured in the video – those are marked here with [XX].


此の作品は、明るく健やかな少年少女の精神を育成せんことを目的とした作品である。さぁ、少年少女よ、本を捨て考えるのを辞めよ!何が正しい、何が正しくないと いふ事を考えやうとするべからず。大きな声[XX]従わ[XX]必ずや幸福となる。そして”正      な[XX]のだ!















遠い目で空を見つめるムササビ仮面はふと思いました。 そして私は気づきました。



This work does not seek to nurture the souls of bright, healthy boys and girls. Now, children, throw your books away and stop thinking! You must not consider what is right and what is wrong. Disobey with loud voices and you’ll definitely be happy. And then…


Her heart has long since reached its limits. Justice is nothing but a tool of the strong.
After all, no matter how much I warn against it, I’ve seen enough people set up as criminals due to a single grand order.

If people will talk and make a fool of me behind my back, though I worry about them so much, then I’d rather it be like this…

All of a sudden, something went thud and splat!

And then with a whizzing noise and a squeaky turn, I went with a *vroom* and made it to the station.

And then there was a *foom* and a *bam*! *Boom*! Ah! I did it!

But it was all a lie! Mwah ha ha! Thump, thump, thump.

“You’ve made your appearance! Villainous Mock Saint Bernard!”

“Huh! Squirrel Mask! When did you get here?”

“We’ll finish things today, Villainous Mock Saint Bernard!”

“A sudden special move! Squirrel Punch!” “Agh!”

“Villainous Mock Saint Bernard! There’s only one way you’re going down! It’s by being told off by the editor in chief ‘cuz your name’s too long!”

“You’re finished.”

“Once the villain dies, then there’s no role for the hero to play. I might be the one who’s finished,”

thought Squirrel Mask, watching the sky with a distant look. That’s when I realised—

This synopsis is talking about something completely different!






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